Phir Mile Sur…


The water was calm, placid and still,time moved slowly, all was tranquil
her radiant smile reflected below, her small sighs remained so
The deep eyes set in serenity, time traversed nonchalantly
Her beauty appeared transfixed with fate that never vexed

Her youth beckoned all, she towered proud and tall
Men of honor married , looted and plundered
With no whimper, no tears, she reserved her temper
Her spirit unwavering, her courage enduring

Alas then there was a ripple, her beauty no longer supple
the brows arched, a frown when the troops marched
troubles birthed, they grew, they trebled
the water broke with every stroke

Pebbles hurled, with shielding hands, her body scarred
the shoulders stooped, the scavengers swooped
salty waters broke their banks, filling her enemy tanks
her coffers dry, her resolve high

decades of agony, willed to strife with no acrimony
’tis but a ripple, that could not entirely cripple
her new skin blended, her eyes now widened
high on defense, without a fence , six decades hence

her heart wields, her fingers caress our heads
she forgives their trespasses, she encompasses
she never did forget, she never did lament
she remains a Mother, she never did wither

I can see my face on the water, I proudly remain her daughter
the chest is heaving, the world is moving
serendipity lies beneath, My mother did bequeath
on her lap I close my eyes, in slumber I hear no cries.


21 Responses to “Phir Mile Sur…”

  1. There is something about assigning genders to a territory, a country or a continent. In some languages a nation is masculine, while in others like India it is feminine. Does this reflect on the ethos in anyway? Wonder…

    • I think it all started with the Queen and imperialism. Everything belonging to her majesty was so.

      • And Sudhir – Great to see you here. Thanks for the note, I will visit your blog now.

      • And Sudhir – Bharath matha was also coined such. Will be interesting to know it’s roots. I think the initial paradigm is continuing on.

      • parmaatma Says:

        Perhaps you are right. In the Persian Avesta as well as the Rig Veda and Brhamanas, Earth is metaphorically personified as a producer of life. Avesta is the first known written document on religion. The gathas were composed by Zoroaster or also called Zarathustra. It is the pre-cursor to the vedic systems written about 300 years before the Vedas were written. Max Mueller has done some good work on this. Thanks.

      • Profound insight as usual Sudhir. I have been chewing over your web page too, I need to shift paradigms to even attempt it.

  2. My Dear sharmila,that’s another really beautiful poem.It was hair raising reading….continue doing the good work….thanks for sharing the video…it is truly breathtaking to watch.
    have a wonderful evening!
    God bless you!
    Love always…saroj

  3. Hello Sharmila,Thanks for putting video there.Really nice and touching song and on this AMIT JI’s voice ….. just damn good ! A complete package.Thanks friend for this song on ur Blog.Love u,bye.

  4. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    A very active peace initiative that aims a reconciling the differences between India and Pakistan,Aman ki asha is already piercing its way through the hearts of pacifists.And now another step in the same direction.GREAT!!!

    May Auro’s globe show way to the leaders of these two countries atleast……….

  5. liked the original Miley Sur better than this one.
    looking to the above pic. i wonder if one still can see face on water ! what a shame…! ppl have no value of their natural resources !

    • Monalisa – The original miley sur was tremendous. The focus on the new version is the film stars. Very sad really. So long as the Taj is seen on the water, lets hope so. Yes, natural resources are plundered in India, China and developing economies. atrocious indeed. The ganges, the life line of India is still polluted by the factories around UP etc.

  6. sudhir has a blog too !? how come never heard about it !?
    good to see him here though.

  7. is it possible to get Sudhir’s blog address?

  8. Shubha Nagarajan Says:

    In the new Mile Sur,the east has been ignored.Other than West Bengal,they have not represented Sikkim,Assam,Arunachal,Meghalaya,etc.Just one lady for a few secs and Bhupen Hazarika.No wonder that region feels left out.They make it look like Mumbai and Bollywood are holding India together.
    Back then,stars were not overexposed like now,and so we would wait to watch them.But now,its not the same feeling as we see them on TV all the time.I also don’t see sincerity in many of the stars.They look like they are doing a shampoo commerical!
    Also,the older version had the common man.Not in this one.
    I am surprised,no cricket stars??

    • Good observation Shubha and all valid points. The new India is made to look like only Bollywood is it’s crowning glory. Very sad. In fact I felt that the sport stars were there for some tadka effect and then shooed off. BCCI would have wanted money from the producers before letting the cricket stars participate and the producers would not have been able to afford that. The olympic winners would have come for free. A sham really.

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