Deciphering AB’s blog…

I have been an avid follower of Mr Bachchan’s blogs ever since he opened up a small space of his world to the outside. His blogs have allowed millions of fans worldwide to get a peek into his immaculate style of writing, his sense of humor and above all his intelligence. His writing style in prose and poetry is an exciting medley of words that could have only been construed by the master himself. Mr Bachchan is also probably the only one in the hindi film industry who is capable of such finery, refinement and erudite skills. On occasions he also takes the liberty to share his personal views on his trials, tribulations as much as he shares the space on his victories and triumphs. His blogs render us an opportunity to know the real big B, in parts at times, in whole sometimes. Whatever be the quantum of our knowledge of the man, an avid reader or the casual reader of his blog formulates an opinion that holds good.

I have been lucky enough to get quite a few responses over the time I have been writing on his space. Mr Bacchan has a keen eye. He makes it a point to answer questions which he regards to be pertinent and graciously acknowledges appreciative comments. I doubt somebody else does so for him, the answers are far too intelligent, as much as his writing is.I have always perceived the man to be grace personified. I recall day 506 when he mentioned my name on his blog and offered a wonderful response to a point of view that I had.In my opinion he reads all comments ( average 500 a day ) and has developed a smart way to keep his fingers on the pulse. The respondants are much vocal about their views on his movies, his personal life and they do a lot of guess work on his political ideologies, which I think are very personal. The blog is also a wonderful two way mechanical marvel. It acts as his mouthpiece to voice his point of view on matters of both national, international and personal interests. It also acts as a mean to provide a befitting reply to journalists who write fabricated folk lore about him and his family. I am pleased that he has this platform, the viewership of his blog is bound to run into the millions, thereby acting as a powerful medium of communication. What he writes is heard loud and clear by all quarters.

Any celebrity blog is probably read casually. However, in the case of Mr Bachchan the media put aside all their work and focus on deciphering his blog in ways not known to mankind. An ingenious way seems to be invented. They somehow have developed an uncanny way of reading between the lines. A mere mention of tuberculosis by Mr Bachchan is contorted and linked with his daughter in law. The media is incessantly sneaking into the private lives of his son and daughter in law and have conjured up distasteful stories regarding their family lives. Mr Bachchan’s mere narration of a telephonic transpiration between him and Bal Thackeray is taken as Mr Bacchan being an endorser of Sena. Mr Bachchan is an ambassador for the state of Gujarat, he is perceived as a supporter of Mr Modi.  I believe he has the right to be an ambassador of any fragment that belongs to India.Mr Bachchan receives an award from Karunanidi in TN, he is seen as an upholder of the Dravidian movement? Mr Bachchan speaks to the Karnataka CM regarding tax exemptions for his movies and he is immediately perceived as a BJP ally? What a load of crap! Firstly, being a celebrity he is bound to rub shoulders and be in the company of the bold, the beautiful, the good and the ugly. This is his business and no body in the world has a right to interfere with that. Secondly, he uses the blog to narrate day-to-day incidents of his life. All kinds of people feature in his narratives, he tells us a story that has heros,heroines,comedians, villains and side kicks in his real life. Why can we not read his blogs as such. Rather presumptuous of those who advise whose company he should be keeping. He is a free man in a free country who is not bound by dictum of those whose opinions are worth two cents.Who are we to expect how he should be writing on his blog and who should he be writing about, we forget it HIS blog and we have a choice not to read it. There are some who also advise him on whose company he should keep and what he should be saying and how he should be retaliating. He has lived a lot longer than most of us, he is a man who has experienced life and he is a man who knows the ways of this world far better than most.It is sheer idiocy the expectations that are had. He is not an elected politician who is answerable to us, not that the ones who are do so anyway!

The latest news on Aishwarya is yet another indication of the lowest levels that the media has reached. Responsible journalism is a thing of the past. I urge Mr Bachchan not to stop voicing his opinions on all matters on his space, the majority readers are there to enjoy his writing, his words are sheer poetry. The minority are a frivolous lot and should not be accorded much importance. Yes, the Mumbai Mirror must be sued for damages. They must be hurt where it hurts the most, financially that is and an apology must be tendered by the paper.


18 Responses to “Deciphering AB’s blog…”

  1. masterpraz Says:

    Great article, and yes, AB is one of the few celebs who handles his Digital PR by himself!

  2. Sharmila,

    For many reasons I have mixed feelings about AB as well as his blog. But in this space, permit me to comment only on both from one angle – i.e, as a source of inspiration for myself.

    I feel AB’s humble beginnings deprived him of certain things, although its prominence and manifest bearings reflect in his persona even after his super-stardom. But the sustained humility has resulted in significant missed opportunities to do good in ways that would have made his family and the nation proud.

    This is an opinion – not to be construed as an expectation.

    … duty beckons… I will be back…. thank you for raising this subject… I would like to say more about the potential force that his blog is becoming and his chances of a Bharat Ratna…

    back in a jiffy…


  3. My take on AB’s blog…

    AB’s blog, in a way, actually shreds his celeb status, considering that it was once defined by the popularity of a genre – the angry young man – that he portrayed for 20 years of his prime time.

    AB, the person on the blog, often reminds his readers that he is a celebrity defined by a slot in the nation’s psyche which is reserved for actors.

    The real AB – the son, the father, the brother, the husband and the grandpa struggle to be seen and felt through the bright haze that is created by this super-star aura.

    His blog, after 600+ days, is acquiring an iconic status, albeit without the semblance of a vision or social objectives.

    Someday, I guess, it will assume overwhelming proportions once AB settles down on a theme that he can drive on his own.

    Presently, it swings either way, sometimes haunted by stray visitors who lust for an instant high.

  4. One last entry on the topic…

    68 years is quite an advanced age by Asian standards unlike those in the west where life expectancy is crosses 90 – my earlier boss Kevin (half-Irish) married a Thai lady at 65 and has now taken up a new occupation in the hills north of Thailand. 🙂

    AB is marching towards an imminent Bharat Ratna. If he is not beaten by time, he is bound to change something that will have a lasting impact – I wouldn’t be surprised if that will have something to do with the media.

    He is genuine – yes, most certainly! – He is so honest that one can pledge on his personal integrity!

    But rationality holds me back from being euphoric about it. I am unable to find anything indigenous or original about his drives at the moment.


    • Sudhir – Yes, I was under the opinion as well that he is marching towards a Nharath Ratna. He talks of formulating a committee of sorts at a national level to monitor the media and of him getting involved in the process. Probably this could seal it for him. Somehow, I have never considered AB to be humble. I have always thought he was flamboyant even when he speaks of simple things, but this I think has to do with his style. I have considered people like Rajnikanth to be well and truly humble despite his super stardom. I also think AB is a very shrewd person who knows how to deal with this world. This is why I find it rather dumb that people offer him suggestions. His personal integrity is a rare commodity in this world. Righty, he is possessive about hi family and wrongly the media use that against him.

  5. I fully endorse your views about Mr. Bachchan and his blog. I myself have had the privilege of associating with his blog for quite some time, and I can tell you that it has been a very enriching experience. The media have time and again tried to run down his blog and the wide following it enjoys by scornfully calling it a hangout for mad fans, blind sycophants and wide-eyed NRIs. Now what can you say to that? But I do wish to speak for myself. I have never been a mad fan of Mr. Bachchan or for that matter any other star, nor am I a movie maniac. And I may have had issues with him. But I do realize and appreciate the position that Mr. Bachchan commands in the annals of the Indian movie industry. I understand all too well the value of the Bachchan insignia. I also admire the way he has conducted himself in both his public and private life. I admire his grit, courage and fighting spirit. I admire the way he loves and worships his parents even when they are no more. I admire the way he has brought up his children and generally runs his family. In fact I’ve become a fan after linking up with his blog. His dedication to the blog is mind-boggling. It is hard to believe how in spite of his choc-a-bloc schedule, he unfailingly manages to connect each day, irrespective of whether he’s in India or abroad, whether he’s at work or holidaying, or even when he’s not been in the best of health. Unbelievable! And boy, does he read all of the responses? Amazing!

    Would you mind if I say that it is only because of AB’s blog that I’m here? And yes, I do remember the ‘Frail Indian Lady’ very well.

  6. Melwyn & Sudhir – I however think at times his blogs are a bit mysterious. I enjoy those posts more. Remember the out of body experience? Sometimes, he seems to address a particular person known to him and disguises it so well. Do you get that feeling too? His blog is becoming a force, his commitment is unwavering. A lot to learn from a 68 year old who is getting stronger. He has left many that age in his wake. I also think that he is also trying to amass more for hi family for the next two to three generations. This is not just on the financial front but also in terms of name and fame. He must be aware that the generations after him will find it very difficult to achieve what he has, but he has given them the head start. The last name Bachchan for now works well. I agree Sudhir he needs to find a theme that works well on the blog, right now it is a bit all over.

  7. Yes I agree. He loves to tease his FmXt by hinting at something very vaguely and then enjoys the panic reactions coming from them.

    His blog is already a force that the media is increasingly getting wary of. And the media being his confirmed pet peeve is unfortunately becoming the theme of his blog. I would prefer that he rather write more about the arts. His understanding and love of poetry, especially those of his father, needs to find more expression on the blog. He should write more about his craft; about how the movie industry has evolved in the 41 years he has ruled over it. It could prove to be an insightful study for students of cinema.

    • The media bashing is important as he can use this space to voice his say, but I am disdainful with the love hate relationship. It is best to be neutral than be in a swingers party!

      • Sharmila,

        ‘Media bashing’ is a very polite way of saying what AB does. He actually treats the media like the other woman! Kabhi haan, kabhi naa! 🙂

        I am glad you put up this subject on your blog. One of the reasons I gave up commenting on AB’s blog was this feeling that he expected a touch of obsequiousness from Indian fans. It was unnerving in a way.

        For the media, in general, AB is classified entertainment. Reporters of one or two local supplements are not media – and AB rarely makes it to the front page where big boys flex their muscles. Neither is he a Rajni or Kamal (whose roots are so strong that their voices cross over several barriers.)

        Yet, as Melwyn says he is a master at his craft of acting and nothing that he does or happens to him can take that fact away.

  8. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    I agree with you Sharmila.Its the media that creates all the chaos….Just now I saw SRK clarifying his point between him and Amir where the confusion had been created by an edited video from one of the media channels…….

  9. very well said Sharmila…..the same media didnt associate amitabh with communism when met and wrote about Jyoti Basu because that wouldnt have generated any big masala to publish……….when amitabh met sheela dixit no one wrote about amitabh being congress supporter because that wouldn’t have created that much buzz….but the moment bigb wrote about thakrey and modi media starts shouting and manipulating the words of his blog because they thought that would give them enough masala to put him in controversial lines….Media sucks!!!

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