The IPL tamasha begins…

It is that time of the year when Indians all over the world converge on their couches, it is that time of the year when people swarm the pubs in plenty during the weekdays, it is that time of the year when beer takes to the skies, it is that time of the year when men salivate over blonde and brunette cheerleaders, it is that time of they year when there is no excuse to gorge on the oil dripping chips and tikkas,it is that time of the year when Bollywood sits pretty with their D&G coolers and waves and smiles in that superficial manner and gives out flying kisses, it is that time of the year when Lalit Modi is counting his cash with his wet thumb, it is that time of the year when indian advertising agencies are richer, it is that time of the year when television rights get costlier, it is that time of the year that whatever little viewership doordarshan had is washed away, it is that time of the year when politics takes a back seat, it is that time of the year when security takes the front seat, it is that time of the year when Mallya has not decided if Dravid is finaly test player or a one day player or 20 20 material, it is that time of the year when Mallya wonders if it made more sense to venture into IPL or formula one or neither,it is that time of the year when Mukesh Ambani is one up on his brother, it is that time of the year when Shilpa Shetty needs no excuse to sound clever or wiser than Warne, it is that time of the year when Zinta has to meet Ness, it is that time of the year when the K.kkk..kkknight riders don’t ride far enough and land up putting their trotting hooves in their mouth,it is that time of the year when N Srinivasan still goes unnoticed, it is that time of the year when most still have no idea who owns Delhi daredevils or the Deccan chargers or Chennai Super kings, it is that time of the year when SRK becomes a de facto cricket guru, it is that time of the year when SRK will create yet another tamasha involving another coach or a player, it is that time of the year when the fake IPL player will start blogging, it is that time of the year when cricket becomes loose change.

All in all, it is that time of the year when IPL remains the country’s biggest road show so much so that events of importance are held after it. The IPL almost appears like a figurative head of state that we all bow down to.The IPL is actually one big fat cash cow. And then there is an auction of the team cows. The best description that accurately sums up the auction process was by Mr Pritish Nandy ” like the auction of cattle at Pushkar”. Pushkar replaced by a five-star hotel where corporate moguls contend with ambitious stars in choosing the fattest cow of them all. There are some holy cows that bear an iconic status and are not part of the cattle class auction show, they call them iconic cows. What a load of bull. Following each of these events is the media, giving all these ingredients more than their due share of importance and making the IPL more entertaining than any circus. Last year the IPL circus was not able to perform in India because there was another entertaining event in town that was hogging the lime lights, the general elections, so the troops moved to South Africa. As expected the show ran to full houses in S Africa too albeit Akon’s performance at the closing ceremony was pathetic with or without his “smack that”.The IPL is an entertainment show and cricket is one small part of what makes it. The format has been craftily designed to play on gullible sentiments, after all the subcontinent is rabid about cricket and equally rabid about Bollywood, so shaking these two liqueur into one drink can intoxicate the viewer like no Long Island iced tea can.

The IPL is the country’s biggest form of entertainment. Not being a part of the circus is a social stigma. One can clearly be the town idiot but one can clearly not be seen as having no knowledge of the IPL. Housewives rattle the names of teams and it’s players with pride.This clearly demonstrates and confirms the effective marketing strategies the IPL stakeholders have used to have a grip on all of us. Twitter is seemingly a powerful tool with owners and players tweeting away about the latest news of their respective teams. Shetty hopped on to twitter a few weeks before and has ensured she reaches beyond Bihar and UP. Bollywood and corporate tycoons continue to get shaken with cricket players in this great Indian cocktail, only the politicians and god men are yet to take the plunge. Nityanand should have bid for one of the two new teams and called it the Night Riders. The difference between Knight and Night would be in the stutter.The IPL is a phenomenon and full marks to Modi who has ensured it is such. Experts who once cringed about 20 20 spoiling the game of cricket are the very ones who are happily commenting on it’s success.Let us all sit back and enjoy the IPL fever. Let us not think outside the cricketing square whilst Modi keeps bowling googlies after googlies at us. Let us continue to remain a nation whose audience is as invaluable and non movable as the iconic players.


82 Responses to “The IPL tamasha begins…”

  1. parmaatma Says:


    The IPL bandwagon is now permanently parked in our backyard like the Circus in town that churns out new items every year.

    Yesterday’s opening session was a mixed bag. Leonel could have been singing ‘falling love’ to penguins in the antarctic… Deepika’s item number was cool… which means it was not hot enough… Mamma mia was a surprise entry…. the best show was the colorful magic of laser beams!

    The cheergirls celebrate their sensuality in a sort-of oblivious way… they don’t seem too interested in cricket or crickets…

    The 50,000 strong audience is the real thing… I wonder how the event managers organise water, food, toilets, transport, parking etc for such a large crowd.

    And while all this is going on… somewhere on the ground… a bowler runs to the wicket and throws a ball at the batsman… a game of cricket is in progress…


    • Sharmila Says:

      Sudhir – You have picked the point of crowd management really well, a good point to ponder on. and as you say, all this precedes cricket!

  2. Aishwarya Says:

    Hi Sharmila,

    We Indians still seem to think like the Maharajas and enjoy their grandiose lifestyle. Huge gatherings, screaming crowds watching a game, loud music and drum beats, pretty women dancing to it, fried foods, liquor flowing… Just the settings seem to have changed, the mood probably is just the same.:P

    BTW, your post yesterday seems to have had quite an impact on me. Turning my phone on in the morning and wondering if it should have been the other way round.:D

    Hope you can meet AB at HKG. Still remember your brilliant writeup on the function at Macau…

    • parmaatma Says:


      I am sure you agree that there is no comparison between say a solo ‘Fur Elise’ and Osibisa sunshine bay.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Of course, Sudhir – no comparison at all. A music for every mood I guess. I would prefer the Fur Elise any day. And I know you like the blonde in red!;)

    • parmaatma Says:


      That is inviting me to say something, and you know what happens after that – the disembodied voice of Bella from AB’s site will appear in Sharmila’s space to defend the inviolate virtues of blondes-in-red. I hope that doesn’t happen here.

      So, I better play safe. I will only say that I can do without the Red…

      But jokes aside, Beethoven’s ‘Fur Elise’ is best played solo on the piano. I can claim that I play better than the woman in the video, if you promise not to ask me to prove it! Kidding… She is magnificient…


      Some of Osibisa compositions have these cacophonous mix from the wilderness. The ensemble triggers a claustrophoibic reaction in me, as if there is not enough oxygen in the room!


      • Aishwarya Says:

        Lol..Sudhir, ssshhhhh..then.

        Oh yes, the second composition gave me more or less the same feel, like I was about to have a bout of seizure!
        Music varies with origin, region, culture, period in time, mood, emotion etc. I am sure some would enjoy Osibisa, just not me.:(

        Sudhir, if you meet AB, please take some pics and mail me, could you? Would love to see them.

      • parmaatma Says:


        Impossible to meet AB, except for those working in the Hotel and associated with the festival. Entries from more than 30 countries. The hotel is full of reps from all over the world.

        BTW it’s the same hall where I received my 15 Million award from the Minister. You remember the photograph I sent you standing next to the big boss.

        The place is packed with VIPs today.

      • What!..15 mill US??Wow, I am honored to now have another tycoon besides MonaLisa on the blog now.

      • parmaatma Says:

        15 m USD? Wow, me too…

        That award was for 15 million man-hours of work without an accident in hydrocarbon production.

        Tycoon? ha… Sapne hi sapne, kab hue apne… !!!

      • Never heard of such awards Sudhir ! Don’t worry ! we will let you live in that intoxicated ecstatic state of a millionaire. Besides we have no intention to borrow from you on net ! he..he
        About the bargain thing …
        Again when there is no awareness of right and wrong,good or bad, harmful and unharmful/beneficial etc then whatever is in front would be grabbed by the mass. And it certainly is Not A Good Bargain or A Bargain at all. Bad Choices are never A Bargain. either Cinema or A cricket or something else. when you go to casino one has to be prepared to lose. One in a million chances to hit the jackpot certainly doesn’t make it a Good choice to make money. Yes ! it does give one an adrenaline rush momentarily.. 🙂

      • Sudhir – A bit more light will help the blind like me..

      • Ouch!!! sharmila..! A tycoon !?

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Yes, the one with the Director and other dignitaries. I have added it on your id.

        Maybe some other time then… Thanks, Sudhir.:)

      • Does that mean what I think it does – blondes from AB’s blog are not welcome in “Sharmila’s space”?

      • Renate – And why and how do you read this on the blog? Pray tell me what is leading to this question.? Blondes and brunettes, black, brown, yellow and white can make this space theirs..:) forgive me if I have left out any…

      • Roulette is right – my answer to you is disembodied somewhere above – or below depending where this one will go…lol…

    • Aish – Lol, mmm..what a way to wake up!…:) Thanks for liking the IIFA story..

  3. Actors,politicians,God men and now cricketers bed together it seems. it has become hard to differentiate Which breed is a bigger & corrupt Business Creed.
    Indian democracy has turned into a big capitalist country now. its a shame that those 1% Roaches or Rats rule other 99% insects successfully. but we can’t blame those rats when general mentality or attitude is so very pathetically sheepish,meek and awestruck for that so called Elite group. it certainly is beneficial to that 1% so they never fail to take advantage of it and gullible 99% mass make it a prestige issue to be there to watch such Hocus Pocus. its a matter of social status to spend obscene amount of money to spend for such waste of time. But they forget then that by doing so their social status goes nowhere,they become laughing stock for that Elite Group and that Elite group gets Richer and Richer Day by Day.
    Oh! Well! That’s how capitalism run the show in entire world!Darn!

    • MonaLisa – Capitalism is handled differntly in different corners of the globe. Our way of dealing with it begins and ends with cricket.

      • Aah! Don’t worry! They are still learning! And they are quite a fast learners. They certainly will find more ways to suck the mass in. Cricket is just a starting point.

  4. parmaatma Says:


    I agree and disagree.

    I agree about the elite-commoner split. But here is the framework as I understand:

    In a communist (Marxist) administration all the things that you mention are done by the governement. Everything is planned and executed to mechanical perfection.

    In the capitalist world, the onus is on the investors to make the event happen.

    My contention is:

    I have not asked either of them to organise anything for my entertainment. Capitalist investors do it after carrying out project studies and communists do it as a presumed duty to keep the people in a perpetual state of numbness.

    Actor, politicians, Godmen, cricketers and call-girls are all entertainers in their own way.

    As consumers, we are stil in a position to say ‘No’ or ask for a bargain!


    • Sudhir
      How many naysayer would you find!? or asking for bargain!? those who are involved in that rut is a majority mass. if they have that kind of awareness then these kind of Ho Hum would have been a Flop Show anyway!

      • parmaatma Says:


        I agree about the Ho Hum and naysayers.

        About the bargain…

        Actually sports stadiums in an area have very few events that can attract the entire neighbourhood and people from nearby suburbs. On a day like this, most locals earn a quick buck on the sidelines, selling small conveniences to the visitors.

        The local gyms, sports clubs, women’s kitty parties and high school children will be talking of this event for the next 6 months.

        IPL is still a long way before they will be paid by local clubs to arrange the event in their stadiums. At the moment the stadium owners are paid by IPL because the earnings from stadium collections are not of scale.

        Cricket for the poor in India is an intoxication akin to escapist cinema – it gives the fake feeling of living in peaceful times – like a shot of mandrax…

        I don’t think that is a good bargain — or is it? Who knows…


  5. Ha Ha Ha. Loose change yes. But “Faku” or the Fake IPL Player is back not with his blog but with a book.

  6. parmaatma Says:


    I think Shetty was tweeting the wrong numbers. IPL matches are not played in Bihar and UP – two of the funkiest states in India!

    In fact that is a good subject for a spoof! Imagine Mayawati and Lalu Prasad organising the event for their voters.

    Mayawati would have her statues installed along the boundary line, like a platoon of scare-crows, to keep the occasional streaker away… Lalu would have a special stand reserved for his cows and buffaloes, to provide free milk to the players during the time-outs…

    And if that doesn’t attract crowds to the stadium… then.. party hilaa denge!


    • Sudhir -ha ha.. Laloos cows will solve a part of the problem with crowd management. Maya’s statues may attract the crows and not keep them at bay though.

  7. parmaatma Says:


    You are right. There is no bargain if the masses don’t have a choice. But somehow I still can’t feel sorry for the masses. These sort of spin-offs do not happen without the victim’s cooperation.

    And yes about the awards…

    In a surplus economy you will be surprised at the type of awards given by the powers that be.

    Here is a short list:

    Brightest idea of the month (its called Shukran award – meaning a Thank you award); Safest man-of-the-month; Succesfully shutdown of a process plant; Early commisioning of a project; First Oil; and so on…

    In the Oil & Gas industry every little thing is rewarded! There is a good reason for that. The hazards involved are as catastrophic.

    Leave aside a million, if I was even amply moneyed I wouldn’t be working in the radioactive conditions!


  8. parmaatma Says:


    My reply to you has got posted somewhere up there! I don’t know how this happens. Seems like the reply goes on a roulette and drops it wherever it stops. 😦

    • Yep Sudhir ! found it…! 🙂
      I am quite Asympathetic/unsympathetic to the mass in that matter for making ‘Bad Choices’. However even if i am sympathetic to them changes nothing in any case anyway. besides our individual feelings don’t count much for any of those blinded by glamour of Cinema and Cricket or anything else.

  9. Sharmila – Thank You.

    Perhaps I read too much into Sudhir’s crack…perhaps…..
    It made me wonder for a moment, so I asked.

    You have never made me feel unwelcome and I appreciate it.

  10. parmaatma Says:

    Sharmila, Renate,

    About the blonde, it was brought up by Aishwarya. I knew she was tempting me into danger zone. Aishwarya said Sudhir loves blondes in red. I have replied that I can do without the red which means I love blondes and in-red is not a requirement.

    The reference to the disembodied voice of bella is from AB’s site. is a famous women’s lib web site which fights for the rights of women; among other things they did a campaign for a woman’s right to wear undergarments of her own choice. Let me state here without any hesitation that I have no reservations about that.

    I love women, blondes, brunnetes,color, race, clothed, unclothed doesn’t matter.

    I hope I have made this clear. I do not want to leave the impression that I am another jack-the-ripper.

  11. parmaatma Says:


    Light on what? I was unable to relate that.

    I changed so many subjects in one day, from IPL, to Music, to Oil & Gas awards, to AB, to balle balle bella.

    Do you think I am hogging too much space? See, I told you this would be a case of Angel-on-AB’s-site!


  12. parmaatma Says:


    Kahaan ho? Come back and explain. I am carrying my own cross. Call the US marines before the crucification begins!


    • Aishwarya Says:

      Sudhir – Arre baba, yeh sab kaise ho gaya?! Its a Sunday, just woke up. That was one of the old jokes we shared on watching the ‘Fur Elise’ video. BTW, glad I could ‘tempt’ you…lol. Just kidding.:) All in good fun.

      Sharmila – We were talking about the ‘blonde-in-red’ in the video. Not generalizing. Though I am sure you know me well enough without explaining myself. Enjoy your Sunday, dear.

      • Aishwarya Says:


        Thank you, dear. Rajesh sent me a bottle of ‘Alien’ (Thierry Mugler) and its skin care range. Smells heavenly, but I wonder if the name carries a hidden message…lol.:D

        Love and thanks again.

    • Aishwarya Says:

      Sudhir, Sharmila, and all visitors,

      I would like to apologize on behalf of myself and Sudhir for any inadvertent hurt. It was unintentional. Just our usual cracks. Today is my wedding anniversary. So sorry for sounding insanely happy even as I apologize. Love you all. Have a great day.


      • parmaatma Says:


        I am also sorry… :)… Oops… I mean sorry… :(.

        Happy marriage anniversary.

        Please convey my sympathy to your husband Rajesh… we share his feelings! 😛

        Have a great day!


      • No need to apologise for anything Aishwarya, if I have to start apologizing for a few things I write there will be no end. People should go with the flow..

  13. parmaatma Says:


    Hope it is clear. Just ignore Sudhir’s cracks. He is okay otherwise! And you know that…

    I am sure Aishwarya didn’t mention you either. Let us all have fun and some nice moments together.

    Life is not enough. You are in the US. Sharmila is in HK. Aishwarya is in India. I am in the desert. MonaLisa is in the ionosphere – (meaning I don’t know)… MonaLisa uses a fossil ID (saw it on Midday once in your comment on AB) but I am sure she is not one… 🙂

    Isn’t it great that we are able to connect!


    • Thank God Sudhir ! you didn’t mean ‘oblivion’ instead!
      i believe ppl are aware of my location. if not one can simply ask about it. no fuss….
      However location is not very important in virtual world is my personal opinion, i still see no reason to hide it though.
      whats wrong with my name/id!? A fossil id!? why would one use such!? what is it about Mid Day comment!?

      • parmaatma Says:


        Thank you.

        Agree on the web the location becomes unimportant. I suppose that is exactly what it is designed for – to eliminate distances!

        Oh, the fossil ID was your email address against your name MonaLisa in the letters-to-editor section of Mumbai Mirror (Not the MidDay, sorry). It was the one where you spanked the journo for the Aishwarya Rai article.

        If that was not you, it must have been Lisa Gherardini alias Lisa del Giocondo!


  14. Anand Khare Says:

    George Bernard Shaw said “Cricket is a game played by 22 fools and followed by 22,000 fools”. Shaw’s statement is very true. This is the age of satellite television, only the number is wrong, it is not 22,000 probably it may be 22 Crores.

    By the way, what is the score now?

    Happy wedding anniversary ( I know it is conflicting words)to Aishwarya and Rajesh.


  15. parmaatma Says:


    You are welcome. Rajesh sent an ‘Alien’?! Send him back an ‘Amouage-for-men’!

  16. parmaatma Says:

    Sharmila, Aishwarya,

    I am off to a seminar. Back online in a few hours.

    Wishing Aishwarya and Rajesh again a very happy marriage anniversary. Bless you with a long and happy married life. Have a great day.

    • Aishwarya Says:

      Sudhir – Thank you. Really means a lot. I dont know what ‘Amouage’ means, need to look it up. Hope its not a female ‘alien’, wouldn’t want to make Rajesh THAT happy!
      Come back soon.:)

      Anand – Thank you.:)

  17. parmaatma Says:


    My fav is Amouage Lyric for Men.

    Top: Bergamot, Lime

    Heart: Rose, Saffron, Angelica, Spicy Ginger, Nutmeg

    Base: Sandalwood, Musk and Pine

    log on to you can order online and ask for delivery to Bangalore.

    Caution: A bit expensive in INR. Should cost anywhere between INR 15000/- to 21000/- for 100 ml

    Breaking News: Good news on my job front…. I have been chosen to facilitate the business plan presentations to senior executives on coming thursday. That should test my professionalism a bit!


    • Aishwarya Says:

      Hmmm…smells delicious!;) Will check it out.

      Congrats, Sudhir! This is indeed great news. But not surprising, we all know you are the best! Good luck.:)

    • Sudhir – Congratulations. I doubt it would be a test though, not sure what can well and truly test you.

      • parmaatma Says:

        Sharmila and Aishwarya

        Believe me, every moment of the day is a new test. I don’t like to do the same thing in the same way again! That is a killjoy! So there is always a new flavor to every dish. I think I would have made a good chef, if I had not been so hyperactive!


      • Sudhir – Yes, you would hae made a good cook.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Sharmila – Thank you dear for your warm wishes and for everything you say and do. Means much. And please call me Aish.:)

        Sudhir – You are a pride and an asset to your company no doubt. But I wonder how your subordinates feel with their hyperactive super-intelligent boss…:)

        A silver sword for a truly noble cause. Awe inspiring. Aapko kisi ki nazar naa lage…

      • Aye aye Aish!

      • parmaatma Says:

        Sharmila, Aishwarya,

        Thats no big deal because thats all the family – the company and the society I live in – that I have. And it’s voluntary.

        The only catch in my nature is that I can’t do things to feel humble about it later. I am quite a show-off – more Reggie than Archie!


      • Sudhir – Show off is apt.:)

  18. Also,not to forget it is that time of the year when the daily soaps start loosing their viewership the reason being that most wives fight with their husbands in a quest to gain control of the remote(Hope you don’t :P).
    I really wonder how you have managed to give so many incidents relating to this part of the year.

    I being an adherer of KKR’s,would surely want them to perform better this time at least.Which team do you support di?

  19. It was interesting that you wrote Lalit Modi is counting the cash. Btw how do you know that ? Do you know who owns BCCI or who are its shareholders ? Lalit Modi should be an employee of BCCI..and why would he get all this money ? BCCI is tax exempt, doesn’t have a website and as far as I know doesn’t divulge anything about itself. I think it’s a good topic for you to research. Want to file an RTI on BCCI ?

  20. parmaatma Says:


    I have a small collection of awards and rewards. But the one that I cherish most is when I received a full length real arabic sword – all silver, about 4 1/2 feet long – from the MD of the local Oil company (a Shell OpCo). That was for the life saving services I rendered after a cyclone hit the coast of Muscat a few years ago. I got some cash prizes and certificates to go with that.

    That was a moment of pride indeed…


    • ‘Moment of Pride’ indeed !
      My hearty congrats to you for your achievements and excellence in your professional life.

    • Cngratulations Sudhir, many more to come I am sure. The silver sword is testimony to your fighting spirit.

      • parmaatma Says:

        Thank you.

        I have displayed it on the wall behind my desk in the office. So I am reminded everyday that I have to better than this!

        The fighting spirit was also fun in a way.

        Heavy rains… floods upto 3 feet in residential area… cars and trees floating around like toy ducks in a tub… no drinking water… no electricity… no food…

        The town had been ravaged by the cyclone…. and for a few hours evryone became human… there were no hindus, christians, muslims, whites, browns or blacks… everyone was helping everyone… a 100 ml bottle of water was shared by ten people… just wet the throat and pass it on… shopping malls and markets did not raise the prices… warehouses were emptied… no black market… no touts… no thefts…

        The irony is that when the natural calamity hit everyone became safe for one another!


      • Incredible. You should write about it more.

  21. “Wish you a very Happy Anniversary” Aishwarya

  22. Sudhir,

    this is an answer to your post way above – I have no idea how to place it into its vicinity though.

    What you say about the spirit of cooperation after a large catastrophe is very true. I experienced the same after our Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. No flooding, but collapsed buildings, a town on fire and many aftershocks. No drinking water, no electricity, barely any communications. Only people turning into humans. The students working in our lab came by and offered us food and cash! We must have looked helpless, having moved into town only a few weeks before and never having been in an earthquake before.

    Fear was palpable, but volunteers even lined up to save the books out of the heavily damaged bookstore, in spite of the aftershocks and imminent peril of complete collapse..

    The change in people’s attitude towards each other lasted for quite a while, but sadly, after 20 years now, it’s all been dissipated.

    • parmaatma Says:


      This is the unity that I am always looking for.

      It is like bringing out those silent feelings out of a place of worship and making them universal… only why it should take a natural catastrophe to make it happen, beats me.

      I know for sure that people love people… People love life… People love to live in a society.


      “Could it be possible! This old saint in the forest hath not yet heard of it, that God is dead!”… Nietzsche in Thus Spake Zarathustra.


      And here is how PG Wodehouse expresses his love for life:

      “I believe there are two ways of writing novels. One is mine, making a sort of musical comedy without music and ignoring real life altogether; the other is going right deep down into life and not caring a damn…”


      • Sudhir,

        Funny how that works.

        I only wish a worldwide financial crisis had the same effect. Sadly, that is not so.

      • parmaatma Says:



        Perhaps people do not understand a financial crisis or a slowdown; many do not connect prosperity to objective philosophy… anything beyond this moment is the province of God… every generation adapts to the conditions they live in… every generation leaves behind more rules and regulation than the previous one…

        Funny, when the rich and mighty met in Davos last year and put the world economy under the scanner, they blew new economic bubbles in the air that were only as good as a virgin on a honeymoon! One year down the line there is more currency on paper than GDP to show for it! 87% of all money is circulated by consumers; only about 13% translates into fixed assets of which 7-8% are allocated to infrastructure and its maintenance.

        People do not consider this a subject for divine intervention… and perhaps they are right too… who knows…? 🙂

  23. parmaatma Says:


    Congratulations! Your blog has just crossed the 20,000 unique-hits benchmark! Must cross 100,000 this year!

    I think you are ready for a celebrity account from wordpress!… don’t ask me why!


    • Sudhir – Thank you. Now even when the great AB does not write on an exclusive, I have no choice but to ask why?

      • parmaatma Says:


        Sharmila, I believe AB is paying for it. They charge for the services they provide. Even in AB’s case I think it is not his account. It is a space he has got from Big Industries.

        So I suppose it is serious business!

      • Sudhir – Isnt big adda part of reliance? I hear of a fee being charged from the owners of the blog.

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