Minister’s apathy, we remain doomed…

The picture above is that of Mr Shameless aka M.R.K Paneerselvam of the DMK ministry who is taking oath of office.

Vetrivel, a sub inspector of Tamil Nadu police , a decorated cop who got a double promotion after successfully terminating the dreaded sandalwood smuggler Veerapan in 2004 bled to death as two DMK ministers with their convoy watched without remorse. To our horror, the footage of the dying cop who was bombed, hacked and mistakenly taken down by contract killers in Alwarkuruchi in Tirunelveli district on Thursday evening was beamed across most of the news channels. State health minister M.R.K. Panneerselvam and youth and sports development minister Mohideen Khan, accompanied by the district collector and other officials who were at the spot around that time remained mute spectators. They did nothing to aid the valiant dying cop.

The two shameless ministers ( with a tagging convoy consisting of a fleet of at least 20 cars / vans ), scores of accompanying staff and dozens of onlookers watched the decorated officer die on the road. The cop was pleading for help and in his critical condition he attempted to feebly get on to the bike he had fallen off from as a last resort as no one was coming forward to save him. Vetrivel lost one leg and he also suffered from severe head injuries from the bombing.No amount of groaning and pleading by the dying cop moved the convoy. The ministers who were ambling around the area have stated that they were more concerned about their own safety. The police escorting the ministers too watched their comrade bleed and stated that they did not want to abandon the Ministers at that time and hence did not offer help to Vetrivel. One member from the accompanying party poured some water over the head of the begging cop by staying at least two feet away from him as if he was untouchable. Despite having a fleet of cars and vans standing by, nobody bothered to lift Vetrivel, transfer him to any one of the vehicles and rush him to the hospital. The cop was left in that pathetic state of anguish for 45 minutes after which the much awaited ambulance took him to the nearest hospital. Vetrivel succumbed en route.

Weak and pathetic excuses were provided by the shameless Ministers, the accompanying police and the district Collector for not saving Vetrivel. It appeared that the security of the Ministers was paramount. So long as the hallowed Ministers are safe everybody else can die a dog’s death. This sadly is the bitter truth of this democracy. The value for human life is negligible.

What would have been the state of Vetrivel’s family as they watched the horrendous clippings of him pleading in agony?

The camera captured much of Vetrivel’s agony with the rightful intention of showcasing the Minister’s apathy to the world, but could the cameraman not try to save Vetrivel? Yes, we the public need to be told about the apathy but the life of the dying officer supercedes everything. Was this even realized?
MRK Paneerselvam & Mohideen Khan- How do you sleep at night? How can you look at your ugly visage in the mirror? Do you have a conscience? I forget that it died a long time back and the two of you walk around like dead bodies that feel no pain and hence cannot emote. Dead men walking.I would be the happiest to cremate you as you are not fit to live amongst us anymore. The least that can happen is the sacking of these two Ministers and I wish our laws get amended to prosecute those who do not render help to victims on the road.

I have rescued stray pups, cats and even cows that have been hit by oncoming vehicles, but to watch this brave officer on national television bleed to death is a bitter reminder of the cruel democracy that we live in. A democracy that may do better even under satan and “Asursas” but surely not under men like MRK Paneerselvam and Mohideen Khan.


10 Responses to “Minister’s apathy, we remain doomed…”

  1. DEVKISHIN Says:


  2. Anand Khare Says:

    This happens only in India..

  3. Sharmila, this incident was an outrageous assault on the collective conscience of our nation. I can only bow my head in utter shame.

  4. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    Its pathetic…May god have mercy on this blessed alnd

  5. i thought that The Country gas gone to The Dogs but I was so wrong ! It has gone to the Devils ! no sorry ! Devils might have some sympathy for an injured,dying person sometime i think ! Dead men -with no conscience when become the rulers what else can one expect other than this!? seems like even God can’t save The Country in that matter. how shameless,pathetic & gruesome display of numbness towards a Human Life ! All those just watched and didn’t come forward to help should be Hanged till Death to set an example i guess. unfortunately which is not possible in Great India and greatest Indian Judiciary System/democracy/bureaucracy/………..

    BTW if such thing can happen to a policeman on duty then what about a poor common man!? gosh !……….

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