Rig Veda.. Part 2…By Reader

An Objective Introduction to the Rig Veda Samhita – II

(Continued from I)


Hymn 5

Aa tva ita nishidat indram abhi pra gaayat |

Sakhaayah stoma vaahasa ||

… … … Come, be seated, inhere the verses conscientiously |

… … … May accompaniments carry the chants ||

There are 10 mantras in this hymn. This is the next stage of the preparation for a yadna. The divinity is Indra. It calls the participants to devote all the dianoetic faculties to the yadnya. Following is a synoptic:

Call on the many aspirations to associate with this blissful effort; May the union of wealth and knowledge lead to everlasting affluence.

Engross the attentions like steeds at war; May the intellect revel in the colligation of external and inner knowledge.

Once kindled this ardor shall increase manifold; May the joy of awareness ascend consciousness.

A hundred deeds shall emerge from this Mantra; May its influence ever increase. Protect this abundance with unimpaired growth; May no harm be inflicted upon the mortal.


Hymn 6

Yunjanti bradhnam rusham charantam pari tastishah |

rochante rochana divi ||

… … … Elysian goodness is dynamic by its own enlightenment |

… … … Shining in its own glory ||

There are 10 Mantras in this hymn. Some are addressed to Marut – the kinetics. This hymn introduces the nature of metaphysical conflicts in the process of discrimination. Following is a synoptic:

Ingenuity rides a vehicle of two vehement wheels in its journey of objectives.

Endue knowledge where none exist, endue concepts where none are realized.

The intellect is conceived spontaneously in this endeavor.

Perceptions reside in knowledge savored by consciousness.

Righteous conduct is the natural state of all elements as of human disposition.

Perceptions activate all the cabals in the mind equally.

Rein the desirable with flawless sacrifices.

Evoke the enlightened account in this contemplation.

Capture the heavens and the earth of desires thus; May perceptions rule the phenomenal.


Hymn 7

Indram it gaathino brihat indram arkenhi arkinah |

Indram vanih anushat ||

… … … Perceptions are expressed by Aesthetics, by pure Knowledge |

… … … Also by esoteric Values ||

There are 10 Mantras in this hymn. It continues with the theme of the previous hymn. The nature of contemplation and deliberation are divided into three features – the Rig of pure knowledge, the aesthetic of Saam and the ritual of Yaju. Following is a synoptic:

Knowledge stirs and harmonizes the powerful intellect driven by the Word.

Ignorance is dislodged by an enlightened (well-informed) vision.

Spiritual wealth is protected from rivals by the unrivalled.

Both wealth and effort are protected by powerful righteousness from the ill and evil of attitudes; May revelations shower on the mind like rain from a yonder cloud.

The power of this treasure is beyond words; yet this divine power cannot be concealed.

The wise preside over the elements and the five constituent horizons.

This awareness acquired by effort is supreme and exclusive.


Hymn 8

Endra saanasim rayim sajitvanam sadasaham |

Varshistham utaye bhara ||

… … … This wealth of rich wisdom is sustained forever |

… … … Becoming sophisticated as it grows ||

There are 10 Mantras in this hymn. It continues with the theme of the previous hymn with an additional emphasis on the relationship between existence and aspirations. Following is a synoptic:

Overcome the attitudinal antagonists with this sacred strength.

This battle between wisdom and evil is won by conquering the adverse.

It is won by the brave with precision and courage.

The mighty supremacy of the divinity of the Mind is ubiquitous and brilliant.

The victors of this battle, the wise and intellectuals beget devout and heroic descendants.

Plenitudes prevail like the pure water that flows from snow-capped mountains and fills the ocean of knowledge.

Right and joyous speech spring from the delights of knowledge as a fruit derived from a generous bough.

Consciousness is thus glorified in acquisition, conveyance and liberation.

For this purpose is the effort aimed in the Word and honored in the Song.


Hymn 9

Indrehi matsyandhaso visvebhih soma parvabhih |

Mahaam abhisthi rojasa ||

… … … Celebrate this bliss and delight in cosmic existence |

… … … The auspicious almighty power ||

There are 10 Mantras in this hymn. The singularity of the Body, Mind and the Soul is formally accentuated for instauration of a sound relationship between the individual and the universal. Following is a synoptic:

Sustain this circinate motion through felicitous actions of delight; May this ariose endeavor bring fair and rightful glory to the universal vision.

This determination is accepted and protected by the mind centered in the body; May the intensity of this rich and varied rendering prevail.

This determination is accepted and protected by the heart centered in the body; May the light of this rich and moving divinity prevail.

Integrate this body of divine knowledge and learning with the decay-less body of this ageless universe; May this body carry the learning into the vast universal space of myriad illuminations.

This body of elements and the elements in the body are but one word in this movement of reform; from bliss to bliss, from strength to strength, from perceptions to wisdom, the seeker is the sacrifice.


Hymn 10

Gaayanti tva gayatrino archanti arkam arkinah |

Brahmaanstva shata krit ut vansham yemirey ||

… … … Play the sacred opuses recited in the oblations of a mantra |

… … … A hundred generations shall originate from its universe ||

There are 12 Mantras in this hymn. The journey towards perfection is described by progressive vistas of achievement. Following is a synoptic:

The destination becomes clearer as one climbs peaks and one realizes the task ahead.

Cognizance acquires ambrosial significance in the fellowship of the divine.

Bind this perception and learning to the anchor of crystalline truth.

Enunciate the word, the effort, the mantra and the revelation to all the noetic extents.

This admirable and efficient body is powerful, protective and worthy of  delight.

This companion is rich, potent and offers a treasure of elements.

Conquer the inconscient; reveal the power and glory of the pure state.

Conquer the inertia; release the powers of cognition.

Listen with Consciousness, learn with Cognizance, harbor this inner harmony in recitation.

Knowledge is boundless, it’s riches are inexhaustible, it’s plenitude is ever increasing.

Life begets a new beginning, a thousand new visions in one universality.

Love augments love from an increscent world to an expanding universe.


Hymn 11

Indram vishwa avi vridhant samudra vyachasam girah |

Rathitamam rathina vajanam satpatim patim ||

… … … Indra, the lord of this cosmic embodiment, is all permeating like an ocean |

… … … The lord of all existence, the movement within all movements ||

There are 8 Mantras in this hymn. The Indra within sustains, protects, strengthens and rejuvenates this incarnation. Following is a synoptic:

Preserve this association of Indra for a life of plenitude, strength and victories.

The wealth bestowed by Indra never depletes the treasures of knowledge and harmony.

Indra is the Karma and the benefactor of this titanic cosmos, it’s immeasurable strength and movement.

Indra is the fearless divinity who rends this whirling enclosure; yet Indra is the grace and courage like the canorous flow of a river.

Indra is the intelligence who defeats deceitful appearances; Indra paves the way to wisdom.

Indra is lord of a thousand forces, riches and infinite abundance.


End of section I of Constellatory I.

Authors: Rishi Madhuchhandaah Vaishvaamitrah and Jetaa Maadhuchhandasah


To be continued…

Disclaimer: The interpretations of the Mantras are entirely mine. It is not a commentary on any regional, political or religious doctrine that may be prevailing anywhere.


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  1. Thank you, Sharmila,

    This here ends the first yadnya of 11 hymns. We can see the logical order and the coherence if we read all the 11 hymns in an order. This section was an introduction to Indra.

    There is a standard template that each yadnya follows. They always begin with invocations of Agni, Indra, Vasus, Visvedevas, Ashvins, Saraswati, Brahma etc, and the main text of the yadnya is pronounced in the last few hymns.

    The reason is, these were conducted by a group of sages together. The Agni-hotra (fire worshippers), Udgatir (Reciters, singers) and so on. Each one did their part till the host (Chief Priest of that yadnya) finally discloses the main text.

    The next section (12 to 23) is written by Hrishi Medhathih Kaanvah. It introduces more divinities like Rtu (Seasons), Brahmanapati (Ganapati), Savitr, Shiva, Vishnu, Mahi, Bharati etc. As I said, these words were first used for their meanings, not as names.

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    • Sharmila,

      It looks fine now. Super! 🙂

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  3. What does the word “Yadnya” mean..? Is there any difference between “Yadnya” & “Yagnya”…? Or some use ‘g’ and some use ‘d ‘ instead..?

    • Yadnya, Yagya, Yatnya are the same word. The Hindi equivalent is Prayatna meaning attempt, effort or endeavor.

      A ritual homa is also called a Yadnya. A time consuming research project is also called a Yadnya.

      Dnyan means knowledge. Yat-dnya is an effort toward learning.

  4. Sharmila,

    Where is Aish? She may miss this one as it does not appear on the top.

    • Did you mean I should go…? If so…let me know..

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        Now, you freeze, don’t go anywhere! The discussions we have helps everyone, including myself!

        So lets continue.

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    • Here is an exercise that can warm you up.

      You seem to be having a copy of the Gita with you.

      Go to chapter 9, verse 16.

      Read it several times, feeling the meaning of the words as you do:

      Aham kritu, aham yadnya, swadha aham, aham aushadham |

      Mantra aham, aham evajya, aham agni aham hutam ||

      … … … I am the one who acts, I am the effort, I am the persuasion, I am the cure |

      … … … I am the Mantra, I am the sacrifice, I am the fire, I am the fuel ||

      Sub-zero temperature outside cannot beat the warmth within!


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      • MonaLisa,

        This type of thermodynamics cannot work inside out.

        For example:

        If heat travels from a hot body to a cold, the space is at Zero deg Kelvin (-270 deg C). There is no temperature in space.

        The Earth should have gone cold in all these billions of years by just releasing heat into space!

        Also, light is not visible in space. Else space would be filled with light and there would not be any night. Visible light is a spectrum that is reflected by objects.

        How does anything burn in space when there is no oxygen?

        🙂 🙂 🙂

        Therefore, Sage Reader concludes that:

        Spiritual warmth ‘within’ does not obey the earthly laws of thermodynamics! 😛

  6. Sharmila,

    At 10 hymns a month, 10,552 will take more than 1000 months! That works out to about 100 years! I don’t have that much time you know.

    Hmmm… only one way forward. I’ll cover at least 100 sections or 1000 hymns in each post, keeping the synoptics briefer. That way I can finish the Rig in 10 posts and move on to Yaju and Saam!

    What do you think?

    • I’ll send you a sample today. Have a look. If you find it okay I’ll go on. Shouldn’t be too ambiguous.

      • Lol…who is talking about “Spiritual Warmth” here…!? At least not me…! Duh…!
        Why does it always have to be PP &P
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      • Well, you’ll have to decide if anything works for you at all.

        Thermodynamics does not. Spiritual warmth does not. I don’t understand psychology, so I cannot say anything about that.

        Perhaps you are into biological, chemical or physiological heat exchangers.

        In physics, these do not have statistical significance. The wattage power is too low. 😛

    • Sounds good albeit I prefer the 1000 months..we have time ;0

  7. Reader – I find Rig Veda more complicated than the Upanishads. Very briefly could you please summarize what is the purpose of the vedas so that I may possible seek what I should be seeking from it. So far, I am trying to understand the definitions of Indra and Agni in a very ritualistic sense. I am sorry I am this naive.

    • My interpretations are purely ‘brahminical’. You will find a lexicon of concepts in every hymn.

      How to apply them is entirely up to you.

      Please seek the concepts in the words. Check them against your own beliefs. If there is a conflict, check the premises.

    • Sharmila,

      Let me put this in perspective.

      Indra is perception and everything that is perceivable. Agni is the energy.

      The logical progression of philosophy is this:

      Senses create perceptions. Perceptions, when examined critically provide concepts. Concepts are applied by virtues. Virtues need a code of ethics or a code of morality to be applied. Virtues achieve values. Values are discovered by metaphysics. Metaphysics is an opinion – good-bad, right-wrong, true-false. Metaphysics is decided by the relationship of a person with Reality. This relationship is called Philosophy.

      The Vedas provide a conceptual framework to work on your own discoveries.

  8. Sharmila,

    Please see mail and tell me how it seems.

  9. Sharmila,

    The Veda teachings embrace two modes of human inclinations. One that relies on senses, reasoning and holds intelligence in high regard. The second is the spiritual that depends on revelations and inspirations.

    A verbatim translation merely provides a transactional and ritual awareness.

    On the other hand spiritual interpretations provide different meanings. These were considered secret and reserved for Brahmins in ancient days and not even disclosed to Kings. This practice was defied by Sri Aurobindo, Kapali Sastry and some brilliant scholars in the 19th century.

    A deeper knowledge of Sanskrit is required to recognize both the earthly and esoteric meanings in each Mantra.

    I use the dictionary and all that I learnt from my parents. My interpretations are entirely ‘brahminical’ in a conventional sense.

  10. Sharmila and EF,

    Tell me how this style feels. I have personalized the interpretations and at the same time summarized the next set of hymns from 12 to 23 in one page:

    Agni, my urge, my desire, the fire in me is also the envoy, the cause, the offering and the aspirant; the demons and afflictions in me are the fuel; This fire keeps that fire alive.

    I strive for the knowledge through days and nights; every moment is sacred. I am the invoker, I am the Seer. This vastness in me espouses revelations,cognition and infinite abilities. I seek to know the universal form. May the giver have the knowledge. The spiritual powers in me rise with the Sun, grow with association (Mitra) and move with the influence (Vayu).

    My perceptions and leanings delight in this effort. Each truth (Hritam) is revealed at the right time (Rtu, season). I uphold the laws with discrimination and righteousness for every effort has a proper season.

    The earth, this nature, the elements are my wealth. The seasons are my treasures. This body is bound by time alone. A pilgrim’s journey ends in revelations. This body nursed by herbs and food is but a vehicle. I am the devotion, the contemplation and the desires.

    A victory is made perfect by conquering the treasures, both the body, the thoughts and the desires.

    The divinity of the Intellect is the divinity of the Mantra, the Word and Enlightenment. This divinity is Brahmanaspati, Ganapati. This is the divinity that guards, effects and discerns wisdom. This is the divinity that harmonizes thoughts. None exceeds the will of this divine strength.

    This body of four natures is made immortal by the nectar of knowledge. My life is protected by its twenty one planes of consciousness.

    My body is the house of the Yadnya. The Ashvins are the moving forces. Savitr, the Sun, the son of water, stirs my life. Bharati, Ila and Saraswati, the infinite, revelations and awareness nurse me like mothers. This is my heaven, this is my earth, this is my liberation.

    The sevens worlds of this earth are occupied by Vishnu – the cause of this creation. Nothing can be concealed within nor exist without.

    End of Constellatory 1, Section II, Hymns 12 to 23

    PS: I can do 5 pages in a day, which is about 50 Mantras.

    • I honestly prefer this style, it is more fluid than the previous one. Plus, I am now able to relate between the elements and it is not purely ritualistic. As you rightly point out, the ritualistic translation is better understood by those who are already familiar with the vedas or extremely adept at Sanskrit. I find this style quite intriguing to say the least.

      • Deal, then.

        Yes, I like the personal tone. And it is also faster, covers more ground.

        Gandhi told me, “Reader, the customer is God.”

        So, shall it be!


      • Sharmila,


        Twenty one planes of consciousness is why a japa is repeated twenty one times, for it to reach the sub-conscious.

        Buddha, Tao, Dalai Lama have described the planes of consciousness in their practices of transcendental meditation.

        Dalai Lama has fixed them in 5 clusters by the colors that a person divines in the process, starting from red and ending with a flash of bright white – he describes it as the experience of a person at the time of a peaceful death.

  11. This summary is a more useful way to understand….however to understand to what..is a bit tacky as no hymns would be available to look at to…refer to…
    The other aspect….I am not sure …how many would be interested into the hymns and would be able to understand it…lol..

    • If you notice the paragraphs, each one summarizes one or more hymns. Conceptually, each one leads to the next.

      There is one way to enjoy them – by searching for real life examples.

      • Never knew japa should be chanted 21 times…thought it should be 108 times…

      • Yes, 7, 21 or 108.

        I normally fall asleep before I reach 108.

        21 is the best I can do!

      • 🙂 🙂 So lucky….!
        Why 7 though..? what is the significance of no. 7 in that..?

      • According to me, the 7 planes of consciousness are:

        Senses, percepts, concepts, database, information, knowledge and wisdom. Each is generated by the previous one.

        Each one has 3 dimensions, hence 7 x 3, 21 planes in all.

        I don’t know how they branch into 108. There must be something in that.

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    • 🙂

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      My adversaries are the tyres that keep me grounded even if I seem to be moving.

      Well, genuine critics faint because of my awesome, mind-blowing performances – they are electrified. Some get so dejected and resigned at the end that they give up hopes for the future of the world and retire to the jungles.


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    C ya in morn…

    • Sleep peacefully… the answers will dawn upon you in the morning…

      The best type of silence is the one where our own voice keeps quiet for a while.


      • Yep…Dead silence..!

      • Good Morning to you… hope the sun brightens your day..

        Here is a shloka to be said first thing in the morning before you get off the bed.

        Hold your two palms together, cupped up as if holding water, close your eyes and read the following:


        Karaagre vasate lakshmi, Kara madhye saraswatu

        … … … In my hands is wealth, in my hands is learning

        Karamule tu govinda, prabhaate kar darshanam

        … … … My hands are held by Vishnu, The dawn manifests in my hands

      • Oops… Don’t close your eyes! How can you read?

        I mean close eyes, if you know the shloka already.

        Karaagre vasate lakshmi, kara madhye saraswati
        Kara mule tu Govinda prabhaate kara darshini…

  17. Sharmila,

    Please devote a post to Inflation. You are the most qualified amongst us to describe this menace.

    • Hi…Good Morning…Dear Reader…!
      Do you believe in such rituals..!? Does that really make your Day…or hepl in any sense anyway..!? I am curious…!
      Btw Did you try to change places of Saraswati and Govinda…!? Or is it your version…!?
      The one I found says ” Karaagre vasate Laxmi,
      Karamule Saraswati….Karamule tu Govindam, Prabhate kar darshanam”
      Thank you for wishing me a ‘Sunny Day.’..!

      • Sorry…sorry…! My bad…!
        Read It as “karmadhye tu Govindam”….Instead “Karmule tu Govindam”…lol

      • The one you found is definitely not correct.

        This is the word on word translation:

        Karaagre vasati lakshmi

        … … … In hand resides Lakshmi (Wealth)

        kara madhye Sarawati

        … … … In hand center Learning

        Kara Mule tu Govinda

        … … … In hand root Govinda (Vishnu)

        Prabhaate Kara Darshanam

        … … … Dawn in hand visible

        I am saying it for 45 years now!

        Its not a prayer. Its a feel good shloka about my own hands and self.

        Its like looking in the mirror at yourself through your own eyes instead of trying to imagine how others will find your appearance!

  18. Aishwarya Says:


    Why have we moved from the Brihad Aaranyak Upanishad to the Rigveda? I somehow had this feeling we would move on to Chandogya Upanishad, complete the Upanishads and then start with the Vedas… Are we covering them in order of complexity or according to the times when they were written?

    I enjoy reading the hymns. I guess with the new format I would miss reading them, but as you say, with 1028 hymns, we have covered possibly only a little over 2% and it would take a long time otherwise.

    Also, you had asked a question on the previous post of the one deity who has been shown in an abstraction in only instance with 5 heads/virtues. I would like to know the answer to that. Is it Lord Ganesha?

    Pleased that you noticed that I am interested. I am…

    Thank you.


    • Aishwarya,

      Errrrr… you are right… don’t know how Sharmila missed this… there are 10,552 Mantras and 1028 hymns in the Rik… that should not take 100 years…

      The Rig Veda is the mother of all scriptures. Even Yaju and Saam Veda and the Atharva Angirasa have many verses quoted ditto from the Rik.

      Similarly the Brihad Aranyaka is the prime Upanishad among over 108 others. They are conversations between teachers and students about the contents and meanings of the Vedas, Dharmashastras, Puranas etc.

      Our discussions about the hymns on this page are no different from a Upanishad. Only, the upanishads happened in schools called gurukul and now we discuss them on a blog.

      Although Sharmila thinks otherwise, nothing lasts forever. No one can tell how long we’ll be around.

      In this virtual net world, a disconnect is the same as death in real life.

      So, I am giving the best of what I know – of the best there is – at the first opportunity. The rest of the scriptures are easy even for self-study once these two, the Rig Veda and Brihad Aranyaka, are introduced.

      In this case, the task is so elaborate, there will never be a break-even point where I can willingly call it done.

      About the hymns,

      Yes, you are right about that. Actually reciting the hymns was itself a functional part of the yadnyas. That has to be done in Sanskrit.

      I don’t know how to organize that. The Sanskrit texts will take up a lot of space. They are not read by many in a translation.

      Hmmm.. there is a way.. the entire text is printed as one book by the Institute of Vedic Culture, BLR… I have a copy.. its hard bound 962 pages… let me see if I can source it for you…

      • A tempting offer! How can that be done?

      • I’ll get my architect to get one for you. The ISBN is 81-7994-015-2, printed by Sreeranga Publishers. He can get a complimentary copy from their office at Jayanagar.

        I am not parting with my copy!

        My brother once sneaked my copy of Gone With the Wind and hid it in his study.

        I stole all his inner wear from the cloth-line and buried them in the garden.

        Next day we negotiated the exchange across the bathroom door, him inside and I holding all the aces so-to-speak!


      • Aarrgghh! Thanks for the warning. I dare not even dream of taking YOUR copy!


      • Are there any rules regarding the time and place where the hymns may be recited?

        My grandma read the Gita daily evenings during prayer time…I never followed much as a chid but I remember it was so calming…


        Does Indra lose his importance as Vishnu and the other divinities come in to the scriptures?

      • Aishwarya,

        There is no specific time for learning.

        I don’t pray so I am not sure there is any hour for praying.

        In the Saam Veda, there is a specific time for each recital and meter. Even Yaju has a specific muhuratam for each type of yadnya. I follow them for myself. I don’t ask anyone else do the same because it is difficult to justify. They are scientific in some ways though.

        For instance, a woman is not allowed certain types of rituals or practices 14 + 4 days a month. The rest of the time she can do a space-walk if she wants.


        Indra is the divinity of the perceivable universe. Vishnu is the cause of the creation.

        The two are entirely different.

        Mythological stories always depict Indra as residing in a rich palace in great affluence with Gandharvas and Apsaras. It is aimed at showing that Indra is the Lord of all the pleasures.

        The word Indriya means sense organ.

        Here, you must understand the meaning of “a divinity”

        What is a divinty in the Rig Veda, (since it is the first book that depicts anything of the sort)?

        My take is: A divinity is an aspect of Life that presides constantly over a function or process.

        For example,

        Think of a simple japam:

        Aum gam ganapataye namah |

        Recite it mentally several times; closing eyes, ears and all external senses.

        You will be distracted initailly till you are able to focus on only the words.

        Once you are able to say it clearly and constantly without any other thoughts, you begin to dwell on its meaning.

        After that, every recital makes the meaning more universal/ generic, till at one point you stop repeating the words and simply remain ‘still’ enjoying the meaning.

        That state where only the meaning exists, while the words, the thoughts, the feelings etc wait for your attention, is the ‘divinity’ in you.

        G’m Ganapataye namah is the Gayatri meter for Ganapati (8 syllables). The ‘divinty’ is Ganapati.

      • I love the line, “that state where only the meaning exists…is the ‘divinity’ in you”.

        Has made it clearer and simpler to understand. Beautiful.

      • Regardless of how or what I say anything about my family members, I assure you, we cared for each other as if there was no good or God outside our home!

      • Aishwarya Says:

        I know… Your words brim with love and affection…

        I have a soft corner for the guava tree though. I can imagine it in all its splendour… Many of your childhood memories has you sitting on it, reading a book, plucking a fruit, or… coming down through the roof and on to the kitchen table… taking bites of the fruit between howls… 🙂

        You are a gifted writer…

      • Aishwarya,

        Gifted? Egad… I wish I was.. honestly… Mother wrote several books which are now prescribed as reference books for students of M.Ed (Child Psychology)… Father was a research scholar in explosives chemistry… eldest maternal uncle had a double PhD in geotechnology, retired as a Dean from IIT Mumbai… another uncle retired a math professor from MIT in US… a third one was a PhD in optics, an ex-attache to the MoD in New Delhi!

        Eldest brother was the State Corporate Planner for this country’s IT and an MTech in structural designs… Aunt retired as the Chief Medical Officer of the TB Hospital in Sivri, Mumbai.. she has written several papers on treatment of TB…

        Trust me… I am no-where on the map…

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Err…oh, wow! Well, we’ll be reading your book/s shortly too…so you’re very much on the map, I’d say!

        I hope to read your mom’s books sometime…I love child psychology…

      • Her name was Savitri. Her books are in Kannada. I’ll try get an English version or translate it myself.

        She was good at Epistemology and cognition.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        That would be great. Thank you…

    • The one shown with 5 heads is not Lord Ganesha.

      He is Hanuman. He is called Pancha-mukhi Hanuman.

      I was surprised once to see an artists rendering of Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, Nandi, Chandra and Naag on Kailash, and Hanuman along with them!

      How did Hanuman, a devotee of Vishnu’s Avtaar, appear in Shiva’s domain?

      I asked the pujari of the temple and he told me an ancient purana about Hanuman – his several births and finally immortal (chiranjivi) status after Ramayan.

      The five virtues of a devotee are shown as five heads.

      • I looked up and had 3 guesses, Lord Ganesha, Hanuman, and Hayagriva.

        If I remember right, you had seen this painting in a temple in ME…this depiction of Hanuman?

        This is most interesting!

      • Yes, it is still in the Shiva temple.

        AB did not notice it during his visit here. He was so crowded by his own devotees around him!

      • Lol…perhaps another time…

      • Lord Shiva has five heads in some places too…
        Is there any significance or relevance to it or just sculptors imagination…?!

      • MonaLisa,

        Four hands and heads are usually associated with Dharma, Karma, Artha, Moksha.

        Some artists depict five for other virtues or other aspects.

        One thing is certain, all the paintings are drawn from Puranas.

        If we can trace the particular purana we know the meaning of the picture and the features.

    • I know you are interested.

      As I said earlier there are seven levels of consciousness. Senses, percepts, concepts, database, info, know-how and wisdom. Each person acquires something from the texts at one of the levels. No two people are at the same frequency.

      • The common factor is we all learn…and the beauty of a ‘combined study’ is every person comes up with a new viewpoint, a different angle of thinking, different questions, a new discovery, a revelation…

        I enjoy all the questions asked here and the way you answer them. Inspiring…

      • Frankly, my own learning is in the answering. I am often surprised that I didn’t ask the question myself. I go back to the texts often to find the answers.

        The result is: While I am writing this , there is a pile of books on the side table! These go back to the shelf only after the subject is done!

        There are Radhakrishnan, Tagore, Gandhi, Jean Paul Sartre, Ayn Rand, Einstein, Shakespeare, Stalin, Hitler even Gray’s Anatomy!!!


  19. Lol …Reader,
    Everything else is understandable…! What “Gray’s Anatomy” is doing on your side of the table..?!

  20. No wonder we find Stalin and Hitler in you time to time..! hehehe…
    Its like all Mumbo Jumbo in you…A Hotch Potch in one plate…hehe… 🙂

    • MonaLisa,

      There are 900+ books in all including Calculus, Engineering, literature, Finance, arts, history, geography, constitutions of all the G7 countries, Clinton’s trial, International Law, Mercks Manual, Herbal Medicine, Encyclopedias, Etymology, Music, Bibles, Koran, Buddhism, Taoism, Biographies, Astrology, Epics, Puranas, Upanishads, Vedas, Dictionaries, other non-fiction and fiction, like Kant, Hegel, Aristotle, Plato, Descartes, Dharmasutras, Vasishtha Yoga, Bhakti Sutra, P. G. Wodehouse etc, etc, etc.

      So, you are right. I am only what I know.

      If you are ever able to consciously and deliberately give up a normal life because you love to learn, you’ll know how much I enjoy this.

      • Is this a hint…That i should spend less time on blog and spend more or invest my time learning other things…!? Thank you…!
        You sound like my Dad..!

      • MonaLisa,

        Not at all…

        All I mean is, you can be assured that you’ll never be bored on this blog. I’ll always have something new and stranger than fiction to say!!! 🙂

        Do I sound like your dad? Hey Bhagwan….!!!!

      • In my opinion “To know ” and “know how” are two separate things…
        So I don’t believe…You are ..only…what you know..! We all are something more beyond our mind,body and intellect represent…Just we need to find that out…
        Its our ego that says “I Know” and can never leave that..” I ” behind is the biggest hinderance to know our real selves…
        Is not that all vedas and upnishadas…say..!?

      • MonaLisa,

        Forget the scriptures for a moment.

        Here is an extract from my own book that will be published and released on March 23rd this year:


        “Who are you?”

        “That’s ‘who’ I am”

        A question and an answer that has been officially recorded in the history of humans for the first time over a 1000 years BCE. Since then, it has appeared in various ways in practically every philosophical treatise.

        I have spent so much precious time in trying to find out what this is all about that I am now merely what I know about all this.

        This hurts.

        I was myself when I decided to learn. But now I am what I have learned. My knowing has hijacked me thus. Shall I free myself of this knowing? What shall remain of me then?

        Who am I if I am not ‘who’?

        No. I am not this.

        I am the one who engages and I am the one who is engaged.


        Yours truly in Chapter II, “The Creator’s Testimony” ( In the press )

  21. A very good night to Aishwarya, a great day to MonaLisa and a dreamless sleep for me….

    Back tomorrow at suh-prabhaatam… 🙂

    • Aishwarya Says:

      Good Night, Reader… Sleep well…

    • Okkk….So….!
      Could you find out “Who” that “Who” is..!?
      You are telling me to forget about scriptures…lol
      And you are presenting the same thing in a different way…
      Or…I am the one…who doesn’t get it…! 😦

      • Good Morning,

        Ofcourse I know ‘who’ that ‘who’ is.

        You can call it a ‘name’, a ‘qualification’, a ‘profession’ etc.

        Like, Reader, Engineer, Analyst etc. In your words, that ‘who’ and all those are different titles of ‘ego’

        But the point is, am I that ‘who’ or am I ‘myself’.

      • For example:

        Here are 3 expressions:

        My name is Reader. (Mamah naamah Reader)

        I am Reader. (Aham Reader)

        I am Human. (Aham maanavah)

        All 3 are my answers to the same question, “Who are you?”

        The fact is: The person who discriminates which of the 3 answers to give, when and how, is really who I am.

  22. Good Morning…. Reader,
    The one who has mind and intellect…has discriminative power to answer that question …the answers which change time to time in different circumstances…!
    Is that..” Who I Am “..!?
    Is it all limited to Body, Mind and intellect…!?

    • Good Evening to you,

      Yes, The ‘I’ part is limited to the body, mind and intellect. No doubts about that.

      So long as there is an ‘I’ in the equation there is no spirituality.

      Let me tell you a Zen story about this:


      A student comes to a monk and seeks to learn the Truth.

      “Who wants to know?” asks the monk.

      “I do” says the student

      The monk smiles and asks him to go away and come back after an year.

      The student goes away, comes back again with the same request after an year.

      “Who wants to know?” asks the monk

      “I don’t know” says the student.

      The monk smiles and says, “You know already! There is nothing else to learn!”


      Its a bit cryptic, I know. Hold your guns. Let me explain.

      The answer “I don’t know who wants to learn” is the human soul/spirit/life as we experience it.

      And that is the presiding element in the body, mind and intellect.

  23. 🙂 So….till I know “Who I Am”…I don’t know Who And What really “Who” is…! Lol…

  24. So….Reader doesn’t know Who is Who…either..! Lol…

    • Thats true… What would I do by knowing who is who?

      You see, in IT jargon, the hardware is easily maintained and charged, it is the software that needs to updated and protected.

  25. Lol…If don’t you really care to know “Who”…then matter ends right here… Who needs that load of crap called Spirituality & all…then…and some fictions called “Scriptures”…& etc etc…!? lol…

    • You answered your own question.

      ‘Who’ needs… 🙂

      I am content with what, how and why. I’ll pass the ‘who’…


      If one is content with rituals there is no need. If one wants to learn how, what and why, it is worth it.

      So long as the ‘who’ is limited to personalities, there is very little to focus on. A ‘who’ is neither perceptually consistent nor useful knowledge.

      Best is not to have such small boundaries. There is no limit to what you can achieve when you have no idea of the prevailing influence.

  26. You have a wonderful day…! My shutters blinking on me…
    C ya later in my morn…

    • Went offline as I was driving to the office…

      Good Morning when you see this…

      • Mornin’ to you too Reader…
        How easy or difficult it is …to be a witness of own self..!? How is it possible to engage into one thing …any Karma….without indulgence…!?
        How could one separate out his/her own self from him/her and act like a witness to bear no burden of that particular act/Karma…!?
        What is your method and How To develop it..!?

      • MonaLisa,

        Good Morning…

        Can you read your entry above again? Wow!!!

        In a 4 simple lines you have just summarized Arjun’s question from both chapter I & II of the Gita!!!

        And the answer is:

        Sankhya, Karma, Dnyan-Karma-Sanyaas, Karma Sanyaas, Aatma Sanyam, Dnyan Vidnyan Yog, Akshar Brahma, Raj Vidya Raj Guhya Yog, Vibhuti Yog, Vishwa Darshan, Bhakti, Khsetra-khsteradnya vibhaag yog, Guna traya vibhaag yog, purushottam yog, Daiyvaasura sampat, Shraddha traya, moksha sanyaas…

        uffff.. let me take a breath!

        This witness process is very interesting. Being the youngest son in my house I was always a witness! I know exactly how!

        You know, why I don’t know how to pray? Thats one of the reasons. I was always a witness.

        There were four elders in the house. My pain, fear, sadness, anger everything was understood by them without my saying anything. I was never required to find words to express what I want. They just knew.

        And if there is a God who cannot understand my silence… and needs me to use words in some language… well.. whats the point? My mother knew better without the need for prayers…

        But thats not the subject…

        The question is if it is possible to be a witness… a sort-of informed non-involvement… yes it is…

        To be continued… someone is singing outside my french window… back in a jiffy…

  27. Aishwarya Says:


    What is Gayatri meter?


    In ‘Who am I?” I feel the ‘I’ has limitations. The ‘who’ is beyond limitations. The ‘ who’ can define the ‘I’ in many ways, but not vice versa. The ‘who’ can only be ‘neti-neti’. The effort is for the ‘I’ to go beyond its limitations to know the ‘who’.


    Forgive if it sounds like garble.

    • Aishwarya,

      Its not garble. I understand it perfectly.

      Gayatri meter or chchanda in Sanskrit is a lyric of 8 syllables

      Aum is not a part of any mantra. It was said at the beginning of every mantra as a practice. Like a singer holding a note before starting a song!

      Examples of Gayatri meter:

      Gam (1) Ga (2) Na (3) Pa (4) ta (5) ye (6) Na (7) Mah (8)

      Th famous gayatri mantra in Rig Veda is:

      Ta (1) at (2) Sa (3) Vi (4) tu (5) Va (6) re (7) nyam (8)

      Bha (1) rgo (2) de (3) va (4) asya (5) dhi (6) ma (7) hi (8)

      Dhi (1) yo (2) yo (3) nah (4) pra (5) cho (6) da (7) aat (8)

      (Note: the 5 initial – Bhu Bhuvah Swaha are added in one of the Upanishads, its not vedic)

      • Aishwarya Says:

        I understand now. Until now, I only knew Gayatri as the name of a divinity…

        Also, I pronounced it as ‘Savitur’, not Savitu…

      • Your pronunciation is right. Sandhis in Sanskrit join with additional letters.

        Savituh + Varenyam = Saviturvarenyam

        This sandhi business is very complicated.

    • Aishwarya,

      Let me add value to what you said.

      Spirituality is not a subject of the unknown or the un-knowable.

      It is a continuous state. One merely needs to practice the witnessing part. Witness, in Sanskrit, Hindi etc is Sakshi. One who does not participate, simply watches the show.

      Let me give you a personal example-

      Watch this:

      There was a rule in the house that everyone must have dinner together. The dining table was laid out by anyone who is in the room.

      Two persons who were always late were myself reading something and my dad who would be watching news on the TV.

      Mom would shout from the dining room, “Baaro Kwaana!” That was obviously for me. (“Come, donkey!”)

      “Mudukan kari! ” She’d say, “News nodatirubeku. Advani sattamelle bartaana!”

      (Call the old man! He’ll be watching the news. He’ll come only after Advani dies!”)

      (Note: The words mean nothing! I am not a donkey, I can assure you. At least I don’t look like one. And dad was old but surely not in love with Advani.)

      The dinner would always begin with a prayer. It was such a routine that no one even bothered to stay still. The prayer means that food is purna brahma and eating is also a yadnya.

      In between, as someone recited the prayer, there would be cross-talk among the others, like, “Give me that plate na, stupid!”, “You stupid!” “You idiot!” “Go get it it yourself!”


      A witness, who does not notice any of the distractions, sees only the spiritual bonding among the six people around the table!

      Spiriruality is not a subject about the unknown or un-knowable. Its right here and around us. All we need to be is a good witness.

      • Sakshi = Sa + Aksha

        Aksha is eyes

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Thats so sweet. I enjoyed the exchange! I even understood the Kannada without the translation (Mudukan, sattamelle, bartaana, baaro, nodatirubeku, all familiar words). Except Kwaana. I thought its khaana…as in food! 🙂


        The endeavor then shall be to be a good witness. But of what? What is spirituality, if it is right here?


        I sense the bonding in the example. I would say God is love. But you wouldnt agree…

      • You agree that it is not unknown or un-knowable.

        Thats all there is according to me.

      • Aishwarya,

        I suspect kwana means a bull, not donkey. In any case, believe me, I don’t meet the specifications of either!

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Lol Reader…I believe you…

  28. MonaLisa,

    Here is one way of being a witness, as envisaged by Rajneesh (Osho).


    Question – Beloved Osho, I want to concentrate my efforts. Be sincere with me. Is to be a witness of myself the only thing, or is there something else?

    Osho – I am not interested in intellectual questions. First, be a witness to yourself, then ask. You want me to be sincere with you; please just be sincere with yourself. It is all wanting — “I want to concentrate my efforts.” It is just wishing. Who is preventing you? What are you doing here?

    The only thing I am teaching is to be a witness of your actions, thoughts, feelings. Start with the actions because that is the easiest, then thoughts, and then feelings — which are the most subtle. But it seems people simply go on only thinking about things. “What is there after witnessing yourself? Is there something more?” Do you think witnessing is not more than enough?

    But the mind functions in this way, it always asks for more. It asks continuously — wherever you are it will ask for more. But in witnessing the mind disappears, hence the more and the desire for more disappears. Witnessing is all. But, please, do it — don’t just go on thinking. How long have you been thinking and wanting? If you had been a witness all this time, this question would not have arisen at all. That’s why I said I am not interested in any intellectual gymnastics.

    Do it. And one thing is certain: one who is a witness forgets all about more. It is so much! There is no possibility to imagine that there can be more. You are asking me to be sincere with you — great! And you are not sincere with yourself at all. This question shows your insincerity. My sincerity towards you will not help. You will have to be sincere, total, and do it! And start from this very moment; don’t postpone.

    This silence… just be a witness to it. Don’t think about it, don’t make any judgment about it. Just be a simple witness, a mirror which reflects and makes no judgment. This very moment you can become a witness. Witnessing is the only religion there is.

    === Rajneesh ===

    Note: Its a simple, easy way to be a witness. Not the best way though. I believe in using intelligence and still being a witness, which is Krishna’s method as described in the Gita.

  29. MonaLisa,

    Must read. Continued from above.. Osho on Witnessing.. part II…

    Question : Last night I saw for the first time that the mind need not be inimical to meditation. Does what you said about the mind accepting enlightenment also apply to its acceptance before enlightenment, of, for example, witnessing? Can the mind acknowledge that witnessing is often more useful than thinking, and so just step aside in those moments without throwing a tantrum?


    It is impossible. Enlightenment has to be first. As an experience mind can understand it, and seeing its gracefulness in action can become a friend to it. But before enlightenment mind can only believe, it cannot become a friend.

    Mind can only believe that there is enlightenment. At the most the belief is possible – but belief is of no use. The mind has to experience enlightenment in function, not as a belief but as activity. And the same is the case with witnessing: mind will always be against witnessing because it stops mind’s long heritage of thinking. Mind is familiar with thinking; witnessing at the most can become a thought, but it cannot become an actuality.

    You have to put mind aside to become a witness, and obviously mind resists it. Who wants to be put aside? – And particularly from a place where the mind has been the master for centuries. And you want to put it aside for something that you don’t know what it is? Mind will not allow you to remain a witness long.

    You can try a small experiment. Just put your wristwatch in front of you and start looking at the second hand and remain watching and witnessing. You will be surprised: not even fifteen seconds have passed and you have fallen and forgotten that you are witnessing. Some other thoughts have come. Suddenly you will awaken after a few seconds: “My God, it was only fifteen seconds!”

    Not even sixty seconds – one minute – can you persist in witnessing? The force and the flood of mind is too big.

    That’s why an articulate master creates strange devices to put the mind aside without making it an enemy, because sooner or later, when you become enlightened, the same mind has to be used as a friend. It is a very useful mechanism. But in the beginning it is going to be against any effort to put it aside.

    Meditation is nothing but putting the mind aside, putting the mind out of the way, and bringing a witnessing which is always there but hidden underneath the mind. This witnessing will reach to your center, and once you have become enlightened, then there is no problem. Then bring the mind in tune with you. It is a great art. First you have to put the mind aside, then you have to bring the mind back again, but now it comes as a slave. It used to be the master before, so if you try before enlightenment, it is going to throw all kinds of tantrums. There is no need, because those tantrums will hinder your progress into witnessing. Just don’t create the enemy.

    Silently start witnessing, without making a direct attack on the mind. You have to be very careful to reach to the center. Mind will try in every way to take you away for a worldwide tour. And it allures, persuades you, gives you great promises: “Where are you going? What is there inside? The boyfriend is waiting outside the gate and you are going inside. The party is arranged in the Blue Diamond – and who has ever heard of a party inside?”

    The mind will create many kinds of things, but you have to very lovingly and carefully put it aside.

    Remember my words, lovingly and carefully. Don’t hurt the mind, because the mind will be of much use after enlightenment. Before enlightenment it is your hindrance; after enlightenment it is an immensely complicated mechanism which can be used for all kinds of things. Then it is no more your enemy. Just the master has to be awakened, and once the mind sees the immense light inside you, it spontaneously falls in tune. There is no question of fighting. But before enlightenment the mind will give every fight if you are going to leave it behind or put it aside. This is simple psychology.

    Gurdjieff used to say that in a class where the master has gone out, there is havoc. Children are shouting, jumping, fighting, doing whatsoever they always wanted to do, but because of the master…

    And then the master comes in and every child is sitting in his place looking into the book. That does not mean that he is reading; that simply means he is showing that he is occupied. There is silence.

    Gurdjieff used to say that something almost similar happens when you become enlightened. The master comes in and the mind, seeing the master, suddenly recognizes what his position is. Before such a splendor he is reduced. At that moment you can make friends with the mind; he will be immensely happy to be of any service to the eternity that you have brought with you. But don’t try it before enlightenment: then the mind is going to give you unnecessary trouble. The more you will fight with the mind, the more you will be engaged in mind rather than becoming a witness.

    Witnessing is simply slipping out of the mind – a very graceful way, because the moment you start witnessing the very thought process, you have slipped out without creating any fight. You are just watching the caravan of thoughts within you. You are no more part; you are standing aside, by the side of the road, and the traffic is passing. You are not in a fighting mood, you are not even judgmental. You don’t say, “This is good and that is wrong.” Whatever is passing, your whole work is just to see. Soon this silent seeing… and the mind is put aside.

    It is witnessing that will take you to enlightenment. After enlightenment mind can be used, can be very significantly used. It is the greatest biological evolution. It has not to be thrown away in the wastepaper basket; it has to be used. But first find the master who can use it. Right now mind is using you. Everybody is a mind slave unless he is enlightened. Then enlightenment is you and mind becomes your slave.

    ===Rajneesh, OSHO

  30. MonaLisa,

    I am back. There was this dog in the lawn outside wailing like a wolf on a full moon night. I had to stop him somehow.

    Talked to him pointing to the moon and he seemed satisfied that he had drawn my attention to it.

    He is gone to the neighbours now to repeat his performance.


    Where were we?

    Yes, Witnessing.

    Please ignore Osho. I like his oration but I find him too mystic and irrational. He messes with the mind, like Nietzsche and Jung, or more recently like Noam Chomsky on US politics.


    Let me speak for myself. I am good at that.

    Have you noticed the intense look in the eyes of an infant? A child sees more things than any adult can ever manage consciously. A child even has a sense of humor and laughs at silly mistakes.

    A child does not suspend its mind or senses (unlike Osho’s idea of witnessing). A child is completely and absolutely focussed.

    I witness like a child. No reaction, no response. Simply watch and reflect like a mirror.

    That, for me, is the only way of learning. And for me, learning is witnessing. There’s no difference.

    My thoughts are analytical, my actions are experiments and the results are evidences of the process that I use.

    I own the idea, the virtue and the values. I let everything else go.

    (Unfortunately letting go has included people, even if I don’t approve of it.)

    Witnessing does not overcome my weaknesses. Witnessing only helps me to make the weakness obvious and allow me to be careful. Overcoming weaknesses has to be done purposefully with an objective mind.

    In esoteric terms, witnessing like Buddha, does not control Karma.

    Que sera sera or Murphy’s Law, both are unavoidable, in my case! 😦

  31. And now its 10 PM local time. The bed beckons…

    Good night…

    • Good Night Reader….c ya back in few hrs.
      Need to comprehend and contemplate on what you wrote in above posts….so…will discuss rest of it later… 🙂

      • Good Evening to to you and morning to me,


        The dogs and cats were having a joint opera last night. The full moon has got into their heads!

        They didn’t stop till the fat cat sang her heart out!

      • Good Morning….. Reader…!
        How surprising…! They – your crew had joint opera right down your window…and You…The Phantom …was asleep…!?
        Poor Fat Cat…Sang her heart out to draw your attention…! alas…! all went in …(you know where) vain…! 🙂

      • The animal kingdom is strange.

        The don’t obey conductors for music. In fact they don’t play for an audience at all.

        Each one sings its own tune for its own pleasure.

        (Phantoms, like me amd MJ, do the break-dance… )

  32. Now, how can this one not be here… Full moons are so magical…

  33. Good Night Reader….or else you definitely would break one thing…! My Head…! lol….! 🙂

    You have a Good One…

    • Good Night…

      And before you sleep, hear my discovery last night.

      The cats were playing with the dog. One particular spotted cat was jumping all over the dog. The dog has fallen in love with the cat.

      I didn’t know how to tell it that dogs cannot marry cats. Its a mis-match. The cat is just playing with you.

      Cats marry their own types and run away with the kittens because their males eat the little ones.

      Who will teach a dog that it is not altruistic to fall in love?

      Good night…

      • Correction: Not who will teach, how to teach…

      • Too late….Reader…!
        You posted it while I was already gone…
        It happens if it is to happen…
        Love is something that just happens…one doesn’t have to plan for it…
        If one does…then its everything else but Love…
        No ne can teach The Dog what to do and what not to..
        He will learn on its own….! What life is for…!?
        Cats are playful…and so the Dogs are…!
        Hard to Judge…who is what…and the intensions are….!
        Lol…! Love is love and Marriage is another…All those fall in love don’t have to marry eachother….most of the time its just a fling….an infatuation…which dies down quickly….Besides….Marriage is an outdated social norm…
        Tell your Dog…that Live in Relations are in thing now…! 🙂

        Very Good…Morning ..now…to me and
        Good Afternoon or Good Evening to you…! Take whatever suits you the best…! 🙂

      • I posted it after you left. That shows how good I am at risk management! 🙂

        What is a Live-in relationship?

        How is a dog that is inclined to loyalty and protectiveness change that outlook?


        I am a bit mixed up with mornings and evenings today. I carried the blog mood to the office this morning and wished the receptionist good night…

        Hmm.. not far from the truth really… if you consider that I was just wishing a good sleep…

    • Aawww…What happened to the ‘e’ in break..!? Aah…it took a break too…!? lol…

      • MJ called it break dance beacuse that is exactly the revolution that he created.

        The traditional dances were more about grace, ballet or hip hop.

        MJ brought the pantomime!!!

      • Omg…Reader…! lol..
        You sure are ‘The Best’ at Risk Management…! 🙂
        You take No Risk at all….hahaha…!
        I wonder sometimes…why Loyalty has been attached to no one else but The Dog…!? It may be True that Dogs are loyal to their owners…well! sometimes thats not the case either…they bite their owners…if in a rough mood..Anyway…! But when it boils down to a partner…I heard ..loyalty is just a pretty word in their dictionary…they look for a new Bitch every matting season….! How could they be protective then…!? May be just for a season…I guess.. 🙂
        A marriage demands more than that I believe…
        Live in relation is an interesting set up…stay in the relation till interested and get out…when you want to…no strings attached…unless…one engages into reproduction…works better for the dogs i believe…

        Ps : It’s not my personal recommendation though…Don’t believe in such crap…

      • Loyalty and protectiveness is not limited to dogs. Many farm animals are also loyal and protective like horses, cattle, goats and pigs.

        Dog gets another bitch also means the bitch gets another dog. But I have never heard of cat finding a dog or vice versa.

        I still don’t get the idea of live in. All proper families live in. Whats wrong with that? Its good for everyone including culture, economy, politics, social harmony etc.

  34. There is a more serious reason why I am distracted.

    I was told that a very close friend in Pune has died 3 years ago! I was not aware.

    All these years I was hoping to see him again when I go to Pune next time.

    If he is with God or Lucifer, whoever, I hope they are not missing me. I am not in hurry to join them right now.

    May his soul rest in peace and not think of me at all. I have some more things to do here.

    • Reader….! Too bad of a habit that is… ! That you don’t keep in touch with ppl you really want to be or inclined to be…with whom you consider close friends or family…! How an outrageous way to keep and maintain the relationship…!?
      Believe me …on that take…no one misses you there…more than ppl will miss you here…if time comes…we will hold you tight…and won’t let go…if necessary….we will pull your leg(s)….don’t worry…
      its all overcrowded there already…lol..

      • Theres no line I draw when I start giving away. I go broke in every possible way there is.

        I feel safer when no one misses me.

        I doubt Lucifer would accept me, even if all my friends are with her. I’d probably start a political party or something!

    • Cat finding a Dog is quite interesting…more interesting is the Dog falling in love with the Cat….
      Hmmm….I think we should let them decide how they want to take it further…or end it…
      Who are we to advise them unless they are our cat & Dog…

  35. Hmm…Since when do you believe in Politics and thinking of establishing a new political party…!? Don’t you have enough parties around…!? Thought you hate Lucifer…so why does that matter if she likes you or not..!? Where does that acceptance thing come from…!? Do you think she should like you…!? Boy…! Then you….are the one who misses her for whatever reason…

    • I am talking of how events may unfold after my death. If there is a hell I’ll meet lucifer there.

      And if you noticed carefully there is no real work in both heaven or hell. Souls just drift here and there. Thats exactly like the Indian parliament. I’ll be a perfect fit in both the places!

  36. Hahaha…why worry..what happens after death..! One thing is certain that you have to lose the outfit you got…. and might not remember it… and the strings attached to it too…so that might be a start of a New Ball Game altogether…
    Btw…if you are going shunting between Heaven & Hell….there are fair chances…we meet again in middle somewhere…middle of nowhere…lol 🙂
    Don’t brush me off or aside then…. 🙂

    • Pray tell me how shall I recognize you?

      • You will know…! If you have a heart….! Heartache to heartache…. 🙂

        Or…..Leave me your address when your final exit is due…I will follow you… 🙂

      • Heart, head and everything attached them will be left behind. I will be a wandering spook. Same as I am in my office here.

        I’ll leave my address behind. Thats cool.

      • Shall call it a day… bye for now…

        You have a gr8 one…

      • If the soul is wrapped up with desires & all…being not in its purest form…end up into heaven or hell according to the Karma of pevious life or lives….so…
        U definitely can remember me and recognise (my soul) if and when we meet in middle of nowhere…
        Is Red light or Pink heart ok with you…for the signal…!? will do that then…

        Very generous of you to accepting the offer to leave your further destination’s address behind….for me…so…you are pretty sure of your exit first…!? Before me…!??? wow…! You sure know the Destiny…and how we are destined… ! 🙂

      • MonaLisa,

        Be careful. If the old testament is wrong and the Vedas are right, then all souls merge into one after death.

        You’ll find it impossible to tell the women from the men!!!! 🙂

  37. Good Morning Reader…
    Hope you slept well…and are in a better mood now..

    • Good Eve,

      Sorry I was morbid last night. Every time someone I know dies, I imagine my own.

      I must find a more positive way of dealing with this. I am closing in on 50 now. I am at the age when I have to attend lot of funerals.

      • Well…! Sorry for your loss…must I say…!
        Its always difficult to bear such losses in life…May God bless the soul…

      • Who passed away?

      • My friend in Pune has passed away sometime back. I came to know only day before. Was hoping to present him with my work.

        We were very close friends – together for more than 15 years all through school and college. I could write an entire volume on his senstivity and artistic temperament.

        He was a living protagonist of Somerset Maugham’s “Razor Edge.”

        His father was a Hindu converted to an RC. He himself was an RC converted to Seven Day Adventist and back to RC and so on so forth. I don’t know what he was at the end of the season.

        I am not in contact with anyone for the past 8 years. Thats the problem. I find out accidently about someone all of a sudden.

      • I am sorry about your loss Reader. Be well.

  38. would it merge in one if not in its purest form ?
    I don’t care which book or theory is right….
    The matter is between two of us…don’t generalise it…&
    Don’t try to run away and hide behind the books…will ya..!?

    • Okay, deal.

      I hope there is a God who is reading all this.

      Me: Egad!

      God: Yes, Son?

      Me: Did you hear MonaLisa?

      God: Yes, Son

      Me: What do you think?

      God: I don’t know, Son.

      Me: Whaaaaa….?

      God: I have never understood women.

      Me: Really? You passing the buck, eh?

      [Exit God… pulling His long, white beard uneasily…]


  39. why…. everything have to have a gender…!? you are so gender oriented…you look for a gender into a soul…!!!!!?

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