Behold the tweets…

What ’tis about twitter
that causes all the flutter
What ’tis about twitter
that makes ’em all mutter

A sweet blue bird sat on the sill
he gave me a chill pill
“listen well to what I say”
” I do not have all day”

“In a virtual world of growing stacks
where Kings, Queens, Aces and Jacks
in hues of black, white, brown n yellow
tweet rapidly to catch the popular fellow”

“I herald magic into worlds
I am the harbinger of 140 words
M’ tweets can be at times sweet
at times forcing a hasty retreat”

I ask in a quivering voice meekly
doth anyone follow thee ?
“Millions follow me ma’ lady
Tom, Dick and even Harry”

” Many an ally and foes
keep me on my toes
Some more I seldom know
the followers just grow”

” I like a few chaps,
worthy of many claps,
Jolly Nandy tops my list
power packed in his fist”

” And there is this chap Shashi
whose words are seldom mushy
they don’t make Sonia smile
hastens Krishna to run a mile”

” And then some boy called **K
who seldom sounds okay
a bit autistic in his tweets
with his lame silly bleats ”

” There are some pretty chicks,
worthy of many ticks,
Preity, Priyanka and Genelia
party in the twitting regalia”

“then this chap named Obama
used twitter for election drama
instead of following Osama
he spoilt health care and pharma”

” I like engaging twitteratti
of wisdom, wit and less glitterati
who discuss, differ and debate
of policies, society and fate”

” Some use twitter to engage
some use it to vent and rage
some to proclaim and pounce
their worth is less than an ounce”

” The world has taken to twitter
some desi netas prefer to deter
old croons, lame ideas fester
discouraging those who are better”

” I order thee to join this army
of Kher, Bhatt and Swamy
All hop on this bandwagon
hotter than a fiery dragon”

” With this I end my lesson
you better start your session
log on to
and say hello to cruising Tom”

Do I have a choice I thought
Our lives have been bought
by the protocol on the net
where the twain never met

I had one last query for the bird
I sounded like a twitting nerd
Doth thee follow any on the run?
” The king follows none for he is the sun”


9 Responses to “Behold the tweets…”

  1. You are the one
    Oh! Now I know, you are the one
    It was such fun
    You are not just verbose
    OMG, don’t you even write prose

  2. Thank you for the inspiration but please forgive the mediocrity.

  3. So today we see the poet of you han!!!
    Gonna join twitter soon….

  4. Hi,how r u ? Super poem esp.the cute picture of Blue Bird.Always aspects such wonderful post from you.All the best.Love u,bye.

  5. It is not about twitter,
    your words are sweeter,
    May you keep peening your thoughts down,
    Let the world smile, chuckle and frown!

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