Prabhudeva – danced, acted then directed his way…

The first time Prabhudeva mesmerized the tamil cinema lovers with dancing fluidity was when he danced his way to fame in the movie Gentleman ( directed by Shankar ) in the famous song by the railway tracks, “chikku bukku” with Gowthami. This one dance paved the way for young Prabhudeva aka India’s Michael Jackson to coronation material when it came to being the best dancer. Prabhudeva had previously danced in many south indian movies including as a group dancer in Mani Ratnam’s tamil movie ” agni nakshatram” in 1988. Deva hails from a dancing family but the movie “Gentleman” changed his fortunes. His father Sundaram Master was one of the leading choreographers in South India in the 70’s and 80’s and Deva with his brothers have been dancing since they were tiny tots.

He can be credited with bringing into cinema hyperactive dance moves never witnessed before. There were extremely talented dancers like Mithun , Rishi Kapoor , Kamalhaasan in the past , but none of them could twist themselves into a knot and untie themselves with lightening speed like the way Deva did. Deva credits his dancing style to Michael Jackson and varied it over the years. He has mastered breaking , popping and locking and went on to create his own style of dancing which was best portrayed in the unforgettable “Muquabla” number. He parallelly became a dance choreographer and has won the national film awards twice for his choreography in the tamil movie “Minsara Kannavau” and “Lakshya” in hindi. The tamil movie Kaadhalan was his first tamil movie in the main lead and it became a hit more because of his unique dance style and catchy songs especially the “muquabala” number.

Deva unexpectedly went on to become a rather convincing actor and in some movies he has actually performed and not just danced. “Minsara Kannavu” is one where he displays his restrained style of acting in a rather advantageous fashion whilst acting alongside the exuberant Kajol. This movie probably has brought out the best from Deva as an actor and he has had a few noticeable performances in a couple of tamil movies like “Mr Romeo”, “Kaadhala Kaadhala”, “One two three” and a few Kannada and Telegu movies.

My all time favorite dance of Deva’s was when he danced with the dancing Queen of hindi cinemas, Madhuri Dixit in the 1999 movie Pukar. A brilliant song and it was a visual delight to see both these artists together and the choreography was pulsating.

He made his directorial debut in telegu with “Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana” which was a super hit. The first tamil movie he directed  was “Pokkiri” with Vijay in the lead which went on to become rather successful and ran over 200 days. He also directed Vijay in the tamil movie ” Villu”. ” Pokkiri “was remade in hindi as a Boney Kapoor production -“Wanted “starring Salman Khan which garnered good responses for his maiden venture in hindi cinema as a Director. His next venture in hindi is again set to be a remake of the successful tamil movie” Gilli”.

Deva has come a long way from his “chiku buku” dancing days and he remains an active dance choreographer. Deva’s directorial style will be an interesting watch as his movies so far are of the masala genre which thrives on catchy opening dance numbers from the hero , plenty of fight sequences , songs shot in exotic locales and a racy script where the goons and villains get bashed up by the all important hero. Deva would do well and will probably bring back the masala flicks which have not surfaced much in hindi cinema.There was a reality show in Chennai recently where the hunt was on to find the next Prabhudeva. It would be a rather difficult feat to find another Deva even if there was one chosen at the competition. The Deva of today is a master of all trades and is directing himself the right way.


7 Responses to “Prabhudeva – danced, acted then directed his way…”

  1. Anand Khare Says:

    Hi Sharmila,

    I watched several dance sequences of Prabhu deva in Tamil videos even though I dont know ABC of Tamil. It is nice to know that now he is excelling in direction. Indian talent doesnt get international recognition they deserve. Barring a few got being associated with Hoolywood productions. Amitabh Bachchan, Raj Kapur are rare examples of getting some international recognition despite they limited themselves to Indian productions.

    Why Indian Michel Jackson and why not American Prabhu deva?



    • I agree with you Anand. There is so much of talent that goes unrecognized and sometimes within India itself. Re – America PD, ha ha..good one! And I agree.

  2. masterpraz Says:

    Always comes across as a humble guy, love his dancing, and acting, and now his directing!!! On a roll here…

    • Yes, that is so true Praz – He is a simple fellow. Never heard him brag about anything, in fact at times his simplicity makes him a bit repetitive when he gives interviews.

  3. wantednt rmke of villu. it rmke of pokkiri

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