KHJJS – Brave hearts at thirteen….

We are so immersed in our selfish ways today that we rarely acknowledge or tend to remember those who laid down their lives for us. With a bit of embarrassment I do admit that I had no knowledge of children laying down their lives for our freedom today, if not for Ashutosh Gowariker’s latest movie ” Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey” which takes us back in time and tells us a story of struggle and liberation. A movie that unfolds the untold story of “ a band of sixty four – fifty six innocent yet fearless young boys, 5 defiant revolutionaries, 2 determined young women, and an idealistic leader – Surjya Sen, a school teacher by profession”

The story is set in 1930 in the sleepy port of Chittagong, the province of undivided Bengal. A group of children who are booted by the British for playing football form the backbone of the uprising that this laid back town witnesses. Anguished at the occupation of their playing field and the snatching away of their freedom by the British Company they seek support of the acclaimed freedom fighter, an active member of the Indian National Congress and school teacher from Chittagong,  Surjya Sen (aka Masterda ). Surjya Sen is impressed by the fervid and impassioned urge of the teenage boys to expel the British from their turf and together “This group represents a little-known chapter in history; a forgotten night that reigned terror on the British through a series of calculated attacks. Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey is a true story of these forgotten heroes and the narrative takes us through every step of the action from the initial trepidation,to the thrill of the attack, to the underground movement, daring escapes and tragic captures, and most importantly, their undying legacy.”

The film is based on the book ‘DO and DIE: The Chittagong Uprising 1930-34’ by Manini Chatterjee. In most parts the movie reminds one of “Lagaan”. From the pro nationalistic agenda to the anti – British sentiments to the costumes, the settings and even the “game” which results in most of the “uprising” in the movie. The movie is undoubtedly an anecdotal representation of a series of events that were planned rather meticulously for those “times” that resulted in the revolution. The first half of the movie introduces the ” revolutionaries ”  in a very casual yet endearing manner. The Director could have emphasized a bit more on the bonding and interplay between the  members before breaking them up into their respective groups for the planned attacks. The second half is more racier than the first and the Director does a remarkable job in allowing the narrative to do full justice to the anguish of the revolutionaries after their plans have been foiled. The editing is a bit tardy in places and leaves the audience guessing of the aftermath. The music is quite good and the background scores in certain places are exhilarating. The song “Naiyn Tere”  is refreshingly innocent.The camera shots are fabulous and especially the crane shots makes one feel like a swooping eagle.

Abhishek Bachchan as Surjya Sen is marvelous. He comes across as affable , far thinking and a non assuming revolutionary leader . He is not seen as somebody overtly aggressive and why would he given that he is a school teacher by profession turned into a revolutionist. Understandably , I gather that Surja Sen too would have been a complex and enigmatic person and Abhishek appears to effortlessly mould himself into Surjya’s character. He displays the school teacher charm yet manages to have very strong revolutionary convictions. The enigma and conviction displayed by the character allows the audience to sympathize with Surjya for allowing children to participate in the dangerous uprisings. Credit must be given to Abhishek who has accepted this rather off beat role. He has played it superbly and proved yet again that he is one of the rare Actors who has displayed tremendous amount of versatility over the last few years. Undoubtedly, he continues to mature like fine wine. “Stereotyping” is one  word which cannot fit into his dictionary and credibly so. One must watch out for the last scene of the movie, this is the time when Abhishek Bachchan’s stellar acting abilities fully comes to fructification.More than Deepika Padukone who tries extremely hard to appear simplistic as the revolutionist Kalpana Dutta, Vishaka Singh as Pritilata Waddedar is more impressive. Additionally, the not so famous Mahender Singh as Ananta Singh is a natural and I hope he gets more opportunities to prove his acting prowess.

The theatre in which I watched the movie yesterday barely had twenty people in the audience and this was the first show. Unfortunately the publicity and the marketing for this movie has been less than adequate which has resulted in barely any word of mouth being generated in the hallowed hallways of social networking sites. Why does a story played out in 1930 not interest us anymore? We savor all the freedom that we have today and yet why is it so boring to hear and watch the struggles of those who laid down their lives for us and that too children? Did this movie not ignite patriotism? Maybe it did not as much as the cricket in Lagaan did. Certainly the story of Surjya Sen is one important part of history which did not make it to our text books. I am glad that there are still some film makers who think it is important to educate us. They are not in plenty but thankfully they are there.  I am not somebody who enjoys watching children turning aggressive and picking up arms albeit even if it was for India’s freedom just like children taking to arms in the Middle East today are most certainly not to be appreciated either. But children revolting against the British and laying down their lives for your freedom and mine today is a humbling, factual incident which deserves to be narrated via cinema for a wider reach.

Director : Ashutosh Gowariker

Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Vishaka Singh, Sikhander Kher, Mahinder Singh

Music: Sohail Sen

Rating: ****


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  1. Sharmila,

    Thank you for the storyline of the movie.

    I’ll skip the obvious.

    Anyone who has studied the history of the freedom movement in detail will admit that every village and every town in the country had these struggles.

    Occasional defiance by local groups was struck down by force. Anything in the nature of an armed offensive was dealt by the military cantonments.

    In 1925, two persons, Dr. Hegdewar and Golwalkar started a small children’s playgroup in a small town in Maharashtra. The children were taught indian traditional games, prayers from the scriptures and phyiscal exercises. The groups were split into three – the shishu (kids), Bal (teens) and Tarun (youth).

    The elders were trained to start their own groups in other villages nearby. Each group was called a Shakha (Branch).

    By 1942 this venture had turned into a countrywide phenomenon. All the branches together were called a Sangh (a community). A coordination office is in Modi Baug in Pune and another in Nagpur where all this had begun.

    The membership of the Sangh ran into 30% of the country’s population and included mainly children. Even today it does. It is called the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS for short. It has a membership of over 400 million.

    Today RSS is the most powerful and the largest vote bank of the BJP.

    Coming to the Freedom movement.

    The aggressive and subversive violence of Bhagat Singh and Subhash Chandra Bose did not get us freedom. Violence could never dislodge an empire. The English were masters at warfare and also better armed.

    The freedom was not won by the 300 million RSS cadre between the age of 13 and 20. It was not won by the soldier’s mutiny in 1857. It was not won by a renegade militant called Subash Chandra Bose.

    Freedom was won on 2nd August 1942, when Gandhi called for ‘Karo ya Maro’ – ‘Do or Die’… 1942 to ’47 was the time the English took to pack up.

    Freedom was won by his mantra – Peaceful, non-violent, non-cooperation.

    Freedom was won when Sardar Patel burnt 300 acres of cotton crop to deny raw material for English textile mills in Manchester, and as a result the English became unemployed in London.

    Freedom was won when Indians across the nation opted to go to gaol instead of paying taxes.

    Freedom was won when Law and order broke down completely. People settled their disputes in the village panchayats.

    Freedom was won when the local policeman had enough of enforcement duties and walked out of the stations.

    Freedom was won when Tagore and literateurs refused to be honored by the government.

    Freedom was won when Indian businessmen refused to trade with the Englishmen.

    Freedom was won when land owners in MP and Maharashtra wrote off their land to the farm hands.

    Freedom was won when Ahilyabai Holkar started the first woman’s education school in Pune.

    Freedom was won when Nathibai Thackersey started India’s first women’s college began in Mumbai.

    Freedom was won when people produced salt and food without license from the English government.

    Freedom was won when people burnt all the imported English cloth in the market and in their houses.

    Freedom was won when Gandhi made the villagers aware of their human rights.

    Freedom was won when my father taught me Sanskrit at home and laughed at the mission school’s attempt to teach me Catechism.

    Freedom was won when my mother wrote books on Child Psychology and how to protect their epistemology from English influence.

    The mantra was – peaceful, non-violent, non-cooperation.

    Not bombs and detonators…

  2. More on the same but in personal life.

    I was an RSS swayam-sevak till the emergency was declared by Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

    I was taught in the RSS to love my country unconditionally. Nationalism was not taught to me in the Christian Mission school. It was taught at home and in the RSS.

    The mission school told me that Shivaji was a dacoit and he looted English ships in Surat. RSS taught me that the English could not enter Western Maharshtra because of Shivaji.

    The mission school taught me that non-english speakers were backward and fools, because higher education in Medicine and Engineering are only in English. I learnt Sanskrit and Vedic Mathematics at home.

    The mission school taught me Shelley, Tennyson, Eliot, Wodrsworth and Yeats. I read Tagore, Radhakrishnan, Raghavendra Swami, Vivekanada and Shankara at home.

    The mission school taught me Shakepeare. I learnt the Vedas, Upanishads and Puranasa at home.

    My father was a congressman but he let me learn from the RSS because of it’s cultural base. He knew it would only support me when English lets me down.

    He was right, wasn’t he?

    I will not kill an Englishman. But I will not save one if he is dying.

    I will not teach violence. I find non-violent, non-cooperation a stronger and more effective weapon.

    I do not advise anyone to out-smart an Englishman. I only tell them not to get patronized.

    Freedom is not granted by others. One is either free or one is not.

    I do not sacrifice anything to be free. I live within the means that my freedom permits.

    Today, in India 2010, for me that means no family, no real friends and no community. So be it.

    I will not become a mercenary like an immature boy of 13. I believe death is a relief. The living are cursed and subjected to regimental orders.

  3. Coming to less important or rather less meaningful sub-topics. ( You know I am unable say everything at one go. It comes in distinct parts. 🙂 )

    Have you seen AB’s Saat Hindustaani, which was also about the freedom struggle of a small group in Goa? That was a black & white movie written by one of the stars of the red brigand, Khwaja Ahmed Abbas. ( Incidently, K. A. Abbas also wrote Mera Naam Joker and Bobby for Raj Kapoor. )

    If you ignore the advantage of color and technology, would you equate AB Jr’s performance to AB Sr’s on debut? AB played a poet in that movie.

    During the color era, AB made another similar one on the same theme called, “Pukaar”. It sank at the box office even though AB was at his peak of popularity in those days. I feel one of the reasons was the moustache that he wore in that movie.

    For some strange reason, Manoj Kumar sold patriotism better than anyone else could. His Shaheed, Upkaar and Purab aur Paschim are landmarks. Ditto with Chetan Anand’s Haqeeqat and Hindustan Ki Kasam.

    It is not just about showing portraits of Gandhi, Nehru etc during songs or in offices and houses. It was something unusually romantic in their presentation.

    Even Tagore’s Kabuliwalah , directed by Bimal Roy and Munshi Premchand’s Do Bigha Zameen scored on nationalism without even mentioning it in their films. Amazing intellectuals.

    They knew something that Gowarikar’s research is unable to tell him. I think he missed that in Lagaan, Jodha Akbar and now Khelenge Hum…

    What is that?

    Who knows…

    I just like or dislike a movie.

  4. Sharmila,
    In my opinion It was the demand of their needs and time in which the adolescents indulged themselves in that particular act…called Revolution then.
    Adolescence is such a tender age…without proper guidance one can be mislead very easily.
    What they did was absolutely for them…for their generation….not considering or keeping the future generation in mind. Yes…! whatever and however they did….Fruits of Freedom are enjoyed and will be enjoyed by everyone else alive after them …
    Why should one be feel ashamed if every little story took place in every nook and corner of a small town or village in a vast nation…!?
    I am not sure whether India has gained Freedom because of their participation in Revolutionary act or not ….yet it is sure that awareness of such incidents brought ppl of India then and Leaders like Gandhi, Sardar ,Tilak and all others played a big role collecting masses together…without unity and togetherness of ppl …leaders could not have fought for Freedom alone…The collective efforts made it possible..
    Non violence was the best thing to apply then …when all the powers were in Brit’s hands…yet Bose might have succeeded if his plan worked…Haha…always there are Ifs and Buts involved in any given time in any given situation of past or present…
    Take a dip into bloody History is never a very pleasant experience…or not sure if there is something always there to learn from it…ppl always like to look forward I guess…

    Did not watch it or doubt if I watch it at all…hence no comments about actors or their acting skill….

    • MonaLisa & Reader – Despite the fact that this revolution was not the primary reason for us getting our freedom, it still remains a firm part of one of the ways in which we tried to get it. I think freedom in India was sought on a trial and error basis. One clicked, while the rest did not. In the same light, it does not mean we discount the heroics of Bhagath Singh just because he chose the violent path. I agree every village produced great men who struggled for their freedom and unfortunately did not live to see the day. The gratitude for their selfless acts must stay with the generations to come and us. I actually find it quite selfish to ignore the revolutionists in toto and disregard their efforts. Yes, collectively it was fought and collectively should the glory be. A pity our history text books did not accord any importance to martyrs like Bhagath Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. I learn more about them through Bollywood movies. Same be the case with Surjya Sen.

      • true sharmila,
        its very sad that nothing much has been written about or taught about heroics of bhagat singh,sukhdev,chandrashekhar azad,rajguru and other revolutionaries in our textbooks.In my view they were the persons who made people realize the true importance of freedom,sacrifice they laughingly gave their lives at tender ages of 25 to awke people for their slumbers and its sad but true that gandhi felt threatened by their soaring popularity that he refused to save them it is other thing that they never cared,but gandhi was a great man no doubt but he was not the greatest …bhagat singh and his contemporaries were..

      • Very well said Saurabh..

  5. I had the good fortune of spending 3-4 years in the vicinity of the bollywood fraternity during my days in Andheri, Goregaon and Jogeshwari.

    For each “star” actor in the industry there are over 100,000 junior artists, technicians and the likes. The place is a swarm of locusts.

    And as Kader Khan has scripted in the film ‘Hum’ (AB acts it in a warehouse at the docks), there are two type of parasitic insects in the industry.

    One who suck on the success of a film and the other who suck on its residual value. This other one is sick.


    I did my junior college in the Shivaji Military School at Shivajinagar in Pune. This is where I got equestrian, swimming and basic weapon training.

    One unwritten norm in the school was, if you are injured during the process, you had to find your own first-aid and move on. No one was allowed to nurse or help the injured guy. Every injury was a personal learning.

    The ‘Hridaali’ method was forbidden. (In Rajasthan, a Hridaali is a professional woman who is paid to come and cry at funerals in the village.)


    I love Mumbai for this reason. No one has time to stand and stare at such ceremonies.

    If you trip and fall in the crowd, someone just pulls you up and before you can look up and say, ‘Thank you’, the person would have disappeared ahead.

    Next time, when it occurs to someone else, you do the same.

    I think Gowarikar and Abhi-shake must just move on. Don’t sink in self-sympathy and keep that second type of alcoholic parasites away. Grown-up sons don’t need wet-nurses even if their star fathers can afford them.

  6. This is the scene about the insects:

  7. Sharmila,

    I feel cinematic patriotism, as depicted in Lagaan and a host of Bhagat Singh movies recently, have a very short shelf life. I am still not sure why those in the sixties were so good and why the present bollywood mafia of directors and producers are unable to find the right mix.

    There are more than 800 films made every year out of which hardly a handful are able to bankroll an advertising blitz before the release. Majority of them are damp squibs and also-rans.

    Inciting Patriotism

    Patriotism, I feel, has a completely different meaning post-independence.

    It is not Desh-Bhakti anymore. It is not a dedication without any expectations. It is not a sacrifice.

    It is a Shraddha for the country. A faith in it’s people, domain and existence. It is active and has aims, ambitions and dreams. It’s not detached devotion.

    That raises several questions.

    Does patriotism mean the same to everyone? Or is it an unselfish, sacrifice by the poor and a business venture for the elite?

    Will the rich and the powerful give up their privileges to promote equality and justice?

    Can they shop and spend their money in the streets of Mumbai instead of Singapore and Dubai?

    Will the rich and powerful stop buying/grabbing land?

    Will the rich invest in manufacturing instead of managing their taxes through charities?

    Can education and healthcare ever be basic necessities instead of luxuries for the poor who die early?

    Patriotism is not a drug or a sedative. If it is anything like what hindi cinema has shown in the last few years, then Gandhi was an anti-national.

    In my opinion, Gandhi and all his generation of nationalists were ‘social reformers’ . They were called ‘Patriots’ by the English and their Indian converts who drafted the history of the times.

    Hindi cinema, in it’s current form, can never trigger social reforms . Hence, inciting patriotism is out of question. For a commercial film producer, patriotism is simply a daft idea.

  8. Anand Khare Says:

    KBC (A million dollar question)

    Agla prashan aapke liye hai yeh,


    Aap koun see film dekhana pasand karenge

    A. Ravan B. Guzarish C. KHJJS D. Raktcharitra

    Participant- OMG. Sir, yeh khel hai ya sazaa. I will choose to quit.

  9. This is an example of how Manoj Kumar was able to turn a simple idea into a nationalist motive. He called it Desh Prem – not desh bhakti or anything that complex. I wonder what is missing in recent versions…

  10. Politics and Corruption: News of the moment

    Two days ago Amar Singh had said he can send Mulayam to gaol if he disclosed some things that had happened when he was the general secretary of the party and Mulayam SIngh was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Yesterday Mulayam Singh challenged Amar Singh to go ahead.

    Today, Allahabad High court releases its findings of a INR 250,000 crores food grain scam involving 3 state governments since 2002!

    Food grains allocated for distribution among the poor was smuggled out of the state and even exported to the West!

    This scam is for real unlike the 2G scam where it is money not earned.

    This is food stolen from the poor in India and sold in the West. Kill your own children to feed an american child.

    Seems like Gowarikar has a point in Khelenge Hum…

    Calling all parents, except actors. If your child is 13 or above, please teach them to make bombs and sabotage. There is no other way they’ll survive in the future!

    • What a shame! One of the poorest states in the country! People are dying of starvation while the chief ministers are running a racket of exporting the food of the people below poverty line. INR 250,000 Cr and still counting!

      Foodgrains sent in trains to the ports! CBI has filed 5000 FIRs so far, with about 50,000 more cases being drafted!

      Each scam is becoming bigger than the next.

      We are on a collision course as I had predicted. My guess was that this would occur between June and December 2012. It seems to be happening much earlier.

      We are heading for a nation-wide civil strife and disorder of enormous proportions – on a scale that India has never seen before.

    • Depressing to say the least. This sadly is the pathetic state of Administration under the mighty Julie Caesar.

    • To feed an American Child…!? Oh…! Pllllleas…! No one is going to die with hunger if no food grains are imported from India in here….
      Its your greedy meano politicians who are dieing to stash greens in their Swiss accounts…

      • Cool. Please send back all the Indian food. We’ll not count that is already consumed. Send back the stock in trade.

      • Stop your Politicians if you can….we didn’t get it for free…paid in Green Cash…You are taking it out at wrong place….If you understand…

      • Thats what I am doing. I have nothing against who ate the food. After all its only a consumable.

        The Bhopal Gas tragedy was caused by an Indian engineer who forgot to repair the pressure relief valve on the Methyl Isocyanide vessel. Mr. Anderson was in Virginia, US when the accident happened and killed 22000 people. He was only making and selling DC batteries, and making money for Union Carbide, US and his wife and children. Nothing wrong with that. After all he had paid green bucks to the people in his factory at Bhopal and even the politicians in New Delhi and the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

        I am not concerned that american children are eating human food. I am only blaming Indian politicians who are stealing it from the Indian children and selling it overseas to US, UK and the ME.

      • MonaLisa,

        In fact you can be useful to the cleansing process.

        You can call all Americans to stop funding corrupt people in India.

        You have done it before to stop child labor. You have done it against sale of Animal fur.

        You can do it against corruption. Stop dealing with the corrupt.

      • Ironically Manmohan Sigh is also India’s household cleaning agent. Mr Clean.

  11. Some of the things that I expect to happen during the mayhem upto 2012:

    1. Rupee value will crash. We’ll get more rupees for each dollar.

    2. GDP will go down, resulting in large scale defaults of real estate loans. Flats and apartments will go for a song as compared to today’s 300% spike.

    3. 50-60% of the SMEs will go bankrupt due to a recession in luxury products.

    4. Government will nationalise some private banks mainly those with housing and infrastructure investments.

    5. Mutual Funds and derivatives will go down the drain.

    6. FDIs will choose leaner, vertical portfolios.

    7. The illegal small arms manufacturers in Bihar will expand to other parts of the country.

    8. Traffic policemen will be allowed to carry arms and fire at will.

    9. Sleeping cells of militants, naxals and Maoists will find cheap manpower and activate a few restless ones.

    10. Tamilnadu, Darjeeling, Jharkhand and all of the North East will be included in article 370 of the constitution – which is “autonomous status” like Kashmir and “Terms of accession” to the Union.

    11. Private insurance companies, like AIG, Alico etc will go broke after Lloyds, London, declines requests for re-insurance and re-finance facilities.

    12. Electrical power stations, water supply reservoirs and foodstuff warehouses will be guarded by the army..

    13. RGV and Amitabh Bachchan will make Sarkar 3, which will be a super-duper hit.

    14. Pritish Nandy will write a poem on the dreams of a slumdog millionaire.

    15. Khushwant Singh (if alive) will write a book on “Sex in the days of the Partition of India.”

    16. Private TV channels will teach “English for Beginners and Experts” sponsored by the British Council and the Church of England

    17. Doordarshan will show how to grow wheat and rice in your backyard.

    18. Multinational companies from the West and the ME will set-up ‘Embassies and Consulates’ in different parts of India – something that the East India company did in the 17th century.

    19. Parliament will debate a bill, copy-pasted from Mikhael Gorbachev’s glasnost and perestroika, to divide the nation into 25 autnomous states.

    20. Kashmir will be divided into three states: Islamic Republic of Srinagar, Hindu-rashtra of Jammu and People’s Communist State of Leh and Ladakh.

    I hope I am wrong…

    • Reader,
      Still you are planning and want to stick to your decision to move to India…..How Brave you are…! 🙂

      • Ofcourse I am. I know how to deal with these situations. History is a fine teacher.

      • Hmmm….not as Brave as one residing in African countries…Nigeria & somaliya…

      • Nigeria and Somaliya are the size of the estates of a flop filmstar in bollywood. India is too big in size

      • What is wrong with this move? Hopefully Reader is a Surjya Sen in the making with a difference. The plot must succeed and we dont want him to get caught.

      • Sharmila,

        I am a rebel. But hopefully not another Surjya Sen.

        I am a Sahir fan. I love my country and I am very critical about our weaknesses.

    • Number 14 is my favorite… 🙂

    • Anand Khare Says:


      India has potential to do better or worse…Let us see. 2012 is not far.


      • Anand,

        I hope I am wrong on all counts.

        I hope RGV and AB don’t make another Sarkar.

        I hope Pritish Nandy does not write poetry.

        I hope Khushwant Singh stops being vulgar.

        I hope I don’t need a Visa to go to Srinagar and Ladakh.

        I hope I can live in any state in India.

        I hope…

  12. Aish – Not sure if I answered this one, yes, the white crumbles on the blog are snow the spirit of the festive season..

    • Sharmila,

      You had answered that. Thank you.
      The snowflakes are very pretty and fun too…swish the mouse to the left and right and watch them follow suit… 🙂

      Re: the post,
      As a child, I wasnt interested in history. I stayed awake in Mrs. Anita Mehta, my history teacher’s classes by making pencil sketches and I got quite good at it – not in history… at sketching!:P

      In med college, I participated in the strike against the increasing number of private med colleges and was quite pleased when the lot of us got arrested. I was 17…an impressionable age…and very happy to be doing my bit for ‘our’ govt colleges! In my own way, I know the unity and solidarity these young heroes might have felt…

      Movies based on our history should be made for social awareness and not for its commercial value alone. I havent watched the movie yet, but I did wiki Surjya Sen. This is how it concludes…

      “Surya Sen along with his Tarekeshwar Dastidar was hanged by the British rulers on January 12, 1934. Before the death sentence Surya Sen was brutally tortured. It was reported that the British executioners broke all his teeth with hammer and plucked all nails and broke all limbs and joints. He was dragged to the rope unconscious. After his death his dead body wasn’t given any funeral. The prison authority, it was found later, put his dead body in a metallic cage and dumped into the bay of Bengal.
      His last letter to his friends, written on 11 January, stated, “Death is knocking at my door. My mind is flying away towards infinity … this is the moment to myself to embrace death as the dearest of friends. In this happy, sacred and crucial moment, what am I leaving for you all? Only one thing, my dream, a golden dream, the dream of a Free India. Dear friends, march ahead; never retrace your step. Days of servitude are receding. Freedom’s illuminating ray is visible over there. Arise and never give way to despair. Success is sure to come.”

      I salute him.

      I dont know who I was in my past births, but I do hope I have bashed up a few Brits for their unforgiveable acts. If not killed them, I hope I at least smashed the board that read “Dogs and Indians not allowed inside” on their thick heads.


      • Aish – thanks for the note on Surjya Sen. Most moving and I posted it on AB’s blog as well and glad we concur on the sentiments of this movie. Imagining you participating in the strike, would have been a better imagination if I knew how you look! Hopefully one day this EF meets like the way AB’s EF have been. What say all of you?

      • Anand Khare Says:

        Good one as usual.


      • Aishwarya Says:

        Sharmila – Thank you. It was very moving indeed.
        At 17, I was a sprite. Now, I am more like a Sprite…bottle! 🙂
        Would love to meet you all someday, God willing…

        Anand – Thanks.:)

      • Yes, we should plan for this surely.

  13. Sharmila,

    Yes, they have to move on. This one, Khelenge Hum…, is done and over.

    Abhi-sheikh is on a learning curve. He is doing films for fun unlike some of his contemporaries. He is improving with every film and I am sure by the time he gets to his father’s age he will be quite good.

    Amitabh Bachchan, the father, is a phenomenal actor and an international bollywood celebrity. I don’t think AB is looking for self-appointed baby-sitters for his son.

    I feel Abhi-shake has more potential to be another Naseeruddin or a Sanjeev Kumar type of artist, not a super-hero.

    • Besides he is the youngest in his family including his wife. He should survive them all if he works at his own pace without rushing in panic. From the looks of it he is seems relaxed and unhurried, success will come eventually.

    • It will be interesting to see the next set of films that both Aishwarya and Abhishek will sign. Aishwarya too has had three successive disasters with the exception of Robot which was a runaway success. Sadly, in Tamil cinema, Rajni movies remain firmly his and nobody else’s .

  14. Politics and Corruption: News of the moment

    Scam number: XLXVII-C

    Bureaucrats and Judges of High Courts are found to have been gifted property by the DMK in Chennai. Something similar to the Adarsh scam in Mumbai.

    Land and flats were given at throw-away prices which were then sold by them at market prices to private builders.

    The list of people involved include the Inspector General of the Police, High Court Judges and CBI officers.

    The case will go for hearing in 3 months.

    This would never happen if Tamil Nadu was not a democracy. I mean, I would never have known about it…

  15. A blog-post by my favorite American humorist, Adam Scott:

    I’m a fan of conspiracy theories. I’m fascinated by the fact that any wild story can be engineered to sound feasible to some portion of the public. Let’s call this the ordinary kind of conspiracy theory, such as the idea that a small group of rich people are secretly running the world, or that aliens are abducting people and implanting chips in their necks. These conspiracy theories are hugely unlikely by their nature.

    But there’s another category of conspiracy theory that is way cooler. These are the theories that are far more likely to be true than not, although no smoking gun has been found. I give you today, two conspiracy theories of my own design. I’m not saying these are true. I’m just saying they are far more likely to be true than false. We’ll probably never know.

    Conspiracy one: The stock markets of the world are manipulated by highly sophisticated and undetectable software viruses. Some group is forcing its own automated trades to the front of the line just before every market move. Or perhaps the program is causing market fluctuations on its own. You might have noticed that for the past ten years, the stock market fluctuates quite a bit, often in an opposite direction to what the news would predict. Analysts explain it away by saying, for example, “The market was hoping for even better news than the good news they got.” A simpler explanation is that the market is being manipulated.

    This conspiracy theory wasn’t as plausible sounding before we learned of the Stuxnet virus attack on the Iranian nuclear facility. (See my earlier post on that.) We learned that experts can indeed create undetectable viruses that can penetrate computers that are not physically attached to the grid. Now throw in a trillion dollars of incentive, and the odds that it has already happened to the financial markets approach 100%. In fact, the likelihood is that a dozen or more viruses are running loose in the financial networks, probably laundering their gains through hedge funds who claim to have top secret algorithms for predicting market moves. Compare these two claims and tell me which one sounds more likely:

    1. Our hedge fund has a secret algorithm.

    2. Our hedge fund is using existing technology to steal your money.

    Conspiracy two: The recent Wikileaks about the United States were intentionally leaked by our government. Have you noticed that nothing in the leaks is news? It’s everything we already knew. Pakistan isn’t a reliable ally in the war on terror? Shocking! Saudis hate Iranians? Shocking! Saudi Arabia funds Al Qaeda? Shocking!

    Maybe it’s the artist (sort of) in me, but I always think empty space in real life is just as intentional as it is in landscape compositions. The lack of bombshells in the Wikileak materials looks mighty suspicious to me. Some observers are going so far as to say that the report does little more than show that U.S. diplomats are doing a fine job. Compare these two theories and tell me which one sounds more likely:

    1. U.S. Diplomats are the only group of people on Earth who are all doing a fine job. And they never write down anything that is worse than just baaarely embarrassing. And someone risked being executed as a traitor to release this non-news.

    2. The U.S. government leaked the information itself, after taking out the good parts, because somewhere buried in the pile is an idea that they want “accidentally” released to the world.

    I give this theory a 60% chance of being true because it would be easy for the government to pull it off, there’s a good chance it would be useful, and it is well within the normal political bag of tricks. If you see a “leak” revelation in the next few days that seems to help the government’s strategy more than it hurts, I might raise my estimate.

    Adam Scott

  16. Sharmila and EF,

    I am all in favor of an EF meet. I’ll organise the sight seeing including elephant rides and an open-jeep safari in Bandipur, Muddumalai or Nagarhole, anywhere you prefer.

    We can stay in a dense, unmapped forest with unknown tribes, if anyone is game for an adventure! I know just the spot between Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

  17. Its a great movie and excellent star cast. However…the movie is better for tv. The audience tht likes it is at home and aging. Movies in india r for entertaining

  18. Sharmila,

    EF Meet

    If my pre-paid net service provider’s prediction does not come true I will be flying to India in March 2011.

    I got this SMS from the net service provider: You will expire in 7 days. Please recharge.

    It is a literal translation of the Arabic line which uses genders for objects and services.

    So if I don’t expire in 7 days, I will be landing in Mumbai in March.

    I am planning to stay on-shore for at least 10 days. If any of the EF needs to be picked up from Mumbai, let me know.

    You have all the email addresses, you can coordinate.

    I propose we meet up at the Residency in Bangalore, which is just off the Brigade Road. We can drive to the Bandipur resort. Cottages can be booked well in advance. Available from INR1000 to 5000/- per day depending on what the occupants do at night.

    I suggest all of us go for a night tour into the forest. Flash lights are not allowed. But soundless night vision cameras are permitted. Animals are less scared of us than we are of them.

    It’s a fun place for families and children. And an exploration adventure for guys like me.

    • Sounds like we will make an interesting episode on NAt Geo if this comes to fructification.

      • Either a Nat Geo Special or an episode of “Carry on up the Jungle” if we find a Tarzan among the tribes!

        Lets begin with those who can reach Bangalore easily. Aishwarya can be the official doctor on duty.

        Are you likely to be in BLR in March-April? I believe you had mentioned that your birthday is around the same time. The EF can celebrate your birthday on a rope-way!

        Hmmm… I am inspired… I can think of an entire script with Sharmila, and a Tiger in the Jungle…

      • Yes, we can meet….. whoever is interested to having a meeting in BLR can email me on April is a good time.

    • Oh…Ok….! so now it’s March-April…! Hmmm….seems Reader wanna conduct the tour/ trip without me…! He so…doesn’t like me….anyway…!

      • BLR, Hosur, Mysore, Bandipur are home base for me. It’s not a tour. It’s home coming!

        Nothing hard and fast about March April. Let us know when you can make it.

        I am in India every 120 days for 15 days. Even if everyone cannot make it at the same time, I’ll be glad to meet some in each trip. I’ll keep my dates posted.

  19. Prashanth K.P. Says:

    It is definitely a leaf out of a waning career for AB Jr. I sincerely hope the film clicks at box office regardless of its barren entertainment value that the present generation anticipate for in a movie. It has some sterling performances from all quarters against a 1930s backdrop. Yes, at times it reflects the theme of Laagan, but very barely.

    Yes, a good movie and one that every India should watch to regain that sentiment called PATRIOTISM!

  20. Reader’s Panchatantra Tales:

    Sharmila and The Clever Tiger in Bandipur

    Once upon a time, in the ancient town of Mysore, there was a bearded hermit called Reader. He lived in a small cottage in the wild jungle of Bandipur. He knew the jungle so well that even animals asked him the way when they were lost in the darkness.

    One day, Sharmila, The Crown Princess of Hong Kong, came to the jungle. She was a brave princess. While children of her age wanted cats for pets, Sharmila wanted a real big tiger.

    She wrote an e-mail to her friend Cho Ramaswami in Chennai who advised her to meet Hermit Reader and seek his blessings. Sharmila flew her chartered chopper to Bandipur. She hovered over the vast jungle and realized that there was no place to land. So she jumped out with her parachute.

    She did not land because the chute got stuck like a hanger on a large tree. She kept swinging for a few hours till a troop of kind elephants saw her and pulled her down.

    “O, thanks!” She said to the matriarch elephant. The elephant nodded.

    “Can you take me to Reader’s cottage?” She asked hesitantly. The elephants trumpeted loudly and trooped forward. Sharmila followed the train holding the tail of the youngest one. She always complied with rules.

    They reached the cottage in a few hours. Reader was sitting in Padmasana levitating about two feet in the air.

    “Hi, Reader!” said Sharmila.

    “Pranaam!” said Reader.

    “Pranaam!” said Sharmila.

    Her neck was beginning to ache looking up at the bearded bloke.

    “Can you come down?”

    “I wouldn’t,” said Reader, “And I suggest you do not stand there for too long!”

    Sharmila was not clear. The dark surrounding was already getting on her nerves.

    “Why not?”

    “Ants!” Said Reader, “There are ants everywhere. Thats why I had to learn levitation”

    Sharmila sprang in the air as if she had been launched by a rocket.

    “Now, stay up!” said Reader, “See, anything is easy if you are scared enough!”

    Sharmila was surprised at herself. She had never imagined that she could levitate. She always thought it was a yogic art.

    “I thought it was an art” She said to Reader, rather pleased with herself.

    “It’s not about arts,” said Reader, “It’s about ants. Now tell me, what brings you here?”

    “Oh, yes. I forgot. I want a tiger. A real big live tiger. As a pet.”

    “You can have one. But catching a tiger alive is not easy. You must follow my instructions strictly!”

    “I will. I will. Tell me how.” She said confidently.

    “Okay..” said Reader, “Let us begin with the easiest way…”

    And he told her the first method…

    To be continued…

    • ROFL..this is the carry on series surely…

    • Hmmm….Crowned princess of HK…!? Is Sharmila Chinese…!? Why would she want a Tiger instead of Dragon…then…!? She could be dethroned….on immediate basis….! If not Chinese….she wouldn’t be a crowned princess…..! Since when Dragon turned around from communism…!? 🙂

      Hermits are Old…with white beard….at least in the pics. I saw….! 🙂
      Besides if He is young…he wouldn’t live in the Jungle….like Tarzan….he will leave the natural Jungle…for the Jungle of concrete….

      • This story happend ‘Once upon a time… in ancient Mysore’.

        At that time, there was a small kingdom near Bengaluru called ‘Hong Kong’… It was called Hong Kong because King Kong was hung there…

        Sharmila wanted a tiger as a pet… in those days no one was allowed to play with dragons because dragons were needed in the kitchen for cooking food… cooking gas was not invented, na…

        Hermits look old in old pictures… if you take a new picture the beard will look black…

        I know Tarzan. He goes to the city only to buy shaving cream and tooth paste. He normally comes home for dinner… Jane aunty comes to my cottage sometimes asking for bandages…

  21. Sharmila and The Clever Tiger (Contd..)

    “Do you have a tranquilizer gun?” asked Reader

    “Yes.” Said Sharmila.

    “Then follow my instructions carefully,” said Reader,”Remember a tiger is a cat like any other. The eyes of the tiger sparkle at night. They are greenish in color… just aim between the eyes and shoot!”

    Sharmila smiled and thanked Reader. She came down to the earth slowly and swinging the gun over her shoulder she walked into the dark hoping to see a real tiger.

    She found a rather large bush and waited patiently, looking out for the green eyes. Time passed by.

    Presently she saw two glowing, green eyes staring at her from a distance. She was sure it was a tiger. She pulled out her gun and took a steady aim between the eyes. Slowly, she pulled the trigger. She was an accurate shooter.

    She pulled out her torch and stepped out of the bushes towards her target. Little did she know that she was in for the shock of her life.

    As she stood at the spot, she saw two tigers sitting, each holding a paw over one eye. The tiger on the left was covering his left eye and one on the right was covering his right eye. The two eyes that Sharmila had seen belonged to two different tigers. Her shot had gone between them. To add to her disappointment, both the tigers were smiling at her.

    She ran back to the cottage and described the scene to Reader.

    Reader nodded and said, “Nothing new. These tigers are becoming cleverer by the day”

    “What do we do now? They know this shooting between the eyes trick.” She asked, rather exasperated.

    Reader meditated silently for a moment and then said,”I’ll tell you another trick”

    Sharmila listened carefully.

    To be continued…

  22. Sharmila and The Clever Tiger (Contd…)

    “Listen to me carefully” said Reader,”This requires courage and skill.”

    “Yes,” said Sharmila, boldly, “Tell”

    “You must practise before you act. Find a small open plot and practise this. Jump two feet forward and fire, jump two feet back and re-load the gun. Practise it before you attack a tiger.”

    “Okay” said Sharmila and walked away, determined to get this right.

    She found a nice lawn near a pipal tree and began to practise, 2 feet forward-fire, 2 feet back, re-load.

    Her exercise was interrupted by a tiger’s continuous roar on the other side of a bush. She sneaked up cautiously behind the bush. What she saw was alarming.

    The tiger was practising on the other side, two feet forward and two feet back.

    She ran back to the cottage and described the scene to Reader.

    “I say!” she exclaimed, “I am practicing here and the tiger is practising there. This doesn’t seem too good.”

    “Hmm.. ” said Reader, “Theres only one way left. But I am not sure you can do that.”

    “I can” said Sharmila, “Tell”

    “Okay listen…” said Reader

    To be continued…

  23. Sharmila and the Clever Tiger (Final episode..)

    “This is dangerous” said Reader

    “I don’t care” said Sharmila, firmly, “The tiger cannot be too clever”

    “There is only one thing that can surprise these tigers.” said Reader, “Stand in front of them and shoot. Do not hestitate and do not wait. Can you do that?”

    “Yes, I can!” said Sharmila, “And I will”

    She then walked straight to the tigers den. She stood boldy in front of the tiger and stared into its eyes. The tiger was a bit self-conscious. She pulled out her gun and fired. And to her greatest surprise, she missed! Missed at point blank range! For one long moment both the tiger and Sharmila froze in their respective spots. And then the famous chase began.

    There they were – the tiger and Sharmila – running through the jungle, Sharmila in front and the tiger close on her heels.

    Just as they came to a crossing, Sharmila pointed a hand to the right, but turned left. The tiger turned right assuming that she was turning right and then screeched to halt, realizing his error and turned back. The chase continued.

    At another crossing Sharmila pointed a hand to the left hand, but turned right. The tiger mistook the sign again, turned left and screeched to a halt. He was annoyed at himself. He whirled back at full steam.

    By now Sharmila was out of breath. She could not run further. She stopped at the next crossing and signalled the tiger to go straight. The tiger passed by.

    Sharmila returned to the cottage rather disheartened by the whole episode.

    “I am going back to Hong Kong.” she said to Reader.

    “What happened?”

    “Oh, I could have got killed today, if that tiger was not so good with the traffic signals. I am going back. I don’t want a tiger.”

    And that, my dearies, is the story of Sharmila and the Clever Tiger…

  24. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Saved by the Bell…..oops! not the Bell….Signals…!
    If the Tiger is that clever ….why did he not turn back third time…!?
    Reader loves white beard….! 🙂

  25. This is not an off topic discussion by Reader. The true brave hearts are the Tigers.

  26. Here is the link for details of person Surys Sen, the role played by Abhishek

  27. highest vertical jump…

    […]KHJJS – Brave hearts at thirteen…. « Sharmila says…[…]…

  28. filmy online za darmo…

    […]KHJJS – Brave hearts at thirteen…. « Sharmila says…[…]…

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