At the Asian Film Awards and Mr AB…

The 4th Asian film awards was held at the Hong Kong convention center in the palatial Grand hall. This was one event I was looking forward to for the last few weeks, the only reason was because Mr Bachchan was honored with the lifetime achievement award here in Hong Kong. The magnificent convention center overlooks the Hong Kong harbor and it was most certainly a befitting venue for the grand occasion. The awards ceremony were to start at 8 PM and punctuality was more or less the essence along with efficiency, it was indeed a very well-organized event. Over the last one year my run ins have been more with Mr Bachchan’s wax models than with the man himself. I first posed with his wax model in Macau where Madam Tussaud’s had made his model and displayed it at the IIFA at the Venetian. My second run in was the very next day where I ran into him quite literally as he was walking back to the southern suites at the Venetian. My third run in was when I yet again posed with the same wax statue that had been now transported to Madam Tussaud’s in London. My fourth run in with Mr Bachchan was last night.

As we were entering the grand hall last night and walking towards our seats, I was craning my neck at the huge screen to see if the cameras would focus on Mr Bachchan. The cameras were covering the red carpet event and I was hoping I had not missed him. Then all of a sudden my dear husband nudges me and says ” look who is here” and I like a dazed duck looked up to the screen which was covering some Ling or Ping or Sing ( they all look the same and sound the same! ) and my husband points ahead of me, barely a foot away (to be precise) and there he was. Yes, this was Mr Bachchan, I mean THE Mr Bachchan, the man I have been following since I was a kid, and the God of cinema without a doubt. Mr Bachchan was making his way to his designated area and he was as early as we were! I choked on my words and like a squeaky mouse I say ” Good evening Mr Bachchan, this is Sharmila”. I looked and felt and more so sounded like Stuart little next to Lion King. And Mr Bachchan his dapper self, immaculate, radiant in that black tuxedo, as royal as ever as regal as always gave me that warm fuzzy smile that melted my brains and my heart.I shook his hands ( mine were trembling ) and introduced my husband ( who was as cool as cucumber )to Mr Bachchan. Mr Bachchan I would always say and write is grace personified. I say now, Mr Bachchan is grace unmatched, no one is more charming than him. We spent a few minutes exchanging pleasantries and I am not exaggerating I cannot recall exactly what I stuttered and stumbled, but without a doubt I know I sounded like a fool. I failed to enquire about his health and I am feeling so guilty about it. I said the most nonsensical things and I am sure he would have been highly amused, we took a photograph and I got a couple of autographs from him and my evening was made. The presentation book carries a wonderful article on Mr Bachchan and a lovely photograph on which he has signed with my name on it. The book shall be handed to the next generation.

I was over the moons, the planetary systems, the suns and the stars. Last nights run in with him was equivalent to an intergalactic event. Meeting Mr Bachchan and talking to him is quite literally a stellar occasion. I will remain grateful to God for steering me in his path. Many who read my daily blogs comment about how partial I am with my reviews of his movies and so forth. I never was partial in the past when I reviewed his movies and his acting, but after last night I am more than willing to tilt towards partiality! I am grateful that I did not convert Mr B into the ” angry young man” again with my utter nonsense talk with him. At one stage I required speech therapy too as I rambled on making no sense. Poor Mr B, patiently listened and peered down at me with those penetrative eyes. Looks could kill, it is my ghost who is writing this now. The presentation book has a lovely article on Mr Bachchan which I shall replicate here shortly. Mr Bachchan states ” I am passionate about being an actor,every day has been remarkable. I believe in equality, liberty and fraternity”. Mr Bachchan has graciously written on his blog a few lines about our meeting last night. This is what he said “And Sharmila, our dedicated bloggist and FmXt, met me in the Main Hall at the award ceremony here in Hong Kong … OMG !! Such a joy to meet her and her husband. Love to both of you. You looked good together !!” Here is the link to his blog –

Most of the nominations for the major categories were from the east asian countries. Sonam Kapoor had a nomination under the best new comer category but did not go on to win it last night. The South Korean film ” Mother” bagged the best film award. But the highlight was the LTA for Mr B and the vociferous crowd gave him a standing ovation.The intergallactic event has led to formations of a million stars all around me. I am not sure how many know this but a nickname I have kept for Mr B is ” Lion King”, he well and truly fits that description. As much as he looks, sounds and conducts himself like Lion King, I looked, sounded and conducted myself like a squeaky little Stuart last night.Thank you dear Lord for making the best animation story for me last night, thank you Lord for making me look like a cartoon, it was most deserving.


53 Responses to “At the Asian Film Awards and Mr AB…”

  1. Jasmine Jaywant Says:

    Dear Sharmila,

    I was waiting for your write up. Magnificient! I told you you would sweep ABji off his feet, didn’t I? His OMG speaks volumes. SO very proud of you. And so happy for you. Love your leaf analogy. Thanks for representing all of us there and for sharing your thoughts and experience with us. You truly deserve the mention on the blog, and much, much more. I hope you are a world renowned author one day, and I know you will be. God bless.

    I think I better take your autograph now! πŸ™‚

    Lots of love, and best wishes,


  2. Glad you could Squeak and didn’t faint instead. I am happy for you for fulfilment of your Dream. I wish to be there to see your expressions and

  3. I wish i could have been there to see AB’s OMG ! and your expressions ……& hear you squeaking! love to witness such unforgettable moments.

  4. I can imagine- You must be on ninth cloud or seventh Heaven still Dreaming about AB ecstatically!
    Hope your hubby isn’t mad at you ! πŸ™‚

  5. Sharmila – I’m really, really so very, very happy for you. You truly deserved this meeting with your Lion King. Treasure and cherish the memory and thanks for sharing some of it.

  6. Shobha C. Says:

    Sharmila ji,wonderful that you could meet Mr Bachchan yesterday!Congratulations once again!Hoping to see your photograph also that you must’ve taken with him!:)Regards..

  7. Anand Khare Says:

    Hi Sharmila,

    Interesting post as always.

    They say β€œThere are persons who can write poetry, and there are persons who can read balance sheets. The persons who can read balance sheets cannot write.”

    But your write ups prove this adage to be wrong.However,This particular one is like a mini skirtβ€” What it reveals is interesting, what it hides may be mind boggling.I hope you will be able to recall what you actually talked with Mr.Bachchan and would consider it worthwhile to share the details with all of us.



    • Anand – I wish I could remember, maybe it will come back one day, when I am eighty..I will be blogging even then about AB..;)Thanks a lot Anand, means much.

  8. Sharmila.. my dear lil Stuart ..i do not know how to congratulate you. you write with so much ease and command over the language,and this one is .. #1. Full of emotions and affection and love for our Amith ji. I understand your excitement dear.You deserve only the Best things in ur life. yes.. stay there..on the clouds.. with your loving hubby. God bless you..!!
    love.. vijji

  9. Dear Sharmila,

    I cannot tell you how happy I was that you made it to LK yesterday – you truly deserved this than any one of us from the HKG FmXt !

    It would have been a pity if after days of planning none of us was successful in meeting him. And, you certainly did not sound like a fool (as you have written) or else it would not have got you such a great compliment from LK – so treasure those precious moments into eternity.

    My wife and I were in the event hall in the Red section and were hoping to meet LK at the end of the program, not realising that he could leave early…so it was the proverbial “so close, yet soooo far”!!

    But honestly, my wife and I are very happy that both you and your husband made it !! We are proud of you.

    Best Wishes…would love to meet you sometime soon in our city; in fact, we were hoping to meet you yesterday too !!!

  10. Veekay – Thanks a ton! Very kind of you, we left pretty much after the event. Grateful to have been able to catch a few precious moments with him. I am sure you and your wife would do so on his next visit. Thanks a lot again for your wonderful wishes and my best regards to your lovely wife too.

  11. Hey, I’m soo happy for you. I can sense the height of excitement in ur writing. Good writing.

  12. kalpana kakade Says:

    Dear Sharmila,
    I am so happy for you! You have give such a wonderful description of your meeting,had goosebumps reading it!Congrats for being mentioned in HIS blog!You deserve it!You write sooowell.
    with love & regards,
    kalpana kakade

  13. Lakshmi Jag Says:

    Dear Sharmila

    Enjoyed the write up….you enjoy the feeling. Few people are born with such charisma and I guess it only comes due to divine blessings, and I am sure being in such a presence was an awesome experience. Truly happy for you and you deserve it.


  14. Aishwarya Says:


    Wish I had been Snowbell at the awards…:) Really happy for you, dear. Looking forward to reading the excerpts from the presentation book.

  15. You should have called out ‘Good evening, Lion King’. I bet he would have reacted with, ‘Oh! you Sharmila? So tell me dear Rinku di, how did I fare?’

  16. I have to give props to your husband for staying as cool as a cucumber while you were lost in AB’s gaze πŸ˜› This has been the most animated post so far! Definitely an entertaining read! Happy for you!

  17. My Dear Sharmila,lovely post…. Are you still on cloud nine? Keep enjoying.I can imagine how you felt.I am really happy for you and your dear hubby.I guess you were caught a bit off guard,but thank God because some will never have the opportunity to ever meet him.
    Have a great day! God bless you and your husband…Congratulations again.My love always,Saroj

    • Thanks a ton Saroj..I knew I would see him but I never knew I would get to speak to him so much too!..thanks again Saroj as always for your kind words..

  18. Hello Sharmila, great post! Hope you don’t mind, I shared on my twitter handle – @szobha. All the best, Shobha

  19. Jasmine Jaywant Says:

    Melwyn, that is EXACTLY how I imagined too that happened — AB was walking and our lovely Sharmila called out, “LION KING!” And he recognized her instantly. His face lit up and he said, “Sharmila?” The rest, as they say, is history — so well documented by Sharmila. This girl is something else — she is going to go places one day, you mark my words. Sharmila, please share your photo with your Lion King — I want to see you as much as I want to see him!!



  20. Hi! Jasmine…I’m so happy to see you get along so well with our dear super star Sharmila. You’re right, this girl is a gem and she is definitely going places. I pray she doesn’t forget us.

  21. Sharmila@236 DAY 700
    First of all Congratulation for meet Lion King (Sir).
    I am so happy your dream came true. I just visit your blog and read your posts
    Take care,
    Rupam from Assam

  22. masterpraz Says:

    Congrats Shamz…this is AWESOME :)!!! I’ve put it up all over and tweeted it out πŸ˜‰

  23. Tango – sorry, cant write on NG site as I am not a member. Yes, very much here in HK.Thanks

  24. archana(bengaluru) Says:

    Sharmila.. at last i could see ur write-up!! Wowwww what an explanation!! U deserve all the accolades and all the love. I feel so happy as though i met him. shall add that extra pride cos u are from b a n g a l o r e !!!! ha ha ha !!!

  25. 😦 Sorry 😦


    Apologies for not having turned up for so long this time.You may have started thinking that Salman has left visiting my blog…but……believe me I had time just to see whether there is a new post from you or not.I did check that without fail….but my work prevented me to give it a read…..

    Since this is the post from where I lost touch,am writing to confirm my presence in all the other posts by tomorrow……for my bed beckons me now……


  26. WOW di,I am so happy for you…..finally you met your lion king…..and I think it is your closest ever encounter with the legend……

    Mr.Bachchan barely a foot away……..must have forgotten your husband as well πŸ˜›

  27. archana(bengaluru) Says:

    Welcome to Bengaluru Sharmila. May you have a pleasant stay with your parents. Do keep in touch whenever possible.

  28. sharmila Says:

    Thanks a ton archana!

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