Can they KISS?…

Time pass is the biggest social ,cultural and political activity in this country. Our attention span is narrower than the eye of a needle and lasts a few seconds more than what it takes to kill a fly with a plastic swat. Once the fly is dead so is the subject of our attention. The latest object of attention and arbitration is with the “My name is Khan” issue. How many people in this wonderful nation have the time to deliberate on whether my name should be Khan, Kaul or Kristen? Millions, it looks like. There has been a lot of time and effort elaborating how Khan taunts Kaul taunts Kristen taunts Khan. The taunts have reached a feverish pitch now, the din is so loud, my ear aches.We have this wonderful capacity to blow everything out of proportion, bigger than Jayalalitha’s far fetching assets while we sit in the dark corner wearing Karunanidhi’s thick black glasses in a musty, gloomy room.

We do not realize we are the silly little pawns in this entire story that moves from one check to another while the Gods peer down on us, guffawing away at our idiocy. The din surrounding the controversy handicaps us, we are muted as we squabble amongst each other, whilst the Ks and Ss of this world have the last laugh. We are first marinated in a huge pot of lies and schemes and then made to cook on a hot, sooty skewer which gets turned around every now and then. And as we get cooked, we also get burnt. We get burnt defending the lies of those people, we get burnt believing in their lies and we get so burnt and so cooked that nothing can get under our burnt skins. Not even sense and sensibility.

Why is it that our focus and energy is not on positive things? Can we not focus on bettering ourselves in a collective manner rather than isolating one another? Every single thing become blase the minute the collective focus moves to the next check. How many of us actually think about the thousands of victims who died in Haiti recently for no fault of theirs? We do not think even a few thousand deaths are important any more. We love controversies and we bask in the war of words. We are more preoccupied with the K  & S battles that festers itself on every newspaper and TV channel. Every K and S was coming out to give his side of the story and playing bingo with our minds. We fell for it, Bingo! We believe your stories, Bingo! We support your frivolity, Bingo!

K regretted not having knighted Pakis and S gets all worked up over it. Can K not have an opinion? Of course K can and so can S. But, can S not have a decent conversation and voice an opinion in a civil manner? It appears S prefers to warn, threaten and defile an equally defiant K. It is said S acts like a crumpled paper tiger roaring the regionalistic sentiments. The battle between K and S is talked about by bored Aunties dunking their marie biscuits in hot tea after watching another K soap and busy Uncles who chat about it while working in shabby, Government offices and some on the 15th floor of the Empire State too. While S plays with the local pawns, K plays with the international pawns. This K and S war has had an effect on the NRIs too. The overseas NRI market is bustling with a lot of activity now a days especially after they saw K recently with the bulls and the bears. At the end of the day, one thing is clear, the war of words between K and S could not have come at a better time. What better time does K & Co need with a release around it’s corner. What better time does S & Co need when the bigger S has been slowly curving out. We, the fourth idiots saw another controversy with three idiots a few weeks back, and there is another repeat show.

There is one more S in between all this. The S who is dripping bolognese sauce on the other S and simmering S on a slow heat. S reminds S of how treacherously alien S is in India. Bolognese sauce can never be cooked in India like the way they do in the small Italian town of Lusiana. But, we have been feeding ourselves on it for sometime now and fattening ourselves with it’s undernourishing properties. This is probably the one sauce that has found its way on the Indian menu a long time back and we do not need to be reminded of it. We have had more than our fair share of pasta and bolognese sauce and we are left hiccuping madly. No amount of water can stop the hiccups. We have the same parrots shouting from the tree tops ” S is Italian, S is italian” and sometimes even S behaves in a manner that ratifies the parrot’s barrage.

If only K and S and S thought of I ( India ) as their own, they would come together, lock their lips and seal it with a KISS. I know it may not be a pretty picture to imagine the three locking themselves into a kiss! I do not think they well and truly understand what makes I. Each has his / her own agenda. I do not think they ever will, not in the near future at least kiss. I can hear only a sinister hiss.At least, if not them, let us do so. Let us not fall in their incessant hot broth and bait their traps. Let us stop making trivia, time pass.Let us stop emphasizing on the triviality of what lies in a name. Our name is our individuality. Our names must not be defiled by allowing it to be carelessly used to raise religious sentiments. It is a shame, if we do this. Let us not bloody our present with our bloody past. Let us disintegrate the feed that makes them who they are. Even if we do not see eye to eye, let us put “I “before the I.


21 Responses to “Can they KISS?…”

  1. awesome thoughts..

  2. parmaatma Says:

    In a purely Gandhian sense, two types of people are successful in walking the talk:

    One who is able to walk more, and the other who talks less.


  3. parmaatma Says:

    Sometime back, I was travelling with one of the most renowned scholars of Islam who is a religious advisor to some of the most powerful families in Oman, Malaysia, Syria, Jordan and Libya.

    At one point, we came to discuss about idol worship. He asked me why Hindus worship idols. And I said, they don’t worship idols, they worship God. Idols are not Gods, they see God in idols – its not the same thing.

    But I had no reply to the question that followed.

    He asked, “What if that makes the idol feel that it is God?”

    I just smiled.

    • Sudhir – Do you believe that the infinite can be finite? Do you think God is finite or infinite or both?

      • Sharmila,

        Finite and infinite are terms that are applied to measurable dimensions. For example, space is three dimensional and can be measured. The power that created space (the power that we call God), cannot be in space ‘before’ it is created. So space is created by that power from another dimension which may or may not be measurable. (We can’t even see the fourth dimension like the back of our heads!)

        Also, Time is neither finite or infinite. It is only a unit of measuring the dynamics of events – Like temperature is used for heat, barometer for height, metres for distance etc. Time like any other unit is a scale.

        God is not time.

        Just my take – very dry and unromantic 😦 I am not very imaginative!

      • Correction in my reply: Barometers are instruments for measuring pressures, height is just another distance measured in units of length. I need to grow younger!

  4. Aishwarya Says:

    The majority of ‘I’ are so gullible. Hanging on to every word of the Ks and the Ss. Blinded by love and devotion, and being made fools of. Despite all, I admire K’s grit, so proud to be part of I, and am cool with the Sauce. Its the other S that I want to swat!:)

  5. Sudhir – Who cares about growing younger, we still have rebirths to look forward to don’t we?

  6. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    Wonderful Sharmila…as usual……..but I dont think they can.

  7. No they can never KISS. Firstly, S was never bothered about I, nor does it care for M. S just uses the angst of the worthless youth of M to fuel its ambitions. To make matters worse, the little cub R has taken a cue from S and has used it to some success. This has annoyed S, which is since trying hard to get its roar back. This has turned into an ugly war of supremacy that has entangled AB, ST, MA, AK and now SRK. The C at the center has also got involved. So they can never KISS. And even if they do manage a KISS it will make us all SICK.

  8. in ‘I’ majority are illiterate where their precious ‘Votes’ can be bought for a bottle of ‘Rum’,a cotton sari or a pouch of ‘Rice’. its a place where Filmy so called stars/actors are their Ideals & Idols to worship. so any wimpy so called celebrity barks/sneeze everyone else jump their Gun to get any advantage they can. its all politics…..dirty politics !!!
    you never know if you see them kissing in future. that would be a very gruesome scenario though. But hey! equations change very quickly in politics.
    BTW who stopped ‘K’ to buy those ‘P’for his team!? instead of making such silly statements he should have done that in first place if he really wanted.
    He talked too much about How in USA he was detained and searched so he would never ever visit USA ever again etc etc….All Blah…Blah… what happened to that!? why did he come back & rang the opening Bell at NASDAQ!? He is such a jerk lurking around for cheap publicity it seems. LOL …. funny thing !! now BBQ sauce ‘S’ is supporting ‘K’ so half the Kiss is complete …! is it flying Kiss or Kiss Ass…!??

    • Monalisa – Oh yes, K is aware that his biggest market is the overseas one. He has no choice but to go running back to the US. Besides, only controversies can make ordinary movies extraordinary. SRK is an aging star, who looks bad and KJO has used the same combo to death. SRK, Kajol and himself. Three times over! The mark of a good director is one who can work with any star. KJO remains a mediocre one, short of any good idea.

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  10. Wow and I thought I was the only one who was “seeing” all this, And I was almost starting to become parnoid, that I am seeing a conspiracy in everything, thanks to you I a not going to be paranoid anymore.
    But one thing is strange you love these movies, I don;t 😉

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