All time dancing Queens of Indian cinema..

If there is one thing that makes Indian cinema stand out from the rest of the world’s cinemas it has to be the dances that our cinemas are tapestried with. Dances that captivate the audience and the hero alike by mesmerizing heroines go back in time immemorial and many unforgettable dances have been etched in the annals of Indian cinema.From the black and white eras, danseuse set screens ablaze with breathtaking performances. Post independence in 1948, Gemini studios released the first Indian movie “Chandralekha” that was made with a budget of 30 lakh Rupees, a humongous amount at that time and the dance sequences were grand and given the maximum importance. There were tamil movies like “Vankikottai Vallibhan” when the famous dance competition between the legendary beauties Padmini and Vijayanthimala made the erstwhile villain Veerapan go ballistic and utter in tamil – ” Sabaash, Seriyana potti” translating into ” a fitting competition”. A notable role of Vijayanthimala was when she played Chandramukhi in Bimal Roy’s Devdas in 1955 as the seducive dancer. Padmini has given her all time best dance performance in the famous tamil movie “Thillana Mohanambaal” where she plays the role of a dancer competing against a musician ( Sivaji Ganesan ).Bhanumati was another actor who slowly and surely swayed with MGR and NTR in some unforgettable movies, a personal favorite being in “Alibabhavum Narpathu Thirudargalum” in 1955 with MGR. The classic beauties Bhanumathi , Padmini , Vijayanthimala made many a hearts flutter with their elegant moves in the 50’s and 60’s. Padmini and Vijayanthimala were trained classical dancers and besides being flawless in their execution of dance numbers, their beauty set aflame their charismatic energies.

Then Helen cha-cha’ed her way to fame with “mera naam chin chin chu” and swooned the audience with her pulsating moves and more so with her infectious flamboyance. She probably holds the undisputed specialized title of cabaret Queen in Indian cinema albeit we now have the lead actors performing cabarets and seductive numbers but there can never be another Helen. Another beauty from the dravidian ranges, skilled in Odissi and Bharatnatyam styles – Hema Malini went on to become the dream girl of Indian cinemas. The famous two dances in Sholay ( jab tak hai jaan & mehbooba mehbooba ) that made Gabbar Singh tweak a smile were both executed to perfection by Helen and Hema Malini respectively amongst countless others in their acting careers.
Jayapradha, the telegu beauty trained in kuchipidi is best known for her dramatic dancing with Kamal Haasan in the award winning “sagara sangamam”. Her dancing intoxicated one and all in “sharaabi” and my favorite number of hers is in ” inteha ho gai intezaar ki”, the build up of the tempo in this song is extraordinary .She makes her appearance in the second half of this song and I can never forget the look of Mr Bachchan’s when he sees her gliding down the ramp way. 
The reason I would like to include Rekha amongst the dancing greats is simply because nobody could execute “mujras” like the way she did. In “Umrao Jaan” Rekha danced with her eyes alone. She completely captured the essence of synchronization and was in perfect harmony with herself as much as she was with her surroundings.Rekha is like a timeless, beautiful painting that comes to life with the brush stroke of a choreographer.
One of Sridevi’s unforgettable dances was when she enchanted one and all with her slithering moves as “Nagina”, her dancing eyes were no less hypnotic. Sridevi previously had a successful stint in tamil and telegu cinema, a complete actress with an immaculate sense of timing in comedy that she brought into some of her famous dances in Mr India. She remains a complete actor with very few able to surpass her talent.
Madhuri has been labeled the dancing Queen of the hindi film industry ever since she tapped her feet in the hit number “ek do teen”. Madhuri grew from strength to strength and in partnership with her favorite choreographer Saroj Khan she gave one hit after another. Madhuri was an industry by herself in this department. Her sultry dancing in “choli ke peeche” and the ” dola re dola ” number with Aishwarya in Devdaas remain my favorite. Aishwarya danced her way to fame in the ” nimbuda” number and has consistently given notable dance performances ever since. From a stylish dancer in Dhoom 2 to a flirtatious lass in “kajra re” wooing both the cop and the robber, Aishwarya has worked hard to perfect her dance moves since her “Jeans” days. Aishwarya can execute a folk or classical dance with the same elan that she brings into the western styles. A multi faceted dancer without a doubt.

It is indeed a tall task to choose the best . What best way to reach a conclusion other than taking a poll. Please vote for who you think is the best amongst the ten and you also have a eleventh option of your choice.

In parting, from Devdas – Aishwarya and Madhuri dance to “dola re dola” in HD.


68 Responses to “All time dancing Queens of Indian cinema..”

  1. Hi Sharmila !All my fav. dancing queems but I like Aish, Jaya, Helen, Rekha best !Who is ur fav. one?
    Love u,

  2. Sri devi is also in list ????? Sorry,but I could not recognized her and now,after ur reply,carefully saw pics and then found her !So, sorry for this.Yes,she is good and I must admit that ur choice is too cool !Yes,I have good time on my B,day but waiting for ur wishes by AMIT JI !
    Love u,

  3. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    Well,my favorite is Madhuri.I feel Rani should also have been given consideration…..:-/

  4. Lakshmi Jag Says:

    I do not think Bhanumathi was a trained dancer, she was trained in Carnatic and Hindustani music as far as I know. I could be wrong

    • Hi Lakshmi – You are right., she was a trained classical singer. I changed my generalization from “they” to only Padmini and Vijayanthimala.Thanks.

  5. Hey Sharmila- good topic.
    My absolute fav is Madhuri. Ash does come a stinking last when it comes to dancing. She still has a long way.
    Padmini and Vyjayantimala r my fav from yesteryears. I also did like the dance off from Dil to pagal hain between Madhuri and Karishma……, and thought that Karishma was really good too 🙂

    • Hey Sups, – Yes Karishma was good, but hers were more the “tapori’ stlye dances with her hit partner Govinda. I agree in dil to paagal hai, she was graceful though. I think as you say Madhuri leads, the polls say so too.

      • I disagree. Some of Karisma’s dancing was tapori style when she acted opposite Govinda, but what about her other films with Salman/Akshay/Ajay et al?

  6. Sharmila – the list is completely dominated by the South Indians, with Helen and Madhuri Dixit being the sole exceptions. While Helen was more of a club or cabaret dancer, Madhuri was exceptional in all sorts of dances. She had an electric persona and an abundance of the X factor. Moreover, I would give it to Madhuri just for making it to this South India dominated list.

  7. But why is Shilpa Shetty missing from your list?

  8. And what about you? Have you learnt any form of dance?

  9. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    Hi Sharmila,

    I couldn’t find a direct link for you.But you can download it from this URL Scroll a bit more than half the page to get to this file Class 12.English Flamingo.rar

    It will ask for registration.I have done it for you,username shmla and the same is the password.

    It is may be lesson 6 in the text book.And there are many more stories that you may find interesting.

  10. Your cinemas are so colorful. I liked this write up.

  11. helen all the way so much spunk so much attitude and so much variety. Great write up, i really enjoyed it

  12. Aishwarya .. hands down.

  13. Helen without a doubt.

  14. In my opinion Rekha and Ash are best.

  15. I think its unfair to show Dole Re Dola. Madhuri was pregnant and this was also the 14th year after Tezaab when she first hit the big league. Aishwarya could body pop and obviously jump around more. If you watch Maar Daala you get a sense of Madhuri’s true capability. Aish has no grace, Madhuri is a legend! Rekha tho does Mujras like no one else. But what about Madhubala and Meena Kumari? They could dance. And what about the 60’s/70’s sirens like Zeenat/Parveen/Sharmila/Waheeda Rehman? I think Aish is only winning this pole because most people dont remember what amazing dancers Rekha, Sri, Hema, Vyjayantimala et al were. And where are Rani and Karisma?

    • Nad – The dola re video was not to show Aish was better than Madhuri. In my opinion they were both at par. Madhuri is excellent and probably is the best. regarding other choices, we could add another 50 more if you consider not just hindi, but even the south. I will probably do another poll with as many dancers and lets see how that pans out. The ten that I chose had more hit numbers than the rest and there is a eleventh option, but it appears there are many more to accomodate.

    • Madhuri was NOT pregnant during the filming of Devdas. The movie started filming in 2000 (took over a year and half) and was released in July of 2002. Madhuri’s first son was born on 18 March 2003. The is a false story that has been circulated over the internet. Any Google search would reveal the truth.

  16. Madhuri is the best dancer acc to me..You can see she has trained in classical dance and her expressions are natural and just right.
    Aish is very robotic.Movements are too perfect and expressions too plastic.

  17. Somehow this plastic factor has worked well for Aishwarya. Yes, she had to work very hard to get to these levels unlike Madhuri who was more of a natural I think.

  18. madhuri is best dancer among all these heroine

  19. madhuri is the excellent dancer of indian film industry ever.

    she is not only the best dancer but also can make the great expression while dancing

  20. madhuri is best dancer.

  21. indra nath sinah Says:

    absolutely, madhuri dixit is the great dancer

  22. of cource,dancing queen,madhuri dixit

  23. yes,definetely,dancing queen.madhuri dixit

  24. Rabi verani Says:

    madhuri dixit is the fabulous dancer,charismatic expression and wonderfull dancer of the indian industry

  25. shahid mehmood from pk Says:

    madhuri ko agar kahain mom ki goriya.then it will never be the imagineable.she is the Mom ki goriya.she have nice flexibility

  26. Ishaaq from pk Says:

    madhuri dixit is par excelence in sridevi said about her.i said about her.she is not only par excelence level in dance but also exceptional level in term of dance.madhuri is best dancer in indian film industry

  27. Tahir from pk Says:

    madhuri dixit attain the exceptional level in dance through devdas while performing mar dalla song.she is absolutely stunning and wonderfull dancer of the indian industry.madhuri is best.

  28. vishaal vibhave Says:

    madhuri dixit is magical dancer.madhuri is best dancer instead of ashwariya and sridevi.i think

  29. indra nath sinah Says:

    East or west madhuri is the best dancer allover areena of the indian film industry

  30. Arsalaan Mehmood Says:

    ofcource,only one actress deserve for this status and honour that is madhuri dixit.

    madhuri is best dancer

  31. sheetal jain Says:

    only madhuri deserve for the vote of dancing queen.she is best dancer

  32. villayat mirani Says:

    my vote is only for madhuri dixit.madhuri is best

  33. ejaz malik Says:

    i am with madhuri dixit in this aspect.

  34. geeta ray Says:

    of cource madhuri dixit is best dancer of the bollywood

  35. madhuri,madhuri,madhuri and only madhuri

    only madhuri is deserve for the vote of dancing queen.

    madhuri is best

  36. srivatsan thrimulai Says:

    madhuri dixit is best dancer,because in dancing one credit goes to her because of her beauty,smile and heart capture’s expression of face.

    madhuri make very nice expression while dancing.

  37. jay stgaudens Says:

    of cource madhuri dixit is the best dancer.

    dhak dhak dance show about her intensity.

    ek do teen dance show about her energy and expression.

    choli ki pechely dance show her sexiest dance item

    mar dalla ever charmable dance number represent her beauty,expression and complete talent of dance.and put her separate infront of all indian actress.

    madhuri is unique and brilliant in term of dance.

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    […]All time dancing Queens of Indian cinema.. « Sharmila says…[…]…

  39. madhuri is the Goddess of Dance…..

  40. I follow the captions carefully, waiting for more, thanks !

  41. P Banumathi also is included in this list? How? Why?

  42. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this
    post was great. I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉

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