Mr Nandy for the best tweeter award..

At the outset, I am not aware how many of you tweet, I started tweeting barely a week ago about the same time I started this blog. I have been more active on other social networking sites but twitter is the flavor of current times. From Anderson Cooper to Barkha Dutt to Shashi Tharoor to the news paper delivery boy are all on Twitter, so I did not want to be left behind and I joined the bandwagon.

I follow a few people around , ten or so of them, people who I thought could tweet like a lyrical  bird , one of them is Mr Nandy. He is a prolific tweeter who engages in the most intellectually stimulating verbosity, some are downright hilarious whilst most of his tweets are a revelation. Mr Nandy also whips his fellow tweeters into getting their acts together and demands a united voice to fight social issues that plague the country. He takes a strong stand against corruption, which I think has been his pet peeve for a long time. I have the utmost respect for Mr Nandy who minces no words, his tweets are black or white and refreshingly matter of fact. To his credit he is not a tweeter who goes on and on about himself which appears to be the reason why most people tweet, he raises issues that make our antennae go up. He has around 12,ooo followers and makes it a point to address some of their concerns. Some of his tweets are absurd, my favorites were a new state being formed as “Kodaland” and “Tiger having affairs with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck”. I probably laughed for a good half hour thereafter.I am not sure which side I enjoy more, his humorous insane side or his very sane wise side. Whatever side he wishes to portray I am glad he is on a forum that we can access him on.Mr Nandy is indeed a master of all trades, from politics to media and he is a King of satire. Mr Nandy has and continues to lead a very accomplished life, from his days at Illustrated Weekly, TOI, the Independent, his political days as a Rajya Sabha member and now at the helm of Pritish Nandy communications he continues to enrich the all powerful medium.

Most of the noted social celebrities who are on twitter dedicatedly engage in providing logistics of their whereabouts or about their achievements and seldom engage in a conversation with the followers themselves. I am fed up with the tweets that rant about how great each one of them is, but maybe my expectations are too much ? I really should not expect all tweeters to engage us twits intellectually like the way Mr Nandy does. I think we need some cloned versions of Mr Nandy on twitter to take the vibration levels of cyberspace to another realm.

Mr Tharoor tweets a fair bit, he has a following of 500,000. Mr Nandy was at one stage worried about his followers reducing every time he was refreshing his page, I had suggested that they were probably joining Tharoor but reassured him that Tharoor’s followers were cattle class and Nandy’s were first class. Given the popularity of twitter and everyone spending a fair time twittering around I have created a virtual award called the “best tweeter award”. I would like to nominate Mr Nandy and wish him many more tweeting years. And again, there is a poll.


17 Responses to “Mr Nandy for the best tweeter award..”

  1. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    He seems interesting!!!!!!!!!!But do we really have to support him

  2. Salman – Thanks for your comment..ha ha, I leave it up to u!

  3. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    Well,so far I have struggled to get Mr.Bachchan’s attention to it.I hope I get yours at least.Have a glance if you will.I wrote something on AB in Khaleej times,a local daily of Dubai.You may have to scroll a bit to get to my name…..

  4. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    Sorry,a slight change in he link because the web site was updated

  5. Salim – Thanks for the link, I did read it and you must post it on his blog, I am sure he will read it as he reads every single comment.

  6. masterpraz Says:

    I like Nandy’s quotes, alongside Mahesh Bhatt he is surely a fave twitter bollywood figure!

  7. Praz – he has a wicked sense of humor, I must follow you now on twitter.

  8. Great blogs and nandy a good choice

  9. Sharmila, I did try twitting sometime back, but gave up soon as I could not figure out whom to follow, not to say anything about those that were following me. Mr. Pritish Nandy is without any doubt a very notable and highly respected personality. Thank you for letting us in about this lighter side to his personality.

    • Melwyn – Yes twitting can be a pain if you follow many, I follow very few and observe comments of a few celebrities and yes Mr Nandy can be very entertaining..:)

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