Meeting in sin city…( Episode 1 )

I sat on a comfortable stool staring at the psychedelic machine in front of me. I took out a hundred-dollar note and deftly slid it into the eager slot. I placed my bets and started the spins. I was in the swanky city of dreams in Macau consisting of the palatial trio of Hard Rock, Grand Hyatt and Crown now giving the neighboring Venetian a good healthy competition. I enjoy my trips to this sin city of Asia. The casinos are humongous, there are hungry people everywhere, they wear an emaciated look. Their eyes follow the dice as their pale, knotty , yellow hands slowly flick a fraction of the card that lies imply on the green suede in front of them. Some eagerly look at the screens as they puff away on the nicotine. There are sudden shrieks, the chinking of coins and celebrations. Some groan as they watch helplessly the dealer siphon away their precious bank. Little wonder Macau has beaten Vegas in revenues. Casino gambling revenue in Macau, the world’s biggest gambling hub, rose 65 percent last month as China gamblers placed more bets on baccarat and other card games.Coming back to my meagre money I had put in the slot, it doubled as I placed my bets. In some more time, it tripled. There were roaring Lions and swashbuckling Dragons emptying pots of gold on the screen and I felt every bit like Mowgli getting hypnotized by that python fellow Kaa of Jungle Book fame.I felt lucky, I wanted more of this, I felt invincible that minute. I wanted to put back the money I made and double it again. Do I? I asked aloud. ” Yes” came a hoarse answer.

I knew it was him. I looked up and he was standing tall, he looked like George Bush though. ” You look like Bush” I said. ” I am ” he said. Bush stood in his dapper black tuxedo, a blood-red bow tie, neatly gelled hair with a parting in the middle cleanly dividing the short raven black tresses into two portions that displayed a shiny pair of corna.  Bush was back when I needed him the most, never had him around when he was at the Oval office. But my happiness was crushed in a few seconds.” You must be stupid to even ask that question you nincompoop, and that too for a meagre few notes” he bellowed.  Fancy Bush calling me stupid I thought.”I have more important people to attend to” he muttered with utter disdain. ” Like who” I asked. ” Follow me ” he said. I quickly picked up my precious winnings and trotted after the gliding Bush. Bush is very nimble, he glides like the wind itself and I had to run like a horse to keep pace.I followed him past a gleaming winding corridor until we reached the very end of it. On the bright yellow wall,he jabbed a red button and a portion of the wall swung inwards. He glided in swiftly and I stumbled after him. We had entered the darkest of rooms, I felt like a bat in a musty cave. The stale smell of cigars hung heavily in the pale room. As if reading my mind Bush said ” You are taking in a whiff of the Cuban Cohiba Behike cigar, it cost $500 for one, you are lucky”. I stopped sniffing. My eyes now caught the attention of the biggest oval table I had seen in my entire life. Scented candles and red roses sat in crystal vases on the green suede of the table.  Around the table were plush leather chairs and then humans were beginning to configure on the chairs. I realized there were people sitting on them, I uttered a surprised ” Oh “. Bush nudged me in front and said ” Tube light, go ahead, take a look, the meeting is about to begin and they may need more light”. I was by now amply irritated with Bush.

I was curious and decided to stay. I was not to be distracted by Bush’s impolite ways. I watched on.There were ten chairs around the oval table. The biggest one was empty. I assumed the chairperson would occupy it. Bush lunged forward and plonked on it. Why was I not expecting this I thought.

Bush began hoarsely ” Ladies & Gentlemen, without further delay, lets begin the meeting and thank you for coming all the way from India to this tax haven here in Macau. You can now table your grievances”. He then ordered for a few rounds of beer from Sabrina the witch who was waiting on him.

I sat on a velvet couch to the side of the oval table. To the anti clock wise right of Bush an ugly bearded man squeaked ” Sir, I need help. In less than four weeks the Commonwealth games are going to begin. So far I have made only INR 25,000 crores, how do I double this by October 3rd? Everybody is after my blood and I am being monitored. Please help me”. The man then began to sob uncontrollobly.

To the right of this bearded man, a heavy-set chap with glasses lay a reassuring arm on the bearded man and softly said in a paternal voice” Kalamdi, dont’ worry. We are there for you, the doors of the BCCI are always open, see, when God closes one door he opens another”.

Bush interrupted and bellowed” Excuse me fat man Srinivasan, daring of you to attend a meeting I called for and speak of God!! And why are you not taking the minutes Srinivasan?”.

Srinivasan quivered, got up from his chair, darted around to Bush, prostrated himself in front of Bush ” Ayyo Sir, I am extremely sorry, it was a slip of the tongue, next time if I mention God, please cut my tongue Sir”. Srinivasan stuck his healthy, pink tongue out in front of Bush’s face and waited.Bush waved his little finger and indicated to Srinivasan to go back to his chair, like a little puppy Srinivasan went back meekly. Bush cautioned him ” Next time you speak of God, I shall cement your brains to the floor and ride a horse on it”. Srini’s face was now crimson and he was close to tears. Nobody had reprimanded Srini before.

Then the third man spoke.” Sir, there are far more serious issues facing me. My brothers Salman, Aamer and Asif have been suspended for spot fixing” uttered a middle-aged , sad-looking man.He looked familiar, I was cracking my brains to remember him. The man then began to chew his nails as he waited for Bush to reply. “Ah, Azhar”, I thought.

Bush wore a perplexed look and yelled at Azhar ” Salman, Aamer and Shah Rukh you mean?, Who is this Asif? Do you mean Saif?”

” Sir, you are getting confused between my Bollywood brothers and my cricket playing brothers. I am afraid now that my brother’s trail will lead to Big Brother Dawood and then to me again Sir.Sir, I am also being engulfed in the heat of my wife’s bijli and my lover’s jwala Sir, What I should do, after all I am from the minority Sir, why am I being punished” ? Azhar muttered feebly while trying to again chew his nails. He was rudely interrupted by the fourth member. ” Shut up Azhar, you are playing games with flame and light out of your own accord and Bush is not Cupid to be solving your love problems”. A rough, heavy female voice cut through Azhar’s ramblings. Who was this now?I was beginning to enjoy this  meeting now. I ordered for coke and some buttered popcorn from a handsome Count Dracula waiting on me.

( To be continued….)

Disclosure : All characters in this story are a figment of the imagination. Any resemblance to a living or dead person is purely co-incidental and they must thank their lucky stars.


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  1. Sharmila,

    Am I reading between the lines or is it obvious?

    George W. Bush plays Al Pacino to Sr. Bush’s Marlon Brando…

    I think you could not have chosen a better metaphor! Kudos!

    I wonder if your realize how close you are to the reality of the Oil & Gas world!

    The Carlyle Group of George H W Bush & Co virtually run the OPEC.

    The group is valued at ~US$ 100 billions with an equity portfolio in aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer and retail, energy and power, health care, real estate, technology and business services, telecommunications and media, and transportation.

    Another American, Michael Moore, raised his own stock with a documentary called ‘Fahrenheit 9/11′, where he exposed the investments of the Bin Laden family in the Carlyle Group.

    The groups’ investments are spread all over the planet, although 60-65% is inland US. They employ over 300,000+ people in 70+ countries!

    When George Bush publicly advised Richard Cheney to draw an Energy Policy for the US, we were not sure if it was just another imbecile crack or something for real.

    A few months later, the Oil prices spiked across the world and shot into the stratosphere!

    (To be continued…)


    • and yes, I saw the documentary fahrenheit 9/11. It was BRILLIANT!

      • I saw it in a theatre, came out, and bought the DVD!

        The ironical part is where Michael Moore is told by Bush, “Get a Life!”… and Michael Moore goes on to make “Fahrenheit 9/11″…

        (To be continued…)


  2. This is partly what the conspiracy theory around 9 / 11 is about. Bush attacked America so that he could attack Iraq. If I am not mistaken, Rumsfeld is also on the board of the company that supplies war fare for the United States.

  3. There are some interesting videos on 9/11 on the net. One is where Rumsfeld admits that the plane heading over Pennsylvania was shot down. Another is where Bush lies about watching the plane crash into the first tower on TV on the day of 9/11. Fact of the matter is, the only video of the first plane crashing into Tower one was not available until the day after. Bush was sitting in school when he was told that the US is under attack post tower 2 hit.

    • The conspiracy theory is a bit difficult to buy.

      I don’t think even the terrorists imagined that a steel structure could be destroyed by burning aviation fuel.

      The towers collapsed due to the heat generated by the fire warping the steel, not the explosions. The towers did not go up in pieces. They came down like a falling scaffold.

      In my opinion it was a genuine failure of a democractic civil defense.

      No one really gained except terror networks working out of London.

      George Bush had a surplus US$ 3 trillion left behind by Clinton. He did not need to pay Lockheeds or Halliburton to get slush funds.

      I feel he wasted American money in launching a conventional war in Afghanistan and Iraq. For 10% of that he could have wiped out both the nations in a few hours with the nuclear arsenal in his backyard.

      Bush may be a master at spin, but I don’t think he is anti-national.

      Stupid, yes. (Fancy that?!); a criminal, no…

      (To be continued…)


      • I buy this theory.

      • i thought bush was hand in hand with the oil companies, not the defence majors. the defence majors just got lucky.

        even if explosives were used, the towers would have come down the same way not blown up in pieces.

      • Ninad has raised an interesting point. There are again videos on you tube which show lower flows exploding first and then the upper floors collapse thereafter.

      • Here is the video Ninad / Reader

      • Ninad,

        Unfortunately I am on a tour at the moment. The 9/11 Investigation report is in my collection back home. I am unable to quote the exact words.

        I will state it in a nutshell.

        An explosion causes immediate shock wave that breaks the resistence of the structure. The structure does not burn for hours till the fire brigade climbs up the staircase.

        An explosion does not burn. It rips apart everything.

        The fire causes the heat to be trapped inside the enclosure. the heat travels through the concrete encasing and melts the steel.

        In the event of a structural collapse due to an explosion, the floors above would have toppled sideways not vertically down as shown by the videos. I will quote the report as soon as I get back to base after the Eid holidays.

        Ditto for tower two.

        To cause an explosion that can blow apart structural steel, the planes would have had to carry many tonnes of TNT.

        The terrorists were carrying knives…

        (To be continued…)


      • Ninad, Sharmila,

        Sorry. The name Parmaatma is that of my blog. I was logged in when I got RSS from your site.

        (To be continued… hopefully not!)


      • Ninad,

        Refer to my first comment on the page. Bush was not hand-in-glove. He was a stake-holder!

        The main supplier to the US government which is Lockheed does not need a war to sell its ammo. There was no recession in those days.

        Also, it’s already a supplier to NASA and the entire developed world.

        Besides, the ammo used in the two wars was conventional by US standards. Cruise missiles and carpet bombing were used by Clinton on Afghanistan and Sudan even before the “Bush Wars”.

        I don’t think either Bush or Lockheed benefitted from the wars.

        US, as a nation, and the world at large, has benefitted in the long term. Those two countries that were grooming terror are back to the stone age and will take another 50 years to stand on their feet again.

      • Oops forgot..

        (To be continued…)


      • Sharmila,

        Thanks for the video.

        (To be continued?)


      • The reason for the collapse was not as easy one as steel melting. It was very unusual for steel to melt at that temperature, and no time in the past had comparable buildings fallen because of steel melting in one hour. If it was just the case of steel melting, we would all be sitting ducks in all our offices. After a multi million dollar research, they have theories of why the buildings collapsed…maybe a combination of some steel joinings melting, pancake collapse, corrosion and others. But there is still doubt and there are other theories by structural engineering experts which dont approve of this. Even if it did happen in reality, it was a unique event because of which structural engineers will always be doubtful.

      • Ninad – Yes, I too find it quite unbelievable that aviation fuel could collapse two rock solid towers. And I guess the picture is still not clear despite all the research!

      • Ninad,

        You are right. It is not possible to be absolutely certain.

    • Albeit, I dont buy the conspiracy theory but I do believe that US brought down the plane over Penn state as they had no idea where it was headed to, probably the White House!

      • There are some unclear parts in the transcripts of the flight that came down at Penn. But there is no evidence to show that there was any intervention by the USAF or Army.

        The F-16 took off almost an hour after the first call. The airspace was open till about 1030 hrs. By that time all three events had occured.

        The transcripts of the Penn flight read like an Arthur Hailey novel. The passengers simply decided not to let go… Brave hearts…

      • There is one evidence that flight 93 was shot, watch this – Was it a goof up? Hmmmm

  4. Sharmila,

    That is the Lockheed Martin Corporation.

    (To be continued…)


    Note: All comments on this page will end with to be continued…

  5. Gambling: A story of my experiments with truth

    I was cycling my way through a small crowd in the bazaar. The errand: book tickets for a film called Ardha Satya which had just won the Golden Peacock Award.

    I booked 3 tickets and walked back to see what the people were crowding over.

    On a small table a man was playing with 3 carrom-board strikers. One of the strikers was marked at the base with a black spot in the center. The man quickly juggled the strikers on the table.

    A player had to stake money on the striker that he believed was the marked one. If he was right he would win twice the amount that he had staked or lose it all. Double or quits.

    I decided to test my eyesight.

    Staked Rs 5/-. Won. Got 10. Staked 5 more. Won. Got another 10. Nett +10.

    Next, staked 10/-. Lost. Nett Even stevens.

    Staked 10/- Lost. Nett (-10/-). Staked 10 more. Lost again. Nett (-20/-).

    Staked 5/- Won. Nett (-10/-) Staked 10/- Lost Nett (-20/-).

    In the next 30 minutes I was Nett (-100/-).

    I had no clue how to explain this to dad at home. The mind sort-of works at lightening speed at such times.

    I went back to the bi-cycle park. The movie was house-full… sold all the tickets for twice the price.

    Went back home. Told the whole episode to dad.

    Dad gave me back all the money and told me to buy the tickets at the same price as I had sold them.

    And he said, ‘One mistake always leads to another. Take a breath. When you are not sure, Stop! Don’t gamble…”

    (To be continued…)


  6. Sharmila,

    Someone is missing in the star-cast… I am not sure who…

    Let me see… you have Shhhhh Srinivasan, Ka Ka Ka Kalmadi, Salman’s Butt, Asif, uh u know uh u know Azharuddin, Big D, George W (am)Bush, and Count Dracula, all ably accosted by haunting female voices…

    Who is missing? Woh kaun thi..?

    (To be continued…)


  7. Sumit Goyal Says:

    Hello Sharmila, regards

  8. Sharmila,

    Where is MonaLisa? Where is Aishwarya? Where is Lakshmi?

    I know Renate is travelling with the Sun since the 6th. The Sun never sets on her empire.


    • I am here. Not sure about Aish and MonaLisa. Hope they resurface soon. I know Renate is celebrating.

      • I might have known if I had access to my email account. That won’t be till 14th now.

        Eid has been announced here. Official holidays begin tomorrow till Tuesday.

        I will be on the move. I hope to stay connected somehow, as I have managed in the last few days.

  9. Lakshmi Jag Says:

    Reader I am right here…..I have read through all the comments and cannot attribute the intelligence it takes to conspire so much to Bush. Cheney I can believe but not Bush. Sr. Bush is too much of a gentleman and the money was handed down to them. I was present during one of Cheney’s campaign speeches in our town during the first election before 9/11 and my blood was boiling by the time I left the meeting. He had the audacity to declare to the public that he promised his wife a vacation on the campaign money. The republicans were wrapped up (thanks to Kenneth Star) with the party, failed to see through Cheney. George Bush Jr. was taken for a ride by Rumsfield and Cheney. They both were present during the Kuwait war, had knowledge of the economics and took advantage of Bush’s ignorance. Bush’s brain cells were all shot by the alcohol he consumed and he is a born again Christian, who cannot see beyond God being in control of one’s alcoholism. The video was too painful to watch, I was watching it live in a school and cannot erase the pain.
    Sharmila…..looking forward to the rest of the ‘play’. You should take up writing as I suggested long long time ago if you remember. You have the gift. My knowledge of the insiders for CWG is limited so will not comment on the rest of the actors in the play


    • Lakshmi,

      Thank you.

      Indeed the event was shocking.

      And Lakshmi is more than right about your writing Sharmila. You must take up writing.

    • Lakshmi – Thank you, Srinivas is the Board of Cricket Control for India’s secy. He is also the owner of India cements. Kalmadi is the president of the Indian Olymic association, Azhar was the ex Indian cricket captain involved in match fixing. Rest to be out soon. I am glad you enjoyed this, I thought I should try something different, not sure how it would go down. Was an experiment to get some feedback. Lets see what Mr Nandy tells me now.

    • And Laksmi , I agree Cheney and Rumsfeld were shrewd. But, I have always believed that behind Bush Jr’s cowboy image there is something more sinister. Having said this, I have liked Bush and Clinton for more reasons than one. It is Obama who I am struggling to like right now and I am unable to pinpoint the exact reasons why.

      • Lakshmi Jag Says:

        Definitely very interesting style of writing and keeps one anticipating the next. Continue what you are doing
        I was a strong supporter of Obama, but disillusioned now. He wants to keep all the election promises he made and not focusing on what needs to be d,one, compromises too much. Having absolute majority is not a good thing in politics. Granted, the country was (and is in shambles) when he became the president and takes lot of effort to revive the economy and take care of health reform which is much needed in this country.My son who campaigned for him, strongly supports him and he is a political major, so maybe there is still hope for us


    • Thanks Lakshmi. Wow, your son campaigned for Obama, sounds interesting. Lets hope that Obama lives up to all the campaign hype. Without a doubt Bush left US economy in shambles, he dislodged every single economic marvel that the country achieved under the Clinton administration.

      • Sharmila,
        Quite Hilarious post with touch of originality. However The Count’s picture doesn’t match with the picture fixated in my mind over the years. The wicked Clown emerges to replace Count Dracula… 🙂
        Does he not look like a Clown even in that Vampire outfit..!? 🙂
        He is a Bozo in History of US Presidency. He got elected for first time pulling Rabbit out of his Hat.second time ppl thought ” Let him Finish what He started” (Duh..! What were they thinking..!?)
        What he/that trio did is unpardonable, yet bear no consequences. what an irony..!

      • MonaLisa – I think the Bush picture is here to stay for a bit, maybe will change it after we get bored. I cant convert him from Lucifer / Dracula to a clown so suddenly. Maybe soon in future episodes.

      • MonaLisa – And thank you.

      • Sharmila,
        Clinton provided a Fine example of Admin for generations to come. He would be elected as a President over and over again if constitution permits.
        Lot many have and had very high hopes for Obama (that doesn’t include me & some of us) But in my opinion he was not the right candidate. Some experienced person was required to pull US out of the Ditch.
        We all know Obama was different as a candidate and is different as A President. Ha..ha..ha…when they are on the other side of the fence..they sure act strange, like one of those, one of that Herd… 🙂
        He knew what is there on the plate and what is he going into. In his over enthusiasm he declared stimulus packages to unworthy companies who just took advantage of the situation, spent those funding in partying and granting Huge Bonuses to their CEOs and all.
        The irony is even after knowing this Gov. didn’t back off or stop funding or took any action or inquired about the exact state of the companies.
        He not only continued sending more troops rather than withdrawing them slowly which indented (added extra trillion worth burden)more into already damaged economy.
        When ppl are out of Jobs and Homes left and right, he kept on spending millions of our hard earned $$ (about $650 million or more-hope the number is not right) just on ad campaigning for health reform…What a waste…! Those millions could have saved so many households if help has been offered to ppl directly. Where is the Common Man in this..!?
        I see no need to send money to other countries like Pakistan- $$ 150 millions/month…!? (I hope I am wrong about the no.)when your own ppl are fighting and struggling to save their jobs,homes and families.
        Unemployment rate is going higher and higher and no jobs are created or will be created in near future. Why not bring those jobs back form overseas?? why such a dilly dally policies in that matter..!? Why always all policies are made keeping Big Giants in mind and not A Common Man…!? In that case-Economy will take double dip it seems.
        Obama has already started his campaign for next term and sudden change in his attitude to focus more on reform at Home Front is the part of it, it seems. He had an opportunity to get re elected on its own , without campaigning if he played his cards right, right from the day one but he blew it, acting so naive….! But no one knows or can predict what happens next..! If Bush gets He might get another chance too….who knows..!? God Save America…….
        (just my opinion… nothing personal… )

      • MonaLisa – Well said about Obama’s spending spree. The Pakistan aid relief is dangerous, we all know only too well where it will go. I love Clinton. Missed hearing him speak in NY in 2008 by a whisker. Regret it to the day. Obama is an experiment that is badly going wrong. Sometimes the known devil is better than the unknown one.

      • MonaLisa,

        Where have you been? I made it to the blog inspite of the agony of the constant monitoring of a bearded operator, who is a living evidence of Darwin’s nightmares!

        Don’t lose hopes on the US. Fortunately you have THE best constitution that mankind can have.

        The US federal government has little or no powers over the states or the freedoms of the private citizen. And the US has the most independent judiciary that is possible on earth.

        Those in the rest of the world, who envy the US, are also those who are in awe of Americans. The US is what it is because of it’s fiercely independent citizens – people who believe that an individual’s right to choose is a supreme human value.

        No Bush or Obama or any feather brained fire worshipper can take that away from you, until the day you give it up yourself. By ‘you’ I mean the US citizen.

        So hang on… you are still the most powerful and the best there is.

        (To be continued…)


  10. Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim friends:

  11. Sharmila – You have proved that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Great piece of work and I’m eagerly looking forward to the next part.

    • Melwyn – Thank you. Means much. An honest review helps as I tried something different this time around. I am glad you tell me what you think. I enjoyed writing this piece more than many of my other ones.

  12. Sharmila,

    After a long time I have finally found another site that I can visit freely.

    This the second site on the internet I have chosen to visit.

    (To be continued…)


    • Reader – Thanks for the reco.

    • Reader,
      It was fun watching you two (Parmaatma & Ian) grappling, wrestling on the site you mentioned above. Glad you posted the link here.
      I was bit busy grappling with melancholy for some time yet glad & loved to be missed…..thank you..!You are so punctual in posting your post regardless any adversity you might be facing. The under evolved bearded goofball & all… 🙂
      But Me is Me…You and Me are incomparable…
      I fall short manier times….. 🙂
      We never give up…not that easily. We are the fighters. would not let it crumble that easily… That’s the power of ppl…yet feel bad and sad when out leaders fall short to meet nation’s expectations and drag the nation into a ditch & in backward direction.
      We hope and pray for the best always…though we have to be prepared for the worst.
      It’s always hard to be The Best & maintain that position for long-for ever….It needs lots of efforts constantly.

      • MonaLisa,

        Ian’s site is fun.

        Here is another example:

        Ian Gardner says: One’s perception is one’s truth until the arrival of wisdom

        My comment: Is it true?


        Why melancholy?

        Even Sharmila used the word when I wrote about the flower and the fragrance.

        Let me tell you from my experience, a man’s moods last longer and cause more permanent changes in his personality than a woman’s moods.

        I wouldn’t call it melancholy. I like what most women call it… ‘Me Time’

        Or is that something else?

        For myself, I call it a ‘Mirror Break’… time when I review what I am thinking…


        BTW, you are the best because you don’t give a damn about competition. And that’s the way to be…

        The results are always worth the effort.


      • 🙂 Reader,
        Awesome….! Ian might go bald soon as must be pulling his hair out….reading your comments… 🙂
        Lol…Reader..! It’s not like the way you mentioned… the reason of my melancholy is somewhat personal and different than you thought… Some events and Certain loses in life are hard to bear….esp someone very close to you. we value life more than anything else….whether a pet or a human.
        So true…Results are always worth the efforts..if in right direction.

      • MonaLisa,

        I will speak of my own experience.

        Everyone and everything exists in my heart and mind, both when they are around and after they have gone.

        There was a Hindi teacher in my school who was so proud of my scores in his subject that he punished me for the slightest mistake, all in the hope that I would set a record in the board exams – which I did eventually.

        I still miss his beatings though! The pain of that cane was more in his voice and expression than on my own hands.

        He must have died long time ago… He was already past 60 in those days, somewhere in the ’70s…

        But he still lives in my heart, doesn’t he? What else can I expect?

    • Who is this bearded man you speak of? Part 2 is up now.

  13. Yes. Recommendation. What was I thinking about?

    See, this is what happens if we spend time with Jr Bush.

    Mera kya naam hai?

    • Lakshmi Jag Says:

      Good one Reader…too much of Bush Jr is contagious

    • Reader,
      I envy you to get such a ‘Good Teacher’ in true sense, who cared for you and your future. How could he be forgotten…?
      Time heals all wounds…! Time is the remedy it says…..Though in my opinion certain bonding don’t fade away with time….it grows deeper and deeper inside, within you….making your heart ache.
      Do you know how hard it is to remove deeply rooted plants and Trees..!? I think you do….! you do know that very well….. how painful that process would be…deeper you dig in….more you get hurt.
      Thank you for your concern though….! I will be fine….I’ll learn to be…..

      • MonaLisa,

        Time is a villain. Time is the cause of all this pain.Time is merciless.

        Don’t uproot pain. It never heals. I let the pain grow till it becomes a shelter.

        For example,

        My mother was cremated by the banks of a river near our house, next to the SHiva temple.

        For the next 21 days I spent every evening at the spot.

        The priest who had done the rituals stayed in the temple. He came by once and said,

        “You miss your mother. It’s a good thing. But you should not grieve for her. She is relieved of this life.”

        “I don’t grieve” I replied, “I don’t miss her. I am not a dog, you know.”

        “Then why do you sit here every day?”

        “I recollect all the joy she gave me. All the fun we had. All the wonderful things I learnt from her. I am like an earthern pot that she shaped with her love and caring. I am an image of her soul.

        ‘I cannot bless her. I cannot express myself. I can just be what I am. That’s what she always wanted.”

        The priest gave me some prasad from the temple and went away.

        So, Don’t uproot pain. It never heals. I let the pain grow till it becomes a shelter.

      • Reader,
        I know not to let it grow till it becomes shelter… ignorant me..!
        A lot is to be learnt…hopefully in this life.
        Thank you for your concern and comforting posts.

  14. Sharmila,

    You must write more and more often. Lakshmi, Shubha and many too have said it before.

    One never knows how much time there is and how far this journey will go!

    This earth with its atmosphere is like a mother’s womb. It conserves everything including life.

    To be released from it, life requires a certain grace and strength – something like the fragrance that leaves a flower.

    Even then, Life will still remain in the universe. I wonder what it takes to leave this universe!

    But while we are still here, we can develop that fragrance!

    You must write more and more often…


  15. Hi Sharmila,

    I deleted one of hubby dear’s ‘important’ files as part of the PC disk cleanup and have heard no end of it… Isnt housekeeping appreciated anymore?!:P And Monday onwards the little one’s exams begin, so I will be Ms. Meany to her Woody Woodpecker!

    I decide to read your blog and relax…and see Bush! The man doesnt need bat ears or vampire fangs or blood trickling down the corners of his mouth to appear scary! I bet he gives Dracula and even the makers of Exorcist a complex!

    I have however read all the good parts of the post, like…the $$$ tripling in the Casino, scented candles, red roses in crystal vases, coke, buttered popcorn…mmm…and I am feeling better already…:)

    You have the Midas touch when it comes to writing. Looking forward to the next scene…



  16. The philosophy of George W Bush:

  17. […] Sharmila says… Thinking the Indian way.. « Meeting in sin city…( Act 1, Scene 1 ) […]

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