An open letter to Kalmadi…

Dear Mr Kalmadi,

As usual you are the first mistake when the spell check was turned on.

The last time I saw you was at the closing ceremony of the Melbourne commonwealth games in 2006. You looked happy and content and basked in the proceedings. I wondered why you looked so copacetic. You were grinning from ear to ear at the Bollywood actors who were paid a vulgar amount to entertain the ” I really do not give a damn about Bollywood” crowd in Melbourne besides enthusiastic Aussie – Indians who swore by it. And when you were seated on your able posterior in the heart of the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, did you look around you instead of drooling over the Bollywood lasses? Did you see the stadium crumbling, did you see broken seats, did you see dirty toilets, did you see embarrassed faces, did you see incomplete athletes village, did you witness injuries because of poor facilities? Obviously not.

If you take a survey of the locals from Delhi, they foresee the games to be a disaster, not one or two say this, every other person in Delhi is playing Nostradamus. Delhi has been dug up so much that the residents could now crawl down to Kanyakumari. The trenches can also be used as bunkers just in case there is a terrorist attack. You could crawl into it yourself before the games begin. Every deadline for the games has been pushed backed. You can keep pushing back the deadlines, but can you push back the games? You must seriously scout around to see if you could do this. Another good option is to have the closing ceremony as the first and last event. Close the games even before it opens.The earlier deadline for completing works was June 30, and then it was moved to July 15 and then end of July. But have these extra days been of any use? TV footage shows the Shivaji Stadium, the venue for women’s hockey, where digging of foundation is still going on. Identical scenes can be seen outside SP Mukherjee Stadium, Barapullah Flyover and a myriad other places.The Connaught Place market is still undergoing renovations. The old cow has requested that all digging is to be stopped. I doubt this would happen, given that digging is a serious national pass time.

The games are largely about showcasing a country. If you have visited the Olympic facilities at Beijing you most likely had seizures. It has the best games village in the world and can host the next five olympics like a breeze. You better not think about bidding for the Olympics. We will be shooting ourselves in the foot, yes, you may even ask, what foot? The Games were a grand opportunity to encourage Indian athletes who are hiding in oblivion behind the only game the nation talks about, cricket. Now, the games make a fine case study for disorganization at it’s best and due credit if not all of it will be given to you when students in B school will mull over it.

And as is the dastardly preparations for the games are hard enough to digest, we have full-blown corruption at the helm of the games affairs. And then there is Mani Shanker Aiyer who is not helping in the game’s progress either. All this while I thought you were the main retard spear heading the games,you now have able competition from Mani Shanker Aiyer who has taken the prime portfolio of non executive officer. He is also another man like you who will be seen smiling if the games are a disaster. Despite the gag order on him from the high command, he is mumbling under his breath and wishes for the worst. We do stand out as a country don’t we?

You have treated the games like the shoddy, shabby way we bid and build our infrastructure. The Central Vigilance Committee has today disclosed that every quality certificate that has been issued is fake. The fake certificates were routinely issued and sub standard work passed so that payments could be made to bogus suppliers to their off shore accounts. So far sixteen projects are under scrutiny and the cost of these run to the tune of over 2,500 crores. Just like every other embezzlement that has hit the country in the last few decades, we will never know the exact monetary impact of this scam. And Mr Kalmadi, this is our money that we are talking about here. Todays headlines are screaming that you are turning a blind eye to the corruption and you are even denying it.You are a very handicapped man. I know you are dumb, but you have taken the audio – visual handicap to another level and yet again you will make a marvelous subject for a research team. You will get your due credit for this.

You have exactly two months to get your act right. If you do not and if you have even a wee bit of shame, then not only must you step down as President of the Indian Olympic Association but also shave off that hall-mark beard of yours and go into hiding. But, knowing how the system works in this part of the world, you will continue to be the President of the IOA, like Bootstrap Bill from the Pirates of the Carribean, you will grow like a weed. Do watch this movie, and I am sure you have the time too,you will whole heartedly agree with me. In the movie, the longer anyone serves on the Flying Dutchman, his human features are replaced by sea life. The difference is, Bootstrap Bill needed prosthetics to look gruesome, you do not.

Wishing you luck,



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  1. Prashanth K.P. Says:

    Brilliant. An exact and factual composition of the disaster that is looming around the corner in the name of CWG and Suresh Kalamadi. A disaster that will forever bring the brand name INDIA down to the gutters with dire consequence cascading into other Indian Products with Branded Names as well. I am convinced that the effect will be so devastating that our well known engineering and manufacturing companies too will be impaired. CWG was a disaster knowingly invited by the Ignorant Fools in the Government and belligerent quipsters like Kalamadis. Though late, I wish INDIA did not beg to HOST such and international event knowing fully well its weak and wane capability by entrusting responsibilities to joksters like Kalamadis and the rest of his bandwaggons.

    • Thank you. The problem is, it is ok to beg to host the games if we used this as an opportunity to better India Shining. Instead, we have lost a valuable opportunity. Yes, the impact will be quite far fetched. There are many countries who wait for us to falter, just to have the moral edge. Only lluck can get us through.

  2. Lovely, especially the crying urge about this being our money. I wish we all realized that all such national drama happens on the taxpayer’s money, not that the entire nation even pays up.

    • Thanks Lily. Yes, ultimately it is the tax payers who are made to weep.

    • money more than 50000 crore likely to be booked for CWG. Passport of all concerned officials, administrators, engineers, contractors, transporters, airline officials should be got deposited for inquiry after games, as assured by sports minister.
      People like Saif should have refused absurd huge amount of money paid for paltry job.
      sports minister should also know that shameless corrupt persons are not bothered about ‘Desh ki Izzat’.

  3. Vaibhav Lodha Says:

    Super Like! Good one….

  4. Anish Tripathi Says:

    Great article – but waster of time on thick-skinned people running our country. Wud have been better if Modi had pitched for Games to be held in Ah’bad. We are staring at a national humiliation – and frankly, we cant do anything but watch in horror!

  5. Sharad Maheshwari Says:

    dear Sharmila,
    A fine written wording,s ., but did you think that this man of shame will bow down, no he will smile for his shameless acts being as a president of Indian Olympic Association, bringing the glorious beauty down with all the hell of corruption down the table, litching all the money from the coffin’s from the public who is founding hard to meet even the basic needs of sustaining life. They are just packing up their pockets to keep their next 7 generation’s free from troubles. More can be done if he faithfully done his duties and responsibilities by providing better infrastructure for the players who are eager to go but cannot afford facilities.

    An eye opener article

  6. Muraliraja Says:

    Rather you should wish us luck! Having someone like him in the system is injurious to our health & wealth. Particularly for Delhi citizens. It will be a nightmare to see those flyovers & stadiums fall on poor citizens & sports personalities bring our image down in front of the world.
    Look at him. After all this disaster still he is in power. Worst, still in denial. I always wonder how these (corrupt) people walk around with corruption written on their face. What they are doing with all this money. Eat? When they eat don’t they get the feeling that they are eating other people food. Are their family members ashamed of such things?

    I guess problem is with us. We leave someone like Kalmadi still in power. Sub standard & unsafe infrastructure is the price we pay for our mistake.

    • Muraliraja – Yes, I wish us all luck too. He is bound to be in power for a long time. Thats how things anyway work here. Someone else has aptly commented there needs to be a people movement to oust such characters out.

  7. The government is fleecing us taxing us, inflation is killing and then we have corruption. I even read somewhere that after spending 300+ crores on a stadium it could not withstand the first showers that too in Delhi, i mean we are not talking about Mumbai showers, just Delhi shower.

    Very well written article.

  8. Dear Madam,

    Thank you for the last line that says ‘Wishing you luck’… I did not understand the rest of your letter.

    However, I am trying here to attempt a relevant reply. You have used the word ‘Games’ or ‘Commonwealth Games’ several times in your letter… I do not know what the words mean… pray, tell me what you are talking about…

    Madam, I am a Member of the Parliament. I am one of the law makers of the country and no private citizen is allowed to legally subject me to prosecution. Hence, I do not take cognizance of any legal obligations that the public assumes.

    Incidently, I am also the ‘Chairman of the Organising Committee’, which is only a title that stands for something I do not know.

    I have always considered myself as a Project Manager and it is my first duty to ensure that every project I lead delivers profits to all my friends and the party.

    I am a major fund raiser in the Party and without funds no party can have presence in every village in this country. Please do not call it money laundering or hawaala racket. I am deeply hurt by such sentiments. Dear Madam, I am not a selfish man. What will I do with so much money? This money is given to our party workers for spending on alcohol, dance bars and other logistical expenses during elections and routine politics.

    Please do not name and shame our facilitators in UK, US or Europe. In these days of globalisation, these people are very valuable.

    I hope you sympathize with our difficulties Madam. You see, it is not possible to directly withdraw the tax money from the RBI’s revenue accounts. We must have projects to collect the money through other channels.

    I do not know why you are doing a survey of the tunnels dug up under Delhi. The master plan, that I have, is only for above ground works. Please visit the new stadiums. You will notice that even the drains are on the running tracks.

    I hope you enjoy the opening ceremony of the project. All the top leaders of anti-India terror groups have been invited for the function. And to guarantee your satisfaction, they have agreed to give autographs before the commencement of the ceremony.

    Your most humble servant,


    PS: Mr. Aiyer is a close friend and I always respect him when he doesn’t talk about me.

    • Kalmadi Says:

      LOLLLLLL……. I just cant stop laughing after reading this revert from your most humble servant. Wish I was there to bury Kalmadi in the bunkers. He is a national shame and I am quite sure that pakistani have bribed him to create a disaster in India. No doubt that CWG would be disaster hence Kalmadi should be declared as terrorist and should be treated like Kasab.

    • Kalmadi – You prove time and again you are a handicapped man. ! 🙂

  9. Sharmila,

    I expect Mr. Kalmadi will be more vague, subjective and obscure than what I have tried to imagine.

    Let’s watch what he actually says when he faces Arnab Goswami grills him at 1700 Hrs today.

  10. Correction: when Arnab Goswami of TimesNow grills him at 1700 Hrs today.

    There is apparantly no written contract with Ashish Patel’s AM Films, UK.

  11. His Excellency Honorable Minister for Sports, Mr. MS Gill, former president of the Indian Hockey Federation, who successfully steered India from the World Cup victory of 1982 to disqualification in 2008, has now started making familiar noise about taking remedial action against corruption.

    MS Gill, a diplomat turned politician, is a founder member of the spin-doctor’s alumni. Kalmadi is in safe hands.

    Also, the CAG has joined the CVC in investigation of the money trail.

    BJP will make a lot of noise in the parliament as CAG has decided to table it’s investigation report in the winter session of the parliament.

    Pranab Mukherjee the official ditherer of the congress party will obviously decline any request for a JPC and formally announce a cabinet level investigation. **10 years from now Kalmadi will be nominated for the President.

    **Conditions Apply: All this will happen only if the bamboo scaffolding supporting the roof of the stadium is not accidently removed by someone after the opening ceremony.

    • From what I hear the noise is not gaining much ground in leading to constructive action. The CAG reports were out one year back and concealed from parliament, If only the “pressure” from the media was on a year back, things probably ( more unlikely than likely but..) could have been a wee bit better today.

    • The condition you state is critical here.

  12. Its not unusual for NRIs being used for moving money between accounts. Lalit Modi and the overseas friends of the filmstars associated with IPL sponsors made a blooper exposing their links to the media during the parties.

    Let us hope no regular celebrities are involved in the CWG racket. The St. James Court Hotel in London, which Ashish Patel frequents (according to TimesNow), is a favorite haunt of Indian celebs. One of them is even doing an item number in the opening ceremony.

  13. Anand Khare Says:

    Somehow, we living in India are habitual of getting everything on the last date/time. For example submitting the form on last day,starting studies on last day,paying bills on last date, getting in to check in counters on last moment etc.We are experts in creating a crisis and then manage it after taking due benefits from it. Most of the time, the self created crisis takes its toll.

    Why blame only Kalamadi for this?We all are part of the problem. The wonder is while everyone knows the solution,no one implements it.

    Mr. Kalamadi was very successful when he organised similar games in Pune & Hyderabad. Where was the media? Why faults have suddenly developed with one man.Is it something to do with politics?Why learned people like Main Shankar Aiyar who largely remains irrelevant and insignificant in Indian politics suddenly start getting coverage on all channels.

    Media reports on corruption in these games are largely baseless and without proper investigation. It would not be prudent to take them on their face value. New Delhi is definitely benefited due to the games as much as it did way back in 1982. The kind of infra works are done , in normal circumstances it would have taken double the time with half the quality.

    Having lived in Delhi and seen the preparations going on for last three years I am sure the games will take place as per schedule with full success. The only worry, is India prepare to put same performance in various games and athletic events?


    Reader- Partner,I am ROTFL after reading reply of Mr. Kalmadi. It makes lot of sense.

    • Anand – I do not think the media reports are baseless. The Comptroller and Audit General offices of India have issued reports a year back sighting incompletion and irregularities. The same was conviniently concealed from parliament. Besides, the UK Govt blowing the whistle is more reliable than even what we can expect from this side of the world. On the same note, like you even I wish the games to be a success despite raising all these points on how difficult it is to be one. The games have to take place on schedule, you cannot change that!

  14. Anand,

    This is a curious state of our party politics.

    Every political party expects its members to add value to the party’s strength. Some bring manpower, some bring money. The more money one gets into the party’s treasury the more power he wields.

  15. I do not believe Kalmadi gives a damn about whether the Games will be a success. He must have filled up his pockets to the brim. Rs. 2500 crores is a huge amount. Even a commission of 1% is enough.

    Well written.

  16. replyismust Says:

    what i dont understand is that why has this doucebag been the IOC president since a century? I guess they named him when he was born. Ridiculous.

    • There are many Kalmadis in the system. Top down. If this part of the system is cleaned up, India will be in the top three economic powers in the world in a jiffy.

  17. Aloke Jaipuria Says:

    Dear Sharmila,

    A very well written article but not enough.I am one who would wish we citizens (tax payers) to just not limit ourselves to article and commenting.We owe a lot more and must start a movement coming out on street & walk upto parliament in a peaceful manner and seek resignation of such politicians & beaurocrats and make d govt. Accountable till d end.

    • Thank you Alok. Yes, I agree that reading and writing about the mess may not do much. There needs to be a people movement. Recall the recent one in Indonesia where civilians took over th airport. We do not even have to attempt this! Rallies in India need to be organized smartly to be effective. You would need the police on your side and you also need support from the Govt itself to take to the streets unless the rally has a force in the thousands which can break the restraining factors. But, I hear you completely regarding a movement by the people for the people.

  18. Aishwarya Says:

    This is ventriloquism at its best – the party the ventriloquist and Kalmadi the dummy. Only difference is noone’s laughing, because the joke is on us.

    • The joke is most surely on us, Come October, the world will be laughing. Bollywood glitz cannot conceal the cracks in the stadiums.We need luck to avoid this.

  19. Some Indians are adept in covering mulfunctioning ventricles. Oct 15 will bare facts.

  20. Sharmila,

    About a people’s movement that you have mentioned in one of the responses above.

    In any type of society the constitution is upheld and preserved by those who benefit from it. These beneficiaries create anarchy when their privileges are withdrawn.

    Our society is divided in every possible way.

    There is a North-South political divide – For example, MS Gill (MoS) & Sheila Dixit (DDA) turn the heat on Kalmadi (OCC) to strengthen their positions in the Congress Working Committee lead by Sonia Gandhi. The North-South divide is visible in all political movements across the country. Every public welfare project brings money to the ruling party’s coffers. Whoever gives more gets more. Ask Raja.

    There is a media handler’s divide. NDTV & TimesNow are run by their stock holders in London from the Church of England to the Bennett Coleman group.

    Headlines Today and the Aaj Tak group are run by the Jain community who are the Indian equivalent of German Jews between WW I and WW II. They target performing fleas all over the country to defend their Godless world. Their latest is an expose on corruption in the armed forces. Reminded me of the WW I arms supplies’ scam described in Mein Kempf?

    The Congress divides the society in the name of secularism, culture, tribes, language, gender, wealth and into government & private citizens.

    The left is divided by Maoists and Leninists. The right is divided by Americans and Brits.

    The lawyers are divided by the judges. There are a handful of lawyers who are permitted to file PILs. Any commmon citizen who tries to use that route dies in road traffic accidents.

    The law enforcment agencies are divided by their subjugation to the prevailing polity.

    By territories:

    Andhra is divided by Telangana. Karnataka is divided by the miners. Kerala is divided like teenagers between dependence and growing up. Tamil Nadu regrets that they cannot have their own currency. Maharashtra is divided by the cooperative society act causing farmer’s suicides. Madhya Pradesh is divided by militancy. Orissa is divided by multinationals and tribals sitting on mineral ores. Punjab is divided by food shortage. Himachal is divided by the rule of religious panchayats. Uttar Pradesh is divided by aristocracy, religion and the caste systems. Bihar is divided by faithlessness. Assam is divided by Christians and the Chinese.

    By families:

    Couples are divided by behavioral expectations.

    Parents are divided over roles and responsibilities.

    Brothers are divided over equal rights.

    Sisters are divided over social compulsions.

    Divided.. divided… divided…

    Is there a brighter side?

    • Hmmm…Not even a Ray of Hope is seen in the situations you described…Reader..!
      What a Pity…!
      ‘Divide and Rule’ is the greatest gift, Indians ever had from anybody in the entire world. which suits more to all now to yield the results easily and their own ways.

    • Even AB’s blog is divided into a few amusing categories. BTW, I think the Jains run the TOI. But, yes we are probably the world’s most divided nation.

      • I guess groupism is common to most social networking sites on the internet. My own favorite was Adam Scott’s Dilbert where the bloggers were usually hostages calling in from their office cubicles.

        About the divisions I suppose there are simply too many latent failures in their occurrence. I care to know them only to safeguard myself. Social service is an adventure that can be safely bypassed if one is cautious.

  21. Now I get it why there is a slogan ” My India The Great/est”.
    Indeed it is….! 🙂
    so appropriately befitting…! It is turned it into a ‘Great Country’ by such ‘Great’ ppl like Kalmadi,Gill,L Modi,Pawar and many more….The entire platoon of politicians & bureaucrats and others joining the band wagon for their vested interests…..
    No wonder some countries are opting out CWG and some will decide later, inspecting the facilities. Could the politicians and bureaucrats do at least one thing right to make ppl proud..!?
    Do the scam,deny it( if got caught) and no one can touch you….works wonder…!

  22. Sharmila,

    Here is a research that was published 3 years ago. A few minor changes have occured over these years.

    Note: India Today is also the group that owns Headlines Today and Aaj tak owned by Arun Purie and run by Prabhu Chawla.

    Following are the owners and sponsors of the media in India:

    NDTV:-SPANISH based GOSPEL OF CHARITY which supports communism in SPAIN. Indian CEO, PRANOY ROY is the CO-BROTHER-in-law of PARKASH KARAT–Gen Secy of CPI(M). Brinda Karat and Roy’s wives are sisters. Gospel of Charity are also supporting MUSHARREF of PAKISTAN–the reason for bonhomie between MUSHAREFF & ROY. It also controls INDIA TODAY a national weekly.

    IBN7:- 100 percent funded by SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH in USA. It gives 800million Dollars annually to the channel. Indian CEO is Rajdeep Sardesai–an ex cooleague of Pranoy Roy.

    TIMES GROUP;- Includes both print & Electronic –such as TIMES NOW CHANNEL & Times of India & other News papers… owned by BENNET & COLEMAN. World CHRISTIAN COUNCIL does 80% funding and 20% funding is done by an ITALIAN & ENGLISHMAN–who share equally. The ITALION–ROBERTIO MINDO is a close relative of SONIA GANDHI. Has also bought HINDUSTAN TIMES–besides controlling–other news papers of the group.

    STAR TV:- Controlled & funded by an AUSTRALIAN, Robert Murdocch –supported by St Peters pontification Church in MELBOURNE

    THE HINDU:- Recently taken over by JOSUA SOCIETY, BERNE, SWITZERLAND. N RAM the CEO has a SWISS wife.

    STATESMAN & KAIRALI TV:- Controlled & owned by CPI(M).

    INDIAN EXPRESS :- Recently divided into INDIAN EXPRESS (NORTH INDIA) and NEW INDIAN EXPRESS. SOUTH INDIA). The Indian Express is controlled &funded by ACTS cristian Ministeries. The NEW INDIAN EXPRESS is still has an Indian Owner.


    • There are many spelling and language mistakes in that. I simply copy-pasted the original. Blame it on Rio.

      My point in showing that was, the media as opinion makers have a clear agenda written bby their masters, and that has nothing to do with the viewers.

    • Reader – Thanks for the relationship. Do you recall a chart I had put up here at

      It showed the media / political relationships.

      • I have been trying to get similar info on the powerful Indian NGOs that are working as political and financial conduits for both the political party’s and the media.

        I know some in Pune that were run by the wives up top Industrialists.

        Foreign NGOs like Greenpeace, Red Cross, Save the Children etc. are quite transparent. They collect about 20-25 Cr in donations and the efficiency of their volunteers/regional offices is measured by their ability to raise funds.

        I am sure the Indian NGOs work on the same principle, but with the primary aim of laundering money on shore.

      • The Charity Commissioner in each district is the facilitator of the NGO business. Their office is usually in one of the floors of the Income Tax Commissioner or the District Collector’s office.

  23. Anand Khare Says:

    The world is by and large owned by Christians. And so are the commonwealth games.(Commonwealth means the queen wants to share the money, looted from across the world by her subjects, with the commoners of the world).That is precisely the reason why CWG would never fail despite all the so called deficiencies noted by respectable media of India.

    • Anand,

      Sorry for making an uncalled response.

      Long ago, living in an ordnance estate, riding a bicycle through the lanes of the cantonment, if anyone had said to me then that nothing belongs to me, I would have laughed at the person.

      I was young then, and immature. The world was my playground.

      Today I know that nothing belongs to me. Not a square foot of land, nor my work, nor my money, nor my effort, nor my family… nothing…

      I used to laugh at my dad & mom when they thanked God before every meal and every day in the morning and in the evening… I used to wonder what they were afraid of…

      Today I know…

  24. Sharmila,

    You have hit the nail on the head. If only Kalmadi could read this. Not that it is going to affect him as we all know that he has a thick skin and probably would want to deny everything as he has been doing recently. It is people like him that the world views India through and what impression he creates is for all to see. I would like to know ways of getting rid of him which is the most urgent thing required now, as we all know what has become of our sports under his mismanagement. What irks us all though is how SHAMELESS can a person be and that too sitting at the helm of sport affairs in this country, providing an absolute spectacle of his ineptitude and mismanagement for all the world to see and then not wanting to be held accountable to anything.


  25. Dabegi kab talak aawaaz-e-aadam, ham bhi dekhenge
    Rukenge kab talak jazbaat-e-barham, ham bhi dekhenge
    Chalo yun hi sahi ye jaur-e-paiham, ham bhi dekhenge

    … … … How long will voice be suppressed, we shall see
    … … … How can we hold our anxiousness, we shall see
    … … … Be as it may, this era of atrocities, we shall see

    Ye hungaam-e-wida-e-shab hai aye zulmat ke farzando
    Sehar ke dosh par gulnaar parcham ham bhi dekhenge
    Tumhe bhi dekhna hoga ye aalam ham bhi dekhenge

    … … … It is time to bid good night, O heirs of this dark era
    … … … The crimson flag in the arms of dawn, we shall see
    … … … You must see this spectacle too, that we shall see

    Sahir Ludhianvi

    (Translit Mine)

  26. Anand Khare Says:


    The more I read you,more I respect you for more I learn from you.

    Thanks for apt rejoinder and relevant khayal from Sahirji’.


  27. Jab kabhi unki tavajjo mein kami paayi gayi
    Az-sar-e-nau daastaan-e-shauq dohraayi gayii

    … … … Whenever their dedication was found wanting

    … … … This history was repeated from the beginning

    Ai gam-e-duniyaa tujhe kyaa ‘ilm tere vaaste
    Kin bahaanon se tab’eeyat raah par laayi gayi

    … … … Dear world of struggles! little do you know

    … … … The pretenses we use to remain with you

    Hum kare tark-e-vafaa, achha chalo yun hi sahi
    Aur agar tark-e-vafaa se bhi na rusvaaii gayi?

    … … … I shall abandon all my loyalties if you say so,

    … … … What if even that does not relieve this pain?

    Kaise kaise chashm-o-aariz gard-e-gam se bujh gaye
    Kaise kaise paikaron ki shaan-e-zaibaayii gayii

    … … … So many bright faces are covered by this dust

    … … … So many cultures have lost their pride..

    Jurrat-e-insaan pe go taadiib ke pahre rahe
    Fitrat-e-insaan ko kab zanjeer pahnaai gayi?

    … … … A man’s courage may be tamed by force

    … … … But when has anyone chained man’s nature?

    Arsa-e-hastee mein ab tesha-zano kaa daur hai
    Rasm-e-changezi uthi to qaid-e-durraai gayi

    … … … This inhuman era is witnessing the brutal rule of weapons

    … … … Imprisonments go only when Ghenghis Khan’s ritual’s perish

    Sahir Ludhianvi

    (Translit Mine)

  28. Reader,
    You seem to have entire collection of SL. Did you translate all..?

    • Sharmila,

      I know practically every word that Sahir has ever written. Sahir in Urdu means ‘Magician’.. he was indeed a magician with words…

      During my days in the hostel, my room mates and friends had a great time reciting shayari.. Ghalib, Sahir, Iqbal, Faiz, Firaq etc… My personal fav was Sahir…

      He was not romantic in a classical sense.. but rebellious.. he took poetry to a different level… using it as an instrument for cultural socialism (Socialism.. as opposed to Communism)..

      My translations are always extempore… I change the tone to meet the context…

      I can never translate popsicle romances 😦

      • MonaLisa Says:

        Magician he is…! Magician of the words. He does sound rebellious. His words are like sward…. Quite acidic..!
        What’s wrong with romantic ones…!? is it not one colour of the Rainbow..!?

      • Reader – Thanks for always including Sahir’s lyrical words in many of the posts. Not only is it profound but I enjoy the way it all falls in place ( mostly ) with relevance to the post.

      • Sharmila,

        I’d say that’s a left handed compliment. It is sad that Sahir’s rebellious poetry of the ’50s and ’60s should still be relevant to the nation’s state…

    • Oops… Big Correction: MonaLisa not Sharmila …

      I am getting old…

      Here is an Example of keeping context:

      The last verse is

      Arsa-e-hastee mein ab tesha-zano kaa daur hai
      Rasm-e-changezi uthi to qaid-e-durraai gayi

      Literal translation is:

      … … … This period of living is witnessing the age of the power of the axe
      … … … When Ghenghis Khan’s customs were raised, the whipping in prisons went

      What I did was:

      … … … This inhuman era is witnessing the brutal rule of weapons

      … … … Imprisonments go only when Ghenghis Khan’s ritual’s perish

      • MonaLisa Says:

        Who says you can’t do that romantic Popsicles..!? You just did…..used it in a different context though..! 🙂

      • MonaLisa,

        You are right. Daag’s ghazal Tumhare khat mein was sung by Ghulam Ali and it is a romantic tiff between lovers.

        If you noticed, I dropped all the verses with the sob-sob croonings of a jilted lover…

        Like this one:

        Rahaa na dil mein vo be-dard aur dard rahaa
        Muqeem kaun huaa hai maqaam kis kaa thaa

        … … … The insensitive didn’t stay; the pain stayed in my heart

        … … … Look who has occupied the place and whose place was it

        I have done the translation here but its not what I like to. I think Urdu and Hindi romantic ghazals flatter the female too much…


  29. Sharmila – First of all let me wish your father-in-law a speedy recovery and return to good health.

    I agree with most of what you say about Mr. Kalmadi and our politicos in general. Corruption is a dreadful curse that has afflicted our country and has put paid to our growth as a nation. And the saddest part is we have come to accept it as a part of our existence. SOS

  30. Parmaatma Says:

    A closed letter…
    Tumhaare khat mein naya ik salaam kis ka tha

    Na tha raqeeb to aakhir vo naam kis ka tha?

    … … … For whom was the new salute in your letter?

    … … … If it wasn’t a foe, whose name was it after all?

    Vo qatl kar ke har kisi se puuchhate hain

    Ye kaam kis ne kiya hai ye kaam kis ka tha?

    … … … They commit a kill and ask everyone around

    … … … Who has done this, whose work is this after all?

    Humaare khat ke to purze kiye padhaa bhi nahin

    Suna jo tum ne baa-dil, vo payaam kis ka tha?

    … … … Our letter they tore up into pieces, never read it either

    … … … One they heard carefully, whose was the message after all?

    Har ek se kehate hain kya “Daag” bevafaa nikalaa

    Ye puuchhe in se koi vo ghulaam kis ka tha?

    … … … They tell every one that ‘Daag’ was unfaithful

    … … … Ask them whose slave was he after all?

    Daag Dehlvi

    (Translit Mine)

    • Reader,
      Oh..! no no…I don’t find it flattering…anyway..! But…You are right…It’s too bad for A healthy mental state…too much of flattery is atrocious for women. It takes and keeps them away from reality, drive them directly to the wonderland, either with swollen ego or suicidal swift.

      • MonaLisa,

        If I read between the lines…

        By I don’t find it flattering I can safely assume that you are a woman… so Da Vinci was not very off the mark…

        Secondly, I am yet to know a woman who finds flattery too much

        Lastly, I am sure many good boys will agree that women should be kept away from reality and driven to wonderland, if possible. At the least, it can save some overdrafts on credit cards.


      • MonaLisa Says:

        🙂 🙂 🙂
        Never thought my gender is still on probe.

        How many women have you met and tried..!? You can find Many these days not being flattered by flattery… 🙂
        Try again…

        Those ‘Good Boys’ are really ‘Bad Boys’…. 🙂

        Btw what are you suggesting by ‘Da Vinci’ asn’t VERY Off The Mark….. !? Do you find him somewhat off the mark..!?

      • MonaLisa,

        There was something about the portrait which once led to a worldwide speculation among curators that it was Da Vinci’s own portrait without the beard…

        So you see, I have a good reason to feel relieved that you haven’t got one…


      • MonaLisa,

        My view is, flattering women is not easy yet never fails to deliver results…

        Here is an example of the most difficult person to flatter – a mother

        I was annoyed with my mom once because of something I don’t remembet clearly.

        “I AM NOT GOING TO CALL YOU MY MOM FROM TODAY!” I announced rather boldly, and went into my study room and shut the door for the day.

        Two days later, dad called me to his room and said,

        “Hey, what did you say to her? She hasn’t had a meal since yesterday.”

        I told him the story.

        He said, “Go back and say something that will make it up. We can’t go on like this you know.”

        I agreed. Dad was such a matured man.

        I went back to mom and said, “You are angry because I said I won’t call you Mom?.. come on, don’t be such a kid… does that mean you are not going to be my mom anymore?”

        And she broke up… and life moved on…

        See? Every one falls for flattery… even mothers… just got to know how…

  31. Skeletons tumbling out of the CWG by the hour! Someone is leaking documents and deals to the media.

    We have a saying, that a ship in the ocean leaks from the bottom; the ship of ‘information’ leaks from the top…

    Opening batsmen bowled by the pace, T. S. Darbari and Mahendroo asked to resign. Brinda Karat claims 744 Cr diverted by planning commission to CWG… Opposition up in arms… Sushma Swaraj says, governemnt has betrayed the common man…

    I wonder who is betraying Kalmadi. Someone is giving the files to the media.

    In-fighting in the congress or is the bureaucracy makiing a point about corruption – that they are merely regulators and not the cause of corruption? Who will buy that?

  32. My suspicions seem to be right.

    Here is a sequence of events that the three media houses are not discussing. NDTV is playing the peacemaker, TimesNow is playing the spoiler and Headlines Today is the hunting dog.

    September 13th 2009: President of the Common Wealth Games Federation, Mr. Michael fennel asks to meet the PM over slow progress of work.

    September 14th 2009: Fennel writes a letter to PM based on the CAG report.

    October 7th 2009: Fennel meets Manohar Singh Gill MoS

    October 15th 2009: Kalmadi asks for Mike Hooper CEO to be repatriated.

    October 15th 2009 (same day): Kalmadi refuses setting up a technical review committee to oversee the preparation of the games.

    October 15th 2009 (same day): Indian Olympic Association (again Kalmadi) denies permission for independent monitoring.

    October 16th 2009: IOA insists that Mike Hooper must go back to London.

    October 19th 2009: MS Gill intervenes to brokler a peace between Kalmadi and Mike Hooper.

    October 24th 2009: There is no disagreement between Kalmadi and Fennell, says MS Gill

    October 28th 2009: Fennell says, all issues resolved.

    December 30th 2009: Paul Stephenson of Daily Telegraph reports that England might pull out of the Common Wealth Games

    My question is who is running this show?

    My best guess is that all the three TV channels are getting their feed from England and a whole lobby in London is working systematically to show who is the boss. Navika Kumar of TimesNow is reporting from London getting all her feed locally about the British Department of Treasury and Customs and the Indian High Commission.

    The games will be held in Glasgow in 2014 and the Queen is going to be mighty pleased about that. There are only 4 Home countries in the common wealth namely England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The rest 67 are colonies.

    • If we go by the common logic that its always a loser in a corruption racket that cries the loudest, then someone in London has lost big time…

      But Indian politicians are better off than those in Pakistan. At least our leaders do not work from offices in London. They still operate through NRI or celebs.

      In the CWG racket, the winners are the most silent. There appears to be one company in Australia and the others are in the Congress Working committee in New Delhi.

    • There is also a good chance that the Indians will duck this one and palm it off on the Brits.

  33. Reader,
    so Kalmadi is not that bad as pictured/portrayed in public by media…
    Real loser is that Brit Mike Hooper & co….?

    • MonaLisa,

      Kalmadi is corrupt , but not a loser in this episode.

      My personal opinion is London is the first port of call for anti-national politicians from any country – Asia, South Africa et al… London is for political exiles what Switzerland is for black money…


      I am typing with one finger… dinner across the table… hope no corrections

  34. Reader,
    That discloses the secret of the trend going on these days everywhere…in the world. Corruption at higher level is a common norm in almost all the countries…If You get your fair share or ‘Lion’ share in some cases, you keep mum or else…you spill the beans out…. And exactly that’s what Brits did in this case it seems…

  35. My Dear Sharmila
    Great write up as usual.I really do hope the preparations will be finished for the CWG in such short time,or,it would be very embarrassing.Many out here are looking forward for the opening.

    Hope your father in law is feeling much better by God’s grace.
    I did left you a message on AB blog day836 @163

    Love always

  36. Saroj – Thank you very much. Yes, I hope they get their act right in the next two months. I am sorry I missed your message, I just saw it. Thank you for your God send wishes as always.

  37. MonaLisa Says:

    Sorry to hear about your father-in-law’s illness.
    Hope he feels better soon.

  38. Reader,
    Aren’t Facts and Flattery are two different things..!?
    Mothers are the easiest one to make up with among all though , in my opinion.
    ‘To Speculate’ is an inborn human need & right…too.
    We all consist bundles of ‘x’ & ‘y’ chromosomes. Aren’t we..!?
    All women have somewhat masculinity and all Men consist somewhat femininity…!

    • MonaLisa,

      Okay… I shall not speculate.. this is cyber space afterall… there are no chromosomes in the blogosphere…

      About genders in general: I have come to the conclusion that Genetics is not a science at all. Unlike physics, chemistry etc where fundamental quantities are defined (stated what they are), Genetics does not seem to have a non-contradictory definition for what is alive and what is dead.

      For example, Physics begins with the definition of what is Mass, Length and Time. Chemistry starts with the atomic structure, valencies and elements. Mathematics starts with number lines, bases and definitions of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

      Genetics starts with a microscope and photographs!

      Men have a Y-chromosome that women don’t. So, men can understand the X part of a woman, but a woman can never understand the Y part of a man. He has this something extra that is not part of a woman’s genes!


      PS: You are right.. Mother’s example is wrong… a mother is not a woman.. she is just a mother…

      • Oh…Boy..! No matter what … blame is always on us… and definitely we don’t understand that part of ‘Y’ chromosomes… so who is the loser ultimately…!? 🙂

      • MonaLisa,

        No losers, I guess.

        I am sure somewhere in the universe there exists a creature that has both Y Chromosomes. That might be the ideal creation!

        Who knows…


  39. Reader,

    May I butt into the discussion here? Perhaps you would be happy to know that there are XYY males right in this world and who knows, you just might be one 🙂

    • Renate,

      Are you suggesting that I could be a 47, XYY karyotype?

      Pray, tell me, can I do away with the X, amd still be a normal 46?

      That would be fun…


      • Nope, Reader, the X is vital. Unless you see fun in being dead, there is none without the X chromosome.

        Try not to regard it as the source of everything female, it is not. You need those genes as much as we do.

      • Renate, MonaLisa,

        So sad. I wish it was possible.

        Well, I guess I have to live with that… After all, Man proposes but God disposes…

        And I will share one more thing with you, I have also realised that God does not admit His mistakes…


  40. MonaLisa Says:

    🙂 I agree to disagree here…
    The entire thing concludes that ‘A Man is the loser ultimately…’
    Poor guys…… always misunderstood by their other half or better half- his wife, life partner or whatever you call… No matter what they do and how much they do…….right..!?
    BTW…..Why would God admit his mistake if any…..after all He is A Man Too…..! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    PS.. All poets would suicide if you disclose to them that whatever they have been writing on is God’s (beautiful) mistake….! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • MonaLisa, Renate,

      Okay. Lets agree to disagree. Else, this discussion can go on forever.

      वाच्यावाचक सम्बोधो विना द्वैतं न सिद्ध्यति |
      नच द्वैतं संभवति मौनं वापादयात्वलम ||

      Without agreement of the significant words with their significants, it is impossible to know a singularity, for so long as a word is taken in different senses, there will be no end of dualism.

      (Lord Shri Ram in ‘Yoga Vashishtha’ by Valmiki; Book 3: 28)

      [Translation mine]

      I have been told by a very reliable source that I am a man only because of an extra 897 base pairs. So, positively speaking, you would have been one too if you had those extra 897 base pairs. But, what to do. Life is not always fair. It’s okay. I will not hold that against you….

      And while on the subject of God and Poets… I am also told by informed sources that God is a great ventriloquist. These poets, who are defending His doing, are only puppets sitting on His lap… so, don’t read their lips… there is nothing there…


  41. MonaLisa Says:

    Thanx for butting in. 🙂

  42. MonaLisa, Renate,

    Let’s close this one on these notes. Its too good to be left in the inbox of my mail account:

  43. our politicians are a disgrace..didn’t expect any better to come out of the CWG. though it will be sad for the country’s image, i really want them to fail rather than succeed. might provide a much needed wake up call, rather than provide a below-par chalta hai type of games.

  44. Sharmila,
    Whether they have other qualities or not, one thing is certain that they all are expert/champions in playing ‘The Blame Game’.
    It reminds me of a line of one song…which befits them very well….
    ” You say it the best when you say nothing at all”…… 🙂

  45. Sharmila,

    A man dies and goes to hell escorted by the Devil himself. There he finds that there is a different quarter of the hell for each country.

    He looks into the German section and asks, “ What do they do here?

    The Devil tells him, “They first put you on the electric chair. Then lay you on a bed of hot nails. And then my German commissioner beats you up for a whole day.”

    He looks further into the American, British, Russian and French cells. The Devil tells him that the same procedure is applied in each. The Electric Chair, bed of nails and whipping for a day.

    To the surprise of the newcomer, the row outside the Indian cell is the longest. Everyone seems keen to go to Indian section.

    “Is there a better procedure here?” He asks the Devil

    “No, ” says His Majesty Lord Devil in a somewhat tired voice, “The procedure is exactly the same. But the maintenance is so bad, the fuse on the electric chair is blown, the nails are stolen and my Indian commissioner comes in, signs the register and goes to the canteen.”

    Welcome to India.

  46. 🙂 🙂 Good one Reader….

  47. The CWG marketing is gathering some momentum. Viewership predictions are breaking records. I don’t remember ever watching cycling and weight lifting even during Olympcis. But this time around it seems that even a 100 meter dash on a treadmill is going to make news.

    As I had said somewhere up there, the real players are now shpwing up. Mike Fennel is calling his cards one at a time. Mike Hooper is defending the FastTrack (UK) deals endorsed by the CWG OC.

    And practically every leak is carefully released to the media. TimesNow is doing its best to make it all sound like a news-worthy investigation.

    Commonsense begs obvious answers which none of the sponsored media can get the viewers to think about…

    If (according to CAG report) Mike Hooper and Kalmadi worked in tandem to sign a dubious deal that lost INR 2.45 millions in paying FastTrack, why was Kalmadi asking for repatriating Hooper in Q3 2009?

    If Sir Mike Fennel is Her Majesty’s Lord Bootlegger of the Common Wealth Federation, why is he towing the line of Sheila Dixit and MS Gill?

    TimesNow, NDTV and Headlines Today and their Hindi version channels will never ask these questions. They are merely raising the TRP for the games.

    The fact that Manish Tiwari disclosed to the parliament that Kalmadi’s budget was merely INR 160 million out of a whopping INR 10 billion spent by New Delhi shows how the news media is being managed!

  48. The INR 100,000 Cr or 10 billion is only an indicator of things to come.

    5% of the Indian popualtion owns 40% of the countries wealth.

    We are not facing the horrifying prospect of an October Revolution, as the CPI (ML) or PCPA cadre wants to believe, nor a Boston Tea Party as the privileged classes may imagine

    We are heading for something on the lines of the French Revolution. And this will surely overlap with Hindu-Muslim civil war in the Indo-Gangetic Plains.

    The middle and lower income classes who are being crushed out of existence by an oppressive banking regime will stop paying their monthly installments and challenge the might of the establishment.

    The plastic currency notes that the RBI has launched yesterday is another step towards the same. The cash money market is run by simple minded people. If the prey doesn’t come to them, they hunt in packs. The day-light robberies on railway trains in Bihar, the violence in Jharkand are merely symptoms.

    In the ’70s, if half the turmoil that we see in Kashmir had occurred in any other state the central government might have imposed a President’s Rule. But today we see worse in Darjeeling, Lalgarh and Jharkhand. We only hear the regulatory jargon from a white lungi called Chidambaram.

    On the other hand, their inability to dissolve Omar Abdullah’s government in Kashmir and the PM’s political capitulation after the recent riots have shown the rebels how to deal with this elite.

    13th century history of France is repeating in India. The events are the same: the lack of a cultural ideology among the ruling elite, the rise of a revolutionary mind-set, the rampant prevalence of lawless brigands, the all-pervading cash transactions and the government jacking up the GDP by taxing the service industry merely to print currency and capitalise the banking sector.

    In share market lingo, 2011 – 12 will be the time to sell stocks and make a clean sweep…

    Move out…

  49. Sharmila and Reader,

    I cannot add any comment to the dire predictions for India’s future, other than express the hope that it will not be so.

    But I must protest on the behalf of European history, Dearer, the French revolution occurred in 1789; that would make it the 18th century.

    • Renate,

      Indeed, it was 1789. That was a typo. Here is the sequence of events:

      5 May 1789: The Estates-General Meets

      20 June 1789: Tennis Court Oath: National Assembly

      14 July 1789: Storming of the Bastile

      4/5 August: Aboltion of the Feudal Order

      27 August: Declaration of the Rights of Man

      July 1790: Civil Constitution; The republic was declared on 22 September 1792

      This was followed by three wars. 1792 to 1797; 1799 to 1802 and 1806 to 1807 with minor one 1805.

      There was one more long violent campaign from 1808 to 1815 called the peninsular war which also included the fifth and the siixth coalitions and the Russian war in 1812.

      The irony of India’s condition is that most of this appears to be determined to happen within the boundaries of the country, unlike France where th wars occurred all over Europe.

      In my opinion, India might be the first nation in the world that may disintegrate after becoming a republic.

  50. Reader,
    It will be a very unfortunate event if the prediction eventually materialises. The other speculation is that India might not remain India but becomes a part of different countries losing its identity completely…
    It’s very unfortunate for India that neither she got good neighbours nor good rulers/politicians…
    Her neighbours are claiming their rights on different parts & regions of India and trying to create havoc through militants…and corrupt,coward Politicians are busy with such scams overlooking and just doing nothing about real,serious problems….
    So….let Pak take away Kashmir, Let China have Arunachal,Sikkim,Nagaland,Mizoram and what ever else it wants…..Does Bangladesh want some part from eastern region…!? OK…let them have that…. now who else is remaining…!? Hmmm….Let Southern tip…Tamilnadu and all go to Shri Lanka….ohh..! yet some part is remaining…! Damn…!
    Any claimant…!!!!??????? Come forward…and take your share…..

  51. Where is Sharmila?

  52. Here we go:

    NDTV has got documents tracing Indian Tax money used by CWG to Switzerland!

    The man who is laundering this money is Mr. Craig McLatchy, a member of the CWG Federation in London…!

    Common Wealth Games.. The new Kohinoor in Her Majesty’s crown!… stealing tax money of Indian subjects… what next?

  53. Sharmila..

    That is one too wonderful an open letter.. yet must add here that such kind letters are not the answer to our sports ridden politicains..

    I wish you were read by millions of sports lover in the country and they issue an order for relieving Kalamadi from his responsibiliteis of Presidentship of Indian Olympic Committee..

    The best thing I liked was about the public.. we see nothing but cricket even if we have Saina’s, Anands, Arjuns abd Abhinavs or a few other stalwarts who toil hard to earn their places in the respective sports..

    I have not been seeing the Champions league though I did feel that T20 was a good format.. yet what good any cricket format could get to be if Test cricket could be fixed..

    I did want to write a similar letter to the self-styled czar of IPL yet being not as influential as you could be and not well secured either I chose to keep mum.. my only way is to not follow him or his supporters on twitter.. there may be a few who may still be having him in their following lists.. I shall get rid of them if I had time.. knowingly I would not follow anyone who has any connection with him.. My protest may not mean anything.. yet when people know that I am disgusted with cricket than they should also know that it is not the cricket, cricekters or the countries behaviour on or off the field its one indiividual’s financial misdeeds that gave birth to my disinterest..

    I did not want to write so much yet I did.. and yes.. I mean what I have said about my twitter account.. a good acid test could be if I come to knw that brother is following him I shall not hesitate t dissociate from his twitter account.. I think this particular statement does tell something quite a lot about my severity on the individual..

    I still hope that India does well at commonwealth games but then my hopes and wishes could well be dashed if our sports administartors are like teh ones discussed here..

    Yet another case was the story of snubbing of Satpal Maharaj by the sports minister.. even if it was accidental it did hurt our first wrestling world champion Sushil Kumar.. after all he learned his craft from him.. Such is the sad state of our country that there is very little hope of any signs of improvements…

    Love and regards
    Abhaya Sharma

    • Abhayaji – Thank you for dropping by and commenting. Drops do make an ocean. I am happy that you are taking a stand on this. Sometimes small actions lead to big results. Lets hope one day there is a change for the better. Twitter is good for following both the popular and the unpopular. It helps us to keep the unpopular in check and keep the popular ones too.

  54. What a tart and it was brilliant as it always is.I really wonder where you get these words from.Someone said it before on your blog.I say it again di,you really have way with words…….

    I know I am very late to comment but it has definitely put me in a better position to know what the aftermath of the CWG may be.Not only two months,had he been given two decades or even two years,it would have been insufficient.If players keep withdrawing from the games at this pace,I find only Indian athletes running at Delhi in the days to come.

    Hope things get better………..

  55. […] ‘An open letter to Kalmadi…’ by Sharmila (@supershamz) […]

  56. First think I would like to say is Congratulations for writing such a brilliant letter to Kalmdi.

    The only problem in india is Those who are willing to do good things are not in indian politics & Those who are not at all interested to work for people or country are in Active politics.

    I have started following poltics, news & meda since I matured & couldn’t find not even a bit of improvement in any of these.

    We need someone strongly from Indian politics who will for our country & not for his family.


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