Deve Gowda – India’s abusive sleeping beauty..

Deve Gowda – the one who slept the entire time during his short stint as Prime Minister of India was in the news yesterday for all the wrong reasons. The man who prides himself to being called “the son of the soil” in Karnataka lambasted the current Karantaka CM Yediyurrapaa and called him a “bloody bastard”. Not once on camera but a few times, over and over. Gowda has been jumping up and down ever since the Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure corridor has been gaining ground. The “son of the soil” claims to represent the hapless farmers from whom he alleges that the current BJP Government has been recklessly acquiring land from. The audacity of this 76-year-old uncouth leader to use abusive language in free flow is startling. The Karntaka CM claims that the man has lost his mental bearings, I think he never had it in the first place. It is a tough call to decide what has been more embarrassing, his stint as the 14th Prime Minister of this country or his stint as the 14th Chief Minister of Karnataka or yesterday’s antics on TV.

In Bangalore, the word “Deve Gowda” was / is used in gay abandon in a derogatory manner, “Deve Gowda” became an idiom. If somebody crossed the road blindly he became a “Deve Gowda”, if somebody slept in class he was “Deve Gowda”, if somebody wore a blank look, it was common to comment ” hey, don’t be a Deve Gowda bugger !” Therefore, DG ( like D & G ) became a fashion statement for the common man. And as if one Deve Gowda was not enough, his son HD Kumaraswamy – another “grand son of the soil” joined the foray and tortured the gentle people of Karnataka. Like father, like son, HD Kumaraswamy looted and plundered the state of Karnataka during his stint as CM. Between father and son, Karnataka must have lost several thousands of crores of the exchequer money to the sleeping deadly pair. The two sons of the soil have gained maximum wealth from the soil in the literal sense. Mining scams running to the tune of several hundred crores have been stamped across the duo during Kumaraswamy’s tenure. Ore rich areas of Karnataka like Kudremukh have been used for illegal mining activities under the patronage of Deve Gowda’s family. Besides, Deve Gowda is known to own a few hundred acres in and around the proposed Bangalore Mysore corridor, hence the sensitivity to the infrastructure project. The man also owns enough and more agricultural land bearing cash rich crops like cardamom, pepper , coffee and the likes in Chickmangalur and Sakleshpur. There is a petrol bunk in Bangalore named after Gowda, this is the only transparent ownership under the Gowda banner. God alone knows what more the family owns and participate in. There were also other hideous allegations of Deve Gowda performing black magic on Yeddiyurappa. I would not be surprised if Gowda is a sleeping partner of the Ku Klux Klan!

Watching Gowda on TV can make a mentally challenged person cringe. As I watched a footage of the abuse yesterday on TV, I honestly thought that I was happier to see him sleep during parliament sessions than hear him speak. How can a former Prime Minister of the country use foul language in public? I wonder what some of our netas are like in private if their public demeanour is so vulgar. A crass act which cannot be substituted by anything worse. Here is the footage of the abuse, the english words tapestried in between the kannada language rings louder than a thousand sons of the soil snoring in broad daylight.


21 Responses to “Deve Gowda – India’s abusive sleeping beauty..”

  1. Great read here sharmila. Thanks for the insightful piece !!

  2. DEVKISHIN Says:


  3. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    Well written Sharmila.And more importantly you unveiled him but kept your veil.GR8888888 Mam!!!!

    He seriously needs to visit a psycho…

  4. archana(bengaluru) Says:

    Excellent and apt post sharmila.. as always.. haa one more word used for Deve Gowda is the ‘Raagi mudde look'(raagi ball’). Atleast raagi mudde does some good work to human body, but this raagi mudde is just unfit to be amongst humans. What a shame

  5. Nobody is going to lose sleep over the charges of corruption, misappropriation, nepotism, inaction, etc., against Mr. DG. Because sadly we have gotten so used to hearing such things about our politicians that it no more shocks us. But Mr. DG should have at least guessed that we have not turned so thick skinned yet, that the sight of a former Prime Minister using abusive language in public would not affect us. Fortunately for us, he did not last a full term at New Delhi, and thankfully whatever little time he spent at the helm, he was asleep, else he would have surely taken us to war against somebody.

  6. Lakshmi Jag Says:

    Politicians have no scruples, I wonder how they are able to see themselves in the mirror everyday. Very few things in life disturb me but when I read about politicians such as the one above, I feel ashamed of being born as a human being. Great post Sharmila…


    • Lakshmi – There are very few genuine people left in this world who have a good conscience, and you are one of them to think this way. Yes, it is really sad to see the world the way it is today. Animals behave better.

  7. Is it not said that man is the Worst Animal !?? what an example here of A Man Worst Than An Animal !!! lol
    surprisingly this Animal is former PM of India !!! wow !!!
    sounds like all politicians in India competing with each other to win a title of The Biggest Scammer ! wonderful ! May God save India or shall i say world !?? Dogs are Dogs everywhere. oops ! did i insult Dogs by this !??? sorry ! Dogs !!!didn’t mean to degrade you !!!!!

  8. Anand Khare Says:

    Read somewhere. Devegoda has practised ‘abuse of power’ and ‘power of abuse’.

  9. R. Ananthakrishnan Says:

    Excellent Sharmila. All Indians have to hang their heads in shame for elected him as PM of this country. He is our national SHAME.

  10. Well Said Sharmila
    All said and nothing more to add
    We are idiots to listen to these type of usage
    Feel ashamed

  11. Sharmila
    All said nothing more to add
    See these types idiots around was who wete in TOP post
    Feel ashamed

  12. Achyutha Rao Says:

    I hope mudde gowda alias his highness Mr.Deve Gowda reads this blog…People who have commented here: beware of his abusive language towards you people also 🙂

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