Rahul and his dancing brides…

Just when I thought that reality television was reviving after reaching its nadir with the Rakhi ka swayamvar show, another crass show pops up on NDTV imagine. A sequel to the mega-crass show that showcases Indian women as the top runners for any international top concubine slot. This show has left nothing to the imagination when it comes to redefining coyness, a term mostly used for wannabe brides or so we thought. The show is called ” Rahul dulhaniye le jayega” , bearing no semblance of originality even with the derivation of the show name. The TRP war has reached its pinnacle in contrast, vying for one millionth of our brain space to absorb programs that are no worse than a glorified porn show. The show is based loosely on the format of  ABC’s Bachelor series, where the most eligible bachelor has twenty-five women vying for his attention and his ultimate love. The bachelor boy chooses his favorite contestant and makes her his wife for eternity which regularly ranges from six months to two years. At least in the ABC show, there were Doctors, football players and some rich business men being the cynosure of attention and not some rich, drugged out son of a dead politician as the case is on NDTV imagine.

In the Indian version of the show there are sixteen women draped in Indian clothes (which do not make any attempt to cover their modesty ) falling all over the bachelor boy Rahul Mahajan. Whoever thought that Rahul Mahajan is the most eligible bachelor around. Charged with cocaine possession and a known drug addict who has sniffed his passion by rolling five hundred rupees notes to reach ecstatic levels, he is surely not my definition of being eligible. Rahul and his friends were caught by the police in an intoxicated state when they had mixed a dangerous contortion of champagne and cocaine. He was arrested only to be later released, once again exemplifying the justice system that prevails for rich, drugged out kids of dead politicians.

Besides, Rahul has not been capable of sustaining his previous marriage with a woman who he loved for thirteen years. He had a divorce in mid 2008 and thereby gets the right to look for a bride in the most shameless manner.Rahul being the son of the former prominent BJP politician Pramod Mahajan has been dabbing in television ever since his marriage broke down. He also appeared in another distasteful program by the name of Big Boss previously. He is a rich spoilt kid with negligible values and yet being showcased as the must get man today. NDTV imagine have showcased the country’s top two most unappealing people as appealing, Rakhi and Rahul respectfully. They are made for each other and I wonder if the almighty could have possibly designed anybody else besides each of these exotic species for the other? Well, it looks like he has made sixteen others for lover boy Rahul.

There are sixteen women in this country who are fixated on proving that they can be more vulgar than the Rakhis and the Rahuls of this world. They serenade the rich boy Rahul by dancing and singing around him, while Rahul sits on propped up cushions glancing over his harem, as woman after woman lust after him. Rahul is a multi millionaire with an acumen that will put the town idiot to shame. What more qualifications do these women need besides money? Nothing matters over the stack of notes that he carries around with him. One can only but imagine how much loose change he has lying around if he was using five hundred rupee notes to sniff cocaine. A man with zero morals is yet again propelled to great heights in a depressing fashion.I would love to know what the parents of these sixteen women think of their daughters. These ladies, if I dare to even call them so are doing all that it takes to make a complete ass of themselves. Where has dignity disappeared in choosing a better half? Dignity does not exist on television any more, dignity can be stared upon if it makes a rare appearance. Dignity is the leper of reality television, they dare not introduce it in their programs lest lesser mortals like us run away. The only gratifying small thing that I would like to squeeze out of this unpleasant program is that Rahul is not in politics YET. We have enough equally shameless people in that sector too and we do not need another one.


22 Responses to “Rahul and his dancing brides…”

  1. I’m shocked! Have they lost it? How can anybody even think of this Rahul as the most eligible bachelor in India? Shame on them. Aren’t these Inglorious Bs doing a disservice to the youth of this country by projecting such dubious characters as role models.

  2. Aishwarya Says:

    I happened to once watch Rahul and Monica flouncing about on Bigg Boss while channel surfing. Sheer torture. Now here he is again.

    The drama and histrionics are no less in news channels either nowadays – “Do u want to eat BT Brinjal or not??” “SMS us with your views!”

    Simplicity is out; loud and ridiculous is in.

    Good one, Sharmila.

  3. parmaatma Says:

    Reminds of Majrooh’s Ghazal:

    Hum hain mataaein kuucha-o-bazaar ki tarah
    Uthati hain harr nigaah khareedar ki tarah

    … … … We are like goods that are on sale in a market
    … … … Every eye looks us up like a prospective buyer

    Majrooh likh rahen hain uss ahl-e-wafaa ka naam
    hum bhi khade huen hain gunehgaar ki tarah

    … … … Majrooh is writing the names of devoted people he knows
    … … … Here too we stand in the queue but like a convict though

    (Translit mine)

    There is another by Sahir but on a more rebellious note as was his wont:

    A ruh-e-asar jaag kahaan so rahi hai tu
    Awaaz de rahen hain, payambar saleeb se

    … … … Awake, where sleepest thou O soul of rebellion
    … … … Your saviour cries out in pain from the Cross!

    (Translit mine)

    I know values like these are wasted on such clowns as you describe above. But I know no less!

    Thank you

    • Hi sudhir,
      visited your blog. read your thought on Death.Quite interesting ! very similar to What is soul or God( not this.. not this) how ever one can’t reach to the conclusion whta exactly is it !?
      so does Death prevail!? cause by N large if we think everything changes its from eg.water to ice,ice to water,water evaporates and again comes back in form of rain(water). so changing form is not Death. Atoms prevails though we can’t see through our own eyes. Does that mean there is no Death!? or nothing like Death!? its just our perception!?

    • Thanks for this wonderful lyrics Sudhir..all I can say is wah wah!

      • parmaatma Says:

        Thank you, Sharmila. I have an incorrigible weakness for ghazals!

        Hi, Monalisa. I hope Sharmila doesn’t object to exchanges on her blog.

        Death, in my opinion, is everything that life is not. So it is impossible to say what it is by using the attributes of life i.e Consciousness, Mind, body etc.

        No logical statement is possible without the right means to test and prove a phenomenon. To find out the contents of death one needs to have access to the attributes of death. Its not possible using life’s tools. Hence, only thing that can be said without contradiction is Death is ‘not life’.

        Any other description is speculative and has to be forced by ‘faith’.

        Thats only my opinion. Not meant to sound religious or theosophical. There are 3 billion people in the world who don’t believe in a creator by any name. (That is Buddhism). I am not one of them but I am not challenging them either nor those who do.

        I speak only for myself. And I cannot say ‘I know’ till I am sure I do. I don’t consider faith a valid reason to believe something.

      • Sudhir – No problem at all. I am enjoying this

  4. Whoa ! is it not a slap on faces of those beating the drum about How Great Indian Culture is vs any other cultures in the World though they copy everything from outside India!!!?????? copying good things can be acceptable but how could such things be pardonable !!!???
    The guy who should be ending up in Jail is An Eligible Bachelor!? Ohh!!! pl…..eas ! he is not even a Bachelor ! He is a divorced goon who was one of the suspects of his own father’s murder!How disgusting !
    ‘Girls in India’ are with such materialistic approach!!?? gosh! money is everything ! How absurd is that!? Boy O Boy!!! I am so stunned and speechless !!!

    • Monalisa – Good point, I forgot this clown was also a murder suspect, for his dad’s death and his dad’s secretary’s death. In India, materialism unfortunately is the cause for nirvana of late.

  5. parmaatma Says:


    • Sudhir – ???..what’s the question for? Pls elaborate

      • parmaatma Says:

        Oh nothing serious. I opened the link to your blog and found the same page… and wondered if you were off the air for some reason!


    • Hi sudhir,
      certain things are beyond faith & belief. Though we ‘know’not(our ignorance) can not be an issue of/to challenge its existence.
      If Life and death are two sides of a coin-totally opposite to each other then whatever attributes of life is there, death should have attributes opposite to that. or in other sense we can say ceasation of life is Death technically & scientifically. however science proved that everything changes its form and changing form can not be considerd as death.
      Vedas also say that soul doesn’t die it just changes body-the vehicle to perform and fulfill your accrued wishes(vasanas).Now when soul leave the Body practically in medical terms its a Death of body. but now science has progressed and DNA can be stored and cloning is possible too. if we don’t go that far & stick to Dead Body which is either buried or burnt in any case it changes forms. so we can believe both ways- Death does exist and it does not…..!!!hmmmmm……bit confusing !

      • parmaatma Says:

        Hi MonaLisa and Sharmila,

        I have a child’s perception of death – it is too early to think about it as long as I am alive and I will know what it is when I am dead! 🙂

        But other than that, as an adult who indulges in life seriously, I do test my beliefs when I need to use them. Vedas and all the other known scriptures believe in a soul. That belief is, I think, the first introduction of ‘Faith’ in the consciousness of a person.

        In my opinion, the functions of consciousness and the mind are created by the body and die with it. I have described it as such on my blog.

        Once a person believes in a soul, then the rest of the faith follows automatically i.e God, Devil, Reincarnation, Heaven, Hell, Religion etc.

        The metaphysics of Good-Bad, Right-Wrong, True-False is possible with a consciousness and a rational mind. This does not need oone to assume the existence of a soul.

        In fact, cloning definitively proves my understanding that the soul is an assumption.

        Death is the complete annihilation of matter and energy. Death exists. But surely not in a form and dimension that we are aware of. Its like a star falling into a black-hole and disappearing completely.

        I do hope I am right. I hope there is no soul or reincarnation or a volitional God. I don’t want to be born again. NOt on this planet or in this universe in any form of matter or energy. It’s very boring, to say the least…


  6. hey Sharmila if these girls r sick enough to come on this swayambar they definitely deserve him.

  7. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:


    Being eligible requires 2 ‘i’ s…….he does have them but they look drunk HAHA!!!

    I think some months later the tittle of the show would change to “Rahul Divorce de jayega ”

    A pathetic move by the channel……

  8. […] Read the rest from HERE […]

  9. Hi Sharmilla, this is another manifestation of how our values are changing. Earlier respectability was every thing at least for the middle class, now money and fame, even if it is notoriety, is what everybody is running after. What is Monica Bedi’s claim to fame other than she was the moll of a gangster. The media made her a celebrity. What kind of message does that send to countless impressionable girls. Soon we would also have little girls wanting to be gf’s, mistresses of Dons and cricketers to become famous like in the UK where most girls aspire to become WAGS.

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