Bingo for the “aaram” republic…

I was more than adequately ready for another reality show featuring yet another Bollywood star on the same channel. Just when I had gotten over the fact that my favorite actor, the God father of Indian cinemas Mr Bachchan has wound up the reality show Big Boss, his son anchors ” Bingo” and serenades this country to play the game on national bingo night. So, the nation tunes into national bingo night like the way we tune in to other national events collectively. As a nation that breathes as one on National independence day, national republic day and other national events, national bingo night is showcased as a national celebration probably creating more euphoria than the former. I wonder statistically how many viewers tune in to national bingo night every weekend night and how many tune into Doordarshan to watch the republic day parade once a year. My sarcasm prevails.

Whatever the statistics say, we love anything new and if it comes gift wrapped in a big red bow clinging to a gleaming wrapper even better. What the wrapper wraps and what the bow ties is not primary as much as it’s glimmer and shimmer is. The content is secondary. The content here being a game show akin to good old lotto or tombola, that lovely game we play in lovelier colonial styled clubs, where numbers pulled in the draw have to match with your ticket numbers in a straight line and winners shriek away on a full house. To promote this simple no brainer game, yet again a big hoopla is created. Dancers shake their legs while the host gyrates smoothly to catchy numbers. Colors have done well to rope in Junior B just after Senior has finished his term. Promotional offers are the key to any successful business to rake in the revenues. Buy one get one free or get the second at half the cost price. Or like a taco bell promotion, buy one supreme combo and get a cola free with some nachos at the side. Colors probably have done just so rather successfully.

The host of the show runs aarami classes and uses twitter to promote the aaram concept to a few thousand followers. One way to aaram is to play bingo as it requires the lazy viewer to sit on his couch and daintily circle his ticket if he has the winning number, better still if he does not get the number, no need to do anything but continue munching his popcorn. Here is a look at today’s prescribed lessons by the host :

We all learn to walk as Aarami toddlers. When we are young, we walk only when there is a need. If not, we can pretend to fall or just could lay flat on the floor! As adults we are trained to walk decently. To be a successful Aarami, you need to follow some basic principles to walk the Aaram way 24/7

1.Never live alone, because then when you need something you can’t ask someone to get it for you.
2.No matter how close your house is; public transport is at your beck and call for a reason! Use it to boost the economy.
3.Stop crowding already overcrowded metros. Don’t go out, stay indoors!
4.You can order everything home from pizza to groceries at home. There is no need to step out.
5.If you feel like getting some fresh air, go on your terrace and take a nap.
6.If your doctor advises you to walk, try this technique: Lie flat on your bed and flutter you legs up and down. Do twenty repetitions and take a 5 minute nap in between repetitions.

Funnily all the points described do not collaborate the “walk the talk” or “walk and talk” theory in the least. But one wears different hats at different times, this is one such time. The prescription  from one belonging to the most active family in the industry is equally non collaborative. Plus , existing couch potatoes need one more reason to exist, to be aaram and play bingo. What an idea Sirji ! Cannot comprehend the connection between aaram classes and playing bingo or am I a retard?

All said, the host is an infectious man. A mediocre format always needs an infectious host who can get the ball rolling in the literal sense. As colorful balls roll out and get picked up by an unnecessarily accented co host to reveal the bingo number as an aaram nation chews on it. So long as we chew on such formats all and sundry cash in. When everything is seemingly going right for the host in his mainstream not so aaram profession he dabs in aaram classes and passes on his erudite knowledge on the same. Is he a charmer? He most certainly is one, a snake charmer and we dance to his tunes. The nation continues to remain in a hypnotic state as each number flashes in front of our eyes, the hype of the game winds itself over our legs and body and its wringing tail closes in on our necks.


17 Responses to “Bingo for the “aaram” republic…”

  1. Yipee…am I the first to post a comment

  2. DEVKISHIN Says:

    This is a simple game show which is not promoted properly. instead of internet one should be able to get the ticket on one’s mobile as few have access to internet but majority of the viewers have mobile phone.

    The title ”aaraami” classes is somewhat a misnomer for this game show. it is Bingo Game Show—ghar baithe paise jeeto

    Amitabh was simply stunning in inaugural show

  3. Just couldn’t contain the joy of achieving something that I never could, on AB’s blog.

    I haven’t seen Bingo yet, but from what you say, it looks like yet another excuse for couch potatoes to stay glued to the couch. I agree with you, something that encourages ‘araam’ cannot be associated with busy bee Bachchans.

  4. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    AB looked so stunning on the show.Such people never let the grace die out from them….I read someone’s comment on his blog that he looks even more graceful and elegant in person than on tv…is it???

    BTW,Mr.Bachchan was writing from Bangalore last night….your own place.Have you ever had a chance to meet him????

  5. Anand khare Says:

    Hi Sharmila,

    Mediocore format is a good compliment for this bad formatted game.The game doesn’t do justice with the talent of Abhishek.
    Another big mistake organiser’s did in calling amitabh bachchan on very first show. His personality,stature and charisma is such that he takes over all surroundings. Whenever he is there it is not possible to notice any other thing.

    • Anand – So true, AB has a charisma that blankets the studios so much that once he leaves he creates a vacuum. The format is ordinary and hence it needs somebody extraordinary to pull it off. Besides, I prefer stars keeping away from reality TV and concentrate on film making. The only show that I thought was worthy of AB was KBC. Never before, never again.

  6. Seems AB overexposing himself in process of promoting Jr.AB.who can never even come close to his Paa though ! not in this life no matter what he does his father’s aura overshadow his if he has any ! on the other hand ‘Anything in excess is poisonous’.this way both can be thrown out very easily BUT The Tolerance of Awestruck Indian public is really so greatly unbelievable and beyond one’s imagination that that theory seems non applicable to them right now. No wonder India has so many Demi God & Goddesses and the list is getting larger and larger!lol………

  7. “Buy one get one free or get the second at half the cost price. Or like a taco bell promotion, buy one supreme combo and get a cola free with some nachos at the side. Colors probably have done just so rather successfully.”
    Whoa ! so rightly you put it here. lol…… buy AB & you get Jr. AB for free !??? (can we apply it that way !?)

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