Governors drive at 84..

The Raj Bhavan, the official residence of the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, a regal building that was constructed by the last Nizam of Hyderabad has been the unofficial residence for call girls, madams , pimps , gigolos , transvestites, goblins and gremlins too. Every conceivable creature that is supposed to rule the fiery terrains of hell have been gaming in the Raj Bhavan with the Governor and caught on candid camera posing with the octogenarian Tiwari. At the age of 84, ND Tiwari is a role model for Viagra, a play boy neta and easily tops the oldest cronies list of the Congress party. Prior to becoming Governor of Andhra , Tiwari has had a couple of stints as Chief Minister of UP, as external affairs minister and more recently as CM of Uttarakhand. The affairs he has been sleazily managing within his own residence is the most important portfolio he has held in his fifty plus years in public service.

Andhra Pradesh which is already reeling under demands for butchering of the state woke up to a rude shock on christmas day when footage of macho Tiwari in bed with three women was repeatedly being telecast by a local channel. The telecast continued until such a time a court order was secured to halt the transmissions. By then, people had a good long look at the old crony in his bedroom mood and Tiwari’s antics at eighty four  would have made any veteran porn star’s laurels pale in comparison.A shame on this neta and shame on the philosophies that netas adopt. Being a neta in our country is a passport to wealth , name, fame and zero accountability. We too are largely responsible for propelling these shameless people higher and higher. The first mistake is not realizing the power of our voting finger and the second is boot licking these netas who are meant to be doing their jobs with our tax money paying for their salaries. Netas are our servants, we forget this.A chunky portion of the electorate in our country can be bought for a packet of biriyani or a bottle of liquor and until such a time the economic wealth is better distributed and education is made priority, the needy will always succumb to trivia. The political parties fully aware of this, spend quality time campaigning in these areas and “buying” out votes. Every conceivable system in our country needs an overhaul, from the political to the judicial. I sometimes wonder how much more needs to happen for this to be realized. The most regrettable thing is memory is short lived for us humans.Corruption and sex scandals come and go, nothing changes drastically thereafter, the first time, every time. It would take only a meteor to hit us and to re-start the process of evolution and at least then one can hope that our systems get an overhaul.

Tiwari is a man of achievements off the bedroom zone too, he has participated in the freedom  movement of the country and has stood first in the University law examinations as per the official website for the Governor of Andhra Pradesh. He has moved slowly and surely like a grand old turtle and was an important member of the Congress party during Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi eras. Erroneously, the official website quotes his favorite pass time as reading and music. Tiwari is an educated grand father of Indian politics and if a man of his stature could stoop down to this level I shudder to think what else is in store for this democracy. Power corrupts and absolute power indeed does corrupt absolutely. The highest offices of this country are meant to be worshiped. In public service, work is worship and most public servants suffer from amnesia the minute they plonk themselves on the seat of power. The central high command must be embarrassed with Tiwari’s antics and probably forced him to resign. “Tiwari ejaculates prematurely” was the headlines in Times of India today, but how many more Tiwaris are scurrying around in their boxer shorts in government offices?


10 Responses to “Governors drive at 84..”

  1. Sharmila – the consolation is, henceforth nobody can blame our leaders for lack of machismo.

  2. Ha..Ha..Ha.. 😀 Love the picture of N.D Tiwari !You make it yourself and paste from another source??And your post !Absolutely right.dONT KNOW WHAT TO WRITE !
    Love u,

  3. Then who is first 😉 ?? AMIT JI ! Ok,tell me that there are a lot of pics of heroes on left side like AMIT JI, Rajnikant, Kamal hassan etc,all your fav. ?? Who is your most fav ?? I hope BIG B !
    What u say and again,thanks for too quick response,love,bye.

  4. hey Sharmila,your article is wow and could easily be the editorial of any best selling paper.ND….TV…ND T..ASTED V..IAGRA accicently that resulted him in hot water…he was just testing it how it works and knows well enough now it works too good.Jokes apart he has made mockery being the seniormost politician of this era and doing all this antics,,such a’s still okay for a tiger but ND really proved Aadmi aur ghoda kabhi buddha nahin hota…tomorrow we shall forget this but his grandchildren will feel shamefull all their life.take care sharmila and seasons greetings and wishing you a very Happy and eventful new year.regards

    • Vikas – Yes, agree with your comment. NDT V has made a mockery of the political system even more. Thank you for your kind wishes and season’s greetings for this festive season.

  5. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    Yaaa……you are right Sharmila.We don’t know how many are still latent from our eyes.What we used to see in movies has now become a reality.An absolute disgrace….

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