Paper democracy…

Time and again it appears that we are a country that is not democratic but in reality despotic. The will to express ourselves is curtailed with an iron fist, our freedom of movement and expression is barricaded by a steel resolve by those who sit in the high command. The ones who sit on the high throne have actually not been elected directly by the people, the people elect the party. I am of the humble opinion that there would arise more capabilities in governance if the leaders were chosen directly by the electorate like in the case of the US Presidential elections,unfortunately our constitution is very different in this matter. During elections we are never sure of who will be the Prime Minister and there is always this uncalled for suspense that hangs in the air with us never knowing till the nth minute who will ultimately take the reins. From an electorate point of view, democracy should well and truly be the  ability to elect a popular leader and not a “faceless” popular party. And what do we land up with, we land up with a puppet for a Prime Minister and an Italian puppeteer pulling the strings of this highly respected economist puppet.

I do have the utmost of respect for Manmohan Singh as an economist and for opening up our country to the world at large. Mr Singh has not won a Lok Sabha election, he is a Rajya Sabha member and gets to lead a country of a billion plus people. This is an easy in road to grab the top slot. Even if Mr Singh who is no king has nobel intentions, his actions are regulated by Mamma. Mr Singh besides being soft-spoken does not appear to have it in him to oppose the Congress high command. No amount of horlicks or bournvita will allow Mr Singh to break the strings. Mamma could not have found a better puppet than Mr Singh. I always picture Sonia crooning the “lonely goat-herd” song  (that puppetry song from Sound of Music) while pulling Mr Singh’s strings.

High on a hill was a lonely goat-herd
Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
Soft was the voice of the lonely goatherd
Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo

Folks in a town that was quite remote heard
Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
Lusty and clear from the goat-herd’s throat heard
Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo

Mr Singh, the lonely goat-herd is well and truly lonely in a party full of goats, goats that chew paper money and not grass. But if these goats were restricting themselves to grazing, I would have been happy, instead we have the ruling party indulging in a despotic form of governance and democracy by far remains a big sham. If one is not aligned to the Congress high command, it becomes impossible to keep your head over water or worse, chances of dying in a chopper crash is quite high or never waking up from a bypass surgery. To be honest I thought it was a sheer miracle that Mr Singh survived the heart operation he undertook sometime back. I imagined Rahul Gandhi waiting outside the OT waiting for the moment. It is sheer divine providence that let Mr Singh’s heart beat again.

 The Gandhi family truly believes that they own every inch of this land and all the furnitures and fixtures (bridges included) that is attached to it. The nod of approval from Mamma is paramount, else peril be welcomed. The seat of power is being used to settle feuds. Vendettas appear to be planned from the chambers of the Italian mafia permanently housed at 10, Janpath. After the fall out with the Gandhi’s post Rajiv Gandhi’s demise, the Bachchans have been the cynosure for the Gandhi’s. The Gandhi’s are unwilling to ignore the Bachchans and have deployed various measures in insulting an iconic Indian.Despite Mr Bachchan who has perpetually maintained a dignified silence from his end, the Gandhi’s have maligned him repeatedly. The recent “bridge” issue has been followed with Abhishek Bachchan’s ‘ earth hour”  campaign video taken off unexpectedly at a function at Rajpath. This is not the first time that skirmishes have surfaced,the rancour between the two families has been in existence for a long time. The media has tried and continues to try it’s best to instigate Mr Bachchan and he has always kept various aspects of his relationship with the Gandhi’s private.

Sycophancy is the only way out to please the high command and I do not think it is by any means an exaggerated comment. ( I had written an article on the art of fawning over Sonia – click here ) If the Bachchans had indulged in sycophancy of the Gandhi’s over the last few years, they would not be put in a spot like the way they are today. But, there remains many unanswered questions. How long is this Italian rule going to continue? How long is one dynasty going to continue pulling the strings? Not only does power corrupt, but power is also a drug. For those who have tasted it, it is next to impossible to wash off the addiction. I recall the time when the widow of Rajiv Gandhi vowed not to enter politics as she was wary of the safety of her children. No longer this appears to even be an issue. In fact for one who was so skeptical about safety, we have the same family who visited Rajiv’s killer in jail and appealing for her freedom. This is not a sign of magnanimity, this is all done for the sake of a large chunk of the tamil vote bank.Democracy to a large extent appears only on paper in a country which is under a despotic Italian government, there is little point in celebrating our freedom from the British, democracy can be taken lightly here. Good luck in trying to get anything done without Mamma’s nod.


24 Responses to “Paper democracy…”

  1. I see the manmohan-sonia relationship as more of a partnership rather than puppeteering. SG does not ineterfere in policy decisions such as Nuclear deal, Women’s bill or the action against the Maosits/Naxals, PMO team, Sceience & Technology, foreign affairs as they are the exclusive domain of PM. Its PM all the way in these matters. But in terms of party politics, SG has a big influence. She rallied to bring a semblence of consensus for the Women’s bill and she also backed PM for Nuclear deal. I believe its the balanced partnership – PM representing the way ahead and SG representing the party concerns as they cannot afford to lose any part of constituency. Having said that the Bachchan contreversy is unnecessary and completely unacceptable. As you said, at the end of the day AB Sr. is a national icon and Congress has no right in insulting him or his son for that matter. This is a democracy. Congress cannot decide what friends AB Sr. should keep and whom not. Btw sychophancy is followed across the political spectrum as well as the other parts too, not to mention it being part of work culture of so many organisation. Not toeing the party line can be disasrtous for your career – Advani and Jaswant Singh found out the Jinnah way.

    Again these are just some of my views – I am just practising the democracy on paper! 🙂

    • Dishit – Your comments are invigorating. The deemed partition of responsibilities appears to be once again on paper in most areas. The women’s reservation bill was her pet project, external affairs is one area where she has little knowledge of and prefers to leave that in so called capable hands. Fawning exists everywhere and I 100% agree with you, my concern is more on the style of governance where the de facto head is SG, critical decisions are taken to SG and those not toeing the line of SG within and outside the party are finished off quite literally. Congress’s stand against AB once again stems from SG’s whim.

      You have every right to practise democracy on paper.

  2. rohan17286 Says:

    It began as a rather good article that I agree with in principle, but degenerated into a anti-Gandhi rant by the time it ended. Trust me, I fear the concentration of power in someone’s hands too. But as an ordinary citizen, the humility and maturity (despite what you say) of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi seems pretty exceptonal, given the amount of power wilfully devolved to these two individuals. Anyhow, in their current form, they’re much better than any Hindutva-belching wingnuts or champion morons that our political system seems to throw up with such ease.
    The real tragedy is not Sonia Gandhi and the Congress, it is the BJP. That party has relinquished its role as a natural bulwark to the Congress and a responsible opposition party in the stupidest of ways. And more talk of Ram Mandirs and fraternizing with the likes of Bajrang Dals and Ram Senes don’t help their cause (I would personally love to see all those Hindutva-belchers flayed alive and given the most painful, long-drawn death)

  3. Rohan – Thanks for your comment. To me neither Congress or BJP are an option. BJP has been a big disappointment in terms of not delivering and remaining a weak opposition. Congress works on appeasement of a certain minority faction all the time, BJP tried to work on appeasing a certain faction which backfired badly. They had one chance in governance and they failed miserably. My point is, by and large people ( I ) are fed up with the religious games our netas play and we wish to have one secular front which neither the Congress or BJP or for that matter any party can bring out in them at the moment. Every party has a religious / caste section of the society that it tries to please, there is no party trying to please the Indian. Our country has been butchered into small fragments of upper caste, lower caste, hindu,muslim, christian votes by these political parties. Our thinking too has become myopic.

  4. And I must state that Sonia is a tragedy. Vendetta tops her agenda. She has been more forgiving with Nalini, why cannot she be so with AB?

  5. This is getting extremely silly now. Congress cannot be asking this question. AB has the right to endorse any state he wishes, now they try to put him in a spot!

  6. This is ridiculous! Aren’t there any real problems in India these politicians have been elected to solve?

  7. My Dear Sharmila,thanks for educating us more about indian politics or (POLITRICKS),just kidding about the latter.I really thought Sonia Gandhi was better than that.I used to admire her but not anymore since thats the way she is behaving.I am of indian origin and loved my foreparents land with a passion as most people of indian origin does,and would love and feel proud to see it as a super power.
    Anyway, more till another time.God bless you!My love always…Saroj

    • Saroj – Thanks for your comment. Yes, this is getting more ugly than previously thought. It is a pity that AB is getting dragged into this dirty game over and over. He has nobel intentions of using his status for the larger good and our netas are making mince meat of it all. Thanks a lot Saroj for your kind wishes as always.

  8. Whom do you consider more capable than current ruling party/ppl?
    Seem Indira Gandhi was The Man then and now Sonia Gandhi is trying to follow her footsteps. Although no other powerful political figure can be seen far far into Indian Political Horizon right now. She is better than Maya it seems.
    In AB family vs Gandhi family feud seems more personal as neither of the parties openly blamed the other publicly. However neither of the party seems in mood to resolve their differences either. It is not wise enough for us to just take sides and blame the other party where the picture is hazy and difficult to conclude what & how the things transpired exactly and who played a bigger role. Everyone seems quite political with vested interests here in this matter and not an innocent Baby.

    • MonaLisa – People like you and I should be in politics!..On a serious note, the current situation is quite pathetic albeit Congress other than it’s Sonia fawning style is a wee bit better than the other parties. The sad thing is there are not many options given that the opposition have mucked up things a fair bit. Yes, everybody has a vested interest, but in this case alone I honestly think AB has done no harm in endorsing Gujrat or for that matter Kerala or any state he wishes to.

  9. Modi also shared the stage with Tata, Ambani, Sunil Mittal and also more recently the CJI who is hearing the current case against Modi. Why isnt anybody asking them to be more careful? No one would, because it is an extremely silly expectation. But, when it comes to Mr Bachchan, why should there be this same silly expectation as an exception?The tycoons proclaimed Modi to be the most befitting leader that this country has ever seen. No one raised an eyebrow then.Mr Bachchan in MHO uses his own brand name to create goodwill for the larger good of the community through his work, more so by allowing his name to be associated with Gujrat. He has repeatedly clarified he is promoting tourism and not the politics of the state. If anybody asks where was Gandhi born, do we say he was born in Porbandar that now belongs to Modi’s Gujrat and therefore should we wipe off the Mahatma’s connection with Gujrat and redo his bio data? If Mr Bachchan states he is apolitical, I would respect his statement as such and not wonder if he is political because of the company he keeps or who he campaigns for or the events he wishes to attend as a celebrity which he is most surely bound to. In the same vein, do we now state that the CJI is political because he was invited for the same event as Modi and shared the dias with him? Also, I do not think the tax exemption is measly as you state. To get an entertainment tax exemption in India for any profitable venture is something to be proud of irrespective of what it ultimately translates into monetarily. Tax exemptions are big incentives and promote film making, why should Mr Bachchan not benefit from it? Besides, in India only work of extraordinary merit allows such unusual exemptions given how finicky the tax office is.The problem does not lie with Mr Bachchan’s actions, it lies with the our perception of his actions. If only we were this demanding from the men and women we have put in governance and not with an artist / iconic Indian who is a goodwill ambassador for this country.

  10. It seems a part of the Deal made for Tax Exemption. Its a very common norm that ” I scratch your back you scratch mine” ! Its ‘Give & Take’ Rule.
    Paa is not such a movie that could fit in the criteria and earned Tax Exemption. He also used his influences(political,industrial,business etc.) and made this Deal. There could be more into this Deal and if so those aspects are yet Hidden from others. Only Time can tell whether its a Rat or A Cat in there or the Bag is Empty!
    It gives me a good laugh the way AB tries to defend himself thinking he can convince others easily showing those documents on his blog or by using certain Analogy like ‘apolitical’. while his entire life he has lived among politicians since his childhood(Nehru Family) and got benefited (his father got a job because of that)out of it(Indira Gandhi wrote a Recommendation for him!), saved by Amar Singh when ABCL went to drain and Jaya his wife is still in politics with whom he is living and sharing his life ! to be Political one doesn’t need to join any party or be active member in my opinion. Everyone is more or less political as politics begins at Home/ need to act very innocent! it is what it is!
    Either he is acting very naive or We are The Fools !
    In case of Mittal or Tata or Ambani- did we ever hear them denying their acts or alliance with political figures!? probably they weren’t asked coz they never tried to play innocent and everyone is aware how politicians and industrialists cut their Deals.
    Besides in my honest opinion it makes not much difference (or may be nothing at all) in Tourism if he is the Brand Ambassador of any State. it would be just another waste of cut outs and hoardings & banners etc. ppl don’t visit particular places because of the representation but because that place is worth seeing,visiting. if proper care and arrangement is not provided by Tourism then no one would be keen to visit those places.

    • MonaLisa – A very strong view, but it is your view and I shall respect it. Everyone here has a different perspective of this whole affair, so long as we respect individual opinions, there is no harm. I wish not to see a dogmatic stance to our arguements by some others and say ” i am right”, and ” you are wrong”. All of us may be equally right or wrong.

      • Thanks Sharmila! point noted. shall be more careful now on. wish to see the decorum of this place be maintained as much as you do.

      • MonaLisa – Thanks,I actually did not mean you in the least, it was by far a very general statement. Having said that, I enjoy your comments and read it with a lot of interest as you bring in a very different spectrum to some of the debates.

  11. Thank you for the lovely pictures with the children of Gujrat. The joy on their faces is priceless. This is what YOU bring out in all of us. All of us become literally like these very children trying to clutch on to you and handing out roses to you in our own way. This is precisely my point about what you “stir” up and why it is important to have somebody like you being an ambassador for Gujrat or for that matter any other state or even India in her entirety. CNN has accurately described you as the “elder statesman of India”.

    With regards to determination, you are the best person to speak of it. I have never seen failure hinder you, infact you are one of the few who has used a “low” to achieve a “high” in a remarkable manner. The revival of ABCL through the sheer determination of Mr Bachchan is a case study by itself.

    I can think of a wonderful blog that Mr Pritish Nandy had put up sometime back about the very same determination that you speak of.In fact the blog was written a long time back. In August 2000, here it is –

    There are three kinds of businessmen in India. There are those who succeed. People like N R Narayanamurthy or Azim Premji who are admired not only for their achievements but also for the way they do business. They have set themselves high standards and refuse to take short cuts. They are the obvious heroes of our time for they have put India on the map of the world.

    Then we have those who tried but failed. People who took all the right steps, showed the right amount of dedication, who tried very hard but did not succeed in what they set out to do. Business is, after all, not just hard work and dedication. There is a factor of luck and uncertainty, of circumstances conspiring to fail the finest among us.

    Finally, you have the rogues and rascals who enter business with the sole purpose of using the loopholes of the law to cheat others. There are many promoters who have set up dud companies, picked up lots of cash and vanished. NBFCs, chit funds, plantation companies. You know the story.

    There are others also. Rich and famous businessmen who take over perfectly good companies and castrate the management, strip the assets and enhance their own wealth, leaving the companies terminally sick.

    We all admire the first kind of businessman, respect the second and abhor the third. However, if you watch the way business works here, you will find that the ones who get the thick end of the stick are never the rogues and rascals but the guys who try and fail. The rogues and rascals strut about proudly but the guys who fail, usually professionals, technocrats and talented individuals not exactly well versed in how business works in India, get hammered. That is why Desh Deshpande, arguably the most successful Indian businessman in the world today, said in a recent interview that we in India do not know how to handle failure.

    That is why our finest entrepreneurial talents, scarred by their first failure, never go back to the drawing board to create a new enterprise. They are simply too frightened by the backlash. We forget that failure is intrinsic to entrepreneurship. Have you ever heard of a businessman who has never failed? The skill lies in learning from failure how to press ahead and succeed. But in India, failure scars you. It scars you by the badnaami it causes. Even though there are many examples where, Deshpande points out, the entrepreneur did nothing wrong. The model was imperfect or the idea was that wee bit ahead of its time.

    ABCL is one such case. It was not a failure. It was an idea somewhat premature and Amitabh Bachchan did not have the nerves to hang in there. It was not his fault. The media was, as always, mean to him and had written the company’s obit long before the shutters were actually downed. In fact, Bachchan was prescient in my view. He saw the future of showbiz long before many others did and the fact that today Mukta Arts and Padmalaya Films have been able to tap the IPO market owes a great deal to his genius and foresight. For he saw, ahead of his time, that media and entertainment companies would one day drive the bourses of the world.

    Of course, he failed and ABCL went sick. But what did he do wrong? He wrote a perfectly credible script that the investors bought. He hired the best professionals and picked up a few neat properties on Doordarshan, launched a couple of movies, bought a few music rights, entered talent management, acquired the Miss World pageant, and suddenly, right in the midst of all this, found the company short of cash.

    Any other company would have possibly survived and come back from the edge. But ABCL was too much in the limelight. Its every move was being reported in the headlines. No wonder the investors got nervous, creditors started filing cases, the bankers pulled the plug.

    Of course there must have been other reasons as well. The pace of growth may have been too eager. Cash planning was possibly poor. Implementation, flawed. But these are not unusual in a new company. We all live and learn. ABCL could have easily survived with a little more understanding. But the problem was that everyone wanted it to do a Titanic. It made for good copy and Bachchan lost his nerve. This was not the first time. It had happened in politics earlier, when Fairfax and Bofors stumped him. He quit then. He did the same with ABCL. But this time he refused to run away. Instead, he bided his time, made a stunning comeback on television and is now using his earnings from KBC to pay off his old ABCL debts.

    He did not have to do that. The law allows a promoter, once he has docked his sick company in BIFR, to continue living his life as if nothing had happened. The debts of the company are not his personal liability. They remain with the company. Most businessmen use this pretext to forget their past failures and live happily ever after. But Bachchan has had the decency to try and sort out a mess he feels responsible for. Even when there is no compulsion to do so.

    Maybe we should give him a hand for this. Instead of the jibes and brickbats I read in the papers everyday. At least he has showed that he does not walk away from a failure, however ignominious it may be. He is ready to acknowledge it, pay for it and start afresh with a clean slate. How many businessmen can you say that for?

    Wishing Kashmira ji and Karen a very happy birthday!

    xoxoxoxoxox and a red rose to you.


    Satyam – Irrespective of whether my arguements in post No 708, comment # 280 and # 414 operates or not in reductio ad absurdum logic, it is my logic and I shall stick to it. Responding to your comment # 419 and it may amaze you yet again, it does not matter which state on your list requires more or less endorsement, all states need a form of endorsement. Will Reliance mobile stop advertising it’s products just because it has already grabbed the largest market share in India? Then why should Gujrat stop promoting itself in a manner that it sees befitting? And coming to the mandate question, democracies make a choice that holds good irrespective of whether it is a poor choice or a fair choice and Gujrat’s current choice is Modi as it’s administrator. There is a SIT which is currently judging the morality of Modi. The Chief Justice of India who shared the stage with Modi recently is also judging Modi on his morality right now and never thought it to be immoral to be sharing the stage with Modi.I fail to understand the logic of comparing Mr Bachchan’s reel life in Dev ( Why not Sarkar also?) to his real life.

  12. Modi has won the mandate of the people of the state, so to endorse the state there is no choice but to connect with the administrator of the state. The state is what is being endorsed and not the administrator, endorsing the state does not again mean the administrator is being endorsed. Administrators come and go, what harm has the state at large done that it does not deserve to be touched by anyone just because it has a leader who is not seen in favorable light? Just because Modi is the administrator, does it mean the centre too disconnects itself from the state and it would stop giving two hoots about it’s development because Modi is at the helm? Does Mr Bachchan now need to stop eating AMUL products because the milk from the unions are controlled by the cooperatives which in turn are controlled by the state federation which is in turn controlled by Modi? There would be no harm in Mr Bachchan endorsing anything from Amul to the Rann of Kutch that belongs to the state or the state by itself for that matter. The point about the tax is not about the amount of tax involved, it is about the status involved that got the exemption in the first place.

  13. Definitely,its just paper democracy in the country these days.When I was in tenth standard,one of my biology teachers used to say that ‘Today democracy doesn’t mean the government for the people,by the people and of the people but it means the govt BUY the people and OFF the people’.

  14. Satyam – We do not expect our political leaders to be running amuck without being questioned. I think we are going a bit off the rails with the responsibilty point. Nevertheless,I did not refer to “irresponsibility” in any sense in my comment at # 157, I was merely stating that the choice of Modi was made by the people, it does not mean he skips responsibility. It also does not mean that the SIT which is questioning Modi and the CJI who shared the dias with Modi are also not partaking in their responsibilities. All these people need to get a job done for which they are appointed to. It remains to be seen how they complete it rather than being cynical about the outcome.

    Every state for that matter is home to numerous criminals in a politicans garb, some crimes may never even see the light of day. So, does it then mean that Mr Bachchan does not engage with such states at any level? Lets take the 1984 Sikh riots, which was the result of events that led to the assasination and post assasination ( events) of Indira Gandhi and as you said in your comment #421 yesterday “And as for the rest it’s pretty unfortunate that the Center couldn’t prevent these pogroms much as it couldn’t the ‘93 ones in Bombay much as it couldn’t the ones in ‘84. Modi and Thackeray and the Congress politicians in that instance are criminals of the highest order”. In this context, do we now say that it is wrong on Mr Singh’s part being a Sikh to not only belong to the Congress party but also represent the same family which should take moral responsibility for the genocide in 84? Mr Singh is probably one of the most respected economists in the world who despite his “soft” voice is responsible for India’s much improved economic status today and I am glad he did not entertain such thoughts and he has put the progress of the nation ahead of everything else. When he chose to join Congress or support the Gandhi’s, it has been a choice of his and makes little sense to question it. Same with Mr Bachchan’s endorsement of Gujrat, a fundamental right of his to join / endorse / promote any one / event / state he wishes to.

    In your comment # 157, you state “it is not about endorsing Gujarat, nor about simply being in the same space as Modi. I think you know what transpired. You can disagree with me but let’s not make it the the most unremarkable event imaginable”. I mho, it is the most unremarkable event imaginable which has led to the imagination of this country running wild. Nobody is in the literal sense wishing for opinions to be written on the blogs of the Ambanis or the Tatas or even the CJI for that matter. Even if the Amabis or the Tatas have personal motives in endorsing Gujrat, there is no denying the fact that the economics of Gujrat is better off and it’s people are better off. What personal motive would the CJI have in sharing the stage with Modi? If at all he did, then our concentration should be on the CJI and not on Mr Bachchan’s good intentions.

    I am catching a flight shortly, if this debate continues I shall respond after I reach Bangalore else I will miss my flight! Thank You.

  15. Sharmila: How many times has any politician in the history of post-Independence India been jailed for causing riots or pogroms? so I will not be waiting with baited breath for what decision is taken on Modi!

    On the relation between reel and ‘real’ life I have said very much on this before.

    I don’t understand why you won’t meet the criticism squarely.. it is not about endorsing Gujarat, nor about simply being in the same space as Modi. I think you know what transpired. You can disagree with me but let’s not make it the the most unremarkable event imaginable.

    I will quote these words that I have once before also ‘nyay mar gaya, log zinda hain’. The author of these words will recognize them as well as the occasion on which these were uttered.

    Finally I don’t actually believe in the tyranny of democracy. Which is to say one should have the courage to call out democracy when it is problematic and not celebrate it no matter what. I have never called Modi an illegitimate CM. Of course he was elected. But that hardly makes a difference for the kind of moral and ethical questioning I am engaging in. Judging by the logic of ‘hey the people elected him’ no elected leader in the world should be questioned for anything. Election does not mean infallibility. When leaders commit crimes they should be held accountable, it is a failing of democracy when they don’t. And we’ve had tons and tons of such failures in Indian history. As conscientious citizens however we should not take a vacation from certain kind of interrogation. The legal argument is frankly a very weak one in a system where you and I both know that the guilty often go unpunished when they are in positions of power.

    As for what others do I don’t particularly care. I have an opinion on it but I am not invested in those folks the way I am in Amitji. I am offering opinions here on a certain blog. I am not on Ambani’s blog. But yes I do have an opinion on people who are willing to overlook anything for the sake of personal advancement. This however is not my debate with Amitji. It is of a completely different nature because I have no doubts about his motivations here. I just find his intervention in all of this inappropriate and ‘careless’. On Gujarat wanting to sell itself more well by all means! but Amitji didn’t have to accept the offer! That’s my opinion.

  16. Its a shame that ‘Heritage’ is treated like a consumer item and treats like a Brand and to promote it they need a “Brand Ambassador”!? It is The Job of Tourism Department. What exactly are they doing if they need a ‘Celebrity’ to promote ‘Heritage’ which is already there and ppl shows interest visiting those sites with immense enthusiasm and joy. It is not a product at all or a new product which needs to be ‘Branded’ and promoted by ‘A Brand Ambassador’.
    Though no money is paid or will be paid as claimed (Favors can be exchanged many ways)but there are some other expenses involved into this entire process.
    Airfare and Accommodation for Ambassador for many visits as task is not going to be completed in one visit.
    Hoardings,cutouts,flyers,brochures,TV Ads ,radio and all other means of Ad has to be made again and freshly to introduce New Brand Ambassador.
    Who is going to PAY for IT!??
    DUH…..!!!!! HOW PATHETIC….!!! WHO IS A LOSER NOW…!? Not AB,Not Modi(They are THE WINNERS) ITS ‘THE PUBLIC’ who is ‘Beating around The Bush’ for wrong REASONS!

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