Kasab, the safest person in the country..

Even after a year if we are not able to take action against the masterminds of 26/11 whilst the lone terrorist who was caught, sits in our prisons ordering for biriyani it is shameful. Not only do we feed him well and fatten him up, his brain is now well oiled with the nourishment we provide him. He now has the audacity to deny just about everything.Apparantley, the nation is lying and he is trying to portray himself like a child with a toy gun. Besides, we are spending millions to keep Kasab, safe, secure and above all healthy.

On the anniversary day of 26/11, our Prime Minister was attending a banquet at the White House. My question is, is this the respect the Indian Government shows to the martyrs like Major Unni Krishnan, Hemant Karkare and the hapless victims? George Bush would not have dared to on the first anniversary of 9/11 be seen banqueting with the whose who at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

Mr Bachchan on his blog around the time of the anniversary had posted about what the film fraternity were planning to do for the memorial services. There was again a “Mile sur” and an avalanche of poems and speeches. This was my reply on his blog –

Dear Mr Bachchan ,

It is about time that we as a nation realize that remembering the victims on an annual basis, recording a great tribute by various artists and once in a way soulfully stirring up brave words by politicians and celebrities is not enough. The best way we can pay tribute to the victims and their families is to ensure justice is meted and the arbitrators of the crime are punished. I am fed up with how dainty and petite we look after an act of terrorism has slapped us hard across our faces.

Inspirational poems do not inspire those who need to be inspired. Only people like you and I have time for it and we are greatly moved. Do you think the folks from the other side of the wall will be listening to poems or people who can make things happen on this side even care? No, what they will listen to is action and sanction. Even after a year if we are not able to take action against the masterminds whilst the lone terrorist who was caught, sits in our prisons ordering for biriyani it is shameful.

Rajdeep Sardesai, Arnab Goswami and you have to be acknowledged for what you are doing for this memorial service, but it is nothing and not worth more than the air time revenue that these channels will generate. People will listen to it on that day and move on with their daily lives the day after while dossiers after dossiers get hand balled from one foreign affairs ministry to another in demand for “proof”.What you and other noted celebrities need to do is to raise your voices to be heard like how every citizen of the US was heard after 9/11 demanding justice and put pressure on the Government to do so. Of course the difference is, you have a government in the US that listens and values LIFE of every American citizen. Somebody on this blog yesterday had mentioned about celebrating the achievements of a noted “leader”. Yes, celebrate we will for doing just about NOTHING to either stop terrorism or NOTHING thereafter.
“But will it resound in the corridors of the electronic media with equal resonance ?? And thereby eventually to the rest of the country and the world ! Who knows.”
The answer to the above is at the current rate, the resonance of poems and songs will resound in the electronic media and in a very narrow corridor, so narrow that the air will stifle and suffocate those that are brave enough to walk it.

Men like you are chosen carefully by the one above to make a difference to our lives. You have done so and continue to do so, but those who are chosen to lead by this democracy continue to sit on a pile of crap so high that they do not wish to come down. Comfort zone.

So, poems and ” Mile sur ” are meant for patriotic individuals, a “slap” is what needs to be delivered to the rest and it is then it will resound in the corridors of the electronic media with equal resonance and thereby eventually to the rest of the country and the world ! Oxygen in plenty.

And Kasab should be hanged without a trial.


7 Responses to “Kasab, the safest person in the country..”

  1. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    Well,I would disagree with you at some point.

    You know I am in that part of the world where we get to see and understand the perspective of both the countries involved in 26/11 attacks i.e. India and Pakistan where India was attacked and Pakistan the called attacker.I am not heading to express my sympathy for Kasab.No doubt he should be castigated IF he has done what our media reports.

    But at the end it is the Pakistan media that puts me in a bedlam by defending Kasab.Had we been in such a situation,surely we would have defended our men.

    Regarding yesterdays post,YOU WANT MEN TO FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS HAN!!!!!!!!!:)

    • Salman – Thanks for your comment. I tend to disagree that India would have backed an Indian terrorist. There have been a couple of indian suspects who were apprehended post 9/11 and the London bombings, I do not think we intervened in the least. We let the law of the land take over.
      However, The people of India and Pak remain victims of political haggling which is as big a terror!

  2. Very insightful thoughts Smarmila .. However i believe we need to demolish the brains behind these terror attacks rather than Kasab, Hanging Kasab to death will not serve any purpose until we hand the devil brains behind the scenes to death, Kasab is important source to reach the establishments and by killing Kasab we will lose Ace that we caught.

    • Yakuza – Thanks. Yes, I agree with you, the masterminds need to be caught. But, why has it taken a year, by now one would have thought Kasab should have confessed? If he has no, what is the point of keeping him? At this rate we wont get an answer from him for the next ten years!..

  3. I don’t agree with you. Everyone needs a fair trial. Kasab is a human being, though he has killed others. Kasab was led to believe many lies about India which led to him taking up this horror act. He is just a robot…hanging him wont do any good other than bring peace to most Indians who believe he is a murderer. I say forgive him and make him do community service in jail for the rest of his life.

    • Ninad – Kasab is a pawn. I agree. The masterminds need to be caught, I agree too. But, I do not believe that just because you are brainwashed to murder somebody you do not become a murderer. Whatever is the motive for the murderer, the blood stains his hands. Besides, we are spending millions to keep him well and safe and he is not confessing. Kasab and his tribe will never live to learn nor learn to live, they are better dead and the rest of the Kasabs can learn from his death.

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