Bangalore bytes ( Part 1 ) The ever changing facade..

Bangalore – Once upon a time called the garden city of India is now a silicon city, where silicon spills on the roads with the ongoing Metro mayhem, a city where software codes get cracked as rapidly as it’s roads do, a city which still believes that the three epicentre points within Bangalore are Commercial street, MG Road and Brigade road which every Mark, Muniappa and Mustaffa wants to be a part of.

Bangalore is no longer the sleepy town it used to be when people slept on park benches during peak hours either because the benches are gone or the parks are. The foliage that was synonymous with the city has been over the years replaced with concrete structures to accomodate the ever-growing influx of new people and their tagging fancy vehicles that this city gets dumped with . May flowers aka the Gulmohar used to spread a frenzy of red over the tree-lined avenues of South Parade and Kamaraj Road.Plants, shrubs and flowers of all sizes and colors used to greet Bangalorians at every nook and turn. Today turning in the city by itself is a difficult task with no “U” turn, no left turn, no right turn and one way signs put up every where. We may get around the city easier by foot or by cycle but most surely not in a car during peak hours. There was a time when the fragrance of incense used to rise from a section of the street near Seppings road ( towards Fraser town ) which lined some small-scale incense maker’s warehouses, today one gets the whiff of carbon monoxide not restricted to Seppings Road alone but seeping into every artery of this city. The traffic policeman who stands in the middle of busy intersections during peak hours, sucking in madly to any possible atom of oxygen that may come his way, looks more sooty than a coal miner and my heart goes out to him.

The modern city has its state of the art IT parks which are at least 20 odd kilometers from Bangalore central. The drive to these parks is most certainly not a breeze and the traffic bottle necks slow you down. Visiting foreign delegates who are invited by Infosys and Wipro amongst other software giants need not go to Rajasthan to experience a bumpy camel ride, a drive on Hosur Road would do. There is news that the elevated Hosur tolled expressway that links Koramangala to electronic city is likely to open soon. “Soon”, in Karnataka Government’s definition can be a year, two , three who knows. Electronic city houses India’s leading software giants and I cannot believe that we could showcase our technical capabilities in IT to Bill Gates and a myriad other important business tycoons after making them travel on a road full of potholes, dust and chaos. The elevated expressway is not a fully funded Government initiative but partly funded by Infosys and Wipro out of sheer frustration. I believe that Infosys founder and Chairman Mr Narayanmurthy actually took to the roads with a spade and a rake and started digging, this was when the Government decided to do something about the situation. It is a shame that a city which shines in IT pales into oblivion when it comes to infrastructure.Bangalore remains in a state of chaos with the Metro project giving the municipality a great excuse for not maintaining whatever little roads are left. Roads were dug two years back and nothing has risen from the ground in certain areas and more people have fallen into it than concrete and limestone. And even before Metro is complete parts of it are falling off. 

All said and done, I love this city. After all it was the city I was born in and I did my schooling and college from this garden city and I have the fondest of memories of this place. I thought of writing a bit about this city , share its terrific traits and also use this space as a platform to interact with people with interests in Bangalore. I can go on and on, but I will stop and write a bit more later about this fabulous city. I will keep this as a Bangalore bytes series and use your inputs for the next.


17 Responses to “Bangalore bytes ( Part 1 ) The ever changing facade..”

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  2. Takes me back to my days in this city. Can you include your view on sights and sounds and some good haunts.? Wonderful write up.

  3. Hii Sharmila, Loved reading this..How about starting a section on the best places to eat, shop etc for people who visit after a long time? Tho’ I visit every year, I find huge changes each year.. & am simply amazed by this huge transformation ( tho’ not necessarily for the better!!??). I always wanted to go back & retire there.. but no longer!!! Its no longer the laidback, beautiful city it used to be… Its more like NY now!!
    Anyways,, was good reading this..

    • Hi Archana – Thanks for your feedback and it sounds like a good idea to mention a few haunts. Every year the city changes and parts of it are beyond recognition. Re – retirement, Mysore may be a better choice but in a few years Mysore too will become a congested city as more development is happening there too. I will make the next post a bit more informative.Thanks again.

  4. FB comment -Padmini Harigopal – i like this the best so far.Maybe because it brings back memories of the Bangalore we knew.Looking forward to more bytes!

  5. Nice article Sharms. Not being a critic here, but it would do justice to your knowledge of Bangalore if you removed the above displayed road interchange image. That is from Japan and is not the flyover in Bangalore as people claim. It was circulated as part of one those emails which tried to glorify India but which were fake.

    • Ninad – Wow, thanks for bringing this to my attention..I have just changed the pic, and will change the about too!..I was really surprised with the pic..

  6. HI sharmila, just chanced upon your blog while following one of your links from facebook. I never knew you blogged but i appreaciate the patience , energy and determination you have. keep it up and look forward to reading more.

  7. I agree with u…… However Bangalore is now, our memories are attached to it.
    I don’t think every change is bad but I wish some things stayed just the way it was-not too westernized. I wish there were more trees. But I’m soooo proud to be a Bangalorean. Outsiders feel so welcomed here and make it their home. The people are really friendly. We have awesome places to eat. Love the variety of cuisines available. Sharmila, I can go on.
    I love Bangalore.

    • Absolutely Sups, Thats why I am going to write more about it. I am also a proud Banglorian like you and memories are precious of that place. I will write a bit more soon, I could cover some favorite places there.

  8. parmaatma Says:


    Thank you. I don’t know about Bangalore, but I love bangaloreans!


  9. Strange……I had missed it earlier…..well written di………

    No thoughts about Shoaib-Sania controversy or yet to come.You know Mr.Bachchan spoke of willing to share something a couple of days back but then didn’t do so because he knew whatever he said would be under scrutiny.I think it was about the same feud.Or may be not…….

    Do you plan to share something about it……

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