The blog turns one…

It is now a year since I started this blog.So, happy first anniversary to

It is a good idea to have an outlook, share it and hope another’s perspective would be introduced  in the process to allow one to stick with the same outlook or change it. I enjoy conversations which educate me, I enjoy reading things that educate me but above all, I well and truly enjoy listening to a point of view which may be drastically different from mine. Nothing can be right or wrong in the way one thinks. “Scorning” an opinion is an etiquette I wish never to have. I have tried to take the scorns in my stride but I prefer healthy criticism. Sneers and jeers are a waste of everyone’s time, but if you indulge in a healthy debate, we educate one another. What better way to do this than getting our thoughts out on the virtual world and educating each other.

The cyber world is akin to the black hole in space. You fall rapidly into this region of space where nothing escapes you, not even light. When I put out my point of view and share it with the nameless and the faceless there are bound to be a myriad reactions and I lap it up quite happily. My views are selfishly on a range of subjects which interest me immensely. If I get paid to write one day, I may stop being so selfish but until then I hope you put up with my selfish streams. When I put out my first blog last year I was unsure how many would want to read what I write. A year later, I looked at the statistics and realized that the blog has had close to one lakh unique hits. On closer observation of the statistics page I note I have put out 159 posts over 22 categories and received 6,942 comments. The comments section of my blogs are more interesting than the blog itself. I wish to thank those who regularly come on to the blog and share their valuable thoughts with me, positive or not. I would also like to thank those who read the blog and do not comment but come by to just read. Blogs are like parks, some visitors sit on the bench and enjoy the day in the sun, while others come for a stroll. To each to his own and I wish to thank you all and hope that you take time to smell the roses.

Getting close to a hundred thousand hits on the blog may be peanuts for the more accomplished writers but for a juvenile it remains quite humbling. I wish to thank especially the regulars here, the members from Facebook, the followers on Twitter and the email subscribers to my posts. All of you well and truly encourage me to write. I am an Accountant by qualification and a venturesome trait prodded me to scribble and share. Over the years I have scribbled but not shared. Now that I hand out the scribbles to you, I am happy that you take it with a lot of gusto.The blog is an addiction. I do admire the serious bloggers who are on it every minute. I have tried to be on it as much as I can and this blog has quite literally grown on me and grown with me. No matter where I go I do not travel without the Mac and the i-phone. These two boys are the gateway to this blog.

Mr Pritish Nandy, my role model and one who I respect greatly has been kind enough to share my posts often with a wide audience and it is more than what I could have hoped for. You well and truly remain my inspiration Sir. The appreciative comments that I have received from you about my writing will be treasured for life.Mr Amitabh Bachchan has been gracious enough to allow me to leave my lengthy posts on his own space and even shared my complete “Raavan” review with his half million following on Twitter. Thank you Sir and thank you for once calling me a “dedicated” blogger.

So, on this note and without too much of dramatics and chivalry from my end, I hope you continue to enjoy this space. There are many who have made it their own and a reason for my gushing effervescence. Thank you.


9th December 2010



60 Responses to “The blog turns one…”

  1. Anand Khare Says:

    Congratulations Sharmilaji,

    The last year brought a sort of windfall for you. I remember you met your favorite stars Amitabh Bachchan and PN in private with some quality time.You have been recognized as a dedicated blogger by one other than bgb himself.

    I have seen your blog link at Bigb blog and I am sure many of your EF who come here are from that background.For me , the well informed and intelligent discussion here is like those discussions we had in coffee houses during our student times. I just love that.Hope to meet you and all other regulars here one day in person.



  2. Congrats Sharmila ! All the best ! I visit your garden quite often ,,, And when I am here .. I do smell the sweetnes of roses , LOL Thank u dear !

  3. Aishwarya Says:


    I stumbled upon AB’s blog sometime in July ’09 after I read a newspaper article about the same. Cyber space was a new and enchanting world and I’ve since been truly under its spell. There have been ups and downs and sharp dizzy curves, but all in all, an enriching experience. More than the marvel of sharing information, what fascinates me has been the wonderful people I have been able to interact with, you ofcourse being one of them…

    There are so many qualities I admire in you. Apart from your talent in writing and poetry, its your character that always shines out and I would like to believe that it is a result of a fine upbringing. And despite being elder to you, I have tried (desperately!) to learn ‘blog etiquette’ from you! There have been so many moments where I havent been able to take kindly to the ‘jeers and sneers’, but I have watched you take it all in your stride, never letting it get to you, … its a quality that never ceases to amaze me.

    And if blogs are akin to parks, I am happy to say that the first thing I see when I open my ‘window’ every morning is your very pretty, lovingly tended ‘garden’.:)

    Happy 1st Anniversary to sharmilasays! This calls for a celebration!!

    Cheers and hugs,


  4. Hi Sharmila,

    I would love to repeat everything that Sharmila said, and know that i have no need to. I completely agree with everything she has to say about ” Sharmilasays ” and THE sharmila herself.

    Every single blog has been so dear to me. i Have been amazed and humbled many a times, both by your creativity & humility. When i feel the pressures of the world are beginning to collapse the world around me, i seek resort in Sharmila says. When i am feeling down,bogged by the frustration of various events unfolding around me, especially in society, your blogs have always confirmed that there are like minded people out there. Thank you so much for ading meaning to our lives and thoughts.

    I must add that have also grown very fond of reading the comments shared by both Aishwarya and Reader. i look forward to their comments with the same fervour that i wait for your blog.

    Kudos Sharmila !!!!

    Thanks again

    • Smiles – Honored with your comment. Thank you. Yes, the exchange that the commentators have with one another is most fascinating. Happy that you find this space of use, I guess that is the purpose of this blog. Thanks again Smiles.

  5. OOPs, my first sentence actuaaly should be read as ” I would love to repeat everything that Aishwarya said, and know that i have no need to ” Sorry guys !

  6. Lakshmi Jag Says:

    Hi Sharmila

    Congratulations on the anniversary…As Aishwarya said, yours is a lovely ‘park’. More later in a hurry

  7. Happy birthday to!

    May the blog reach more and more readers every year. From 100,000 to a million and more…

    Let me quote a famous line from Osho’s Meaning and Significance:

    (Many) People wonder why there seems to be no meaning in life.

    Meaning does not exist a priori. There is no meaning existing in life; one has to create it. Only if you create it will you discover it. It has to be invented first.

    It is not lying there like a rock, it has to be created like a song. It is not a thing, it is a significance that you bring through your consciousness.

    Rajneesh in ‘From the known to the unknown to the unknowable’

    The Sharmilasays grows in meaning and significance every day. Keep it up. 🙂

    • Reader – So touched and thank you. Thanks for sharing this remarkable quote, I have saved it in a safe place. I shall never forget this. Thanks.

      • Thank you Sharmila for all the reasons that Aishwarya has already said earlier, and some more.

        I am glad no one can see my face when I am writing a comment. I am such an emotional fool!


        And yes, we need a New Years Resolution for the blog.

        Resolve that you will write a new blog at least once in 3 days.

        Caution: Resolve as in a simple resolution that we can change any time we want.

        Not the philosophical type of Martin Heidegger or Confuscious!

    • That is quite a new year resolution, tough to keep, but I shall most certainly try. What happened to the book reviews?

      • Deal. I’ll do one review every week if you do one post. This way there will be at least two pages every week!

      • Great and the third is from Mr Nandy, so we are covered on the resolution already.

      • I’ll begin with the easiest and the oldest ones. The Upanishads! 🙂

      • Fabulous idea.

      • Okay. Expect the first one in your mail at day-break tomorrow.

      • Will look out for it.

      • You know, this task of translating is a tricky one. It tests the integrity of the translator.

        I remember a scene from the movie “Carry on up the Jungle”:

        The hero and his team are walking a narrow passage in an African jungle with a small band of tribals and a somewhat confused translator.

        They hear a sound of drums rolling somewhere in the deep and almost a synchronous response from another side.

        The leader asks the translator: Do you hear the drums?

        Translator: Yes, Sir.

        Leader: What are they saying?

        Translator listens carefully and says: Tum dum tumpty dum

        Leader: I know that! What does it mean?!

        Translator: How do I know boss?

        Leader: You don’t? Hmm.. ask one of them…

        Translator asks one of the tribals and comes back satisfied.

        Translator: It’s okay boss. The drums on this side are saying, “Dinner on the way”… those on the other side are saying “Yummy, Yummy”


        So you see the translator can be as honest as he wants and still disappoint the customer…

        I’ll do my best with the Upanishad!

    • LOL..lets hope you better this translator…!

  8. Chitra Malai Says:

    Congratulations Shur !!!

  9. Chitra Malai Says:

    Congratulations Shurmi !!!

  10. Congrats to and to Sharmila too. Never knew I will be bugging all of you for so long… 🙂
    However I am not sure when did I join the blog… anyway…sometimes thorns grow later on the Rose Stem…lol…
    Glad everybody survive though…. 🙂
    Wish you a very long and successful journey….and Thank You for creating the space where we can meet …don’t know how many times in a Day….
    Gosh…! sometimes I hit the button umpteen times… 🙂
    Probably there must be maximum hits from my side if you count….hahaha….

    • MonaLisa – you are a very important bug here and thanks for all the bugging 🙂 Enjoy your comments immensely and of course your tiffs with Reader are something I almost wait for it to happen ;0 Thank you very much again for your comment. Much appreciated.

  11. Congrats from I wish you could keep your good work going for many more years to come.

  12. Shailendra – thank you very much

  13. Sharmila,

    Please see your mail. First dispatch in the inbox. I have kept my word! 🙂

  14. Muraliraja Says:

    A big thanks to your “venturesome trait” for all the different kind of snacks served to my hungry soul. I reached here following PN Sirs tweet & I sincerely thank him for that.

    Like Aishwarya pointed out, apart from your writing skills its your character that stands tall in my heart. Though I like many other blogs, is the only blog for which I take the pleasure to type 1000 words comment via 3″ touchscreen mobile while travelling in a shaky train(Yes, I did this few times). I believe the way a author treats his/her reader is far more important than the actual writing itself. And your character stands as a fine example. I appreciate it.

    Keep writing. I hope your writing will keep spreading more happiness & peace in the minds & hearts of your readers.


  15. My dear Sharmila
    Congratulations on your one year blogging Anniversary….All the best for the future!God bless you.
    Love always

  16. This song is dedicated to, the one year old child…

    Somethings are best expressed in verse.

  17. Reader – thank you.

  18. Congratulations ! Keep up the good work 🙂

  19. Sharmila,

    The song above was for the blog.

    This poem is for you: (This is Tagore speaking to God.)

    On many an idle day have I grieved over lost time. But it is never lost, my lord. You have taken every moment of my life in your own hands.

    Hidden in the heart of things you are nourishing seeds into sprouts, buds into blossoms, and ripening flowers into fruitfulness.

    I was tired and sleeping on my idle bed and imagined all work had ceased.

    In the morning I woke up and found my garden full with flowers.

    Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore in Gitanjali.

    Isn’t this how the blog has flowered? 🙂

  20. Many many Congratulation Sharmila ji
    Waiting for more post…..

  21. congrats sharmila,
    I remember when i visited your blog for the first time thanks to nandy sir’s twitter link,I was really amazed and felt exhillerated that finally i have found a medium from where i can write about my views and share them.
    Like many of today’s youth i have so many issues and it was refreshimg to see you shared so many of my views and told them without any fear or qualms. i most certainly want to emulate you and reader in many ways.
    I have learned many things from this blog iin this last 3 months and although study doesnt doesnt allow me to spare much time,i am most eagerly waiting to meet you and EF in march or april ,I think i will be free around that time and hope we can plan that meet.
    Lastly,it must be one hell lot of journey for you in this last 1 year and hope that you continue in this way and in whatever small way serve our motherland.
    I promise that till the time I take my last breath i will strive to serve our motherland in whatever way I can.
    congrats again…

    • Saurabh – Thank you very very much. Most touched with your comment and you come across as somebody who is extremely patriotic. Wonderful to see this. There are not many like you. Glad you find time to drop by once in a while. We must all most certainly meet.

      • its really pleassure to be associated with you people..hope we continue,progress and prosper in the same way..

  22. Hey Sharmila,

    Congratulations… Well done.

    I have been very busy so you haven’t seen much activity from my end. Hope to find some time soon…

    I am sure your write ups are getting more and more popular. I wish the blog gets more visibility and success in the coming here and all the very best for that.

    Keep it up… 🙂

  23. Pritish Nandy Says:

    Excellent blog. Love reading it. Congratulations on completing a full year.

  24. Hi Sharmila,

    Heartiest Congratulations on the 1st anniversary of your blog space!! Truly, I enjoy reading your blogs and I am glad I came across your handle on twitter (Thx to the test drive :)). I have always had a big smile while reading your blogs! Not to forget your blog on Phuket inspired my vacation too 😉
    The blogs as well as comments section are so very informative.
    I am really surprised that you actually started blogging only a year back!

    Wishing you and your blogging all the Success in future!! Please keep writing the same way!

    Amit R Jain

    • Amit – Thank you very much, Your comment is most valuable to me. Happy about your vacation, recall those fab pictures you posted on Twitter. They did make me smile!!

  25. Dear Sharmila,

    Hearty Congratulations to you on completing one year of blogging. I enjoy reading your blog and also the comments that follow it. Glad to know that there are similar thinking people. Thank you very much and wish you many many more years of blogging.

    Best Regards,

    PS: Gland that I got to know about your blog through Bb’s blog.

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