Vijay’s Vettaikaran..a mocktail of sorts.

Vettaikaran is a movie hastily made with bits and pieces of  Vijay’s previous movies and glued together. The movie is a colorful patchwork quilt of Gilli, Villu, Pokiri and Kuruvi . Vettaikaran is yet again about an aspiring cop Ravi ( Vijay ) who models himself after a famous inspector Devraj. Ravi is a die hard admirer of Devraj and follows his every move. Ravi’s ambitions lands him in Chennai and en route he bumps into Susheela ( Anoushka Shetty ) quite literally as most tamil heroes are accustomed to.Ravi continues his wooing in this city and spends a lot of time in fructifying his love interest. During his stint in Chennai, Ravi gets entangled with the local goons and lands himself in trouble, enough to disrupt his plans of becoming a cop. Ravi escapes his predicaments one way or the other. He joins forces with Devraj who had also suffered at the hands of the local mafia and plots against the evil forces. Hell’s fury breaks loose in the world of goon’s against Ravi and his counterparts. The story keeps zigzagging between the revenge ploys and the obvious winner is Ravi.After Ravi’s demolition of the evil forces, he gets an opportunity to be  a “real “cop. He politely turns it down and the message is that all citizens must become unofficial police citizens.Very blase indeed.

Anoushka Shetty is pretty, charming and a welcoming change in Kollywood. Vijay is at his best in most of the dance numbers and in one such number his son  makes an appearance. The movie is watchable for most parts and gets repetitive in the rest. I enjoyed the songs and dances a lot more and they provide a respite from the main plot. Vijay’s fans would enjoy the trade mark expressionless acting, one line wit and colorfully choreographed dance numbers.This is most certainly not a movie for non Vijay fans who will naturally find more faults than merits. The screenplay is ordinary and the choreography betters it. Vijay Antony’s music is quite good.

Vettaikaran is an AVM production and distributed under the Sun TV banner. Kalanidhi Maran, the owner of Sun pictures has struck gold with this one too yet again in Tamil Nadu.Having said this,  Vijay is a brand ambassador for “stereo typeism”. I am yet to watch Vijay try anything different and probably he is too far down his career to experiment with his roles. Vijay always appears in masala flicks, in the same garb and  with the sole intention of appeasing his countless fans. A bit similar to the Rajnikanth formula, but at least Rajni donned his present garb only after experimenting with various roles initially under K Balachander. Vijay’s insignia is stamped so firmly in Kollywood,  it would be virtually impossible for him to break from the restraining shackles. If he dares to do so, it would be interesting to watch the fan reactions. But with the current goings, Vijay appears content where he is.

Cast – Vijay, Anoushka Shetty, Srihari

Directed by – Babusivan

Rating – 2.5/5


15 Responses to “Vijay’s Vettaikaran..a mocktail of sorts.”

  1. Is Vijay a veteran of Tamil movies? If so, he can very well afford to break away from the mould and try something new. And for God’s sake, what is expressionless acting?

  2. Melwyn – good question! Somehow vijay’s facial contours seldom changes,hence the term.vijay is a veteran though.

    • Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

      I see you cover substantial subjects of south.Is it just the interest or it is where you belong to.Because,I being from Delhi have not even heard of him so far…….

  3. Sharmila,

    I think you should get your facts right. Vijay has acted in many of the ‘off beat’ movies. you must do a check. Priyamudan, Friends, Kannukul nilavu to name a few. Action flicks or the ‘masala’ as you have termed is a recent venture. It might be true that perhaps he has got stuck. Every actor goes through that. And by the way what is stereo typing? Movies reflect reality. You can find stereotyping in all movies my dear. Even in the award winning ones. I have attended numerous film festivals, and they follow a pattern. ‘Masala’ flicks are a genre by itself. No leading actor in the tamil industry has failed to try it. And as far as Vijay is concerned, he is a great actor. And i am not saying this fanatically. I am being quite objective. Making fans happy, and thru that reaching a message is not wrong. Its just one way of doing it.

  4. How do you know that appeasing his fans is the sole intention? I think you make a lot of assumptions just like any other critic.

  5. Eons? I suggest you should state facts rather than making exaggerations. The latest non-action flick Vijay acted in was Sachien. that was in 2005. sure, 2005 is not eons away. Your comment was that ‘but at least Rajni donned his present garb only after experimenting with various roles initially under K Balachander’. How do you justify atleast Rajini?
    ‘I am yet to watch Vijay try anything different’ is not Vijay’s fault, but yours. If you would like to see any of his previous ‘different’ movies, you must do a google search and actually watch them before making sweeping statements.
    Plus, Bodyguard can keep people like you quite for sometime. Enough proof that a veteran can come out of being stuck. Its too easy for critics to write. Cos thats all they can do.
    Even if you can or cannot pardon me for being strong with my words, I do hope you look at things from various perspectives.

    • Lavanya – There is little point in continuing a thread with a fanatic. An audience will always comment on the end product, what do you expect them, to do? Act? and 2005 is a long time imho.

      • Absolutely little point in continuing this thread. Who is the fanatic here i wonder. Ofcourse every body can comment. my side of the argument was this – you have made sweeping statements/judgements. You should probably make your POV more meaningful. This is a public forum right. you have commented, i have responded. thats the whole idea. Well, if you are too weak to accept debates, I should probably quit, which i will do now. My objective attained- I wanted to give my piece of mind to ridiculously done reviews of actors. It could have been any actor. And I came across what you had written. And I am sure my comments would have made you think.

      • Please do not judge the merits of my case. Thank You.

      • And Sura was a mind boggling hit from Vijay.

  6. who is the choreographer of this film????

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