Birthday memories…

The earliest memories of our childhood is always an incident that for some peculiar reason lingers on and on. Have you ever tried attempting how far back can you wind your ticking brains and try to recollect the first event or incident in your life? The first memories I have of  my childhood was sitting on an orange tri cycle when I was probably three and our pet dog peering down at me with his big brown eyes. Ringo, the family dog was called such after Ringo Starr, the Beatles drummer boy and a firm favorite of the previous generation. The next incident that comes in front of me like a flash is few years thereafter, probably when I turned five and from thereon the memories are quite sequenced. However hard I have tried to recollect events from my life prior to this cycle incident, it has been impossible. Only a hypnotic session with a shrink would possibly bring it back.

Childhood memories must be clung on to, they offer a spectrum of how we have shaped ourselves to the day. They also increase the sentimental quotient and helps the bonding with family, friends and associates. For those who cherish their childhood they have evolved into individuals who care for their near and dear ones and make every possible attempt to stay in touch with them. In today’s fast paced world where time is a constraint and a is lot lesser than twenty-four hours with much to pack in, I have always appreciated those who find the time to stay connected. Many stay connected for a purpose, it could be a business reason or a strategic reason to find the company of another bearable. The best relationships are those with no “purpose” attached to it, where there in no feigning or fawning, where one is himself / herself with the other.

Or first birthday photographs are unsurpassable. I look at mine sometimes and wonder how time has fled. There is a picture of me suspended in mid-air by my Father, and I am hovering a gigantic, creamy white cake and firmly clutching on to  a ribboned knife in my right hand with a rather fierce look in my eyes. I look like Kali waiting to devour an asura than looking like an impish one year old. Many birthdays have followed since, the pictures are a haven for nostalgia. Many friends peep out in the background, looking pretty in their polka dot frocks and big bright bows tied to their hair, some smile at the camera, some look at the cake, some names I recollect, some names I don’t but every face is a familiar one. The Moms in the photographs look extremely young and pretty in their bright sarees and salwar suits, those days they wear no hair dye and there is no crows feet around their sparkling eyes. The Dad’s are not in the pictures, usually it is the birthday child’s Dad who found time to attend the birthday on insistence of the child. There are pictures of children piled on top of the other, fighting over a take away gift, or angrily snatching on to a fluffed up cushion during a game of passing the parcel, and kids squatting on bright-colored balloons and trying to burst it.

Birthdays over the years changed, from fun and frolic parties to lunches and dinners with friends and family. The gifts too underwent a drastic change. I went from Scrabble to Monopoly to perfumes and clothes. Somehow, the joy of receiving a sketch pen set or a box of crayons far outweighed all the gifts that I got over the last few years. I would wait to open up the birthday gifts after the boisterous parties and shriek with joy with every paint box that was gifted to me. Invariably, I would have received the same paint box or sketch pen set from more than three people at the least. Exclusivity was not heard of. Now we worry about wearing an exclusive dress or owing something exclusive and think it to be quite ordinary to own or possess what the other ordinarily has.The joy of distributing brightly colored wrapped up toffee and chocolates in class and the class getting up to sing “happy birthday” in unison, completely out of tune in a squeaky fashion still echoes. The joy of wearing a bright frock and being the only one in class doing so while the rest wore their school uniforms is still a delight. I still carry memories of my days as a child very fondly and would not trade it for any other memory. As we grow older, it becomes more important to clutch on to memories and stay firmly grounded to our roots.

Another year goes by, we connect with many known faces and the unknowns,we create new memories with the passage of time. Lets cherish the time. Let us not be caught in a rat race that leads us to barely acknowledge the other. This is a philosophical post and I barely indulge in a rambling of this sort. On the eve of growing a year older the sentiments remain to be treasured.


42 Responses to “Birthday memories…”

  1. Shashishekhar M.Vyas Says:

    Nice one. I experienced beauty attributed to a good poem rather than a simple prose.

    I donot what & how to express. first time visiting a blog of any non celebrity or even celebrity other than Sh.Amitabh Harivanshraiji Bachchan.



  2. hmmm nice n true 🙂

  3. Lakshmi Jag Says:

    Happy Birthday Sharmila………..manny many happy returns of the day. Loved reading this as usual.


  4. Lakshmi Jag Says:

    Many happy returns of tomorrow….lol. I just realized you posted it today. Love

  5. Sharmila, please accept birthday wishes in advance from this star struck fan of yours. You write ever so beautifully that it always touches the soul.

    My earliest childhood memory is one that I wish I had forgotten. I remember with much remorse about how us three brothers had tried to pull our sister out of the cradle and throw her out the house the moment she was brought home from the hospital. I’m not too sure about what the motive must have been, but I guess it could have been an impulsive reaction to the intrusion into our species.

    • Melwyn – Lovely to see you back!Thanks a lot for your kind wishes as always. Means a lot. Was worried about your whereabouts. Where were you? Enjoyed reading your memories.

  6. Sharmila, wish you many happy returns of the day. I follow your blog quite regularly and I enjoy reading all your posts.Thanks to Amitji for creating such a wonderful medium by way of which we could all connect with each other. I would love to read more about your childhood memories. Have a nice fun filled day tomorrow 🙂

  7. Aishwarya Says:

    Dear Sharmila,

    Its 12:00 am IST. So here’s wishing you a very happy birthday!



  8. My Dear Sharmila,With loving thoughts and wishes on your special day that every kind of happiness will always come your way.
    Have a very Happy Birthday!
    God bless you!
    My love always…Saroj

  9. ‘Happy Birthday’ Sharmila
    Wish you
    many happy returns of The Day.
    Everything changes with time by Law of Nature. However childhood memories are precious and unforgettable as it leaves its imprints on delicate minds of us(children).
    Hope you Enjoy Your Day with your Family & Friends back home remembering all of us(Blog Friends).

    • MonaLisa – Thank you as always. Yes, blog friends are very important, well and truly cherish the time I spend on this virtual world with all of you.

  10. Happy Birthday, Sharmila.

    Loved your philosophical rambling and hope it will happen more than once a year. Here’s wishing you more good memories to be made on this day.


  11. Dear Sharmila

    A Very Happy Birthday & Many Happy Returns!

    May you always have happiness, good friends and the warmth of your family to share your joy !!

    Enjoyed reading your rich treasure of childhood memories….may it grow as you progress in life !!!

    Best Wishes

  12. Dear Sharmila,
    Many many happy returns of this special day. Have a great time and many more memories to be treasured for a lifetime to come.

    I am sure wishes are pouring in for you and probably the one you would treasure the most would be by Mr Bachchan on his blog 🙂 Well done!!

    Have a blast and wish you all the luck and success for the year ahead!

  13. My Dear Sharmila,
    lovely write up on’Birthday Memories’….You have more great memories to cherish forever from our beloved Mr Bachchan….so happy for you!Enjoy your very special day!
    My love always…Saroj

  14. Hi Sharmila,
    Many Happy Returns of the day.I picture the same scenes
    of my childhood bday,as yours.Now,I see all those scenes come
    to life again with my children.The flowery frocks,bows,goody bags,kids staring at the cake,sitting in a circle on the floor and eating,etc..Its funny how,for children, everything through the year revolves around that one bday party.

  15. Shubha – Thank you so much for your lovely wishes. Yes, your children will bring back some lovely memories

  16. Anand Khare Says:


    When I read AB’s blog for a moment I thought Sharmila means Sharmila Tagore. Then, I remembered it was you who he was wishing in the same line with Jayaji. What an honour for you, baby..That’s why I included ‘ji’ in your name up there.

    B’day is a b’day,no matter what the number is.Similarly, gift is a gift. Sometimes getting a rose may be more meaningful for a receiver than a diamond. Similarly sometimes rose may be as expensive for an admirer as diamond. So let us appreciate even thought of gift to someone.

    My gift my best wishes to you,


  17. Sharmila di………where have you been 😦

    I see that you haven’t posted your comment 😦 on Amit uncle’s post.Please do it soon………when you read it even you would be willing to do so at the earliest…..

  18. Sharmila,
    Do you have sudhir’s email address!?
    somehow I missed his B’Day last month. comment section on his blog is off too. My belated wishes to him for meditation & all.

  19. Hello Sharmila !
    Sorry for being late.But yesterday,I many times,open ur Blog but found a picture of an lady and nothing.So,wishing u today,Hope u accept it.By the way,love ur beautiful memories 🙂
    Love u bye.

  20. archana(bengaluru) Says:

    Sharmila.. Belated birthday wishes to you. Had wished u there in bigb’s blog. What a wonderfully written post. May all the lords shower bountiful of happiness, wealth, health, peace and prosperity!!!

  21. Sameer Chouhan Says:

    शर्मीला जी,

    आप लिखती बहुत ही अच्छा है , बुद्धिमान भी है….अगर यही मेमोरी आपने अपने खुद के लिए ‘डायरेक्ट’ लिखा होता तो मज़ा बढ़ जाता….जनरल ‘वे’ में न लिख कर खुद की बात खुद के लिए लिखें….

    अमितजी के ब्लॉग के पर उनकी फिल्मों का लिस्ट हमने माँगा है….जरा ब्लॉग की कोमेंट नम्बर #195 रिफर करें…

    शेष फिर,

    समीर चौहान

  22. Sameerji, thank you. Main aapke comment dekhi thi aur mai apni list AB ke blog mein likhungi. Aapke idea accha hai.

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