Its Amma’s day today…


Its Mothers day today. A day created by the West to annually remember that there is a Mother in their lives who needs to be showered with flowers and trinkets, only to move on with routine the day thereafter. The special show of love and honor diminishes after the day, Mother’s land in the category of being a burden at a speed faster than the time it takes to utter the word MOM. The ways of the western world continue to move to the other end of the spectrum, where love astonishingly has a price. Mother’s nanny the grand kids for a fee, children evaluate how much time to spend with their Mothers and ration it accordingly. After reaching a certain age, Mothers introspect their retirement plans so has not to burden their offspring’s and their offspring’s would not settle for anything less either. God bless those Mothers where the Government does not provide a pension.

Gratifyingly, by and large we Indians are a lot more considerate when it comes to our Mothers. Most times we Indians are on the other side of the spectrum. We love our Mothers, we suffocate them with our love, and we tie ourselves to their short leash and gallop around them like little puppies. Most sons of the Indian soil would settle for nothing less. We have one more peculiar habit when it comes to Mothers. We call even our non biological mothers “Amma”. One such Amma is Jayalalitha, the heavy weight and dominating force of Tamil Nadu.Today, I wish to praise this Mother, Mother superior on all counts. I write an open letter to J Jayalalitha, the Amma of Indian politics. With all my love, my tribute to this glorious Mother.

Vannakam Amma,

At the outset, I prostrate before you and seek your divine blessings. Until you bless my soft head with your equally soft, pristine, plump hands, I shall lie prostrate before you. I now rise after getting your blessings and begin my tribute to you.

Now that I have gotten up, I set my eyes on your colossal figure, wide as the mighty Colossus who once stood astride on the harbor at Rhodes, stretching from the east bank to the west. I wish I had the head of an owl to take in your entire breadth in one frame, such is your magnanimous structure that I seek nothing else than wish I were an owl. But, I lament that I am no Owl in the physical sense and gratified that I do have its intellectual capacity to worship you as my Amma.

You were born in 1948; a year after this great country acquired its freedom. Least did it suspect that the Dravidian belt confined to the area between Kanyakumari  to the plains of the Nilgiris would swell under your weight in the coming years. You danced with the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu  MG Ramachandran in those polka dot frocks and shimmering tops, you spent many hours pinning your weight on that one single man which ensured your entry, needless to say, in politics.

Like a mighty elephant you drove the late MG Ramachandran into submission. You graduated from a divine damsel to a dominant mistress. No one even recalls Janaki Ramachandran, MGR’s legal wife. You paled her into oblivion. It is but due to your beauty and sheer dynamism in the confines of Ramachandran’s chambers that you grew from strength to strength and you could not be controlled even by those strong Tamil mahouts who rode you.

Then there was one who was created, to test you every now and then. A grand old man, the one who wears his coolers in broad daylight. Does he wear it in order to keep the shimmer of your body from blinding him? Does he wear it to keep the opulence of your wealth from dazzling him? Does he wear it to ogle at you or your good friend Shashikala without your knowledge? If only he kept his mouth in a straight line, we could hear him talk more clearly his poetic praises of mighty you.

The most remarkable things that you and the great Karunanidhi did for Tamil Nadu were to open up Tamil Nadu to the skies. Year after year, the two of you launched channels after channels that belonged to you and your near and dear ones. Jaya TV, Kalainizhar TV, Sun TV, KTV, Udaya, Teja and so forth. I sincerely wish you launch more channels than Karunanidhi and beat him in this channel race. Maybe in your next term?

I recall the time when you ordered this old man Karunanidhi to be thrown in jail for his malicious actions and sanctions against you when he was in power. He was lifted from his bed by the police, his white dhoti dangled feebly when it was close to midnight and he was carried limply by the Tamil Nadu police. People who lived in remote parts of Tamil Nadu missed this endearing sight. This is precisely why Karunanidhi promised free TVs in his election campaign thereafter. Karunanidhi was not the only old man you ordered to be majestically carried away, there was another victim, the revered seer from the Kanchipuram mutt. Thank you for employing the police force wisely and increasing TRPs for the Tamil channels.

You continue to remove the burdens of the Tamil farmers and dairy farms. A program on TV showered praises of you for improving the rural economy. They stated that you take your daily bath in a humongous tub filled with milk and turmeric and you soap yourself with almond paste. The revenues for farming societies continue to sky rocket as more cows are milked to fill your tub just as more almonds and turmeric are grown to keep pace with your incessant demands. God bless you.

You killed a few hundred goats and few thousand hens to feed those who attended your foster son’s wedding. The hungry people who ate at the wedding feast burped and slurped and wagged their sambhar licking fingers to the skies. They accused God of not being as benevolent as you. You even revolted against the holy temple elephants and were responsible for their killing. You were kind enough to show the elephants the stairway to the heavens, you trampled them with your own weight. Do you hear goat’s bleat and elephant’s trumpet in your sleep or do you dream of the late MGR singing ba ba black sheep in his crackling voice?

You exemplified love and showcased what true friendship is about in your dealings with your good friend Shashikala. You adorned her and yourself with a thousand kilograms of gold. I shall not forget that beautiful gold belt that accentuated your waist and hers when your foster son got married. A marvelous sight indeed that lingers on.

Scam after scam and countless corruption charges have been levied against you. You have towered over them all valiantly. They call you Puratchi Thallaivi ( revolutionary leader ) for nothing. You have revolted against all cases. From TANSI to the flyover scams, you sat on the judge’s head (literally), crushed his bones and got rulings in your favor.

 You have increased the revenues for plastic surgeons in Chennai after every acid attack you have organized on your adversaries. This calls yet again for a celebration in your name. Shall we sacrifice more goats and hens?You have siezed vast acres of land and buildings across the state, you must only but surely be having plans to open charitable trusts at these places? God bless you again.

In Tamil Nadu, we can toss a coin to decide who will hold the reins of power. Almost every alternate election time, the scales tilt in your favor. You remain far heavier than your counterpart and many other known and unknown parts that this world has seen.I once again lie prostrate in front of you in conclusion. Long live Amma. Please bless your soft headed children of Tamil Nadu for having not much of a choice between you and that sinister old man with the dark coolers.



61 Responses to “Its Amma’s day today…”

  1. I still believe only a mother in such a powerful position like Jayalalitha can change our India into a heaven on earth( in ur words, utopia). But its unfortunate that, all women of Jayalalitha types who are in powerful positions forgotten that “a woman only can be a mother”. I as an Indian only can hope that when more than one third of our MPs /MLAs will be women, our country will gradually be changed into a safer and better place than what it is now. But its only a hope,which can be true if and only if, Indian Women starts believing in their strength. Women are enemies of women in our society. I am happy that women of India getting top positions in every field day by day. Although the process is slow, but its happening. But, they are not trying to help other women. GOD gifted only women to be creator of human. So, she deserves the equal rights as men possess. But our India will not change untill a woman starts helping another woman. A woman gets benefited means a whole family gets benefited. Thank you Sharmila for raising issues that our India needs to be concentrated on.
    Amaresh Rath

    • Thanks Amaresh for your comment. Would be a disaster ( if not already ) to see more Jayas.

    • Amaresh – I had written about the reservation bill too, try to read it when you get some time. My thoughts were on a different tangent to yours. Will be interesting to get your view.

  2. Reader Says:

    Beware of Amma… hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!


    Since its mother’s day, let me dwell on the main theme of the day.

    I, for one (being a son), do not count mothers among women. A mother is not a woman. She is just a mother.

    If my mother had been told that there was something called a mother’s day in the gregarion calender, she would have probably smiled and told me, “Leave them alone. Let them mind their business!”

    From the day that I can remember, every day has been a mother’s day – even after her death in 2001.

    She was the centre of gravity of our little solar system of five planets. There was no day, if she did not rise and there was no night, if she was awake. There was no light if she was away, there was no joy if she was not a part of it. If life can be called a day and death is its night, surely today is a mother’s day because I am here to say it!

    For the first few years of childhood, I felt she was the most pragmatic person in our house. When father would be brooding over the state of national politics, mother would be serving the dinner and asking us to say our prayers.

    When I was in school, I thought she was ambitious. She asked me to read and read and read… sort-of turned me into a wordsmith…

    When I was in the University, I felt she was a visionary. She believed in change and she believed in effort…

    When I left the house, I felt she was religious. She believed in God…

    When she died, I knew she was nothing. She was just who she had always been – a mother.

    • Aishwarya Says:


      Aiyyo amma! Took me a while to realize it wasnt a tribute!:P

      On the other hand, ‘gratifying’ best describes the feeling. Being a mother and reading a comment like the one above today.

    • Reader – Wonderful set of memories. Thanks for sharing and explaining who the real mother is. A starking contrast to my writing today.

      • Reader Says:

        Not a stark contrast. I picked up what I thought was the most positive line in your post… viz. “Gratifyingly, by and large we Indians are a lot more considerate when it comes to our Mothers.”

        I thought it was an understatement.

        I stated my response from a son’s perspective – firstly, to show that it is not a featured “considerate-ness” in the Indian ethos – and secondly, to demonstrate that a son doesn’t have to be mentally retarded to love his mother, as often depicted in our movies!


      • Reader Says:

        Amma’s balance-sheet is well done! You have missed a few minor entries like her 500 shoes and 500 sarees… But I guess from the ‘massive’ size of her accounts, you would post those under ‘sundry assets’. You are a CA, you would know better!


      • Thats strue, I should have written about the shoes and sarees too:)

      • And Reader – What about her intangible assets? Wonder what her valuation of goodwill will be..

      • Sharmila,

        I believe Amma holds a larger stock of goodwill outside her state than within.

        Politics is about social harmony. On this count Amma scores in many ways.

        As an observer of politics from outside the state, I can say with certainty, that post MGR, Jayalalitha has stemmed the Tamil nationalist movements at the roots.

        During the days of Khalistan in Punjab, Kashmir liberation and Bodo in Assam, the LTTE psyche had gained strong sympathy in Tamilnadu.

        Jayalalitha was instrumental in knocking out the separatist movements within the state.

        We hear of Tamil pride today, which is good, but none of the ‘Nadu’ sentiments!

        I always say, the power of a politician does not come from the portfolio. A poltician’s strength is in the ability to hold a society together as one unit.

        Amma’s failures lie in many other areas. Her focus on popularity has resulted in diversion of real wealth to other states.

        Tamilnadu, from the days of the East India Company, has been the first port of call for imperialists. That character of the state has not changed.

        The intellectuals are still engaged in writing rules to subjugate the lives of their own people. They make better secretaries than political leaders.

        Amma can do nothing about that. As a reprentative, she can be as only as good as what her people can do.

        We must give her credit though for bringing punjabi style of politics into her state. Tamilnadu was not used to vulgar display of wealth and power till Amma brought it to the streets.


      • Reader – I probably was quite harsh in highlighting all her negativities and as you rightly point out she has her strengths too. She is capable of raising Tamil Nadu to greater glory if she wished and did not get distracted with hoarding wealth. Rumor mills doing the wounds is that she also has her daughter and she may never be able to reveal her identity. A pity. I agree she held the LTTE at bay, one must not forget that she was also meant to attend the event at Sriperambadur when Rajiv Gandhi was killed, strangely she backed out at the last minute.

      • For example,

        Veerappan was not killed by the bullet of a policeman. He perished because he could not find alternate buyers for the ivory and sandalwood. His entire supply chain was destroyed by Amma’s administration!


      • Lol, this point I agree. The administration gloated a fair bit over it.

      • There is one more aspect of politics here.

        I have met many people who don’t care to ‘feel’ if there is no potential for some sort of returns.

        I don’t hold that against anyone, because emotions – as indicators of values – have this tendency to swing indefinitely in one direction. In politics, they often gravitate towards popular opinion. And they are in a safe zone so long as politics is subjective. They lose credibility when people look for objectives.

        I once wondered why voters in Andhra and Tamilnadu chose filmstars over regular politicians to decide their fate. And my dad said, “People who don’t get food, live on hope.”

      • Reader – I was writing to Shubha about the same thing. The people of TN enjoy escaping from reality when they can. Even Karunanidhi is a filmy chap.

  3. Lakshmi Jag Says:

    Pretty strong Sharmila…..the Jaya I have seen when she was in her twenties was a completely different person. A very intelligent, well read, poised, introvert who was pushed into the movie world by her mother. I personally think, she is taking revenge on her mother by displacing it on her male constituents. She was an all rounder who stood first in her school. It is sad to see an intelligent woman turn out to be the AMMA you describe which I know is true. I have seen the ugly part of her politics

    • Lakshmi – Sad, I know. This is one woman who is articulate, intelligent, well versed in many areas and somebody who is a lot more appealing than Karunanidhi. She is from my alma mater, Sacred hearts too. Sadly, she became the Amma we wish who never was.

  4. Sharmila,

    Your tribute 🙂 to Amma is spectacular. The Tamilians residing in the Northern states have a tough time explaining why Tamilians who are generally perceived to be intellectuals, elect either “sinister old men” or the “Puratchi Thallaivi”. Though we can offer umpteen explanations for this, at times it causes a lot of embarassment. I wish you had said something about the innumerable “Pattu Podavais” that she is said to own 🙂 Enjoyed reading every bit of it and yes I too figured the tone of your tribute pretty late 🙂


    • Shubha – I had no idea you knew Tamil. Glad you enjoyed the so called tribute. Yes, TN has a penchant for film stars and all things connected to cinema. They probably believe in escaping reality to a large extent!

      • Oh! I do speak Tamil pretty well but do not understand the literary works or the written version very easily!

      • Shubha – I cannot write or read tamil albeit tamil is my mother tongue, you are a lot better than i..:)

  5. Anand Khare Says:

    Hi Sharmila,

    I always wondered who is this ‘Bharat Mata’ they always talk about. Today, the fundas got cleared after reading the above.

    We knew very little about Hon’ble Jayalalithaji so far.Like,

    1.She has thousands of sarees,chappals etc.
    2.She has jewelery and properties worth billions.
    3.She is the only one Karunanidhi is scared off.

    Thanks for bringing out best of Jaylalitha to us.

    Tribute is more apt for Lovers’ day.


    • Anand – lol, I guess Tribute is not what this is then. Regarding point 3, it is a reciprocal situation. they have no other to fear but the other.

  6. Aishwarya Says:


    I was checking random tweets and noticed that most discussed the imported ‘Mother’s Day.’ Not a mention of Tagore’s 150th anniversary that fell on the same day. Kinda queer…


    • Aishwarya,

      I guess God protects his own.


    • Aish – Good point, no one even remembers him. Some think he is relative to Sharmila Tagore.

      • Sharmila,

        In fact Sharmila Tagore is related to Gurudev Tagore. She is his great grand daughter.

      • Reader – I dont think this is right.

      • Aishwarya Says:


        Considering the number of divorces, re-marriages, and live-in relationships of parents in the Western World, I doubt it would practically possible for the kids to look after their parents (out of many wedlocks). Mother’s Day would be a merry and confusing affair!

        My knowledge of the Western world is limited to ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’, so I hope I am wrong.:P


      • Ha ha. do you still watch B & B?


        The link is brief bio of Sharmila Tagore: It says

        A Bengali actress who achieved success young, Sharmila appeared in numerous Bengali classics before making the jump to Hindi cinema, which made her a sex symbol. The great-granddaughter of poet Rabindranath Tagore, she is also the wife of His Highness Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, Nawab of Pataudi, with whom she has three children, actor Saif Ali Khan born 16 August 1970, Saba and Soha Ali Khan, born 4 October 1978.

      • Wrong I think.

      • Correction:

        Sharmila Tagore is the Great Great Great Grand Niece of Gurudev Tagore. Hang on. Let me count them… 1..2…3, no, she is 2 greats grand niece!

        Her mother’s sister was the grand daughter of Tagore’s brother!

        And my head is spinning a little…


      • Lol Reader – If this is the case we may also be the great great ( to the power of infinity ) grand nephews and nieces of Hitler, Gandhi,Mandela and of course Tagore.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Lol…Reader. Mine too. 🙂


      • Aishwarya Says:

        Nah, that was the craze in the early 90s when Ridge, Brooke, and Taylor were ‘young and beautiful’ and the plot less confusing! Desperate Housewives, now and then.
        Nowadays I like ‘Two and a half men’. Not that it helps me understand the ‘typical’ family in the US, but it does crack me up!:)

      • I think Beverly Hills 90210 comes pretty close…

      • Aishwarya Says:


        I felt Jackie (Susan Sarandon) in ‘Stepmom’ portrayed the unconditional love and moments of frustration and insecurity of being a mom pretty well.

  7. Good Morning

    Even I initially felt that your post was all praise for Amma !

    Taking the opportunity to suggest that its time you give a face-lift to your blog. It gives the impression that it is dedicated to just films and films, but you write little on films and more on other subjects…well just a thought to consider

  8. Is your blog clock set to GMT or UK time ? If latter, then needs to be re-set to BST (British Summer Time)….well just another thought of the day !!

  9. MonaLisa Says:

    Who is greater? Who is the Biggest Lady Supremo!? Amma or Maya? No wonder all will see entire brigade of Ammas and Mayas as a result of the Bill of Reservations for women in future. It seems hard to resist and desist glamour of politics like another glamour world-show business.
    Politics is like a ten headed Ravan and Power,Lust for money/wealth and corruption are some of its heads.
    Politics seems like a monster creating machine instead killing the monsters prevailing in society.

  10. MonaLisa Says:

    Its Mothers day today. A day created by the West to annually remember that there is a Mother in their lives who needs to be showered with flowers and trinkets, only to move on with routine the day thereafter. The special show of love and honor diminishes after the day, Mother’s land in the category of being a burden at a speed faster than the time it takes to utter the word MOM. The ways of the western world continue to move to the other end of the spectrum, where love astonishingly has a price. Mother’s nanny the grand kids for a fee, children evaluate how much time to spend with their Mothers and ration it accordingly. After reaching a certain age, Mothers introspect their retirement plans so has not to burden their offspring’s and their offspring’s would not settle for anything less either. God bless those Mothers where the Government does not provide a pension.

    Sorry to say that one can’t agree upon this very superficial picture portrayed here. every society and system has its flaws, its drawbacks. No system is totally peachy and perfect. Allotting and Celebrating a special day is a way to show the gratitude to a very special person(mother) in life than taking that person granted saying that every day is a mother’s day for us. sure it is…! its an undeniable fact. But that is for Mothers. Who does her Job without taking a break and with unconditional love. But how many are greatful to their mother everyday and show their gratitude or do something special for her to make her happy, to make her feel special in one’s life!?
    sometimes ppl living together are so very distant than living far away from each other due to some unavoidable circumstances or as a result of common social norm.
    Lately i have noticed that it has been a fashion in India and among Indians to blame West and Westerners for everything though they themselves blindly follow west without proper understanding. It is quite annoying that Those who migrate from their country to west are not behind in this blame game either and gives us a good laugh when they curse everything here. yet no one wants to go back to their so good country.

    • What applies to Mothers, I feel applies equally or perhaps more in a physical sense to fathers.

      I have often asked myself why a father does what he does. At the age of 57, he rides an old bicycle 60 Kms everyday to his office. He has spent 30 years taking responsibilities that he could have lived happily without. He doesn’t ask for help from his children. He is still carefully counting the change left in his pockets and bargaining with shop keepers for a 5 rupee discount. He buys medicines for his wife first and sometimes forgets to buy them for himself.

      Mothers day, fathers day whether they are western or eastern are definitely superficial fancies.

      Allow me to quote two real life instances about aged parents:

      There was a handsome young couple near our house. Mr & Mrs JMK. Mr. JK was a manager in corporate accounts for a local cooperative bank. His wife worked in the same bank in the retail section.

      JK’s father MGK was a good friend of my dad. He once came and saw a medicine for haemorroids in my dad’s room. It cost around Rs 750/- a bottle. He asked me if he could have some of it. I bought him a new bottle from the pharmacy. And as I was giving it to him, the man started crying like a kid…

      After some time he recovered and said he was hungry. I made some poha for all of us and he went away blessing me as if I was his own son.

      In another case, there was this old fragile lady sitting in the dark on the pavement by the roadside. Her face was small, toothless and wrinkled. I was passing by and thought I heard her calling.

      I stopped and asked her, “Aai, kaay hawai?” (“Ma, what do you want?”)

      Her head turned up and she said, “I want to die.”

      I didn’t know what to say. I just stood there silently for a few moments and left.

      Where are the children? What are they doing? Are they making there parents proud, wherever they are?

      Gratitude is such an inadequate word.

    • MonaLisa – My thoughts have risen due to own observations after living in Australia for quite some time. If not for dole / social security I shudder to think what the senior citizens would do. Children by and large consider the parents to be a pain in the neck with the exception of Mother’s day or Father’s day where a big fanfare is conducted especially around lunches. Compare this to India, where we think we are moraly responsible for their welfare and show our gratitude everyday in one way or the other despite our own busy and hectic schedules. I have nothing against earmarking a day for gratitude, but I wish we remain grateful on a daily basis.

  11. My Dear sharmila,
    After reading your mother’s day post i’m dumbstrucked,never heard it like this before!Seems to be a serious matter.The funny parts really had me laughing….what a post! As usual i love to read your well intelligently written post.Have a great day!My love and blessings to you always…Saroj

  12. MonaLisa Says:

    Celebration is not a Substitute of Responsibilities. To care and share is the basic requirement of a Healthy Relationship.
    The incidences above are of very unfortunate ones whose children bailed themselves out of the responsibilities for their selfish motto in life. every relation is based on a Rule of Give & Take . in those cases children became Suckers and forgot that ‘Give’ part very conveniently.
    Based on those scattered incidents one can’t generalise and put all in one Box and consider them inadequate,selfish suckers, Who not only take & perform their responsibilities seriously with great joy and celebrate too.
    Father is a very important figure in a child’s life and no one can either deny or ignore that. That’s why we have Father’s day too.
    one can always skip the celebration if they find it too fancy to digest. Its never mandatory.

    • You said it better than I could have. Celebration is not a substitute. I called it fancy.

      For those – ‘suckers’ as you call them – they would gladly celebrate one day for a mother and another for a father and then go about their own ways.

      Those examples seem like isolated cases, I agree. I visited the old age home some time later. There are 15000+ old people living there. Each one has a remarkable story to tell.

      And these are in one town in India, I don’t know about the west. Nothing to be proud of. And, in my opinion, definitely a cultural issue. No one can make a law that can force children to care and share with their parents.

  13. MonaLisa Says:

    That’s why we have Social Security here . In India they have pension to make old age more secure and less burdensome. However Law has to be made and enforced if things are going out of hands and creating serious social havoc.
    The nos. rising/ getting larger in Old age homes in India shows how selfish, greedy and ungrateful children of this generation have become. Next generation will follow the footsteps undoubtedly.
    There should be no comparison between Eastern and Western cultures and values, having totally different set up in many/every aspects.

    • On a different note, allow me to describe the set-up of an NGO run by Shiv Sena.

      In one plot on the out-skirts of the city, they have an orphanage, a gym and health center for unemployed youth and an old age home. The establishement and infrastructure is free for the occupants, and done using money donated by (read extorted from) real estate developers, hard-working pretenders in the film industry and similar circles.

      Private citizens in India do not have pensions. That is only for government employees. Private people have to save money through tax exempt insurance schemes which promise pensions if you agree not to live beyond 100!

      Cultural enforcement is an anatehma in India. Mainly because of some of the horrific crimes done in the name of culture.

      That is why we are a developing nation. We are at cross-roads trying to transform from the staone age to the information age. The representatives of the societies who are empowered to make laws are always in a dilemma. If they pass bills to please the cultural institutions we are cursed by intolerance; If they try to reform through force they lose their seats.


  14. MonaLisa Says:

    Lol…! There you go…! There is some one to take care of elderly ppl & young adults! There ways might be questionable but intentions are good!
    It seems Gov. need to rewrite The Entire Constitution of India instead of trying to do some patch work here and there.
    The system should be reformed for betterment of citizens anytime. There should be no hindrance in such matters. If the picture is getting so ugly day by day then its a time for parents to Wake up and think about their own future saving considering the worst scenario in mind. Emotional drowning or blackmail is an inadequacy in itself.
    PPL love to follow west blindly in many matters why not such beneficial one to avoid friction and make future safe!?
    Insurance companies are another screwballs. Quite unreliable and unauthentic money spinsters they are. They en cash PPL’s fear, nothing else.

  15. S.M.Vyas Says:


    This is the second time I got the wrong impression of what your title really Like for “Swamy” ,initially I thought U must hv written something about the defamous “SWAMY” who was recently arrested for his misdeeds.Pleasantly,it turned out be on innocent,but famous character, “Swamy” of R.K.Narayan!

    While on Amma,I thought,it will be a Mothers Day tribute to ur mother in particular or Mothers in general. Lo ! I was again wrong. Not a usual phenomena I could remember or accept !

    But I must admit, very hard hitting but equally True & Fair as we call it in auditing/accounting terms ! And yes,as U hv gracefully admitted for error of omission- episode of Sarees & Shoes/ etc. were material enough to be ignored even in terms of Materiality Concept.I hv not been in very good frame of mind & am not reading it again,but still I feel that the Arrogance/Ego are the other virtues not properly highlighted ?

    But I shall write based on initial impression – after reading the same or else I may be again late in respondindg as I am in respect of Ajmal Kasab write up.

    Once again pls accept my sincere admiration for this wonderful write up ! And big Thank U for taking me through this journey of real life.



    • Vyasji – Thank you for your gracious comment as always. True and fair is important in all forms of reporting, from accounting to even blogging! There was an omission on my part, should have set a materiality limit at the outset though. I wish I had written on ego and arrogance, but at times it may be boring for the reader to oversaturate them, but your comment is noted for the future.Thanks a lot.

  16. Naughty Naughty :P!!!!!I thought you were praising her.I didn’t know much of her before reading your Tribute(was it really).But now one thing is certain that there are not much intangible assets in her possession.At least,no goodwill at all……….but surely some copyrights and trademarks…

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