Extract from the 4th Asian Awards presentation…

I reproduce the article on Mr Bachchan which was included in the presentation ceremony at the 4th Asian film awards where he was honored with the lifetime achievement award in Hong Kong.

Actor, producer, singer, living legend. Over the span of four decades Amitabh Bachchan has established a career unmatched by any actor in Bollywood,Hollywood or elsewhere. Called the man who defines Bollywood by BBC, Bachchan has starred in more than 180 features, amassing accolades and awards while maintaining an astounding level of popularity.Bachchan has also been bestowed two titles for his contributions to the arts:in 1984 he was given Padmashree and in 2001 he was awarded the Padmabhushan.Both are among the highest civilian distinctions conferred by the Indian Government.

Born 11 October 1942,Bachchan debuted in 1969 in Khwaja Ahmed Abbas’s “Saat Hindusthani”, and in 1970 won the best new comer prize in India’s prestigious national film awards.More honors followed in short order:in 1971 Bachchan took home the coveted Filmfare award for best supporting actor for his role in “Anand”.Bachchan’s star rose dramatically in 1973 with the leading role in Prakash Mehra’s “Zanjeer”.The film was a box-office success and made Bachchan a cultural icon.His character Vijay Khanna was defiant and morally upright, and sought truth in the face of injustice.Bachchan’s dignified portrayal of Vijay would become the temple for many roles to follow, a signature characterization known as the “Angry Young Man”.

In 1973, Bachchan married actress Jaya Bhaduri,his co-star in several films,and soon he embarked on a decade of unrivaled success.Bachchan starred in many popular commercial hits,earning him three Filmfare awards.Today Bachchan holds the record for most Filmfare Awards acting nominations.Not least among his landmark works of his period where the acclaimed “Deewar” and “Sholay”, which became the biggest hit in Bollywood history.

1978 was a watershed year for Bachchan;he starred in the four biggest hits at the Indian box office, earning him the three best actor nominations and one Filmfare win for the action film “Don”.His first National Film Award for best actor came soon afterward, for 1980’s “Agneepath”.But tragedy struck in 1982, when Bachchan suffered a near fatal injury while filming the action film “Coolie” and spent many months near death.Such was his popularity that legions of fans prayed in temples for his recovery, and even remained outside his hospital during his recuperation.

During the 1980’s and ’90’s Bachchan took several breaks from acting.He spent a short stint as a politician and then became a producer.At the start of the 21st century,he hosted India’s version of the popular quiz show “who wants to be a miilionnaire?”.The program’s enormous rating became yet another feather in Bachchan’s cap, allowing him to rise even greater prominence as an entertainment-industry veteran.In 2005, he achieved yet another artistic and commercial triumph with Black,directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.The film earned Bachchan his fourth Filmfare Best Actor prize and his second National film award for Best Actor. Also, in 2005 Bachchan narrated the hindi language version of the Oscar-winning documentary “The March of the penguins”.

Amitabh Bachhan has seen his legend grow both at home and abroad.When once he was the Angry Young Man, now he is known to admirers as the Big B.In France, Bachchan owns the country’s highest civilian decoration, having been recognized as an officer de la legion d’Honneur ( Officer of the Legion of Honour) in 2007.In 2009, CNN.com declared “Amitabh Bachchan is the elder statesman of Indian cinema and is probably the most recognized man in India”. Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning “Slumdog Millionaire”( 2008 ) even pays tribute to Bachchan:an early scene depicts the film’s protagonist Jamal braving extraordinary circumstances to get Bachchan’s autograph.The scene is fiction,but the spirit behind it is undoubtedly real.Such is the brightness of Bachchan’s star.


23 Responses to “Extract from the 4th Asian Awards presentation…”

  1. DEVKISHIN Says:

    Amitabh Bachchan is the only film star who is quite active and portrays central characters in films at the age of 67.
    Amitabh Bachchan has the honour of collecting maximum number of ‘Life Time Achievement’ awards.

  2. great article sharmila, thanks for sharing…

  3. Sharmila, thanks for sharing this article and Amitji’s autograph to you! A priced possession for you indeed!


  4. Aishwarya Says:


    Wow! Thanks for sharing this. His humility and modesty, and the love and affection with which he treats his EF, at times makes me forget how great a person we are interacting with…

    Missing Sudhir’s insightful and witty comments here.:)

  5. Jasmine Jaywant Says:

    Sharmila, thanks for the article, AND the personal autograph on the book that will be handed down to future generations! Do put up your pic with him too — I want to see the girl HE said OMG for!!! Your previous blog — Story of My Life — is brilliant. You undoubtedly have a way with words, my dear girl, and that, combined with intelligence, capacity for creative thinking and a rich imagination, makes whatever you write a joy to read. You are the real McCoy among so many pseudo-intellectuals. Wish you much success.


  6. Anand Khare Says:


    I have read AB’s life history so many times that now I can reasonably claim that I know it more than my own life history.lol…

    Some people around us are definitely more intelligent and well read . Their ‘out of the box’ comments are missed by me.



  7. It was very thoughtful of you to have posted LK’s autograph – I hope that it gave you as much thrill and joy in sharing this with us, as it has been for us to see it !

    Btw ran into Donald T. quite by chance this week and spoke to him, and early next month I get to see the “great” GWB in HKG, but these encounters together will not stand up to yours with LK !!

    • Veekay – Thanks, yes, it means a lot sharing it in this space for sure, Wow, Trump!..amazing, yes I heard of Bush’s visit on 9th April, Bush is somebody who looks pretty down to earth actually, I heard he can be good fun and his sense of humor is incredible ( not surprising, Bushism!)

  8. My Dear Sharmila,Is’nt it amazing how one can connect with someone they have’nt met?you are one of the dear FmXt that are often in my thoughts. How are you and husband?hope you are both doing well.Like the others,i would like to say thanks for sharing the article from the 4th Asian awards…and its wonderful to see your name written by dear Mr Bachchan…it is indeed something to cherish.Please take care,God bless you!My love always…Saroj

  9. Jasmine Jaywant Says:

    Hi Sharmila, went to FB and saw you and your hubby with the dashing Mr. B. Lovely photograph. And yes, it is me on FB. Going to read your comment on day 705 now. The moment I saw the newest pics he has put on the blog, I thought “That is Sharmila’s Lion King!” Maybe that is why he put them up? 🙂

    Keep up the great work, Sharmila. More power to you.


  10. What more can we say about him…..none can do justice in praising Mr.Bachchan…..its always inadequate for the superstar….

    You must have kept that piece really safe in your possession.Haven’t you????

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