Bird hit! Bird hit!…

Yes, I have been highly irregular with my posts, it has been a while ( 6 whole days to be precise ) since the last post. There are times when the fingers get intertwined with one another, almost paralytic in a way and they move sluggishly over the keyboard, the cerebrum gets a lot hollower and every thought echoes in its empty space leading to nothing but absolute blankness, at times I hear the voice of Bug’s Bunny shouting through the hollowness ‘ what’s up Doc?”. Well, heck, “What’s up Doc?” is the question I should be asking, everybody looks and sounds like Bugs Bunny off late. I am unable to conjure up stories any more, I am unable to articulate my thoughts the way I would like to, I see bunnies munching on carrots at every nook and corner. With every carrot munching Bunny, I have been noticing a Tweety bird too. The last few days, I have been inundated with the bird talk.

Looney tunes was suddenly taking over my life. Most of the affable fraternity of Warner Brother’s were coming in close proximity to me.I reached the wise conclusion without seeing a Doc, was I suffering from the bird flu? But what led to this? I tend to write at the spur of the moment, it could be a fleeting thought, it could be a current event, it could be a story or a travelogue I had diarized, now it all seems out of synch. Suddenly, everything felt and sounded a bit jaded. Perhaps it is the inundation of numerous thoughts, without any one being singularly sensible? I continued to think about the real reason why people tend to go astray from routine at times, unable to pull themselves up from a sudden dip, some get out of this zone rather quickly, others bask in it’s space to eternity, some even perish. They do all things but what they are meant to be doing. What is the cause for the break in routine?

I had no plans to bask in emptiness to eternity and I have pulled myself up to write this. I probably do sound like Bugs Bunny or Tweety bird by now, two characters I have suddenly developed immense respect for in the last six days. We have well and truly become bosom buddies. Never mind the Bunny story. Back to what causes this state of inertia. I found another Looney Tunes scapegoat to blame. Tweety bird.

At dawn, at first light, the day breaks with tweets. Birds tweet in gay abandon. Some birds tweet more, some less and this bird brain decided to observe such tweeting birds than do the writing I was meant to in the last few days. All such birds stay perched on their nests from different parts of the world interacting in not more than a hundred and forty chirps.Twitter has taken over our day-to-day functioning to a very different level. Many progress through the day on Twitter. The sun rises on Twitter nation with morning updates from the eager birds about their whereabouts. The chirps get louder as the day progresses and I have spent more time in the last few days radioing in on these chirps than doing anything constructive ( writing ). I was a silent observer watching the proceedings of the Twitter nation.

SRK sounds quite autistic, a natural. Salman is like a child playing with a toy and gushes a fair bit, Rahul Khanna is flirtatious and infectious, Gul Panang is smart and charming, Tharoor is subdued, Abhishek is cute, fake Jhunjhunwala remains pompous, my favorite Pritish Nandy continues to interact with all and sundry and treats even a retard with utmost respect, he remains a singular reason for my continuance on Twitter.The last few days has seen a rather frustrated Modi tweeting like a rabid crow. I do feel sorry for him, his following has increased but his sense of well-being appears extremely strained. His famous caw has all but led to his own great collapse along with Tharoor. One tweet has ruffled the feathers of the Government, the BCCI, the Income Tax department, the media and television companies. Quite a few birds, big and small have scurried like hapless penguins caught in an oil slick and continue to wear a dying look. Some birds of the same feather partied and flocked together the entire time. Some localized birds became migratory overnight and flew away. Some hot chicks too were thrown in the boiling potpourri. Drinking the colourful bird soup over the last few days has made me sick.

The twenty twenty world cup too has now begun. I was shocked, rather aghast to see my favorite host Cyrus Broacha talk cricket with a hot chick by his side, this bird is called Shonali Nagranli, a bird brain indeed. Taking the mantle over from Mandira Bedi, she is the force to reckon with on cricket talk, sitting pretty with a short skirt (and a plunging neckline) with Wasin Akram to her right and Cyrus to her left, cricket is now more entertaining for the masses than it has ever been before. I wish Siddhu was a part of this cricket brigade, would have been more fun to hear him exclaim ” wickets fall like cycles in a cycle stand!”. Elementary.

All this bird talk reminds me of something more important. I may as well speak of this when I am in this current state of inertia. I was an a flight from Bangalore to Hyderabad a few weeks back when I was in India and as the air craft was taxiing towards the runway I noticed a few men wearing big Panama hats, standing under the scorching sun in the open field on the Devanahalli airport throwing smoking pellets in the air. An occasional shot was to be heard every now and then. For a moment I was quite clueless as to what was happening, and then it dawned on me. The men were trying to scare the birds away with their weaponry of air guns and smoking pellets. As my flight thundered on the runway inching towards it’s critical speed, the men continued with their animated actions hoping to scare some friendly birds away. I was quite sure that these birds were never responsible for bird hits of the kind that we are more accustomed to. God bless us all from these birds.


12 Responses to “Bird hit! Bird hit!…”

  1. Jasmine Jaywant Says:

    Good to see a new one, Sharmila, I’m glad you willed your inertia away. Writer’s block is what it sounds like. Hopefully it will dissipate totally, and you will be back in full form soon. I feel so good that I have not been addicted to Twitter like countless millions — in fact, have not been on Twitter even once. Am I living under a rock, in a cave? Maybe. Simply no time to waste. But after reading this, I felt like checking out Pritish Nandy. But I will resist the temptaion.
    Jasmine Jaywant

    • Jasmine – Thanks, I am glad too I willed the inertia away. You must check out Nandy, he remains a revelation. One day,when you have a bit of time maybe.

  2. Jasmine Jaywant Says:

    Okay, Sharmila. If you say so. I will check out Nandy. I have admired him so much for so long. I jsut feel scared I might get addicted. One addiction (to AB’s blog) is enough! Loved your comments there today.
    Best wishes, and keep ’em coming.


  3. Reader Says:


    There is one sure fire way of breaking through the writer’s block.

    Simply write about yourself… about how something affects you…

    I feel, the editing is easier than the draft!

  4. Sharmila Says:

    Reader – Absolutely right.:) An easy way out.

  5. Reader Says:


    Its the antithesis of a hostile universe against a benevolent nature. Like changing the state of the environment to suit our needs against using the strength of a natural element as it is in our favor!

    In simple terms, we call it going with the flow!


  6. Excellent piece Shamz…I might share this on Social WIzz too 🙂


  7. Even I was not there for so long:(…….Anyways,who is your favorite other than Nandy on twitter????

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