The ripple on the water..

The water was calm, placid and still,time moved slowly, all was tranquil
her radiant smile reflected below, her small sighs remained so
The deep eyes set in serenity, time traversed nonchalantly
Her beauty appeared transfixed with fate that never vexed

Her youth beckoned all, she towered proud and tall
Men of honor married , looted and plundered
With no whimper, no tears, she reserved her temper
Her spirit unwavering, her courage enduring

Alas then there was a ripple, her beauty no longer supple
the brows arched, a frown when the troops marched
troubles birthed, they grew, they trebled
the water broke with every stroke

Pebbles hurled, with shielding hands, her body scarred
the shoulders stooped, the scavengers swooped
salty waters broke their banks, filling her enemy tanks
her coffers dry, her resolve high

decades of agony, willed to strife with no acrimony
’tis but a ripple, that could not entirely cripple
her new skin blended, her eyes now widened
high on defense, without a fence , six decades hence

her heart wields, her fingers caress our heads
she forgives their trespasses, she encompasses
she never did forget, she never did lament
she remains a Mother, she never did wither

I can see my face on the water, I proudly remain her daughter
the chest is heaving, the world is moving
serendipity lies beneath, My mother did bequeath
on her lap I close my eyes, in slumber I hear no cries.


10 Responses to “The ripple on the water..”

  1. My Dear Sharmila,what a beautiful poem and lovely picture of the Taj mahal.How i wish i can visit some day.My aunt and cousin are travelling there tomorrow.
    Happy Republic Day to you and all of Mother India!
    God bless you…love,Saroj

  2. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    Awesome Sharmila!!!!!!!!

  3. Sadly Beautiful! What an irony! A Mother with undeserving Billion children!

  4. True.Ratio may vary or % could differ But ultimately all are responsible for current situation. directly or indirectly everyone plays its role. How many are there who can raise voice against any wrong doings keeping their own interest aside !? None i guess…!

    • I agree that the ones who speak out are less. But, there are a few like Pritish Nandy and Vir Sanghvi who are taking on the Govt on the dubious nature of the Padma Awards. I just wrote about it.

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