The art of forgetting….By Pritish Nandy

A brilliant post from Mr Nandy…

The last week proved, yet again, how short our memory is. Everything heals, everything changes with time. Even the biggest traumas are wiped out by new events and, sometimes, even new traumas. So much so that what obsessed us just a couple of years or months or even weeks back is so suddenly erased from our consciousness that it looks like the entire nation has struck the delete button at the same time. Sometimes it’s sad. But often it’s great. It shows us that India has really taken yoga to heart and can leave behind its anger, outrage, rancour and move on. I guess that’s why we are such a great nation.

Let’s look at the CWG. The hatred against the British that fuelled our freedom struggle has long vanished. Today we celebrate the Games as friends. If we do well and win many medals, we will see that as a befitting reply to history. We have forgotten the Black Hole tragedy, the Jalianwala Bagh massacre. Frankly, I can’t even remember the rest. I would much rather remember the trains, the post offices, the schools and colleges, the gothic churches, the art deco architecture that the British left behind, and their biggest contribution, the English language that has opened us up so quickly to the modern world, to science and technology, the global economy. We never struggled like the Chinese to integrate with others. English provided us the perfect tool, even though Mulayam Singh may not agree.

But that took sixty years. Now look at the Ayodhya verdict. Even before it was announced, everyone knew that whatever it would be, the new India had moved on, beyond Ayodhya. The elaborate security was only to ensure that no political party would misuse the verdict to stoke mischief. In less than two decades, both Hindus and Muslims have set aside the contentious issue that killed thousands of men, women and children in a maelstrom of violence they had nothing to do with. What began as a political tamasha, the rath yatra, masquerading as an issue of national pride soon snowballed into a terrible human tragedy. Despite all efforts of the BJP to keep it alive, the debate is now dead. Everyone, particularly the young, yearn for peace and pragati today.

But why talk of centuries and decades? I bet once the Games are over, all this hysteria over the most corrupt and shameful event in recent history, will be promptly forgotten. If Kalmadi braves out the next few days and survives, there’s no reason to believe he will ever get the boot. A rap on the knuckles, perhaps. The boos he got during the opening ceremony will be seen as adequate punishment for his huge heist. If Ramalinga Raju can get away so easily, why would we make such an effort to remember Kalmadi’s indiscretions? Even RR Patil’s back as Maharashtra’s Home Minister despite 26/11. Only Vilasrao remains to be restored as CM but he’s in no hurry. He has a comfortable berth in the Centre to while away his time.

That our collective memory’s getting shorter and shorter is best exemplified by the fact that the Pakistani contingent at the Games got the biggest ovation after the Indians. It must have amazed the whole world that while we speak so bitterly against Pakistan on every international platform for destabilising Kashmir and exporting terrorism to India we still love their sportspeople so much, their actors, their singers, even their Page 3 people, two of whom got a rousing welcome last weekend when they entered Bigg Boss. One, a cross dresser who runs a chat show on Pakistani TV. The other, a kiss and tell artiste who has embarrassed her former lover, cricketer Mohammad Asif by alleging she knew all about his dirty match fixing ways even as she cuddled with him under the blanket. Pakistani pop star Ali Zafar not only had a hit in Tere bin Laden but has also been signed on by Yashraj to make more films in a city where the Sena and MNS rule the roads. Adnan Sami happily lives here, in a flat with two squabbling wives.

But the most telling example is the box office. Kismet ruled it for 30 years. Then came Sholay in 1975. DDLJ could challenge it only after 20 years. In 5 years Gadar took it on. Singh is Kingg was just about to stake its claim when Ghajini came 2 months later, knocked it off its perch. Then came Three Idiots a year later to break all records. Only to have Dabangg challenge it 8 months later. And now, in 3 weeks, Rajnikanth has walked off with it all. Proves how ephemeral all success is too.

Are you now surprised why Mein Kampf outsells My Experiments with Truth in the land of the Mahatma or why a nation that once hated Azharuddin should vote him back as a MP? What about the four wrestlers and the two athletes who failed the CWG dope test last month? Aren’t they all back in our contingent?


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  1. Sharmila,
    It’s A Great piece(humorous sarcasm OR sarcastic humor…!?) by PN…
    In my opinion….
    “Art of forgetting”(& forgiving) is the part of “Art of Living” Which is very important to lead life Peacefully and successfully provided it’s been applied with proper understanding,with proper discretion & not as a cover up of the cowardice. One might not see the immediate effect of it but in long run it proves to be right in majority cases personally or collectively….however forgetting (& forgiving) Kalmadi or Ramalingam could encourage so many corrupts to follow their footsteps and pursue the same or larger scams…which can be proved detrimental to morale of society/country and economy of that nation.

  2. MonaLisa – Exactly and that remains the daunting point! We have a short memory, we jump from one controversy to another. In the case of the CWG, we are dazzled by the opening ceremony success and remain blind to the corruption and a myriad other deficiencies with the games. The BBC yesterday showed the tracks still being laid out at the stadium for the T & F events. Quite shameful the way the preparations have been conducted. And now that the party has got the booty from Kalmadi, he will be most surely spared.

  3. Sharmila,

    Sorry for the gap again. I will be online normal hopefully late by Thursday evening or Friday morning.


    On Mr. Nandy’s musings:

    I wrote something along the following line somewhere else in the blogosphere: Consciousness always finds what it wants. If a person’s attention is drawn by what is wrong with the world, the body, mind and spirit gets occupied by that subject.

    Mr. Nandy strikes a similar note in the scroll above. I find it curious how different people from different parts of the world are in the same state though focussed on various subjects in their immediate premises. I wonder if that is a coincidence.

    In the sciences recorded by Vedic scriptures, most of which is in the Atharveda, there is a roadmap for each scientific event. Tantra, Mantra and Yantra.

    The tantra is a mind-map of observations and hypothesis, the mantra formulates an equation, a theorem or a rider and the yantra creates a prototype for doing a pilot test.

    There is one particular section where astronomy, astrology and the occult are chosen in the tantra stage i.e. the mind-mapping exercise.

    On the Vedic calender, the current 15 days ending on 7th September ’10 with the new moon on Thursday are called the Pitrayog.

    In this fortnight it is hypothesized that the spirits of the dead who are neither re-born nor emancipated return to their bases on earth where they had spent their last days before death or the spot where they died if it was an accidental death.

    But that is only the hypo. The mantra is that this fortnight is allocated for remembering the ancestors and dead ones and pray for their moksha.

    The last day, that is this Thursday, is called the Sarvapitri Amavasya. I translate that as ‘All Souls Moonless Night’.

    I am sure it is a mere co-incidence that scores of spontaneous bloggers are dwelling on the subject of remembering or forgetting one way or another.

    Or perhaps I am connecting remote dots in different dimensions of my lexicon.

    Who knows…


    PS: I have only scratched the surface of the subject. Tantrism and the domain of evil and good spirits is an enormous subject that runs into 11 volumes of over 500 A4 pages each. I cannot claim even a symptomatic mastery of it’s principles and practice.

    I can only say one thing with certainty and that is about myself and my attitudes. I cannot refine linguistic expression by crucifying sentiments. I do not swap causes and effects.

    • Reader – Mr Nandy’s post has gotten you into the realms of tantras and mantras! lol. But, I wish to know more about tantras. There are many who are making money ot of this in India, is it true that they can make the evil spirits do what they wish?

  4. Great post for Pritish Nandy Sir Thanks.
    Thanks to @Sharmila again for sharing.

    Best Regards

  5. Sharmila,

    This Tantrism and evil spirit business can be explained on the triguna varga. There are these three broad qualities or states of the mind – Satvik, Rajasik, and Tamasik.

    Each type is a sort-of customer for the Tantra, Mantra and Yantra vidya.

    Where a Satvik might learn the tools and techniques to decipher the scriptures, a Rajasik might use it to empower himself and a Tamasik might become hostile.

    For example, take a 3 dimensional yantra that draws astronomcal positions of various constellations.

    A satvik might indulge in it and find some rationale in the theory of a Lotus shaped big bang.

    A Rajasik might draw Kundali of people and forecast their futures.

    A Tamasik might declare doomsday!

    It all depends on who is studying and how.

    Tonight’s Amavasya is Michael Jackson’s Thriller night in the hindu scriptures. Ghosts and ghouls test their vocal chords and pitch their worth in the woods with crying wolves.

  6. Sharmila, The opening ceremony made us all proud but I fervently pray and sincerely hope that we and our people do not forget and forgive the mess that Kalmadi and his cronies have made out of the CWG. No spectators for most of the events..what could have been more disastrous than this? I hope the memories of the opening ceremony remain short lived and we do remember the corruption and the mismanagement of the CWG. I am sure no lessons will be learnt and there will be mega blunders and scams in future. I hate to sound so pessimistic and cynical but I have simply meekly surrendered to this sorry state of affairs for now!

    Mr Nandy has written very well. Thanks for sharing it with us here.


    • Shubha – I ECHO exactly the same thoughts. We cannot be blinded by a spectacular opening ceremony and be immune to the corruption and the inefficiencies in organizing the games. That aerostat at the opening ceremony was a grand idea but it reminded me of weightlessness, nirvana, mystique and the money that vanished into thin air!

  7. Sharmila,

    I noticed an exceptional, rather typical Indian sentiment during the opening ceremony of the games.

    We are taught to treat our guests with respect and grace. That we do with pleasure and serve them with all we have.

    But the test is when the guest is our worst oppressor! One who killed thousands of people in our house, looted all our treasures and still sits discourteously and proudly enjoying our hospitality. A snobbish, bootlegging Englishman who calls us his common-wealth!

    The mind recoils in aversion but the heart forces deference to cultural values.

    Better to score a victory over vengence and live in peace than allow vengeance to prevail and later regret the loss of cultural values.

    A guest is a guest even if he is the devil incarnate.

    Had the English done the same to China or Russia that they did to Indians for 200 years, forget about common-wealth, they would be begging for supplies to preserve their venomous scorpion in buck-in-ham.

  8. Reader,

    Whaoh! What an outburst of indignation and what a definition of “CommonWealth”… Buck in Ham eh? Haha! I would love it if Sharmila can tweet this comment of yours to all her followers on Twitter. What say Sharmila?

  9. Shubha,

    It is not possible to express everything on a blog page. But that is how I feel.

    If you have noticed, prior to the opening of the games, the media sensitized the issue over the Queen nominating a non-entity instead of the President of India just because he was her son.

    The tongue-in-cheek method was the Prince of Wails (or is it Prince of Veils?) officially Declared the games open, while the President was given a write-up that said, “The games are now open. Let the games begin.”

    This is the subtle humor a rogue Englishman who kissed his wive’s a@s goodbye for an old hag!

    I say, Royalty? My left foot!

    • Correction: subtle humor of

    • Reader,

      I did not ponder over the difference in the announcements made by the two. Infact i found our President’s declaration of ‘let the games begin’ rather dumb. Now that you have analyzed the two statements in your distinctive style, I see the point. Thanks


      • Shubha,


        My style is not very good. Distinctive, may be. But not very polite.

        I rely too much on history and literature. And I don’t trust the media!

        Phir bhi theek hai, na? Kya hua agar kuch bhi nahi hua?

        This is what my favorite poet Sahir says:

        Bachchon tum taqdeer ho, kal ke hindustaan ki
        Baapu ke vardaan ki, Nehru ke armaan ki

        Aaj ke toote khandaro par tum kal ka desh basaaoge
        Jo ham logon se na hua, vo tum kar ke dikhlaaoge

        Tum nanhi buniyaade ho duniyaa ke naye vidhaan ki
        Bachchon tum taqdeer ho, kal ke hindustaan ki

        Deen-dharam ke naam pe koi beej phut kaa boye na
        Jo sadiyon ke baad milii hai vo aazaadii khoye na

        Har mazhab se oonchi hai, qeemat insaani jaan ki
        Bachchon tum taqdeer ho, kal ke hindustaan ki

        Phir koi Jaichand na ubhare, phir koii jaafar na uthe
        Gaironka dil khush karne ko apno par khanzar na uthe

        Dhan-daulat ke laalach mein, tauheen na ho imaan ki
        Bachchon tum taqdeer ho, kal ke hindustaan ki

        Naari ko is desh ne devi kah kar daasii jaana hai
        Jisko kuch adhikaar na ho vo ghar kii raani maana hai

        Tum aisaa aadar mat lenaa, aar ho jo apmaan ki
        Bachchon tum taqdeer ho, kal ke hindustaan ki

        Rah na sake ab is duniyaa meiN yug sarmaayadaari ka
        Tumko jhandaa lahraanaa hai, mehnat ki sardaari kaa

        Tum chaaho to badal ke rakh do qismat har insaan ki
        Bachchon tum taqdeer ho, kal ke hindustaan ki

        – Sahir Ludhianvi

        Film: Didi (1959)

  10. Sharmila, Shubha,

    The reason was Mr. Nandy’s line where he said that hatred for the English fuelled the freedom struggle and that we have forgotten that.

    Evil is evil anytime anywhere. The Englishman is the purest form of evil that occupies space on this earth.

    Forget what, Sir? That Churchill called your Mahatma a half-naked fakir? That English converted a land of free people into colonies of slave labor? That nothing has changed after they handed over the same administration to their puppets in the Indian National Congress?

    Has the Englishman’s philosophy changed towards us and our children?

    Forgiving is for those with colonial hang-overs. Forgetting is for cowards.

    It’s too early for either.

    • I could write a few hundred pages on the evil of the English.

      The Englishman is more evil than the forces of terrorism. He is a microbe that infects the immune system of cultures. Trace any form anti-nationalism anywhere in the world, the roots will be found in London!

    • I think Indians are more preoccupied with their day to day struggles to remember about the oppressive past of their forefathers. Indians have no time to think when 70% are struggling for a piece of bread.

      • That was precisely what Gandhi noted!!! Our day-to-day struggles do not allow us the luxury of fending off invaders.

        And he found a way forward… local self-government.

        But somehow there was no leadership in India then who were willing to grant autonomous panchayats across the whole nation.

        While gandhi called it home-rule, his leadership team thought it was no-rule!

  11. Sharmila,

    Did you hear the latest on the Ayodhya Verdict?

    The Hindu Mahasabha has decided to join the Sunni Waqf Board and challenge the verdict in the Supreme Court.

    It appears that the fine print in the verdict reads as follows: The actual 67 acres of land around the mosque/temple was acquired by the Government of India way back in 1949.

    So the verdict of 1/3 area to each litigant is applicable to 1500 square feet of the structure. Which means 500 sq feet to each party.

    A grand temple of 500 sq ft, another Grand Mosque of 500 sq ft and the Akhara in another 500.

    See, that’s why I always feel the Congress keeps toying with restive minorities.

    67 acres was enough land to settle the issue in the last 60 years.

    But a settlement doesn’t serve politics. On election day voters remember problems, not solutions!

  12. Games update.

    Sad news in Hockey at the games.

    Australia is too damn good! Already leading 5-1 against India.

    Some imaginative strategic play by the Aussie forwards – excellent corner shots and D-top exchanges.

    Our team needs a new coach to come up with innovative game plans. Our forwards are so predictable, the Aussie defenders are moving into positions even before our players reached their end!

    Guess this one is gone. The Kangaroo is going to hop away with the gold!

    BTW, Sania and Saina are doing well without Sonio. 🙂

  13. Sharmila,

    Here is dream of Sahir Ludhianvi:

  14. And if that was too black and white, does it seem any different in color?

  15. And all this for a handful of space!

  16. Or just one dream after another after another after another…

  17. And all for the sake of a nation that I call my own…

  18. It’s all history. It’s all in the past. Nonetheless, let’s remind ourselves once in a while, just so we don’t forget anyone and anything…

  19. sharimla u r on the spot when u say that the ndians are too preoccupied with strggles to meet the demands of their stomach,bt i have noticed some other things too while living form 5 yrs at metros like kolkata and mumbai and close to 15 years in the hinterlands of bihar and jharkhand.1.the penurious like labourers,farmers of non performing states struggle to make their ends meet,struggle to marry their daughters and struggle fr almost everything else and if any disease comes along its the ultimate form of punishmetnt u can serve them.2.the middle class struggles to provide education to their wards(unless it is some government school where teachers are rare species and rarer is the education)i mean to say fees fr a good school isrs.1500 per month ,u go higher feesfr good coaching inst if u want to send ur son to iit,medical colleges close to 50000 bucks, i hv seen the likes of my father whose only preoccupatoion is to ensure that their children hv good education and salute to those parents who hv forgotten their own needs ,own expectations,own worries to provide quality education to their children.3.the high society brats whose only preoccupation is to plan parties,hang outs at clubs ,discoc etc etc those who r left out run behind the girls and same with girls also ,it is nt to say everyone is like tht only, many are serious fr their carriers ,they genuinely believe in doing something fr the motherland,but unless everyone in their some or other way can contribute to society ,we will nt be able to eradicate the no.1 category.

    • Well said. There are very few people with such nobel intentions. To get more people to think on the right track would require a sincere effort by this society in first of all eradicating poverty. Unfortunately the rich are getting richer and poor poorer. Very few of the rich think of bettering the society and indulge in philanthropy. Narayanmurthy and Bill Gates are great examples. But, if Governments don’t do their bit, the wealthy too cannot do much in changing this world.

  20. Aishwarya Says:


    Time heals. Change is constant. Life goes on. Memory wanes. God’s way of keeping us sane…
    The question is, if we are celebrating the CWG and allowing the court to decide how many sq. ft of Ayodhya belongs to Lord Ram, are we sane or have we lost our marbles?
    The secret is perhaps in knowing whom, what, and when to forgive and forget. An ‘art’ as he says. Mastered by few.


  21. Games update:

    Saw the women’s archery team in practice. Man, these girls are undernourished! They are firing purely on soul-power! Everytime they shoot and the arrow strikes the target board they look up at thank God! Wonder how they’ll match up against their Canadian competitors.

    Swimming: Aussie Ryan Napolean and Canadian Ryan Cochraine qualify for the finals. Napolean might find his waterloo in the swimming pool after all!

    Freestyle Wrestling women’s qualifiers: Nigeria Vs New Zealand. I’ll pass this. Too much violence.

  22. Received on chain-mail:

    While most Indians are debating where Ram was born, the Aussies are wondering why Laxman was born!

  23. Channel surfing: (Friday 0830 AM)

    DD Sports: CWG Live – Bowling on grass: Scotland Vs India: India leading 8 – 4. What a silly game this is. There is a small yellow ball somewhere in the middle of the farm. Players have to hit it with large striker balls from a distance. I remember playing this game with stones and marbles in the school!

    Cartoon Network: Tom & Jerry: Tom is pursued by a green spook. Click next.

    Discovery Channel: Jihad – The Men and ideas behind Al Qaeda. Click next.

    Fox History & Entertainment: Sherlock Holmes. Click next.

    Nat Geo: Tele Mall – Slim Sauna. Belt for Couch potatoes. Sit in a sofa and loose weight. Mind blowing stuff. Click next.

    Bloomberg UTV: Market Watch – Sensex up 2.35%. Click next

    CNN-IBN News: NZ anchor apologizes for saying ‘Shitty Country’. Click next.

    BBC World: IMF & World Bank warn of currency rows. How long can Britain print pounds without producing anything? Click next

    Headlines Today: CWG Tickets scam. Scam number SK-31256. Click next

    TimesNow: RCN for Pak 26/11 plotters. US pushes pak. Click next

    NDTV Profits: Advertisements. Sachin is selling JK cement. Click next

    NDTV News: ‘Kashmir did not merge after accession’ says Omar?

    Lok Sabha TV: Perspective. CWG. We want 60 Gold Medals says a Sardar with a white beard who is the expert on the panel. Rivetting discussion. No thank you. Click next.

    Aaj Tak: Mr. Santram is being interviewed. He has survived after being bitten 60 times by snakes. The snake is being shown from several angles. Poor thing looks confused. Click next.

    NDTV Live: Indian Air Force celebrates 79th birthday. Fabulous display of Air power. 3 indigenous fighter copters doing a somersault in synch. Most of the technology has come from Israel. The commentator is struggling for words. Click next.

    Pay Channels Movies: Aisha. Click. Tere Bin Laden. Click. Once Upon a time in Mumbai. Click. Wanted. Click.

    Free Movies: Set Max – Benaam. Bachchan, Prem Chopra. That’s it. Freeze.


  24. Good voice, good lyrics.. watching now on SET Max.

  25. Channel Stopper:

    Zee Cafe: Grey’s Anatomy Season 6… I have the full set of DVD… feels different watching one episode on TV on Panasonic 3D HDD… Meredith needs a make-over… looks anaemic… bulemia?

  26. Games update:

    Running: Heats on. 800 mtrs dash. Kenyan’s are unbeatable. Guys run like they are in the Serengeti chased by a Jaguar.

  27. Games update:

    Lawn Tennis: Somdev Burman firing all guns. Slaps the ball as if it is Kalmadi’s head. Leading 1 – 0, Serving at 3:1 second set.

  28. Sharmila,

    Have you heard of the Pratibha Murthy rape and murder case?

    Some interesting learning and signs of things to come.

    Firstly, a fast track court was established that decided the case in 5 years. Thats as fast as the court can.

    Secondly, the fastest that a fast court can do is when the arrested person confesses which means empowerment of the police to extract a confession.

    And the most interesting trap is the media coverage.

    The guy, Shiv Kumar, comes out of the court after the sentence is announced by the court and says that he has been cheated by the police et al. He was framed. The media gives full coverage to the victims family and their demand for a death sentence instead of a lifer. Cool.

    I don’t care what is true and what is not.

    What I learn from this is:

    In an enquiry that is scripted by the media, the police and a fast court, a defenseless person is a criminal till he is proved innocent.

    Primarily because we don’t have a jury system where the beliefs of the jury can be entrusted with a judgement.

    • If we had a jury system, this would be another way to make money..there will be a jury to decide on the jury which will receive heaps of cash to make a decision! The case is interesting. A fast track takes 5 years. A regular one takes 50. The best way to stall an issue in India is to make a case of it! In India you are guilty till you are proved innocent,without a doubt!

      • This has very serious implications. A person who cannot afford a lawyer is at the mercy of the police and the whims of magistrates. Anything can be drafted and certified by these two!

        I don’t like lawyers even if I can pay for them.

  29. Sharmila,

    Can you do something about the title of the post?

    One of my friends, Selvan, read it as.. The Art of Forgetting Pritish Nandy…

    Now that’s something Sharmila couldn’t do even at gun-point!

  30. Sharmila,

    Noticed something special about the brief medals award ceremony.

    When the Gold medal is awarded by a dignitory, the winner receives it with perfect grace and personal pride.

    The national anthem of the winner’s country is played. The expression of the player is solemn, dignified and almost religious – a complete sense of belonging, and a quiet declaration of honor for his/her nation.

    What a great moment for the player and the country!

    If every citizen had an opportunity to feel that way, the country would be one giant power!

  31. to reader,sharmila
    i was just reading an sms indian media is the only media who showcases their country in a poor light,i mean you take any media ,whatever big the problem may be,whatever grave the consequences may be still they try to portray their country in a positive light and with an optimistic tone…i mean hw the indian media behaved regarding the cwg ws just unacceptble,i mean chetan bhagat wrote an articla in the toi that boycott the cwg,really it was an appaling article.agreed the officials were involved in shameless act of plundering bt what crime those atheletes have committed,what crimes those spectators have committed who throng the stadiums to cheer their motherland.believe me,the eyesoothing sight of people cheering whole heartedly and praying for atheletes have given me goosebumps if only people show such patriotism at every avalaible opportunities,then we would’nt be laughing stock of the world as that kiwi presenter has showed..and guess what kiwi gov is saying our hands are tied,freedom of speech blah blah….i mean to say when you will take any action when he hurts an indian

    • Saurabh – Fully appreciate your sense of patriotism. Wonderful. The media has conditioned our thinking exactly the way it wants to. You see every single media playing the same condescending story over and over. Unlike China which controls it’s media with an iron fist, the Chinese see only blooming roses there,they never see the muck, their patriotism is heightened. But again, is this right? Sometimes, the media does go over the top but most times like in the case of the CWG they showed us some hard facts. However, it is a pity that Chetan was passing these bans, we expect problems to be resolved and life to go on, we cannot turn a blind eye to it though and discourage athletes, spectators etc.

  32. Saurabh, Sharmila,

    A very good point Saurabh.

    Some example come to the mind. During the gulf wars in Kuwait and Iraq the US Media made their soldiers look like heroes regardless of the ground realities. The same games in Australia last time happened without yellow journalism for publicity.

    In our case there are many other influencing factors.

    Firstly, the ratio of a viewer in the stadia to a TV audience is more than 1 to a million. So the hype and brouhaha must precede the event. However, as Saurabh pointed out, I can’t understand why it has to be so negative and so much of mud and scandal.

    I believe each TV channel has a think-tank that is made of main advertizers and program managers. The CWG had the potential of a fly-by-night package if only sufficient storm could be raised before the event. Which all the channels other than DD managed. DD has the rights to live telecast and sell feed to all particiapting nations so they are safe in a technical way. Practically DD does not need to make a profit as it is run on tax payer’s money by the MoI.

    Leaving aside economics, nationalism and patriotic feelings differ among difeerent segments.

    One may call DD a national channel because it does not engage to tabloid journalisn.

    Another may say investigative journalism and expose are a must for a country taht is ridden with corruption and sleeze.

    Speaking for myself, I have watched these games with so a lot more interest before. Not for the sporting element, but the sheer comedy of errors and entertainment factor off the field.

    INR 35000 Cr spent to re-shape a city called Delhi and recently INR 150,000 Cr deal signed with Russia for military aircrafts and all this while the PM declared in the parmilament that the country cannot afford to distribute grains that rotted in the Food Corporation warehouses due to rains free of cost! These were grains that were taken from farmers and paid through taxes. The farmers did nit get rich by the payment, nor the country got richer by allowing the food to rot in the rain. The court had ordered the center to give it away free to states so that at least it reaches the PDS customers. But no Sir. We cannot afford to give it free. We paid for it, says the PMO.

    This sort-of double standards of political parties can be known to us only from private media (even that has to be read between the lines at times). The DD does not camouflage, it simply does not have the news!

    The type of Nationalism in the media that we see the Middle East and London is actually not media at all. BBC is the DD of the London. It’s a part of the royal families harem.

    The US media is definitely free and patriotic, and they did not spare their own duh-duh Bush and Co when it came to the economic interests of the nation. That is fair. Economy and Nationalism are synonyms in the US.

    Some day, we’ll be there… if we can sustain the momentum that we have gained in the last 5-7 years.

    • Saurabh, Sharmila,

      Sorry, too many errors in the write-up.

      I need a good tutor to teach me patience in writing!

      Hmm.. that’s a thought. Do you suggest I should employ a tutor from the buck-in-ham? I was told that Queen Eliza Do-little is NVQ Level III and scored a brilliant 2.5 in IELTS.

    • Well said Reader. Echo the thoughts about both the media and the interest in the games. The build up to the games has resulted in hoping that there are more comedy at the games. But, one thing for sure is that no matter how we enjoy laughing at ourselves we do squirm when we are laughed at by the international media. The TOI had put out a piece yesterday on foreign correspondent’s opinions about our games, the ears do turn red.

  33. A moment in the life of Reader.

    What started as a casual old quote by someone became something worth thinking about.

    Someone said, “In war, prepare for peace; in peace, prepare for war”

    Something that everyone has heard at sometime somewhere.

    “What do you mean?” I asked, more out of habit than for any chat.

    She said, “Nothing. It’s just a quote.”

    And another office colleague opened another subject and time passed.

    Later, sitting in my office, I was wondering if I could conceptualize that thought about war and peace.

    So, I went about it in my usual way. Here is the transcript, for your eyes only.

    Me to myself: R, make a hypothetical statement.

    Myself to me: Okey dokey… Here goes… hmm.. how about this.. for an individual, war and peace are a state of the mind. Cool. A state of mind is the result of emotional evaluation of a thought. Right ho.

    Me to Myself: Hey! Slow down… you are giving me a headache…

    Myself to me: Okey! Did you get it right so far? W&P… state of mind…

    Me: Yes..

    Myself: State of mind…. from emotional evaluation of thought..

    Me: Bingo!

    Myself: Good. Now, a thought is triggered by a feeling.

    Me: Yea… So?

    Myself: Now the hypo is this. If a feeling leads to a thought that is rational and correct then the feeling is right and correct.

    Me: Whaaaaaaaa??

    Myself: If… a… feeling… leads.. to..

    Me: I heard that first time! What rubbish!!

    Myself: I mean, if the thought is right, the feeling that caused it is right too.

    Me: NO… ! kya bakta hai bhidu…

    Myself: It’s a hypo. Prove it wrong… If it’s not wrong it’s right… deal?

    Me: hmmm.. okay… let me try…

    Myself: Go on… I am listening…

    Me: Let’s test it on some feeling. Say…. envy!… no.. envy is an emotion… say, jealousy… yes… if someone feels jealous.. and the thought is, damn… that person is cursed, I wouldn’t do that for a million dollars… and the reality is that the thought is right if the two persons are in different value chains… so, does that make the feeling of jealousy right?

    Myself: Sahhi… hypo disproved! If the thought is right, the feeling that lead to it may or may not be right.

    Me: Because a thought applies reason to a feeling.

    Myself: An emotion evaluates the thought.

    Me: And that leads to a state of mind! Like war and peace!

    Myself: Yesss… we are a team bro!

    Me: No, we are not a team Mr. Self… you need a doc… you are schizophrenic!!

    Myself: Eh?


  34. Sharmila, Shubha

    Yesterday Shubha replied to an earlier comment and inadvertently said your distinctive style … she was probably referring to the adverse tone and language but I preferred to read it as overall style.

    For a moment I wanted to shout aloud that it is not my style at all.

    You know everytime I am writing something the mind is simultaneously thinking of how it will appear to someone who reads it! There is some word for this in English, that sub-editors and book agents use… whats-it-called…. readability?… no.. sensibility?… phooo… anyway.. you get what I mean…

    I wanted to say No, Shubha that style is not me… it’s not me.. it’s the written word, my frail attempt to make as much sense and clarity in words as I can… ofcourse I couldn’t say this either… so I fell back on my old trusted reliable Sahir Ludhianvi…

    But that thought, triggered by Shubha’s comment and your absence for a few hours, gave me some time to ponder over my expressions.

    The vaudeville between me & myself is amateur theatre.

    Some lines from the soliloque that did not appear on the screen were as follows:

    1. R, cut down on the subjective and also stop splitting infinitives, both in thought and expression.

    2. R, use history, literature and learning for reasoning in silence, not for expression. Quoting from the texts is a symptom of inarticulate thinking or lack of ownership.

    3. R, in expression always be here and now, not in the past or the future.

    The difficulty is that my actual style in real life is raw and unsophisticated. There are times when I don’t understand it myself!

    I’ll try it nevertheless. Let’s see how it reads on a public platform that is open to comments.

    I am quite sure I’ll get the same reactions that I get in my office here. But let’s see. Never know till I know.

    • Love the dialogues / soliloque with yourself. Watched Enthiran, fantastic movie and I have just posted my review. I hope you have seen it by now???The reactions to your own posts are by far the most interesting!

  35. Aishwarya Says:

    Hi Sharmila,

    ‘Enthiran’ paathacha? Naan innum paakalle, unga review kaaga waiting… puthu post kaagavum…:)


  36. Just did Aish..super duper stuff. Review will be out by day end 🙂

  37. to reader and sharmila
    well thanks fr the compliments,yes i am a patriot but not in a jingoistic way .i just try to serve my country in what ever way possible.i applied for army ,but was not good enough so here in civilian life i am trying to contribute as much as i can,all of 23,still studying whatever i feel about issues i try to express through your blog.yes you are right the media did show some hard facts through their channels but what about other issues ,suddenly if you raise some other hardcore issues like inflation ,naxals,as reder said distribution of food grains rotting either in open or being eaten by rodents in fci godowns,some channels go mute,there are no special guests called,there are no serious public forums does give some serious signs that something is not right.also the top leadership silence on these isues is baffling ,to me appalling.where is rahul gandhi dubbed as future pm of country ,you know he remains silent or gives sketchy comments on these issues.what do we perceive by his attitude?the less said about the pm is doubt he is a great invidual but to be brutally frank india is yet to see such an inactive pm.also i wass watching musharraf interview on ndtv.any of u please can u enlighten me on the kashmir issue ,my knowledge on this matter in even below the novice level…

  38. chairs Perth…

    […]The art of forgetting….By Pritish Nandy « Sharmila says…[…]…

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