Meeting in sin city…..( Episode 2 )

(Story continued from)

I strained my eyes to see who this woman was. Her back was towards me, but I could see the head bobbing up and down. There was a sinister yet steely resolve in her voice. Besides the voice being rough, it did not sound Indian. Suddenly, there was a high-pitched giggle breaking into the momentary silence. The mystery lady said ” George, ideally I should be presiding this meeting. Seeing you as the chairperson is quite hilarious. I am used to being Chairperson”. Bush cut her mid way rudely ” You may be the chairperson of the united regressive alliance in your country Edvige Antonia Albina Maino”(Stops, slurps some beer)”Wow, I got your name right too” (Stops munches some fries) Don’t get cheeky with me lest I whip you in place”.Antonia’s head stopped bobbing. She asked Bush ” When do you fly out from Macau?” and gave another high-pitched giggle. Was Bush going to be the next crash victim I wondered. Bush took out an earplug and stuffed his right ear.

Then the fifth member , a short rotund man with rosy cheeks got up and addressed Bush. ” Sir, I would like to get the rights to broadcast the proceedings of this meeting to a niche audience across the sub continent and the middle east, we will be able to earn revenues in excess of INR 50,000 crores this fiscal year” Bush pulled out his i phone, punched in the numbers and said ” one billion USD is loose change Daya, can we talk real numbers”. The member said ” Not one billion, eleven billion and Sir and I am not Daya, I am Kala”. Bush said ” Oh yeah, there were not enough zeroes on this i-phone calculator. I need to have a chat with Steve before he comes out with the fifth series now”. A visible irritated Kalanidhi interrupts Bush’s ramblings and says ” I would then like to partner with Azhar and incorporate a gambling cartel which will punt on the outcomes of these meetings, punt on member requests, punt on member dress codes, punt on the quorum , punt on the quantum of money raised by each member on a daily basis, punt on what lipstick shade Edvige Antonia Albina Maino will be wearing for the meetings and so forth. ”

The sixth member too got up, did a customary “namaste” to the group, ran to Bush quicker than Bolt and covered him with a bright red, silk shawl and placed a gigantic rose garland around Bush’s neck. Before Bush could react, it was all over. Bush’s chin crashed heavily on the green suede top of the oval table. There was pin drop silence. Bush then raised both his hands, took out the garland and hurled it across the room. He roared at the meek sixth member ” I told you never , ever to do this. This is the sixth time I am crashing my face on the table”. The sixth member, an inconspicuous man who could pass off as a peon in the local RTO trembled like a wet rat . ” Sir actually only fifth time. I am sorry but this is custom from where I come from and..” There was a sudden crack in the air Bush slapped him hard. The member stood stunned for a few seconds and then started bawling ” Sir, I am working on the auction process for the next 4G spectrum across the length and band width of India, I am already under so much pressure as to where to hide all the money I will make as everybody is tuning into my frequency..” Bush cut him short ”  Raja, you coconut head, you can hide the money in my new ” Gidiyup” stud farm I have picked up in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu based on Karuna’s recommendation”  Raja wiped the tears from his face with the end of the pristine, white dhothi that he was wearing and walked back to his chair mumbling softly under his breath.

” Not one constructive item has been discussed, I am utterly disappointed ( Stops, slurps more beer ). I have missed the Kentucky derby to attend this meeting which is full of horse shit Indians. You bloody Indians always have problems, never a solution. From Kashmir to Ayodhya to those crazy Maoists, you just sit back and watch the fun. Look at what my Pop and I did, we went and smoked ’em out of their holes and made heaps of money on defense contracts and slurped all the oil out of the Iraqi wells. And you let boys with toys sail through the gateway on a dingy boat.” ( Stops, munches on a hot dog now, letting the mustard fall on his tuxedo )

Not to let Bush have the upper hand  the seventh member a fat man with a great white tuft of shocking thick hair said ” Arrey Ho Bush, aapka baashan ab bas karo ab, Amrica mein bhi javaan ladke plane chalaake aapke dho shaandaar buildings gira diya..” Bush scowled ” Talk in English Laloo, you do not want me to prick your bubble do you?” To Which Laloo replied ” Even I have left my family Gopal, Ramdev, Jagan, Babu, Anand , Pyarelal, Geetha, Bijli  by themselves”. Bush asked ” You have been busy Laloo, you have had more children since the last meeting?” ” Sirji, I have had more buffaloes since the last meeting, I have been busy.One more thing, Sirji,I do not care what bubble you prick ,where you prick, how you prick it and when you want to prick it. I already have a big bubble who is my wife, if you want, you can prick her, When you want to Sirji?”

Bush went blue, he muttered feebly ” I think I am sick, can someone get me a plastic bag”

” For what?” asked a very puzzled Raja.

The efficient Edvige Antonia Albina Maino with a quick move to the closest cabinet pulled out a sick bag and rushed to Bush’s side. Bush winked, pinched her posterior quickly and said ” Thanks Sonia, I may not need it now. I feel better. You can be gentle too, We must do a cruise on the Caribbean sometime soon” Edvige Antonia Albina Maino gave another high-pitched giggle and ran her long, manicured nails on the back of George’s neck.

To be continued…

Disclosure : All characters in this story are a figment of the imagination. Any resemblance to a living or dead person is purely co-incidental and they must thank their lucky stars.


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  1. Better than Act 1. Eager to know who the remaining 3 are. Guess Lalit, Karuna show up.

  2. ha ha..Thanks Murali. Surprise it shall be 🙂

  3. Sharmila,

    I am waiting for my vehicle. Planning to drive up to the jetty this afternoon and then by a boat to an off-shore platform. It’s Eid holiday here today. And the chap who took my Land Cruiser is not likely to come back till the Kheer is out of his system.

    Eid Mubarak to all. Eid, in Arabic, actually means a festival.


    Read the part 2 of scene 1… Smashing…

    Careful on a few points for the next part… Your Bush is becoming too intelligent.

    C’mon get real.

    He can’t possibly remember Antonio Sonio Italio Maino etc…

    He would go like, “Uhh… errr… yess.. miss.. I mean.. ma’am… I mean… hey.. who are you?!!!”

    You know what I mean.

    Loved the part where he bangs his head on the table. Picture perfect.

    If you are planning to offer movie rights for the script I can chip in with a Screen play.

    Here is a sample:


    (Raja buries Bush in the garland. Bush bangs head on table)

    Raja: Wannakkam Saar..

    Bush: God damn you… what the..

    Raja: Saar, 4G… lot of money…

    Bush: Money??? Where? Where?

    Raja: The 4 G is our… (Voice fades into background. Bush is tasting the flowers in the garland. Spits out after the third one)

    Bush: Scram…

    Raja: No scam saar… only 4G

    Bush: SCRAM, I said, you idiot… SCRAM… S-Q-U-R-A-M… !

    (Raja withdraws)

    Disclosure : All characters in this are inspired from real life. We are sorry if we are no as good as the originals.


    (To be continued…)


    • Correction in the disclosure: We are sorry if we are Not as good as the original.

      • Lakshmi Jag Says:

        I agree, both the blog and the screenplay are good. But Reader said, Bush is getting intelligent, remember the days he could not name important world leaders


      • Sharmila, Lakshmi,

        This blog is about ‘Thinking the Indian Way’, na?

        We must have songs and dances….

        A title song, a solo for Bush, a duet for Lalu and his buffaloe, a dream sequence – Sonio does the calypso in Hawaii… and a special re-mix of Dhoom with the entire star-cast…

        Dhoom machaade, dhoom macau… dhoom dhoom…


  4. Sharmila,

    When I finished schooling, I remember having this exhilarating giddying feeling of absolute liberation and complete freedom, an independence to do what I like. So, I did. I read Harold Robbins and Irving Wallace (which was a strict no-no at home) and I felt positively wicked! Havent read them since though. Reading this post brought back memories of those books and the feeling of being downright mischievous…a good feeling…:)

    Loved the entry of Albin’o’. Perhaps if it was a trillion-dollar cash garland made courtesy CWG, Bush wouldnt have seen red! On hearing Laloo’s version of buffaloes and pricks (pun unintended), he turned blue instead of green…cant he at least be environment friendly or do we wait for the bilious emesis for that….euh…gross!

    I am chewing my nails off wondering what and when the next part will be. If its the Albino-Bush cruise, I am grateful I am over 18…dont want to miss it! Ha. One regret though, there arent any Mallu characters. Tsk tsk… Kidding.:)

    Loved it!


    • Thanks Aish. I love the Go Green! We must introduce some cheerleaders now. Re the cruise, may have to censor some scenes i think ;0

      • Yes…a bush ought to be green…haha. Love the cheerleading idea – Mayawati, Jaya, Mamta – in microminis, tight midriffs, and pom-poms – woohoo! Re censoring, depends…is this Clinton or Bush?! Cos if its Bush, all we can expect is him saying, “A little lower down the nape, dear,…ahh, right there! Could you use your manicured nails a little harder…my eczema seems to be acting up today!”

      • hee hee hee..vivid Aish!

  5. Screenplay for part 2 scene 1, continued.

    (Lalu meets Bush.)

    Lalu: Oye Bushwa… tanik sunaa ho…

    Bush: Whaa…

    Lalu: Arre… baat to suno…

    Bush (To Sonio): Is he speaking English?

    Sonio: I don’t know. But its not Italian…

    Lalu: Not to be thinking to Bushwa… I speak for to you in English..

    Bush: Yes. That sounds like the pastor in my church. Go on.

    Lalu: My black buffaloes giving lot of white milk…

    Bush: Really? What is a buffaloe?

    Lalu: It is animal. You see I bring picture for you.

    Bush: Really? From where buffaloes give milk…

    Lalu: From here (points to the udders)

    Bush: What you call this in English?

    Lalu: No. No name in English. English cow not have this.

    Bush: Uhhh… errr… okay… I will buy this one… how much…

    Lalu: Only for you… 100 million dollars…

    Bush: Sonio, sign the check baby…

    (To be continued…)


  6. Screen play part 2 scene 1.

    (George discusses Caribbean cruise with Sonio)

    Bush: Errr… lady.. what’s your name again?

    Sonio: Edvige Antonia Albina Maino

    Bush: Yes. Yes. Now, look Ma’am Cogniac, I am sending you on a cruise..

    Sonio: Not Cogniac, Edvige Antonia Albina Maino…

    Bush: It’s okay. Too early in the day for me. Do you want the CIA on the cruise or David Hasselhoff?

    Sonio: I will take Manmohan, if you don’t mind. I am on a diet.

    Bush: Mamo.. who is mamon…?

    Sonio: Never mind…

    Bush: I never do… what mind… mind what?

    Sonio: I need a Cogniac.

    Bush: I know. You said that earlier, didn’t you?

    (Sonio staggers out of the frame)

    (To be continued…)


  7. Screen play part 2 scene 1:

    (Bush talks to Sharmila)

    Bush: Young lady, whats your name?

    Sharmila: Never mind my name.

    Bush: Thank you. Are you from one of these gangs?

    Sharmila: Never mind

    Bush: You don’t look like a politician. You seem like an intelligent person.

    Sharmila: Never mind

    Bush: See? I can tell a politician anywhere in the world. Even here in Africa.

    Sharmila: This is Macau. In Hong Kong.

    Bush: Is it? Hmmm… close enough, eh?

    Sharmila: I am observing.

    Bush: Good. At least you know what you are doing. Err… duh.. I mean.. can you tell me what I am doing here?

    Sharmila: Don’t you know?

    Bush: No

    Sharmila: Never mind

    Bush: Ah well… that’s okay with me…

    Sharmila: Can I quote you on this?

    Bush: Sure… by all means… go ahead… err.. what have I said so far?

    Sharmila: Nothing

    Bush: Capital! Then go on. Quote me.

    Sharmila: Never mind.

    Bush: Standby. I am giving a speech on the merits of outsourcing gambling from Las vegas to Macau.

    (Sharmila walks away)

  8. Is he not supposed to know by now he met me near the gaming machine? Bloody Bush with zero memory.!!

    • He is consistent. His attention span is close to negative.

      For example,

      Suppose Sharmila, Sonio, Lalu and Raja all speak at the same time.

      Sharmila: I won 3 times at the counters.

      Sonio: I don’t like Cogniac

      Raja: 4G is a telecom gold mine

      Lalu: My buffaloe looks like my wife

      Bush would probably register something like this:

      Sharmila won 3 Cogniacs after Sonio went on a cruise with Raja while Lalu married his buffaloe when his wife ran away with the gold.

      Very simple and straight man, Bush.

  9. Sumit Goyal Says:


  10. Screenplay Act 2 scene 1

    (Bush rises to address the meeting.)

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, and this one here with the black goggles whats-the-name”

    “Karunandhi “says the prompter.

    Bush stares at the prompter, “What-did-ya-say?”

    “His name is Karunnidhi”

    “Okay,” He continues, “As I said, Ladies and gentlemen, and Mr. Calamity here who is wearing black goggles. I say, why are you wearing black goggles? Is it not dark enough?”

    “Idde style irka tambi” says the goggles

    “Oh, well” Bush continues, “As I said or rather as I was about to say when these black goggles drew my attention. Can you remove them please? It’s distracting.”

    “Enna soloray?”

    Translator walks over and whispers into K’s ears. K removes the goggles. There is general murmur of disapproval.

    “On the other hand” says Bush, recovering from the shock, “I’d rather you put them back.”

    K puts them back after hearing from the translator.

    “As I said,” Bush continues, “or rather as I was about to say, I am here to give you the State of the Nation address… err… I mean… I seem to have got the wrong speech… so well… what the hell.. I will speak off the cuff”

    (General buzz of approval)

    “As I said, gambling is good. If its good for Las Vegas, its good for South Africa or as a young lady just said, ‘Macau’.

    ‘As Shakespeare has said come easy, goes easy, asta la vista baby…

    ‘On behalf of the United States of America and the United States of the Buck-in-ham I am very grateful to President Mandela for inviting me here today to play the roullete.

    ‘And the ham reminds me that I am hungry… I shall continue this speech after dinner…

    ‘Till then my friends as Abe Lincoln said, ‘Bring it on, baby!’”

    Loud applause….

    (To be continued at the end of scene 1)


  11. Lakshmi – My favorite event was when he winked at the Queen.

  12. Sharmila, MonaLisa, Lakshmi, Aishwarya, Renate, Shubha and all friends,

    Wishing you the happiness and blessings of Ganesha.

    Here is a shanti paath from Rig Veda followed by the opening lines of Atharva’s Essence of Ganesha.

    भद्रं कर्णेभिः श्रुणुयाम देवाः | भद्रं पश्येमाक्षभिर्यजत्रह |
    स्थिरे अन्गैस्तुश्तुवागम सस्तनूभी | व्यशेम देवहितं यदायु: |
    स्वस्ति न इन्द्रो वृद्धश्रवः | स्वस्ति नः पूषा विश्व्देवा: |
    स्वस्ति नस्ताक्षर्यो अरिष्ठ्नेमिः | स्वस्ति नो ब्रहास्पतिर्दधातु ||
    ॐ शांति: शांति: शांति: ||

    Rig Veda

    ॐ नमस्ते गणपतये | त्वमेव प्रत्यक्षम तत्वमसि | त्वमेव केवलं कर्ताsसि |
    त्वमेव केवलं धर्ताsसि | त्वमेव केवलं हर्ताsसि | त्वमेव सर्वं खल्विदं ब्रह्मासि |
    त्वम् साक्षात् आत्माsसि नित्यं || ऋतं वच्मि सत्यम वच्मि ||

    OPening lines of Ganapati Atharvashirsha

    Translation of Atharva’s shloka:

    (Note: Namaste is ‘Na Mam Aste’ which means ‘not me’… this is allowing spiritual space for the other person… namah, namaste are expressions of acceptance)

    Aum, Namaste Ganpataye | Twamev pratyaksham tatvamasi |

    … … … Aum, you preside Lord Ganapati | You are the manifest principles |

    Twamev kewalam kartasi | Twamev kewalam dhartasi |

    … … … You are the doer (source) | You are the upholder |

    Twamev kewalam hartasi | Twamev sarwam khalwidam brahmasi |

    … … … You take away/ destroy | You are the essence of the universe |

    Twam sakshaat atmasi nityam || Hritam vachami, satyam vachami ||

    … … … You are the steadfast soul | I speak the right, I speak the truth |


    Happy Ganesha Festival to you…


  13. Thank you, Reader and Sharmila, let me please join you in wishing a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to everyone!

    I shall celebrate it with a pooja at the Shiva-Vishnu temple in Livermoore, California, wearing a saree for the first time in my life.

    • Renate,

      You would look great in a saree.

      And while you are in the Shiva-Vishnu temple, pray for me too.

      Shiva and Vishnu will be surprised to hear one for me from the other side of the planet.

      Thank you,


      • Reader,

        If you had access to your email, you could judge for yourself. Today I was taught how to move in a saree.

        I have a feeling Shiva and Vishnu are quite familiar with your case. I shall pray for all obstacles to be removed from your path.


  14. Okay, back to the subject of the blog.

    Here is ‘Love in Macau’ starring Mr. Romantic, George Duh Duh Bush:

  15. Indian version of Bush in Love:

  16. Sharmila,

    Sorry, unable to carry on with Bush today. The mood is so good. There is an air of celebration every where.

    This song is dedicated to You, Lakshmi, MonaLisa, Aishwarya, Renate and all friends on the net:

  17. Sharmila,

    The second part though a bit risqué has lived up to the expectations and has left me begging for more. You rock!

    “And so, Sharmila, I want to thank you for your service. And I appreciate the fact that you really snatched defeat out of the jaws of those who are trying to defeat us here.”

  18. This is for Renate. That’s the way to wear the saree. Hope you are wearing it right.

  19. Reader,

    i shall do my level best. I’ll be in the temple about three hours from now. Any advice you can give me beyond how to wear the saree?

    • Renate,

      No advice. Have a good time.


      • Reader,

        Thank you, I will.


      • Renate,

        Hope you had a good time.

        Saw your mail and the photograph.

        I am not good at colors. It seems like a shade of red.

        It is scientifically established that men can see only 258 colors while women see over 3000+ shades.

        Difference being that men call the colors by name and women call them by fruits or vegetables or flowers. Like, Sky Yellow, Cucumber blue, Tamarind purple, Rose green etc.

        How was your trip to the temple? Did you bring the saree back?

  20. Georgie-Sonia at the ‘Gidiyup’ farm…:P

    • hee Aish, vivid ;0

    • Aishwarya, Sharmila,

      Too explicit for my taste.

      Why is Bush wearing a blue skirt with frills?

      This one won’t get through the censors.

      I mean at least remove the frills on the skirt…

      • Reader,

        You are right, too explicit. If the frills come off, there wont be much of skirt left…

        I think the Master Pillai-Bindu dream sequence of beak-to-beak in a nest is best. Hilarious.

        “Master Pillai…Master Pillai…”

        “Hum idhar…hum idhar…tum idhar aana”


      • Aishwarya,

        Master Pillai is one of Mehmood’s best roles. He produced and directed the film under his own banner, ‘Mehmood Ali Films’.

        Bush would probably court his lady love like that, with the paparazzi pursuing him from behind the trees.

        Another good one in that is the Sher in the beginning.

        “Humko maalum ji… Sher ka matlab taygara… ”


      • Reader,

        Its a perfect scene…”dhaawa – chaaallengu”…and the khujli-wala branch…lol

        The songs were masterpieces too…Kehna hai, Mere saamnewaali khidki mein, Ek chatur naar…

        Now I dont want to dedicate any of it to Bush…its too precious…


      • Aishwarya,

        Now that you mention, I’ll tell you.

        I had first chosen one from Chaplin’s ‘The Great Dictator’ but then decided against it after seeing the whole clip. Chaplin seems too human in comparison to Bush.

        And then, remembered the theme of Sharmila’s blog… ‘Thinking the Indian Way’…

        The closest resemblance to Bush turns out to be Mehmood and to some extend as I noticed in your clip is Kajol.

        (I don’t think that is very complimentary for Kajol but I suppose she has got to live with whatever she has)

        Bush doing a tango with SRK would probably make Karan Johar ecstatic.

      • Reader,

        No. Kajol is beautiful…

        Bush could be Loyan (Lion/Loin?). “Mona darling”, “Lily, dont be silly”…

        SRK-Bush in Dostana 2 – as in ‘Maa da laadla bigad gaya’??


      • Aishwarya,

        Somehow all women feel Kajol is beautiful.

        She is quite handsome actually. Square jaws, impish look, and a wide smile that splits the face into upper and lower half.

        Her mother Tanuja (Nutan’s younger sister) was beautiful. Kajol has taken on her fathers looks.

        It happens many a times. Daughter looks like father and son looks like mother. If they are actors, they hope the trend in the market changes.

        Kajol benefitted from the feminist movement in bollywood.

        Her whole family is quite traditional. All speak Marathi and English off-screen. Have poultry farms in Lonavala. Married as per old customs.

      • Reader,

        I like Kajol. Beautiful, in an unconventional way. Incredibly talented, and gives honest intelligent answers in her interviews. Unlike other actresses. They make it to the news for bloopers or wardrobe malfunctions or for changing boyfriends. Her sister, Tanisha, is an example. I guess I like the traditional bit too, keeping with the culture and customs, staying home and looking after her kids. I really like her.:)

  21. Reader,

    If you had come to the temple with me today, you would have understood the naming of the colors. The fruits, the flowers, the idols, the sarees – a sensual delight, a memory kept in the words coined for the colors…

    I wish I could have understood what the priests were chanting. Some of it went to a part of the mind which understands without words, but much was missed, I’m sure.

    Did you expect me to come back without clothes?

    • Renate,

      Glad you had fun.

      I can assure you most of the priests today do not understand the chants themselves. The Sanskrit is so ancient that even the meanings have changed over time.

      But devotion (bhakti) is a common element. That, as you say, is easily understood, words or no words.


      I did not expect you to come back without clothes. What gave you the idea?

      I was just being logical. If the saree comes back safely it would mean you are back too… since you are in it.

      Good logic, na?


      You look better than the woman in the movie clip. And I am not flattering.

      You should try it on more often.

      And yes, Rock & Roll is not possible in a saree. You cannot jump over the guitar like Elvis.

      • Reader,

        Yes, back safely and fully clothed – except that the pleats in front came undone a few times and unknown friendly ladies in the parking lot offered to tuck me back in again.

        But I must say, it felt completely natural and comfortable wearing the saree. I will try it on more often, until I either learn to dress myself or Nandini’s patience runs out.

        She said I must have been an Indian in my previous birth.

      • Renate,

        Cool. Appreciate the friendly ladies in the parking lot. There prompt action must have prevented a traffic jam.

        I suggest you wear a pair of jeans inside till you get accustomed to the saree. It’s useful if you are running across a free-way.

        Your friend Nandini must have a lot of patience.

        I don’t know about re-birth.. but you are surely testing the flavor of all cultures in this lifetime.


  22. Reader,

    Jeans inside a saree?? I don’t think I want to mix up my cultures that much.

    Don’t you know your own women’s dressing tricks – the petticoat inside is not exactly of the traffic-jam-causing kind.

    Do you wear a dhoti? According to SRK in “Swades” there is not much inside there. Traffic jams of the other kind?

    • Renate,

      Just noticed the photograph again. Your saree must have caused a Red Alert in the temple.

      And no, I don’t know the Indian woman’s dressing tricks. I am an Engineer not an explorer.

      I have not seen SRK’s “Swades”. But I suppose if he does not wear anything besides the dhoti, it must be okay for him. I have seen him in Karan Johar’s movies. Only an archaeologist would venture into his dhoti.

  23. Darn that went off prematurely…

    Just saying I will rest softly on the laurels of having taught something to the engineer.

    And the insides of SRK’s dhoti you can safely leave to our imagination.

    Sharmila, I think a change of topic would be just fine just about now….

  24. My personal preference for romance is very subjective, like waving from a train on the move:

    Like this:

    • Reader,

      Its a nice song…scenic…rustic…but why wave and move on? Esc key in romance?:)

      • Aishwarya,

        I don’t know what you mean by Esc..

        You probably mistook the driver for me.

        I am the boy sitting on the heap of coal in the back of the engine.

        The driver and his lady-love are subjects for me. I am just a witness.

        Not indifferent, but more like informed non-involvement, like a passive consciousness…

      • Hmm.. may be not so philosophical.. more like a couch potato.. that’s better…


  25. Sharmila, I expected you to catch the quote in my earlier comment. It was a famous Bushism. I only replaced ‘General’ with your name.

  26. AIshwarya,

    Okay. I get what you mean.

    No. If I were to imagine (No harm in imagining) that I fall in love with someone, I would expect her to be a part of my journey. I wouldn’t mind playing the flute and hum sweet nothings once in a while.

    Something on these lines: (Disclaimer: Don’t get ideas. It’s a dreamy sequence)

    And before you run away with your imagination this is the reality of my life:

  27. Screenplay part 2 scene 1

    (Bush talks to Azharuddin. Also present Sonio and Sharmila)

    Azhar: Uh Mr. Bush… you know… err.. I mean you know…

    Bush: What?

    Azhar: Uhh you know..

    Bush: My dear fellow, do you know who I am? I am George W Bush. Don’t say ‘you know’ to me…

    Azhar: O yes, I know.. you know…

    Bush (to Sonio): Is he like this all the time?

    Sonio: I don’t know.

    Bush: That’s my line.

    Sonio: Okay. Do you know?

    Bush: No. I don’t know. (To Azhar) Hey, say it quick…

    Azhar: uh.. yes.. okay, you know…

    Bush: Yes

    Azhar: I mean.. you know…

    Bush: Good! go on…

    Azhar: uh you know..

    Bush: Capital… bingo…

    Azhar: uhh you know..

    Bush: Yes. Thank you. You may go now.

    (Exit Azhar)

    Sharmila: What did he say?

    Bush (smiles): Did you notice, we are practically soul-mates… He knows I know what he doesn’t know that I don’t know and we know what we know we don’t know for sure.

    Sharmila: Eh?

    Bush: Never mind…

    Sharmila: That’s my line!

    Bush: Ha! I said it first! Finders keepers…

    (Exit Sharmila)

    Bush [takes a deep breath] (to Sonio): Sonio.. my dear… do you know…

    (Exit Sonio)

    [ Coming up next… Bush with Suresh Kalmadi… watch this space… ]


  28. Screenplay part 2 scene 1

    (Bush talks to Kalmadi)

    Kalmadi: Hello… I am Kalmadi. Suresh kalmadi.

    Bush: Why?

    Kalmadi: Huh?

    Bush: I mean.. what are you doing here?

    Kalmadi: You asked ‘Why’?

    Bush: As you wish… Why are you doing here?

    Kalmadi: I am the Chairman of the CWG.

    Bush: You are what?

    Kalmadi: Chairman.

    Bush: Okay be seated… now tell me what are you up to…

    Kalmadi (looks around for help. Finds no one): Err.. mmmm.. uhhh.. yes… yes..

    Bush: Is that it?

    Kalmadi: no.. there is more… I.. mm.. ummm.. money… mmm .. err..

    Bush: I heard that! You said ‘Money’….

    Kalmadi: Yes.. No… I mean… yes… no… no.. no..

    Bush: Good. I like that. You should join my senate.

    Kalmadi (Clears his voice): TV Channels are exposing me…

    Bush: Really? I must see this one. Do you look like Madonna?

    Kalmadi: No.. yes.. I mean.. no… the CWG scam… money…

    Bush: Money, yes… what about it?

    Kalmadi (speaks rapidly in one breath): It is in the swiss bank.. you have to help..

    Bush: Swiss bank? Hmm… is it in Dollars..

    Kalmadi: yes… I mean… no.. I mean… yes

    Bush: Are you sure?

    Kalmadi: Australian dollars

    Bush: Poh-ta-toe… poh-ta-toe…

    Kalmadi: Eh?

    Bush: Read my lips… you are a poh-ta-toe..

    Kalmadi: Say again?

    Bush: You are a Poh-ta-toe

    Kalmadi (Shakes his head): No lips in you-are-a-Poh-ta-toe

    Bush: Ha, Ha! You are smart.. come to DC.. be my spokesman… Sonio! Are you listening?

    (Exit Kalmadi smiling ear-to-ear)

  29. Aishwarya,

    This is Tanjua, Kajol’s mother…. No comparison.

    (This song is Sahir’s… notwithstanding)

    • Reader,

      The actresses then were beautiful…ethereal… The B/W movies added to that mystical quality…

      I dont know what is amiss now…guess the men would know better.:)

      Tanuja is lovely. I wonder why she wasnt as popular as Nutan…

      (Thanks for the song by Sahir)

      • Nutan was almost a decade older than Tanuja. Tanuja came to the silver screen during Rajesh Khanna’s time.

        By that time, Nutan was managing the estates of the family, driving every day from Mumbai to Pune and back!

        I don’t know what has changed.

        Who knows…

  30. Aishwarya,

    This one is better. Tanuja was younger and Rajesh Khanna takes a Mirror Break.. Kajol would need a transplant to look like this…

  31. Aishwarya,

    One more of Tanuja. She acted opposite all the superstars in her time. Just as Nutan did before her with Devanand, Raj Kapoor, Manoj Kumar et al and Kajol with those in her time. The times they made all the difference. It all began with Tanjua and Nutan’s mother Shobhana Samarth who was in fact more successful than all of them. Four generation of successful women in the family.

    This song has peculiar combination of notes. All the white and black keys in the scale are used for the first line of the song. RD Burman’s composition.. out of the world!

    • Reader,

      Such a lovely song…

      Tanuja looks beautiful in ‘Raat akeli hai bhuj gaye diye’ too… not posting it here for obvious reasons…

  32. Okay. Let’s get back to business.

    George Bush conducts his own business tour. Someone in the team has broken the rules of the game. Who? Who has brought a hen on the tour?

    All the actors are in the scene. Viewers are advised not to guess who is who.

    As usual Bush leads from the front.

  33. Sharmila,

    A slight guest appearance, while you prepare the next scene.

    Bush learns how to express love from Reader…

    Bush played by Sunil Dutt. Reader played by Kishore Kumar, the singing teacher!

  34. Ha..ha…Love Guru…! Reader..!? 🙂

  35. MonaLisa, Sharmila,

    There is an urdu saying – Allah meherban toh gadha pehlvan – meaning, if God is blesses even an ass can become a wrestler.

    Like this:

  36. […] Sharmila says… Thinking the Indian way.. « Meeting in sin city…..( Episode 2 ) […]

  37. Not a Love Guru in the real sense, for the Bush, may be… 🙂

    Following is one of Sahir’s best works on the subject… translation is mine… took me an hour to translate… hope you’ll read it full…

    Na To Caarvaan Ki Talaash Hai, Na To Humsafar Ki Talaash Hai
    Mere Shauq-E-Khaana Kharaab Ko, Teri Rehguzar Ki Talaash Hai

    … … … Not a search for a convoy, nor a search for a companion
    … … … My obssession and indulgence search for just your path

    Mere Naamuraad Junoon Ka Hai Ilaaj Koi To Maut Hai
    Jo Dava Ke Naam Pe Zehar De Usi Chaaraagar Ki Talaash Hai

    … … … My aimless fervour can be cured only by death, if at all
    … … … I look for the one who’ll poison me in the name of medicine

    Tera Ishq Hai Meri Aarzoo, Tera Ishq Hai Meri Aabroo

    … … … Your love is my desire, your love is my honor

    Dil Ishq Jism Ishq Hai Aur Jaan Ishq Hai
    Imaan Ki Jo Poochho To Imaan Ishq Hai

    … … … Love is the heart, the body and the soul
    … … … Considering this, even Faith is Love

    Tera Ishq Hai Meri Aarzoo, Tera Ishq Hai Meri Aabroo,
    Tera Ishq Maein Kaise Chhod Doon, Meri Umra Bhar Ki Talaash Hai

    … … … … … … Your love is my desire, your love is my honor

    Jaansoz Ki Haalat Ko Jaansoz Hi Samjhega
    Maein Shamaa Se Kehta Hoon Mehfil Se Nahin Kehta Kyonki
    Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq, Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq

    … … … Only he knows who stakes his life on it
    … … … I speak to the flame not the gathering
    … … … This is Love, Love, This is Love…

    Sahar Tak Sabka Hai Anjaam Jal Kar Khaak Ho Jaana,
    Bhari Mehfil Mein Koi Shammaa Ya Parvaana Ho Jaye Kyonki
    Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq, Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq

    … … … The fate of the flame is that by sunrise it burns to death
    … … … And in the party one becomes a moth another the flame
    … … … Because this is Love, This Love, Love

    Vehshat-E-Dil Rasm-O-Deewaar Se Roki Na Gayi
    Kisi Khanjar, Kisi Talvaar Se Roki Na Gayi
    Ishq Majnu Ki Vo Aavaz Hai Jiske Aage
    Koi Laila Kisi Deewaar Se Roki Na Gayi, Kyonki
    Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq, Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq

    … … … The heart’s madness is never stopped by customs
    … … … Nor a dagger, nor a sword can stop it
    … … … Love is the voice of that Love-crazy, hearing which
    … … … No sweet-heart can ever be stopped
    … … … Because this is Love, This Love, Love

    Vo Hanske Agar Maangen To Hum Jaan Bhi Deden,
    Ye Jaan To Kya Cheez Hai Imaan Bhi Deden Kyonki
    Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq, Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq

    … … … If they smile and ask, I will give my life away
    … … … Not just life, I would even give away my Faith
    … … … Because This is Love, This Love, Love…

    Naaz-O-Andaaz Se Kehte Hain Ki Jeena Hoga,
    Zehar Bhi Dete Hain To Kehte Hain Ki Peena Hoga
    Jab Maein Peeta Hoon To Kehten Hai Ki Marta Bhi Nahin,
    Jab Maein Marta Hoon To Kehte Hain Ki Jeena Hoga
    Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq, Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq

    … … … They say with such dignity and style that I must live,
    … … … And when they give me venom, they say I must drink
    … … … When I drink it, they wonder why I do not die
    … … … When I die, they insist that I must now live…
    … … … This is Love, Love, This is Love

    Mazhab-E-Ishq Ki Har Rasm Kadi Hoti Hai,
    Har Kadam Par Koi Deewaar Khadi Hoti Hai

    … … … The religion of love has tough rituals
    … … … There is a wall on the way at every step

    Ishq Aazad Hai, Hindu Na Musalmaan Hai Ishq,
    Aap Hi Dharm Hai Aur Aap Hi Imaan Hai Ishq
    Jis Se Aagaah Nahi Shekh-O-Barahammann Dono,
    Us Haqeeqat Ka Garajtaa Hua Ailaan Hai Ishq

    … … … Love is free, nor Hindu nor Muslim is Love
    … … … Love is itself a belief, Love is itself a Faith
    … … … Neither the mullah nor the brahmin are know
    … … … Love is the resounding declaration of this reality

    Ishq Na Puchhe Deen Dharm Nu, Ishq Na Puchhe Jaataan
    Ishq De Haathon Garam Lahu Vich, Doobiyaan Lakh Baraataan Ke
    Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq, Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq

    … … … Love doesn’t ask for faith, nor for caste oor creed
    … … … Love is that warmth of youth that sinks all fleets
    … … … Because this Love, Love, This is Love…

    Raah Ulfat Ki Kathin Hai Ise Aasaan Na Samajh
    Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq, Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq

    … … … The road of devotion is tough, don’t think it easy
    … … … This is Love, Love…

    Bahut Kathin Hai Dagar Panghat Ki
    Ab Kya Bhar Laun Maein Jamuna Se Matki
    Maein Jo Chali Jal Jamuna Bharan Ko
    Dekho Sakhi Ji Maein Jo Chali Jal Jamuna Bharan Ko
    Nandkishor Mohe Roke Jhaadon To
    Kya Bhar Laun Maein Jamuna Se Matki
    Ab Laaj Raakho More Ghoonghat Pat Ki

    … … … The pathway to the river bank is very precarious
    … … … How do I bring water from the river, Yamuna?
    … … … When I go to bring water from Yamuna
    … … … Shri Krishna stops me on the way
    … … … How do I bring water from the river, Yamuna?

    Jab Jab Krishn Ki Bansi Baaji, Nikali Raadha Saj Ke
    Jaan Ajaan Ka Maan Bhula Ke, Lok Laaj Ko Taj Ke
    Janak Dulaari Ban Ban Doli, Pahan Ke Prem Ki Maala
    Darshan Jal Ki Pyaasi Meera Pi Gai Vishh Ka Pyaala
    Aur Phir Araj Kari Ke
    Laaj Raakho Raakho Raakho, Laaj Raakho Dekho Dekho,
    Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq, Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq

    … … … Whenever Krishna’s flute plays, Radha goes adorned
    … … … Forgetting all grace and honor and people’s regard
    … … … Janak’s daughter dresses up, wears the garland of Love
    … … … Meera drinks the glass of poison for the sight of her Love
    … … … Because This is Love, Love… This is Love

    Allah Rasool Ka Farmaan Ishq Hai
    Yaane Hafeez Ishq Hai, Quraan Ishq Hai
    Gautam Kaa Aur Maseeh Ka Armaan Ishq Hai
    Ye Kaaynaat Jism Hai Aur Jaan Ishq Hai
    Khaaq Ko But, Aur But Ko Devta Karta Hai Ishq
    Intaha Ye Hai Ke Bande Ko Khuda Karta Hai Ishq

    … … … Allah and His prophet’s command is Love
    … … … Means the instructs and Quran are Love
    … … … Buddha and Christ’s aspiration is Love
    … … … This universe is the body and the soul is Love
    … … … Love makes an idol from dust and a deity out of an idol
    … … … The threshold is that Love makes a God out of a disciple

    Haan Ishq Ishq Tera Ishq Ishq
    Tera Ishq Ishq, Ishq Ishq

    … … … Yes, This is Love, Love… This is Love

    Sahir Ludhianvi

    Translation mine.

    This song is filmed in a movie called ‘Barsat ki Raat’

  38. No. Duh…men. 🙂

  39. Kaise kahe hum pyaar ne hum ko, kya kya khel dikhaye,
    Yoon sharmayee kismat hum se, khud se hum sharmaaye

    Bhaagon ko toh patjhad loote, loota humein bahaar ne
    Duniya marti maut se lekin maara humko pyaar ne
    Apna woh haal hai, beech safar mein, jaise koi lut jaaye
    Kaise kahe hum pyaar ne hum ko, kya kya khel dikhaye…

    Tum kya jaano, kya chaha tha, kya lekar aaye hum
    Toote sapne, ghayal nagme, kuch shole kuch shabnam
    Itna kuch paaya hai humne, kahe toh kaha na jaaye
    Kaise kahe hum pyaar ne hum ko, kya kya khel dikhaye…

    Aisi baji shehnai ghar mein, ab tak so na sake hum
    Apnon ne hum ko itna sataaya, roye toh ro na sake hum
    Ab toh karo kuch aisa yaaron, hosh na humko aaye
    Kaise kahe hum pyaar ne hum ko, kya kya khel dikhaye…

  40. Aishwarya,

  41. Reader,

  42. Aishwarya,

    I would rather be the Shatrughan Sinha in this song:

    • Reader,

      Thats a very sad song… 😦

      I was thinking of…

      • May be it could be dedicated to Bush-Sonia or Barney-Ms Beazley or Srini-Loo or Deve Gowda-drawstring or the hot dog-beer…possibilities aplenty…

      • Aishwarya,

        You are in a flirtatious mood!

        Caution: If you note the counter on the top right of the screen, Sharmila’s blog gets almost 500 unique hits a day!

        Kidding! Shall reply to this one too…


      • Thanks for reminding the beer aspect… haven’t touched on that yet… Sharmila has introduced so many angles in her script… this one is going to look like an epic!

        Am probably creating new Bushisms on the way!


      • The screenplay is really good…

    • Reader,

      Not in the least. I am checking my daughter’s multiplication problems as I post the songs. Just an exchange of good music. All are welcome to listen and enjoy the treasures of Indian cinema.

      But thanks for the warning. I’ll bear that in mind.


  43. Aishwarya,

    This is what happens to college flings after marriage!

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