Twinkle, twinkle big star…

When reality shows on TV are conducted for the sake of charity, I cannot help but remain cynical of the same. The new one where my cynicism is at it’s heightened state is the ” lift kara de” show of Johar’s where contestants display madly their extreme love for their preferred hallowed star and thereby get the right to participate depending on his level of madness. The contestant’s earnings are thereafter donated to a needy person.I prefer the methodology of foundations, missionaries, trusts and institutes that help the poor via aiding their education and catering to their other basic needs and somehow the hoopla on TV makes charity appear surreal.I prefer aid via employment or education rather than flaunting cash by celebrities who appear to be mercenaries, when reality is most are not or they are for a few hours during a show, with very few exceptions. Contestants on the show are chosen by measuring their extreme bootlicking tendencies of their idol which works very well to massage the egos of the stars and makes the fan look rather primitive. An extreme showcase of fanaticism that can make one sick.

The show is a cynical way of isolating the poor even further. It makes him look like a pathetic object of pity. With the grace, benevolence of the stars who are made to look like God, the poor man is uplifted from the hovel.Karan Johar is a man who can delve deep and pull out a quick rich money making methodology. He has done this at the expense of another, called
*Poverty .. abject poverty – penury, destitution, pauperism, pauperdom, beggary, pennilessness, impoverishment, neediness, need, hardship. (* Borrowed from AB’s blog ) In my humble opinion, Johar is not doing this show for charity, neither are the producers , the channel or the sponsors.I promote Mother Teresa’s and Sudha Murthy’s causes and wish the NGO’s in India get more support rather than shows like these.

There was a dance show on Sun TV where an actor / dancer called Lawrence taught dance to handicapped and poor children and raised money for them through their performances on TV by inviting donations from the audience. There is some dignity here and he did not expect any bootlicking from these children or the audience.

I remain firmly a supporter of aiding the poor and not making a mockery of their conditions. I prefer the discreet way of aiding them where each and every one of us can do our bit

Then we have a star ( the actual one up there ) named after SRK for reasons known only to the star himself. Gandhi remains India’s brightest star, the one that can never fade out and yet went unnoticed without a Nobel peace prize or a star named after him. But, ever since SRK landed on earth we were hit by the SRK meteor and there was a SRK crater formed at the center of the universe in Mumbai.

From TOI –

Bollywood has finally made it to the moon. It is making its presence felt 4 lakh km away on the lunar surface in an area close to where the first men on the men, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, landed on July 20, 1969.

The International Lunar Geographic Society, a New York-based organization devoted to the study of the moon, has declared that a lunar crater in the moon’s Sea of Tranquillity has been christened after Shah Rukh Khan. This has been approved by the International Astronomical Union, which has a final say with regard to the naming of craters on the moon. The crater “has been given the honorary designation as the Crater S R Khan on the occasion of Mr Khan’s 44th birthday” on November 2, 2009, the society said. According to the society, the crater was named following a deluge of petitions from Shah Rukh’s admirers from India and around the world. Incidentally, one of his dedicated admirers has already presented him with a piece of the moon by buying him land there.

With a crater named after him, Shah Rukh now joins the ranks of eminent personalities like Nobel laureate C V Raman, father of the Indian space programme Vikram Sarabhai, father of the Indian nuclear programme Homi Bhabha and other luminaries like Meghnad Saha after whom craters have been named.

The decision has triggered a mixed response within the scientific community, with the father of the Indian moon mission Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan supporting it, but president of the National Space Society, Suresh Naik, describing it as “shocking”. In another vein, a young schoolgirl commented, “I think another crater on the moon should be named after Amitabh Bachchan, since he is also a great actor.” Secretary of the Indian chapter of the Moon Society, Pradeep Mohandas, shared Kasturirangan’s view. “I think it is not a bad idea since it reflects the thinking of the new generation of young Indians,” he said.

Kasturirangan told TOI on Sunday from New Delhi that Shah Rukh is extremely popular and a symbol of national pride. “I do see a rationale behind this decision. He is a kind of ambassador for India and this reflects the way India views him,” he said.

Shah Rukh’s link with the space programme goes back to May 2001, when the last man who stood on the surface of the moon, Eugene A Cernan, during a visit to Mumbai invited the actor to Nasa’s Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas. The actor sat in a model of the lunar vehicle which was brought over by Cernan. Shah Rukh acted in `Swades’, the bulk of which was shot in Nasa’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. The S R Khan Crater is part of the Arago crater group, named for Francois Jean Dominique Arago, a Catalan-French mathematician, physicist, astronomer and politician who lived from 1786 to 1853. It is the largest of the main Arago crater’s four satellite craters and rests in the Sea of Tranquillity, directly south of the main crater.

Craters, stars, meteors will be named after our super stars and there will be a poll on twitter collecting votes for the cause. Every star will have his demand in place. The Bachchans would need a galaxy to be named after them, the Kapoors would wish for planetary systems, the remaining Khans would need solar systems , Rajnikanth would need a few in the southern hemisphere to be named as ” Annamalai”, “Padiyappa”, “Sivaji” and so on. Somehow, I think that Rajni’s humility will not let allow it. The stars have become so in the literal sense. I look up to the stars and fervently pray to keep our sanity in order.


13 Responses to “Twinkle, twinkle big star…”

  1. Karan Johar’s show is a sham –self glorification. Amitabhji contributed to amount which was handed over to a poor man.

    The film stars shine so long they are in business.After they retire temporarily or permanently they are like ”’out of sight out of mind”’

    • Absolutely sight Devkishan. I wrote above there are very few exceptions. One must appreciate acts of charity that do not hog the limelight as they appear more genuine.

  2. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    Well,I quite disagree a bit when you say it may not be a good platform to serve for the purpose charity.Its not that the celebrities are in their mercenary veil till they are confined within the hours of the show.I donno about others but have heard of SRK being of very benevolent nature when it comes to helping the needy…….

    However,I know that its not Johar who requires monetary support but are the NGO’s that should be supported.But its not bad either to prop the poor in this way on national screen.

    • Salman – There are very very few celebrities who do charity without publicity. Most do it for a myriad reasons. But, yes the poor get some succor here. However, I do not like the idea of handing out cash, I prefer arming the needy with a job. Once the cash runs out, what will this person do? is he going to get called back on the Johar show?

  3. oh! my god ! i can’t take it anymore ! didn’t watch the show and have no intention to watch it.not even out of curiosity. discussion of it make me feel so low and depressed that not a single thought of watching it pass by my mind. its really very disgusting to call someone and strip him/her it not a mental rape!?
    In India 1% of its population fall into the category of Elite Group, another 10% High Society, 15% Higher Middle class,20% lower middle class,another 25% poor class & rest fall below poverty line so looking to the population of India how many million fall below poverty line !? From such a large no. they call someone randomly and make a mockery out of it!? if they really want to do something for poor in true sense there are thousands ways to uplift their lives and awareness.c’mon….have some decency elites….. !!!stop making us almost throw up in……….with disgust !!!!!!!!!

  4. lol ! in Hollywood they put the star on sidewalk and in India they send him to wonderland !! wow !!!!one can only pray and ask for Sanity in that case or what !?
    this is one of the things which can only happen in India. is it not an insult to All those scientists!??? since when these entertainers become National Pride And Ambassador!? Aah! in that case all political Ambassador should be dismissed from their posts immediately!

    • Monalisa – This show is probably nothing short of ridiculous and makes a mockery of the poor. It is very sad actually. Hollywood is a very evolved world and Bollywood is nowhere close to it, albeit some daydreamers in Bwood think the are there and they have reached self actualization. Absolutely not.

  5. I agree with the author with his/her views till he/she started singling out one single actor(SRK)…This make a mockery of a otherwise well written piece…I havent watched a single episode of this show myself..

    • Rajeev – Good to see you here, been following all your comments on NG and regret I cannot comment there. Hoping to join the forum for some head butting with all of you. Firstly, I am not singling out SRK just because he has a meteor or a moon named after him, which by itself I think is really far fetched. If you read the last para, I have stated that I am afraid this star naming nonsense will be followed by the Bachchans,Kapoors and so forth. When this happens, I want you to comment I have made a mockery of singling out the Bachchans or whoever it may be. Will you then too?

    • And Rajeev, just in case you overlooked the fact , I was very sarcastically wondering about the viewership numbers for national Bingo night. But you felt it was ridiculous. It was a satirical examination by the way.

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