The genetic factor…

All living forms are said to receive traits from their parents and selective breeding is the science of bringing together the best of traits.

Everyday we read about successful families and dynasties who continue to leave their mark in this world. Most of these successful families grow from strength to strength and there are very few families who are not able to sustain the wealth ( fame , name , material gains ) that their forefathers and fathers had generated. Being born in the right place at the right time is an appropriate statement. The ones who are born in noteworthy establishments are born buffered. The buffering stands with them every step of the way, so long as the individual has it within himself / herself to sustain the buffering. Is the capability to sustain the buffering easier than to initiate it for themselves? It is sometimes perceived that it can be as difficult to sustain the ready-made status as there are expectations to be met and benchmarks to be measured against. These individuals also stand in the hierarchical shadow for a long time and they come of age only when they step out of it. Sadly, some tend to always be remembered as their father’s sons. Such individuals are also likely to be exasperated with the constant comparisons to another, even if it happens to be the father or the mother. This shadowy syndrome spurs them on to disconnect themselves and they are likely to achieve remarkable success or completely fail in their endeavours . Unfortunately there is nothing in between,not for too long in the least.

Having a surname extraordinaire is an advantage, doors are opened easily and individuals are given an opportunity to propel further. Failure seems bleak at the offset and headway is made through the ” who do you know” game. Opportunities are also given in plenty to stumble and fall as there are people to nanny them back to their feet. But there comes a time when too much governing becomes a folly and the world’s perception of the offspring begins to shift. It is at this moment that the individual needs to buck himself up and show jump his way like a thoroughbred with no knockdown else he faces elimination.

Rahul Gandhi, is one such individual who is yet to come of age. There is nothing remarkably outstanding about him other than the Gandhi tag.He has not achieved anything significant to deserve the “Indian of the year ” award or to become the Prime Minster of this country anytime soon. Having said this there has been an unforgettable period when individuals with no genetic connect but malicious intent have become Prime Ministers. Is the known devil better than the unknown one in politics? If I knew the answer, majority of our electorate would be a wise lot.Abhishek Bachchan broke out of his father’s shadow after “Guru” but until then it was a period of upheavals for the young man. The Ambani brothers too have individually grown monstrously in their respective empires so much so that Dhirubai is remembered more today for being the inspiration for the movie Guru.

The dichotomy arises now between those who have been advantaged by the genetic factor and those who are not. I am of the opinion that individuals with no backing are able to rise a lot faster, fall a lot harder and scramble back to their feet quicker. Also, these individuals have no fear of risking or losing anything. The ability to take risks is a lot greater when one is not is not burdened with responsibilities and expectations. These individuals are not avalanched by conventions and rules and they are able to map their own route. SRK is one individual who has dug his way up triumphantly with no genes to tug him along. However, when these individuals have achieved the name, fame and wealth that they aspired to, they will also buffer their offsprings . The genetic factor takes over.If one were to perform a dissection of activities where the genetic connect plays an important role it becomes clear that every activity and profession in this world is influenced by the genetic factor, some more profound than the rest. From politics, to sports, to entertainment to the corporate world DNA is rather important.


18 Responses to “The genetic factor…”

  1. Lakshmi Jag Says:

    I think you are wrong when it comes to Rahul Gandhi….I heard he is pretty influential and shrewd, plays the quiet game. But it is true about able to risk more when you have nothing to lose.

    • Lakshmi – He may be shrewd and play the quiet game, but he is who he is because of the Ganghi tag. Also, my point is has he achieved anything noteworthy to be nominated for the Indian of the year? Is he PM material? How long do we continue with having leaders just because they are from a prominent family. I also believe he takes cover under his father, grand mother and great grand father’s shadow.

  2. And also my interpretation of coming of age is not in terms of the individual’s wisdom, it is more about breaking away from the cushioning that they receive.

  3. masterpraz Says:

    Love it….great work Sharmila!

  4. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    A good one Sharmila.I feel sometimes the name and fame of predecessors doesn’t work.We have Tushar Kapoor,Sunny Deol,Esha Deol and many others who have so far struggled to get acquainted apart from their parents identity.

  5. Sharmila, having famous parents can be more of a disadvantage. Generally the expectations from the star offspring are unjustifiably high and the constant comparison too tends to have an adverse psychological impact on the individual. Too many young, promising careers have gone down under this enormous burden. Sanjay Manjrekar, Rohan Gavaskar, Nitin Mukesh, Amit Kumar, Kumar Gaurav, Ketan Desai, Rahul Mahajan are a few examples. But then if you look at it the other way, whatever recognition they have got is because of their lineage. So, I remain undecided.

    • Melwyn – Good to see u back!..Yes, it works if the person has the capabilities, Rohan Gavaskar is a good example who just fell short. But, he was given ample chances, more than any other upcoming cricketer possibly could and yet he did not succeed. If he did succeed, sky would have been the limit. Same with Rahul gandhi who lacks the acumen but is surrounded by experienced people who will pull him up and he may well be ready one day , but not anytime soon. I could go on and on about both sides of the coin but I cant do a thesis here like somebody remarked on naach gaana that I have not elaborated a lot, if I do I can do it this full week and all of you will be rather bored and probably we would still be undecided. But I think surnames have a lot of weight and gives people the edge over the rest.

  6. Anand Khare Says:

    Is it genetic or dynastic factor?

    Life is not always fair to everyone.


    • Hi Anand – Are they not the same? What would be the difference? Life cannot be evaluated as fair or unfair, if unfair to me it may be fair to you and sometimes swings around, I think life is a roller coaster ride and we all need to enjoy it, up or down..!

  7. Dear Sharmila,

    I noticed on Lion King’s blog the link to your essay on Genetic Factor and truly enjoyed reading it ! The conclusion you reached is so appropriate to the families that you referred to.

    I happen to work for a Group for over 25 years – it has it roots in Chennai where a textile business was started, three generations ago, in Chennai in 1916. In continuation of your essay, I would be happy to present you with a book tracing the life of our Founder and how he and his subsequent generations grew the business from a humble beginning to a formidable International Group.

    Kindly let me know where I should forward this book to you?

    Taking this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year

    Best Regards
    Vishal aka Veekay

  8. Veekay – Thanks for your comments and would most surely like to get the book. I will email you the forwarding address. Thank you again for your good wishes and great to see you here . Wishing you and your family a merry x’mas and a happy new year!

  9. I love the pic of the Gandhis. Where did u find it?
    Enjoyed ur writing as always.
    Thanks for mentioning abt SRK doing it on his own. Love him.

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