Fresh from the gallery – Premier of Jaghubhai

Kudos to Radikaa Sarathkumar for fighting off the pirates and pulling this one off! Mrs Radikaa Sharathkumar, the creative head of Radaan Media along with her husband Mr Sharathkumar were shattered when an illegal version of the under production film “Jaggubhai” ( starring Sharathkumar ) found its way on the internet a few weeks back. A whole years hard work by the entire cast and crew was held to ransom by the buccaneer brigade of the cyber world. Mrs Radikaa immediately took the support of the state government and the police in tracking down the culprits. Mrs Radikaa was overwhelmingly supported by the entire tamil film industry who showed solidarity in fighting the culprits and vowing for legal and ethical business in the industry. The premier of Jaghubhai was held recently in Chennai’s Sathyam theatre, some pictures of the same.


14 Responses to “Fresh from the gallery – Premier of Jaghubhai”

  1. Radhikaa is one gritty woman. Good luck to her and ‘Jaggubhai’. BTW is it a tamil movie? The title sounds more Marathi than south Indian.

  2. parmaatma Says:

    Saw Dustin Hoffman in an old B/W film called ‘Lenny’. Couldn’t help thinking about Kamal Hassan – a producer, director, writer, actor, dancer all-in-one! We’ll never see a complete artist as good as Kamal.

  3. Sharmila, can you caption these pics? I could only recognize Rajnikant & Kamal Hassan. And I guess it was Radikaa & Sarath Kumar with Rajnikant. Who is the beautiful girl in white with Sarath Kumar? Is she Asin? Or was she Sonali? Too many questions, eh?

  4. No thanks, this will suffice.

  5. Age really catching up with Rajnikant.couldn’t recognise at first that This is the one they call Amitabh of Southern cinema.
    I think he is more like ‘Raj Kapoor’ or ‘Kishor Kumar’ of south. Kamal Haasan looks very dashing as ever. I definitely like him more over Amitabh. in my opinion he is more talented not only as an actor but many other areas. such a good dancer he is !
    Its a humongous Task to fight against piracy.Good luck to Radhika & others like her.

    • MonalIsa – Rajni is undoubtedly aging. The difference between him here and the pictures I posted earlier of his with Aishwarya in his next flick Endhiran has boggled me too. Kamal is as dashing and a favorite of mine too. Well, I love Kamala and Rajni as much. Radikaa is a spunky woman.

  6. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    Wondering what to comment!!!!!:)

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