When SRK & Aamir age..

Well, it appears that the mantra for success is old age, progeria , dyslexia and other forms of genetic and chromosome related disorders. The day that PAA was making waves in India and on foreign shores, Dish TV launch a new advert on BT where SRK looks older than Auro ( played by 67 year old Amitabh Bachchan )and growing alarmingly so by the second on the video advert. In the video advertisement he romances a genuinely aging lady played by the graceful Tanvi Aazmi. SRK’s fans do not want to see him age,neither do they want to see him downplay his overtly masculine appearance. SRK, please be yourself and concentrate more on getting some hits this year. Can we get some more originality from you? Stop trailing poor Mr Bachchan, it is not going to work. You tried it with Don and now you are vying for the “who looks the oldest” award? Oh also, brush aside the nasty encounters with macho immigration officers who pulled you up for no fault of their but yours. I believe their only line of questioning was ” Whats your name ” and you said ” my name is kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..Khan”. Now if one is not sure of his own name, will there not be a doubt? A real life trailer before your next release ” My name is Khan”.

Then we have Aamir Khan playing the grumpy sardar in Tata sky advert, but to his credit the advert is not as fake and in fact he carries this off pretty well. Aamir does not believe in trailing anyone, in fact he does not even leave his trailer at the sets I believe.On the aging matter, the Khans are aging rather rapidly and leaping ahead of time. Making themselves look old, feeble, disoriented need not always work. God forbid what is in store for us when they hit their 70s. Ah, they will become 13 year olds.


10 Responses to “When SRK & Aamir age..”

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  2. masterpraz Says:

    Just shared a snippet of this on my blog..


  3. Ha ha, thanks….the frustration on the same theme is obvious here..:)

  4. here comes another hater………………continue ur haterd for shahrukh.u people doing it 4 years.

  5. Umar – Thank you for the comment. I do not hate SRK. I am taking a dig at the concept of “originality”, thats all. I will be the first one to praise SRK. Most entertaining movies have come from SRK.

  6. if so then m really very sorry…………….
    i thought u r also one of those shahrukh haters

  7. Syed Kabeeruddin Says:

    Haaaaaa…. This is nothing new, The entire Hindi Film Industry copies Amitabhji and many of them have grown copying the Big B.
    Only few can accept it openly like Amitabhji who always says that he is the fan of Dilip Kumar and shall remain so.

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