From the gallery – Rajni and Aishwarya, Enthiraan..updated for trailer & music launch.


Music launch of Endhiran


26 Responses to “From the gallery – Rajni and Aishwarya, Enthiraan..updated for trailer & music launch.”

  1. Thank you for sharing those pics. This man Rajnikant is so amazing. Just look at the transformation in him when he is in front of the camera. Unbelievable! He was born to be a star.

  2. Salman Shahid Alvi Says:

    I didn’t actually see any of Rajni’s movie.But ya have heard a lot about his acting and commitment to his work.I think Mr.Bachchan also said something on his blog in his praise a few days back???Is it….

  3. masterpraz Says:

    LOVE this to bits!!!!! My comment “Rajnikanth looks great and so does Ash!! After a great run in SIVAJI, I expect a monster here of sorts…

    I’ve been lucky enough to catch-up with some of Rajni’s Tamil films over the last 3 years (everything from NAAN SIGAPPU MANITHAN, BAASHA to CHANDRAMUKHI!) and the man is a superstar in every way possible….

  4. The aura which Rajini radiates on the silver screen needs to be not just seen but experienced to be believed!!! He is also an epitome of humility with more than a dash of the spiritual streak in him. As he himself once famously quoted “in order to achieve appreciation and respect, one needs to learn to wholeheartedly applaud the feats of others” Waiting to see the phenom blaze the screen in “Robot”

  5. Yakuza why no update on veer?

  6. damnnnnnnnn Rajni Babba lookin coooooooooool lol

  7. This is one movie I am most looking forward to. Here is the link to the songs

  8. Sharmila,
    From The trailer it looks like a copy of Will Smith’s ‘I Robot’.
    Did they buy the rights of ‘I Robot’ officially and used some scenes in this movie or what…!?
    I am sure they must have added that Indianness into it. songs,dance and some melodrama……

    • Not sure as yet if this is a copy, will know soon. I am more fascinated with the turnaround of Rajni in this one. Every single movie of Shankar’s so far ( 9 ) have been a commercial success down south. I am keen to see the result of this one as the production costs are in the vicinity of 250 crores.

  9. Sharmila,

    You will have to be kind to the Non-Tamil viewers.

    What is the exact title of the film? Up there are Enthiraan, enthiran, Yenthiran (in the trailer) and Endiran…

    What is the meaning of Endiran.. End of which run? Or is it enduring? or endearing?

    Is it possible to give captions to the snaps? Rajni looks 90 years younger…

    Perhaps a small write up / a flyer could help…

    How come there are comments from January ’10.. is this replay?

    • Reader – If I write a caption for the snaps this may seem like a comic strip. But will put out some articles on the movie in a bit.

      • Thinking of it, a comic strip of real-time snaps on a blog, might be a great new way of presenting a commercial thriller!

        I am sure Rajni wouldn’t mind…


  10. How are you? Just come to your blog thanks for the post . I am waiting for the blockbuster “Enthiraan” after Sivaji The Boss.

    Best Regards

  11. Aishwarya Says:

    Hi Sharmila,

    How are you? Hope your father-in-law is better now.

    Tc and love,


  12. Where is Sharmila?

  13. Dear Sharmila
    Thanks for sharing ‘Endhiran’ trailer and music launch pictures.Looks like we are in for some great entertainment from Rajni and Aish!
    Have a good day!
    Love always

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