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  1. Not all are serious students. A serious student usually does his/her research. These are like backdoor options to get to foreign land. The scamsters know there is a huge craving to go abroad so they use it to their advantage.

    Like in Australia as you know, most come through the option of taking up cooking classes or taking up auto mechanic positions. Most of these are not intereting in becoming chefs…they just want to get here.

    Recently a pilot training school closed down in Sydney i think – i think it went bankrupt that’s a different issue ..those students surely did want to become pilots. That’s just wrong on the Aussie regulation part.

    I had applied for US before coming to Australia. Serious students stick to the state universities or the known private ones. These students who got duped knew they were gambling …..and when you gamble there is always risk of losing.

  2. I’ll wait for the post to appear on in here …
    Will comment on it latter…

  3. Aishwarya Says:


    Timely post.
    Its good if students have relatives, friends or other reliable sources in the destination of choice, who can give them a frank opinion on what they are getting themselves into and the pros and cons of the same.


      • Aishwarya Says:

        Ofcourse there are always two sides to a story…some get conned…by our own…

        “Susan Su, President and Founder of the TVU, said in an e-mail to PTI. According to Ms Su, “Starting in April, a student assistant, Anji Reddy, who worked in TVU’s administrative office teamed with another student Ram Krista Karra, who also has a consultant company” to swindle international students who were asked to deposit their tuition fees into Karra’s personal account in exchange for a I-20 form needed for student visas.

        Ms Su claimed that TVU is a Student and Exchange Visitor Programme (SEVP)-verified and approved legitimate school that can admit international students.

        Many students attended courses online and were working in other states, instead of attending classes in California at Tri-Valley.”

      • Lets hope the real story is out.

  4. I hate packing and moving… does anyone know where I left my glasses? 😦

  5. Yep…Reader…!
    Right here..when you visited me last night..! 🙂

  6. Not the proper time yet to post new article in here..!? @ Sharmila

  7. Lol…Thank you Genie..!

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