Love Gurus…

If there is one section of this society that literally gives me the creeps they are the self proclaiming god men. There are a plethora of them doing the rounds and casting their nets on unsuspecting and foolish victims. The latest one that has been caught by a candid camera has been Nityananda who has been indulging in promiscuous behavior with a flop south indian film star. The footage was repeated on some of the south indian tv channels a few days ago and it is has been nothing short of ludicrous. Watching Nityananda perform his acrobatics on TV made my head reel and my shocked cerebrum literally went into a bit of a tail spin.This society is used to scandals involving film stars, god men and politicians in their own right.This society is now getting used to seeing God men and film stars on the same bed a few weeks after the Andhra Governor was romping around in the Raj Bhavan with nameless, faceless women. The local news TV channels are beginning to bear a strong semblance to adult pay tv more often than not.Politicians were the hands on favorites and the odds were always in their favor to be caught in the act, now they face serious competition from God men. God forbid the day when this society watches on TV a politician, a god-man and a movie star on the same bed.Most of the current Gurus are love Gurus in my opinion. They probably are the best versed in sexual tantric and have zilch knowledge in anything else. Nityanand was sprawled on his bed watching TV while the actor was serving him beer and some food besides herself. He was treating himself to chicken 69.

I have heard of a few people who take great pride in claiming that they are the disciples of Swamy X, Y and Z. They claim that these swami’s show them the path to self-righteousness and these men miraculously rid them of their mental woes and other forms of psychotic imbalances. More women are susceptible to these bearded beasts in saffron clothes and are enchanted with the swam’s hypnotic eyes and are deceived by the vermillion streaks on their wrinkled foreheads. Actually, Nityanand was rather young in comparison to his predecessors and another lame excuse for his testosterone levels.Lady devotees also attend camps and are attuned to the ways of meditation and yoga and the Swami’s philosophy. I have no issues with meditation and yoga and they are proven methodologies for a healthy body, mind and spirit, it is the preachings of the Swamis that I would be wary of. What would a rascal like Nityananda preach? Nityananda probably ran camps across South India with an ulterior motive. Even if his followers feel betrayed now that their Guru’s sexcapades have been showcased world wide, they have more reason to worry. Nityanand and his men could have placed spy cameras in these camps too in places beyond meditation halls.

I have no respect for God men. If I have an issue with my mental well-being I shall see a psychiatrist, a God-man is not even a choice. I am not interested in even knowing what my future holds for me. We must live for the present and tackle every day to the best of our ability.Why do we seek these men? A Guru is one who has knowledge and wisdom, one who teaches and guides others. Nevertheless, I have the utmost respect for those who well and truly meet the definition of a Guru like Adi Shankaracharya, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and Shri Ramakrishna. Other gurus who continued the yogic tradition into the 20th century like Shri Aurobindo, Shri Ramana Maharshi,Sri Chandrashekarendra Saraswati (The Sage of Kanchi), Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Chinmayanand. No more, no less. I am not convinced as yet with the modern Gurus however famous and popular many claim them to be.

Who can forget Chandraswami, the spiritual adviser to our ex Prime Minister Narasimha Rao and Chandrashekar. Chandrwsami was involved in various forgery cases and innumerable FERA violations and despite it, he gained close proximity to the seat of power. I have always spoken about the great Indian cocktail that includes politicians, film stars, cricket stars, business tycoons and my memory had slipped as I failed to include God men, an integral part of this heady mix. There are a few hundred of such God men who continue to take thousands for the ride of their lives.Nityanand’s ashrams have been set ablaze across Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. People always cry over spilt milk. There will be more Nityanand’s sprouting like poisonous mushrooms everywhere and the public continue feeding them with no recollection of the past.Nityananad is missing now. He may be protected by some neta who is also getting blackmailed by Nityanand in turn over a lewd video. Only God knows.

There are only a handful “Gurus” in the true sense who do not require publicity or money or anything else. These enlightened souls are peacefully meditating in the Himalayas or in a forest somewhere and no body has even heard of them. They demand nothing and teach those who wish to seek and ask. They are not running programs on TV Channels neither are they running camps and discourses on cruise liners and charging an astronomical amount to hear them or get their “blessings”. They are not owners of thousands of acres of land which are converted into ashrams neither are they the owners of TV channels. They are not seen in public functions felicitating earthly mortals.They do not magically make vermillion appear in their palms or diamond rings from behind people’s ears. They need not demonstrate PC Sarkar magic shows to get an audience. They are content in their world, the way they know it and which we may never. Erring church priests who have abused innocent children and erring God men from any religion will continue to err. Who said to forgive is divine? May we never forgive or forget.


29 Responses to “Love Gurus…”

  1. Anand Khare Says:

    Hi Sharmila,

    These men in disguise of godmen have enjoyed their life. But not all Godmen are like that. Some of the godmen have really won over their woldly pleasures. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish them.

    But I am surprized at the women’s sensibilities who go to Godmen for some spiritual benefits and end with these material benefits.Why they fall prey? Or is it that the one who is caught thief in this world?I think females also need to take some blame of it.

    Another relevant point is integrity of news channels that are showing all these stuff. Can we take the news on its face value now?

    I hope you will get my point.waiting for your response and ‘parmatma’s’ take on it.


    • Anand – Yes, very difficult to separate the chaff from the grains. I tend to have more faith in the men who are dead than the ones who are alive now. I have the utmost respect for the shankracharyas and the likes. I cannot get myself to respect any single holy being who calls himself a God man. The woman, in this case the actor is surely to be blamed. Most of these women get into these scams for money and nothing more. B grade Actors in Indian cinema most surely indulge in these acts, not too sure about the A grade ones. Anything for money.

      • Anand – News channel wait for these occurrences. TRPS would have skyrocketed on the day. A lot of people love such scandals.

  2. So true, these so called “gurus” are abusing the name of religion to literally get lucky!
    And you have to watch this, the way they this video has been edited with a background score and everything was just too too hilarious!

    • Himanth – I have seen this video.Thanks,I am not comfortable with this video being here though, so if you do not mind I will be deleting it. I am sure you would understand..:)

    • And Himanth, the background score was indeed comical..!

      • Oh absolutely, couldn’t agree with you more, it’s extremely disgusting.
        I didn’t mean to upset you by sharing that link, it was just funny and I sent it across!
        Anyway happy blogging…

      • Thanks Himanth – I found it funny too and nope, sadhus dont upset me they just anger me!..:) Thanks and looking forward to more of your comments here.

  3. Aishwarya Says:


    These so-called politicians, godmen and actors are not the only ones to blame, the public is too.

    Reminds me of the Tata Tea ‘Jaagore’ ad – ‘Hum khilate hain, isliye ye khate hain.’

    Thoughtprovoking post.

  4. parmaatma Says:


    Nice topic.

    See this is the reason I have not grown a beard. Divinity and God can wait. I am not in a hurry.

    This is the essence of philosophy and a good part of my own research. Not women and worldiness but the reason why a person needs props like Godmen.

    Capture the feeling that one gets while praying in a temple or a church, where does that feeling disappear while one is in the office or on the streets?

    Why does the feeling feel different from when you are playing with your child?

    Is reality knowable or not?

    Or should one find escapist pleasures to get away from it all?

    Faking reality is irrational. Faking happiness is fatal.

    Let me live.

    Divinity and God can wait…

    • Sudhir – I had a sneaky feeling this post would be close to your heart! thats a great point, why do only religious places invoke these feelings? Isn’t God everywhere? So why do we wear a mask in shrines and shed it thereafter?
      Nityananda’s downfall was blamed on a snake which entered into his ashram. A forest officer then visited the ashram to catch it and he stumbled across sandalwood pellets and raised the alarm. It then further led to uncovering many such activities under ashram’s patronage. Was this snake God or was this snake the devil or was this snake a snake?

      • parmaatma Says:

        The snake might just be a genetic descendent of the swami… Who knows… 🙂

  5. DEVKISHIN Says:

    The society is equally responsible for the misdeeds of religious gurus.The women and young girls are often targeted by sex-hungry swamis.
    Innocent women are often trapped and black-mailed by gurus after they are photographed by hidden video cameras.

    At some centers women have submitted themselves to sex maniacs for getting pregnant.

    The lust and the sex drive is uncontrollable. The sex is a natural instinct and only truly religious and righteous individuals can succeed to control their natural urges.
    .I can name a large number of film stars who at one time or the other were in relation with their costars.Ashok Kumar-Nalini Jaywant,Raj Kapoor-Nargis,Amitabh Bachchn-Rekha,Guru Dutt/Sunil Dutt –Waheeda Rehman,Raj Kapoor- Vyjantimala,Akhshay Kumar-Raveena Tondon/Shipa Shetty,Kareena Kapoor-Shahid Kapoor and hundreds of others.

    Lata Mangeshkar was often seen in the company of Raj Singh—Maharaja of Dungarpur.
    What about President Clinton,Tiger Woods,Shane Warne –all of them had multiple sexual partners.There are thousand others whose exploits have remained hidden.

    Rajneesh of OSHO ,Pune advocated free society -free sex and he had large number of followers.

    It will be impossible to eradicate promiscuity completely from our society.We shall have to live with this reality.

    It is for the society to take precautions and avoid falling into the trap. The society must be made aware of the pitfalls.

    • Devkishan – Interesting point. Yes, this society is promiscous, the problem is this society is also increasingly and malignantly immoral. Now Sudhir may come up with an arguement and state what defines morality in the first place. People have no clue where to draw the line. Family values are no longer such, anything and everything is increasingly acceptable.

      • parmaatma Says:

        Sharmila and Devkishin,

        Let me quote from the Manu-Smriti (this is the first document on societal regulation in Vedic Hinduism):

        Nah Striyan swatantrya maraha ||

        Means, don’t let your women free.

        The woman must be taken care of by the father, the husband and the son. This ensures a healthy, unaffected society.

        I don’t subscribe to that wholly. So spare me the women’s lib. My mom was more qualified and richer than my dad.

        But there is a point in that. If read in a more modern way… don’t let the women be insecure.

        Arjun expresses that threat in the vishaad yoga in the gita:

        Kulakshaye pranashyanti kuladharma sanatana |
        Dharme nasthe kulam krutsnam adharmo abhi bhavatyut ||

        When a culture is destroyed, dharma is destroyed with it |
        When dharma is destroyed, only unethical sin survives ||

        (Gita 1:40)

  6. Anand Khare Says:


    These clippings are not available in North indian channels.Howver, This appears to me as an engineered one. Only god knows the truth. I know that this swamy’s business is in danger now.


    Hi Sudhir ( With requested permission from Madam Sharmila)

    You are not that satiric today. However, I always look forward to your comments and enjoy it thoroughly.Missing you in your original identity (reality is not knowable everything is maya) at bigb blog.I am sure Amitabh Bachchan also must be missing you as he copied many things from your comments too often.Can I have your and Sharmila’s personal emails. I am at


    • parmaatma Says:


      Thank you. In fact AB still does take our feedback seriously. But I am now content with the sms and emails. The blog got very cluttered after I allowed myself to get into cross chats, like people do on Facebook, Orkut etc. At times there was outright abuse.

      I wrote several times to AB about it. He doesn’t want to spam anyone. Hope to talk to him in person, if I can, when he is here in the last week. I have a guest-pass to the function.

      This ID is my website. It’s on the same platform as Sharmilasays – ie – So, I can access all wordpress sites simultaneously once I open my site.

    • Anand – I for one do not believe at all this is doctored. The Swami and the actor ( Ranjitha )are very much who they are. The Swami is absconding now. My email is

  7. parmaatma Says:

    What is happening with the web?

    Part of AB’s post is missing on his blog. And all of Sharmila is missing here! 😦

  8. parmaatma Says:

    Kamal is the finest and the most original artist of them all. I am sure he will set another new benchmark this time. He always does.

  9. I just couldn’t help wondering about the possibilities if a politician, an actor, a cricketer and a god-man were to share a bed?

  10. There is one more fellow that I heard of,Asaram Bapu something,but I dont know what his profession was.He too was indulged in some sought of abuse.Can’t say how authentic and true that news piece was…..

    • There is a big army of them Salman. Difficult to say who is guilty and who is not, most are not, but the ones who are bring a bad name to the rest.

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