The world is no Maya…

I scramble to find new meanings for existing words on a regular basis, it is a habit actually. As I watch or hear something, I pick a word and think of a few synonyms and identify those words with a person living or dead. Yesterday was one such time and I thought of the word “maya’ – illusion and mesoamerican civilizations are the first meanings that come to mind and very soon I start thinking of despicable,pathetic, selfish and opportunist. Why? Because the one by the name Maya who is the upholder of the deprived and the voice of the community whom she representates is a metaphor for a few analogies. I do feel small even typing the word as no respecting person would want to discriminate another on the basis of hundreds of years of stereotype beliefs. But yesterday’s sight on television made all known words seem insufficient to describe this Maya. What we saw was no illusion, it was as real as it could possibly be. Maya, the Maa of UP, the sister of her community was garlanded with several hundred thousand rupees notes. Nobody has been able to guess correctly as to what the string was worth. Last guess in was five crores. Whatever be the amount that it translated to, it was the costliest garland ever adorned on anybody. Maya proudly wore the garland and basked in her shallow glory at the BSP rally which by itself cost several crores to organize. There were some god sent buzzing bees who swarmed into the grounds and hovered over Maya’s head during the rally too, no bees did deter the spirit of Maya, the Queen bee of UP, she carried on unfazed. Sadly, the sting operation failed miserably.

The poor of UP could have been fed a few meals with that mala of Maya’s. But does Maya the one who supposedly represents the poorest of the poor really care? If one could flaunt a garland of wealth so openly, what would this Maya be doing in a clandestine manner? A lot ,and the garland may just be the surface, the tip of her itching fingers. The BSP rally looked like an ostentatious swamyvar with so many men scampering around Maya and vulgarly garlanding the only eligible lady on the dias. In fact Maya entered into a staged wedlock with her cronies, a panchaali of sorts. What do you call one who is garlanded by more than five? Multi-paly, sever-ally? What would Maya now do with the costly garland? There are talks of showcasing it in a museum. I understand UP does lack museums but it is amply clear that the state clearly lacks ideas too. The garland will probably land up on any one of the several hundred scarecrow statues of herself. Her statues surely don’t keep crows away judging by so many flocking around her at all times.

Many believe that the world is a maya and we are players in this game of illusion. I seriously think that there can be nothing more real as Maya and she remains the undisputed captain of the team of mayas. The crisp Rs 1000 notes can be touched and they are not an optical illusion. We did indeed see the vulgar display at the rally and we have no one but ourselves to blame for electing such people to power. Even if the garland is not a maya, where the cash came from remains a maya and where the cash will go will become a maya, the drying coffers of UP is a maya. The nameless, faceless, starving people of UP are no maya and yet maya is no maya whilst all things economical and financial are in UP.

Maya belongs to that royal breed of women who befriend old, influential men in politics and crush the democracy  under their heavy feet quite literally. Jayalalitha befriended MGR, Maya befriended Kanshi Ram and became the Queen bee of UP. These old men are important mentors to aspiring female politicians and the old men enjoy the fawning and the frolicking.The tax authorities are now trying to figure out the source of funds for the garland.  A liitle recap -Maya is also currently under investigation by the CBI who are quizzing her on the accumulation of her personal wealth. She has paid more tax than Mukesh Ambani in one assessment year and it is alleged that the tax money she paid was also not hers!It would be difficult to list the number of embezzlement cases and scams against her in this space, as there are far too many. Maa does possess an artistic trait in her, she enjoys building statues of herself and her mentor Kanshi Ram, obviously with the tax payers money. Maya’s current agenda is to break her state of UP into smaller bits in the geographical sense too.

What is well and truly disappointing is how can such ostentatious display be allowed. The austerity drive for the Government ended yesterday but has the Government allowed this display as a mark of celebration. I understand that regional politics gallop on their own to a large extent but the center can only watch? The center is a monkey that sits with its hands over its eyes and occasionally appears heroic with it’s auterity drives. Spending a few crores on a garland is not an indication of zero austerity or prosperity, but of shameless ludicrosity. Mayawati is an asura that needs no make up. The bob of hair covers the noteworthy two horns and she looks like the female version of  Yamraj who rides on a bison. Maya is the Yamrani ( goddess of death )of Indian politics who sluggishly grazes on the cow belt of India with a noose in her hands. Right now the noose sits tightly on a few hapless necks, right now her dark visage casts an eerie shadow across the state, right now there is no stopping her, right now we earthly mortals look helpless, right now Maya looks more and more shameless,right now the state of UP is dying a slow death.


53 Responses to “The world is no Maya…”

  1. parmaatma Says:


    Ow.. wow… that hurts…very strong language…

    Today is Ugadi and also the first day of the new samwatsara (era) as per the aryan calender… do you know the name of era?… it is called Vikruti Samvatsara… meaning the era of mutilation!

    The maya described by Narayana (Vishnu) is something else. In the Shri Sukta it is described as, “Dhaanyam, Dhanam, Pashum, Bahu putra Labham, Shat samwatsara, deergham ayuh”… i.e. “Wealth, food, domestic animals, many sons, thousand years of life”… that is maya…

    What Mayawati is representing in her state is the beliefs of her community – those categorized as Backward by the constitution of the country… She is not representing the intelligentia…

    This class is made of artisans, farmers, the shudra caste and the other religious minorities. They do not save money in a banking system. They carry cash. Its a parallel economy. The display of cash is the display of strength.

    I was once sitting with a doctor in his clinic in a village called Saswad near Pune… we were discussing something about the promotional schemes of anti-histamines… a local shepherd came in for consultation… I sat beside and watched the doc doing his routine… a few minutes later the doctor prescribed something and charged him a whopping Rs 200/-… the shepherd was very humble and grateful… he produced a bundle of Rs. 1000.- from inside his kurta… and gave two notes to the doc.

    “Why do you carry all that cash?” I asked him, in local Marathi.

    “Saheb,” he said,” we are shepherds. We travel far and wide with the herd.. we are armed.. no ones steals from us… ”

    After he left, I turned to the doc, who was smiling at me.

    “It is a cash economy, Sudhir” he said,”Not only this community, the entire class deals in cash. They are very violent as well.”

    That is the reality of Mayawati and her tribe. They are on a learning curve, perhaps a few hundred years behind the rest of the world…

    But she is ruling the largest state (a population of 300 million) of the largest asian subcontinent. She doesn’t charm the brahminical intellectuals… but she keeps getting elected again and again…

    The spite and disdain of the intelligentia actually serves a purpose.. it polarizes her voters and she thrives on the caste-politics…

    I feel, we, as a nation, are still far from a classless society… even among some of the educated…


    • That is exactly the point, the caste politics works in these states and that is why she gets elected over and over. There would be no problem with Maya if her cause and action was as nobel as Dr Ambedkar’s, but it is not and a far cry from it.

      • parmaatma Says:


        Let us give a share to the devil… actually evil in this case…

        Mayawati is a medieval celebrity for a population that is still in the stone age!

        She has the money and the resources… (with all the rich nations knocking on her doors.)

        In a way, I am glad that she is not going the way Chandrababu or Jyoti Basu have done. She is not selling property to the US companies and she is not buying arms from US or China to build a Maoist regime.

        She is educating her own tribal classes in her own way… it is a slow process and may take another two decades for all of them to have basic schooling… but it is a beginning.

        Come on ladies, you fought for women’s reservation… Mayawati is a woman… not so attractive… in fact… very ugly on a scale… but still she is a woman… You must support your own type…! 🙂 🙂

        See, I told you… we men love women more than they love one another! 😛

      • Not many women supported the reservation and more do not support Maya. SHe has the money and she holds on to it tightly while the poor of UP get poorer. I do not see any progress, I must check on some stats for the state now.

  2. Lakshmi Jag Says:


    The garland looks like a velvet snake to me, I was trying to figure it out before I read your post. These leaders do not win in the true democratic sense, they win showing their might and buying their votes so I do not think they represent the people in the true sense. India calls itself a democratic country but unfortunately true democracy is yet to be realized, it exists only for the rich and mighty…


    • So true Lakshmi. That garland does look like a snake. Pathetic display here. My point is she has a golden opportunity to be another Dr Ambedkar and look where she has landed.

  3. Anand Khare Says:

    Just finished listening to news coverage of discussion in parliament on Mayawati garland issue.It appears that central government has ordered a revenue intelligence investigation in Income Tax act. I am ROTFWL after this joke. Every one knows offences made in defying Income Tax act is non-cognizable.At most Mayawati will get rid of by paying some amount and get the money legitamised.

    During the day, I overheard a discussion on a local cofee house here that it is not money collected by backward classes(dalits) for her.The status of dalits in UP is as bad as any other state in India. Most of them don’t have two square meals. In eastern UP and bundelkhand actually they are highly exploited and close to starvation.

    It is believed by common man here that this garland was made by money collected by his party workers by exploiting government contractors and other such easy money spinning machines.We can see only a part of it on stage there may be much more behind the veil. It is a daylight robbery.

    Mayawati says the gift is for the people by the people.At the end of the day,who understands democracy better than Mayawati?



  4. parmaatma Says:


    The top states contributing to the coffers of the federal government are:

    Gujarat (Oil & Gas)
    Maharashtra (Sugar, All Blue-Chip Industries)
    Punjab (Heavy Machines, Rice)
    Uttar Pradesh (Sugar, Rice, Energy)
    Orissa (Minerals)
    Assam (Oil & Gas, Tea)
    Andhra Pradesh (Metals)
    Karnataka (Gold, Metals, Rare Earth)
    And then the rest..

    The main states that take the money from the center are..

    West Bengal
    Madhya Pradesh
    Andhra Pradesh

    I am not supporting Mayawati or casteism. But the politics of UP has changed since the days of VP Singh and Mandal Commission. It was the first time a national party lost to a regional group. The Hindi Heartland became an island.

    For the first time since 1950, the federal government in Delhi was supported by regional parties from the South and those from Western India.

    A few years later, when Mulayam Singh was the Defense Minister, President Rafsanjani of Iran flew straight to UP to meet him. The state was divided by the growing Muslim influences in Meerut, Aligarh and Azamgarh and the existing Hindu belts in Benaras, Allahabad, Gorakhpur.

    Amidst this mess, a man called Kanshiram moved from Pune to UP. He was a trade union leader in Pune and trained in INTUC. He filled a gap that was long existing in the social fabric. The silent, voiceless majority of tribals. The political heat of religious divides were further fueled by Mandal. Kanshiram got the opening that he knew how to handle.

    The rest is history!


    • Sudhir – Of course the state has changed since VP Singh and Mandal commission days, infact the entire face of India has changes since those days. Mayawati is not a progressive leader. Thanks for the stats, i am surprised that TN does not feature in it though.

  5. Aishwarya Says:


    The garland is grotesque. I was wondering though … Why aren’t there any women in that pic other than Maya?! Soon after all that hype about women in politics…I was expecting at least 33.3% in the pic! I also doubt if its women befriending men always. Surely here it seems the men are doing the fawning! If not in power, they try to make good yes-men. Or are those the bisons?!!:D

    • Aish – ha ha, well I guess your expectations were a bit high then…in politics a lot of men befriend Sonia too to be on the right side of her table. I agree it can be the other way round too.

  6. parmaatma Says:

    Sharmila & Aishwarya,

    Men fawning Mayawati? Haha…

    She is a spinster and with no family to call on. All that show of money and power is an eyewash. She is just what her statues are.. the scarecrow! 🙂

    The men are those benefiting from her politics. They are the ones who are ruling the state of 300 million people… that’s about 50% of US and half of Europe! And also a revenue account of over 2 billion dollars…

    She and her tribe are Buddhist… So God and theosophy don’t exist… her politics is very different from Congress-socialism or BJP-Hinduism!

    It’s a battle of wits… the Palghat Iyers in the IAS cadre in Delhi Vs the blue elephants along the Ganges!


    Guess what…

    Mayawati went forward and repeated the money garland show again today… She also expelled one of her legilators for speaking to the media in her defense!

    As I said, all this noise and protests on TV seem to work in her favor… her vote-bank gets a cynical pleasure out of mocking the ivory towers…

    Knowing her type of politics, she is preparing for a mid-term poll… dissolve the assembly and go for elections while she is riding on a high…

    Remember she is fighting mighty powers like the Gandhi family (INC), Mulayam Singh (SP) and Raj Singh (BJP) and presently beating them at their games…

    The smaller third front of JD(U), AIADMK and NCP etc are banking on Mayawati to keep UP out of Delhi… If the Congress or the BJP gain in UP then Sharad Pawar, Jayalalita, Lalu, Deve Gowda etc will no longer be needed by the centre to retain a majority… UP has the largest representation in the Parliament…

    Mayawati is going to be beaten by the bureaucrats in Delhi… I am sure she knows that… the Finance Ministry, CBI, IB have long arms… They are the ones who will call her bluff…

    And then… the great election tamasha in UP…

    Rahul Gandhi… Varun Gandhi… Amar Singh… Mulayam… and other politicians from across the nation will swarm the state like locusts… and this time it will be an interesting call…

    With Uttaranchal removed from UP, the vote-banks are evenly split between Muslims (SP+Congress), Thakurs and non-scheduled Hindus with BJP
    and the tribals with Mayawati…

    Unfortunately no one is going to vote for democracy…


    • Aishwarya Says:

      Sharmila, Sudhir – So whether its 33.3% or 93.3% women in politics, men still rule?? Then women arent scarecrows, they are puppets!:( Men dont really love women, its a sham. I mean shame. Or whatever.;)

      • parmaatma Says:


        Its not a sham. Men always love women – one in the office, another at home! So that is at least 66.6%; 2 in 3!

        Kidding. Not all I guess, because I don’t.


      • Aishwarya Says:

        Sudhir loves, Sudhir loves not, Sudhir loves, Sudhir loves not, Sudhir loves…hmmm…guess we’ll never know!:)

      • parmaatma Says:


        Sudhir Loves, Sudhir Loves, Sudhir Loves… He knows nothing else…


    • Sharmila and all,

      I am following this discussion with great interest. As a foreigner I cannot contribute anything, I only came in to ask Sudhir to check again on the US population numbers. The country is certainly making enough noise in the world to account for 600 million, but the actual population as of this moment is.308,885,060

      This can be checked out at:

      A new census is going on right now, we just received our envelope in the mail.

    • Looks like there exists no sense of democracy in these strategies in the least. Yes, I heard there was a repeat show with the garlands today. She is the Mala vati of our times.

  7. parmaatma Says:


    I was watching the US Pop Clock. It is so slow… 1 person in 13 seconds… I think the men are too polite!


    • parmaatma Says:


      Even my figures of UP are estimates. UP is the largest state of India and roughly 25% of the population if you include those from UP in Mumbai and other cities.

      The exact figures would be difficult to judge. Head count of 1200 million is also an estimate. The number grows faster than anyone can count.


  8. Men polite? You are something, Sudhir.

    For more numbers fun, here is Europe at 831.4 million.

    According to you, the men over there are even more polite. Nothing that I can corroborate by personal experience 🙂

  9. parmaatma Says:


    The wiki numbers are adding migrant population. It says the population of EU was 499 million in 2008 and 94 million in non-EU which is 590 million. I said 600 million. Thats not a bad estimate.

    Here is the paragraph from wiki:

    In 2009 the population of Europe was estimated to be 830.4 million according to the United Nations,[1] which was slightly more than 13% of world population. The precise figure depends on the exact definition of the geographic extent of Europe. The population of the EU was 499 million as of 2008. Non-EU countries situated in Europe in their entirety[2] account for another 94 million. Five trans-continental countries[3] have a total of 240 million people, of which about half reside in Europe proper.


    • No worries, Sudhir, I did not take on the (very demanding) job as your personal bean counter.

      I shall continue to give my faith a workout with your statements

      As for the men in Europe, did I say anywhere that I do not know? 🙂

      • parmaatma Says:


        Oops… no.. you didn’t say you didn’t know… you only said you wouldn’t corroborate!

        If a man’s politeness can be mapped by territory… can we say the same about women?

        In India, now, we can say without hesitation that 33.3% women are corrupt, unethical and unreliable… thats the number of women politicians who will be in our parliament.

        The case that Sharmila has cited today is not exceptional for the category of politicians in India. Only the expression is different. This one is making a vivid statement to her opposition and supporters. Others resort to other means. Like, there is one called Mamata Banerjee who brings down the entire state machinery to a standstill by calling statewide strikes. There is one in Mumbai, called Thackerey, who shows his strength by burning public transport buses and causing mayhem in the city.

        To each his and her ‘clowning glory’! (Thats not a spelling mistake!)


      • Keep your faith, India.

        We (well, that does not include me, because I am not a US citizen) managed to dump our reigning clown, so why not you?

      • Ha!
        I am improving at placing the replies where I want them. 😉

  10. Yes,without a doubt,this garland would have helped the poor no just for a week or two but for many more years to come.But,had she have done that,the opportunity to flaunt would have perished for the well being of the poor,which of course is not the priority for her.

  11. parmaatma Says:


    I don’t know either!!!


  12. parmaatma Says:


    Well.. It is a Colonial Hangover.. from the British rule… and years before that…

    There is a good book out in the market on this subject… just released… Titled, “Becoming Indian: The unfinished revolution of culture and identity” by Pavan K Verma. He sounds a bit like the romantic nationalists in Germany after the Viena Convention post World War I.

    but the essential tone is right. It is time to grow up…


    • And good luck to all of you with that. A long journey ahead with many bumps on the road.

      The book sounds interesting. Will keep an eye out for it.

  13. parmaatma Says:


    How? tell… tell…

    I missed!


  14. parmaatma Says:


    How do you place the reply in the right place?


  15. parmaatma Says:



    Had to be female intuition.

    Have you read the last line below the ‘Leave a Reply’ box on this page?

    The Theme is ‘ChaoticSoul’. It’s designed for by a man called Bryan Veloso- this guy surely knew his women well!


  16. parmaatma Says:


    Its 100 PM. Must crash. Have a big day tomorrow.



  17. parmaatma Says:

    I mean 1100 PM. 2300 Hrs


  18. Is this “The Garland” symbol of her popularity!? Whether she is popular or not in reality, however they trying to project and create such picture. Election preparation!?
    What happened to her ‘Taj Corridor’ controversy!? Seems like She is ‘The Man’ for her party like Sonya for congress.

  19. Politicians( he or she ) are politicians ! Maya is not up for betterment of her tribe. tribe is just her vote bank and is used for that purpose very successfully. That’s Maya’s Maya. otherwise I never heard so far any TRUE politician ever spent money for others !!! other than his/her family or self betterment!

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