The curious case of the overseas Indian student…

Published on Times of India on 1st February 2011

The lure of the far off land, the thrill of crossing the seven seas, the dream of studying in a foreign university is still most sought after for many fledglings. Adding litres of aviation fuel to the earnest fledgling’s own ambition, are boisterous parents and well meaning relatives who shove the fledgling hard to spread its wings and fly away from it’s nest. Until the time the fledgling lands squarely in the midst of its “dream”, life remains a bed of roses. Early birds don’t catch worms easily on transoceanic soil. Indian students who pursue their academic dream overseas need to be mentally prepared to rough it up. Most importantly, they need to follow a legitimate path in pursuit of excellence and exercise necessary precaution to avoid getting duped, lest they have their wings clipped, their beaks bent, their claws tagged, ankles radio tracked and their flight path monitored by immigration authorities.

The recent case of Trivalley University in California that offered bogus degrees and spurious methods of obtaining immigration to the United States must serve as an eye opener to aspiring foreign degree seekers.The Times of India has reported that an estimated 1,500 students, some innocent, some not, have incurred severe financial setbacks, loss of credit and face after enrolling with Trivalley. The bogus University lured students on the basis of waiving the GRE/GMAT tests and fraudulently providing optional practical training that serves as the primary step towards immigration.  Succumbing to temptation, these students now bear the humiliation of being radio tagged by the United States Immigration authorities. SM Krishna is livid and the Ministry of External Affairs is raising a ruckus over the radio collaring of students. Like live stock cattle, the student’s movements are closely watched, their passports impounded and several face deportation. But is the MEA addressing the crux of the issue here? Why and how do these students pursue a useless degree overseas under such desperate circumstances? Sense also asks the question, how does the consular office of the United States issue student visas when they cannot find Trivalley in their database? What check is the Indian immigration doing?

India sends the maximum number of students to the United States and is the second top source to Australia.  If the student has pursued the competitive path to secure admission in foreign universities, there is not much to worry. These Indian students frequently twinkle the most in a star-studded foreign sky. The problem arises when one has not followed a competitive path and has dished out several thousands of dollars to unknown universities. Unknown foreign universities are allowed to set up promotion stalls in major and second tier cities across the length and breadth of India without any validation of either the courses and programs offered or a check on the campus recruitment promises. Sense must remind us that a good university does not require vulgar amounts of marketing. Credibility of the universities can be easily checked on the Internet too. It is best to carry out maximum due diligence ourselves.

Frustrated over not being able to make the competitive cut even in the second rung Indian institutes, unknown foreign universities appear as an alternative bypass. Peer pressure, parental pressure and most times the lack of self confidence in a society that judges you by your erstwhile qualifications, the Indian student grabs the first available alternative to fly away and pursue the dream. Options here collapse like a pack of cards; the only door that is slightly ajar is the one that leads to Wollongong or Trivalley. Not to forget, this society still loves the word “foreign”. Parents love to gloat over the fact that their child is studying abroad. An expensive undergrad program in Home Science that is being pursued in the University of Wollongong can make many hearts swell. If one is rich, its fine, but it is not fine when loans are taken and jewellery mortgaged to pursue an education in a useless university.

Having lived in Melbourne for a few years I have witnessed the emotional upheavals of these students. These fledglings don’t get their worms easily even if they are awake at 4 a.m. They illegally work at seven-eleven or wash dishes in restaurants to make ends meet.  Some so inundated in loans that they have taken for hefty tuition fees for a Masters program, drive cabs at night, long after they have graduated, exposing themselves to deranged skinheads. Some wish never to return back to their nests, even if they are radio collared and couped up in a cage. Don’t let these fledglings leave their nest in the first place under such circumstance Ministry of External Affairs. Keep the fledgling safe and worry about the collars later.


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  1. Damn…! I hate this…something happened to my post..and it disappeared..
    Thats crazy…need to gather my thoughts again… 😦

  2. We, the Indians, are a diverse community.

    We have people of all ages.

    Some are in the stone age, some in the medieval and some are in modern times.

    In the days when there was no internet and wireless telephony, those who left home for learning or earning were surrendered to the mercy of their own fate not unlike a girl given away in marriage.

    The snail mail was made up of messengers, relays and couriers.

    The local community in those days reported ‘sightings’. Like a child would report to his parents of seeing XYZ. Dad would report to one of the community chiefs who alerts the constable on beat. Constable makes a note in the diary and all’s well.

    That was the sort-of radio tagging earlier. Not real-time and too unreliable.

    More later…

  3. Anand Khare Says:


    I am very happy to see that you care for human beings also apart from tigers.I am in agreement with most of your views here.

    However, I am in doubt whether MEA has got anything to do with it. I would rather hope that they don’t mess up with the new admissions. Because if they do, a possibility is there that they would end up creating more troubles for genuine institutions and students than the spurious ones.

    In my view, Government should come up with their own grading agency for guidance of students/parents/banks and all other stake holders. The agency should give grading about credibility of courses and institutes. they can also some light on possibility of placement and employment. Even this can be done for inland institutions and courses. This is necessary after privatization/commercialization of education business. Education is a multi-billion rupees industry in India right now and growing.



    • I occasionally do care for my fellow human beings too Anand 🙂 MEA has been lax in terms of the immigration process for students. The grading by the Govt is a good idea. There needs to be a commitment and prioritization from the Govt to provide world class education within India itself and India could be a destination in the future. Alas, this is amiss.

      • Haha..Good..that you care ocassionally…!
        Clicked on AB Blog and with my surprise…it opens up day 1020 for Feb2nd…Hmm…don’t know whats wrong…do you..!? @ Sharmila
        Or AB don’t want to let me in…!!!? Now I know…he hates me so much… 😦

      • MonaLisa – try refreshing the cookies on your PC..

  4. Scamers are all over the world in different disguise…one needs to be careful for their own wellbeing..
    But the million $$ Q here in my opinion is…
    What is it lacking in India that even after inflating economic is not The Dream Land of the citizens of India..!?
    Why do they look toward overseas…whether it is Australia,England,NewZealand or USA…A place …may be the only place where their Dreams can be fulfilled…!?
    Is it really just the craze about the word “foreign” even though Brits left some sixty plus yrs. ago…or something else..!?
    Why a student have to incur a debt or the family have to mortgage their house,land or jewlery thinking it as an investment…where infact there is no guarantee of the return they expect..!?
    Are those who seek entry in those countries on student visa are real students or the back door trespassers..!?
    Why do they do any odd job in one of those countries but refuse to go back to India..!?
    Why parents have to feel cocky if their children study outside India..!? Isn’t it the most derogatory attitude..!?
    Why Gov. doesn’t set proper info. channels…? or they think …as many go away..better off we are…as such its an overly populated country..!?
    Education has become a money minting business in India after privetisation..why did Gov. let that happen..!?
    when one enters to any country..they have to abide by the rulse of that country…if you break the rules you get punished for that…collar or deportation…no one can question their authority…like everything is ok..and can be done by hook or crook in India..Why such a hue and cry about it..!?
    If the authenticity of an University is questionable..and yet students get visa…there is something seriously wrong with those immigation some level..
    Oh..! well..! Banging my head against the wall as usual..! 🙂

    • All valid questions. India does not have the resources as yet to provide world class education. The elite universities dont have the capacity to admit more than a few hundred in a population of a billion plus, of which at least 50% must be below 25 yrs or younger. Staggering. Agree about the collar bit, thats the point I was trying to make, lets not fuss about the collar, lets worry about addressing the issue as to how these students enrolled in the program in the first place and nail that bit.

    • Regarding parental and peer pressure, that will be a whole new blog by itself. I should write more on this.

  5. Yooooo….hoooooo….Anybody home…!? It’s been morning now at your end…Good Morning….!

  6. Sharmila, MonaLisa, Aishwarya,

    Now I know why I like traveling in railway trains or driving for hours in the plains.

    It’s all about space. My space. Your space. Our space.

    My new apartment is getting re-furbished. Painters, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, AC mechanics et al doing a pretty thorough job.

    Amidts all that hardware I had this mad idea of putting wall paper in one of the rooms!

    People are stumbling over each other, ladders, and cables and the packed cartons.

    General mayhem…

    have you noticed that a house or an apartment is always a confined space, no matter how large or small.

    And for me, with no one else except this silent blog page, it’s a peaceful solitary confinement. Though the heart is always in the open spaces…. real open space I mean… not twitter or the internet…

    I shall be back on the net in a few days. Presently, juggling with office work and this new premise. Yet to shift fully. Sleeping in the old house and spending the day in the new one while the technicians do their work.

    This is the time when one needs additional hands. A teenage son or daughter is ideal for such occasions. But, sigh, they’d be around only if there is a mother, and probably do it only for her. So I won’t negotiate that.


    About Sharmila’s post above and MonaLisa’s comment:

    When Burkha Butt was attacked for being in the pecking order of Raja’s crony supply chain, she made another faux pas. She said, people who do not have enough information are not entitled to an opinion. That nailed her lobbyist coffin, so to speak.

    You know, it is easy to pick a piece of news and carve out a 500 word rhetoric about our feelings. But hold the thought for a second longer…

    If we are an extended family, do we enjoy ourselves with off-hand remarks about anything and everything or do we share the special parts that mean something to our lives?

    My take: Subjects will come and go, but the association and bonding is all that matters. Sharmila’s page, for me, has always been that. Something personal.

    It’s surely not a marble statue placed on a national pedestal called TOI. In India, such statues are often resting places for crows.

    This page here is human, with real feelings, in real time and real values of real people. It’s alive.


    And now, pardon me, I must get back to helping these artists who are working on my house.

    Back soon… 🙂

    • We do not have to be celebrities or icons to express our humble and kind feelings… in fact, we do not have to be a celebrity or an icon for anything… life is a miracle as it is…

    • OMG Reader. I am floored. How nice of you to say this. I dont mind crows resting on statues too. Anand thinks I have no compassion for anything beyond Tigers. Good luck with the artists.. I hope they are happy with your help.:)

      • I am inclined to agree with Anand… There have been some anxious moments recently when your passion for the beast has made strong men wish they were tigers… 🙂

    • Aishwarya Says:


      People dont get married for a pair of additional hands! There are no negotiations in a relationship. If there are, then it isnt a relationship!

      I would gladly lend a hand whenever you need. But I think you already know that…


      Some of my favorite posts by Sharmila are the ones where she speaks about herself and life in general. Her school life, her affair with her phone,… one called ‘Of curd rice and gongura pickle’ and many more. It was so much fun to read and comment on them. Its not that I dont care about the nation and our scams. I do. But the overdose overshadows the positive things in our lives that we can share and smile about. As a family. I miss that.

  7. Aishwarya,

    Mine is an empty house of musical instruments… I can never play all of them at the same time… and my singing sounds like hiccups… I am an asthmatic singer!!!!

    Hmm.. let me see.. I think I know what I am looking for…

    • Aishwarya Says:

      I think you sing extremely well…musical instruments are optional…so are lyrics… In fact, choose the penthouse and you could have some golden moments in the lift…like this… 🙂

  8. Aishwarya,

    I don’t need the penthouse… I am okay on the ground floor…

    Kehte hain jahan na ravi pahunche, kehta hain wahan par kavi pahunche…

    They say, poets go to places where even the sun is unable to reach! 🙂

    (Its called the gandharva nagari.. the land of angels)

  9. Anand Khare Says:

    My congratulations to Reader for his new apartment. I wish you many good looking ‘padosans’ around.When is the house warming?

    This is for you on this landmark of your life,


  10. Thank you Anand,

    Padosan toh hai kai.. par you know… ek daal par tota bole type… 🙂

    Hope this does not happen!!!

  11. Aishwarya,

    Songs in silence? Hmm.. thats another thing altogether…

  12. Anand,

    Haay, woh bhi kya zamaana thaa… Aapne yaad dilaya to humme yaad aaya…

  13. Hmm…Am I the odd man out..!? I can see…you guys love to talk when I am not around…! Bad Habit..! 😦

  14. Where is Sharmila? And why am I thinking of Shashi today? Hope he is well…

  15. I am going to put Sharmila Tagore songs till Sharmila Tiger comes online…

  16. Reader,

    Time to go…

    • lol…Omg..! He can’t dance…! He is trying to copy his bro…Shammi Kapoor…hahaha…couldn’t succeed though…in this song…!So weird…! 🙂

      • Yes, he was not a dancer… he was trained in Shakespearan plays… he struggled for a few years initially to find a niche… tried everything…

  17. Anand Khare Says:

    Get well soon. Sharmila. We need you badly to moderate here.


  18. Hope you feel better soon…Sharmila
    Get well soon…

  19. Sharmila, MoonaLisa, Aishwarya, Anand,

    I have run out of all good Sharmila Tagore songs. You are still not online. Why is Anand wishing you to get well? Is something wrong?

    I thought you are away for a Saturday Night bash.

    Why get well? Are you okay?

    • Correction: MonaLisa, not Moona

    • How would I know it was for everyone..!? I thought you waiting for Sharmila…

      • No. Songs are for everyone. I was somehow fearing for Shashi Kapoor last night. Put up the best of Shashi-Sharmila songs. Errors in some as I see now. Theres one of Shammi and another that has Rakhee, and one that does not open on this page.

      • And the last one is Amitabh Bachchan! I lost my way there…

      • Just re-visited the string. The songs are all wrong. Some are Vishwajit, Shammi, Dharmendra, Amitabh, Rajesh Khanna and Balraj Sahni…

        See? This is what happens if two themes are mixed into one… it becomes centrifugal… throws one out of the orbit…

  20. Aishwarya, Anand, MonaLisa, Sharmila (In alphabetical order..)

    Thanks. Now I know. Sharmila has a sore throat.

    Sharmila… brave girl… I have never heard that a tiger withdraws because of sore throat… a prowl is a prowl… don’t growl if you have a sore throat… but keep on the prowl… !!! 🙂

    Look at me… my left eye waters like a broken pipeline but I continue with my reading and writing till the right one is active…

    Cheer up…

  21. Reader…
    Whats wrong with your eye..!? seems you didn’t get it chked yet…!? How could you ignore such a problem and be so unorganized..!? 😦

    • MonaLisa,

      Its alright. The sinus works up and chokes the passage… bursts open once in a while… only requires some plumbing at the mains.

      I am not unorganized… I am organized.. err… where are my glasses…??

  22. Hmm…You forgot your glasses at mine…& you never came back to pick it up..seems you got extra pair of it… 🙂

  23. Reader…
    why does it matter who is in the song…!? Shouldn’t it be ok till the message is served properly..!? Why are you always so lost with AB’s song ..? contrary you should feel the boost…

    • All green leaves do not have the same nutrients… each dish is different…

      The theme was best of Shashi Kapoor with Sharmila Tagore… I got mixed up… I look at some many things in a song…

      The lyrics, the poet, the music, the actors, the presentation etc…

      For example, Tera Mujhse hai pehle ka vada is a Sahir song… words are mesmerizing…

      AB’s song above, if you noticed, is not very generous on the larger canvas. There is a touch of melancholy.

      • Correction: Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi… not vada…

      • No doubt abt that…Reader…! Each dish served has a different zing of itself….
        One sure has to consider all the denying that…but one has to select from whatever is available….can’t be fussy as long as it serves the purpose and convey the message appropriately..the way you want to…desire to…
        With funny side some ppl have inbuilt melancholy in their the the otherside of the coin…so they can display it the best…on screen…
        Some can display dark side with an ease very effectively….I see that in “Sarkar”
        and in my opinion…the way he carried himself with the strength he lived the character…
        ppl consider “Black “…AB’s best…but I still would love to watch him in “Sarkar”… Its a kind of movie that…You fall in love with him over and over again…you know…!!!!!

      • Thats true.. a sense of humor is a great asset…

        Humor has its own tone and accent.. bright and child-like as in the comics or satirical like Shaw or dark and subtle like Huxley and Orwell.

        Even today I prefer Tom & Jerry videos, MAD mag and P. G. Wodehouse…

      • Yep…Reader…
        Humor is the best part of one’s nature and Life as well…
        You got both…comic with satirical undertone or other way around…sometimes
        Seems you again lost the and when it comes to AB…I believe your buck stops right there…yet surprisingly you avoided commenting on that part of my comment…sometimes you baffle me…exactly the way you amaze me many many times….lol
        PS. Don’t you feel jealous…Dear…! I love you bit more than him… 🙂

      • MonaLisa,

        I discuss philosophy. I never discuss religion.

        AB’s work is philosophy. AB himself is a religion.

        I am not religious. I can never be jealous of that.

        In fact, in my vocabulary, love has no role in religion. People are only respect and worship in a religion.

        Love is a philosophical phenomenon. Not a religious one.

      • 🙂 🙂 🙂
        You are so shrewd Reader….! ok…ok…! You are the one and only…alright…! No sharing….! You got it all…! 🙂
        Btw…I totally disagree with your Religion phenomenon…hahaha…either you got mixed up or I am…! Lol…surely I am…coz blame is always on me…without a doubt…! hahaha….omg..! 🙂

      • Disagree?

        You mean love is a religious phenomena?

        No way.. it has always been a philosophical one… never religious.. religion uses the word love without any rationale…

        In philosophy, love translates into a moral code that supports the persons life. In religion it is used to make people sacrifice themselves…

      • 🙂 🙂 Reader…. stop twisting it… No one is a Religion as far as I know…if so ..which religion is that…!? Even Rama & Krishna didn’t …when they were alive… some awestruck lot and publicity made them Icons…in Indian language God…
        I believe ppl admire the work and love the person…you put it other way around…

      • I don’t ‘put’ it around… I look at it that way…

        I love the work and admire the person…

        Those who try to achieve things will agree with that.

      • Never mind.. thats just semantics… if ‘Love’ and ‘admire’ are not different feelings… varies in degrees from person to person…

  24. Aishwarya,

    You put up the Kamalahasan Rati number that said Satyam Shivam Sundaram… that brought in Shashi Kapoor’s Chanchal Sheetal from SSS and then it went on till I fumbled and stumbled…

    So, you are to blame for my mistakes… 🙂

    • Aishwarya Says:


      Chalo…more than happy to take the blame for all the songs…except Chanchal! That nothingness is all yours… 🙂

      Wada karo is a favorite. The lyrics and Kishore Kumar’s voice is absolutely mindblowing…

  25. Let me guess what Sharmila is doing right now when she is not here:

    1. On anti-biotics and in bed with fever.

    2. Enjoying a week-end among the whales in the pacific.

    3. Swimming for trimming. (Doesn’t work in my opinion. If swimming reduced weight, there would be no whales in the ocean.)

    4. On twitter and/or facebook with a compliment of net-friends.

    5. Writing a new post for TOI.

    6. Writing a new post for this page.

  26. Anand Khare Says:


    Sharmila tweeted last night about the sore throat. Hope she is better now and appear here.

    About her absence my guess is she must be busy with playing tennis as she usually does on Sundays.


  27. Aishwarya,

    Good. So now I am free to make more of the same!!!! 🙂

  28. Hello all .. Down with a bad bout of flu and sore throat. All valid guesses. Will be back in a bit.

    • Hmmm… is ‘a bit’ longer than ‘a jiffy’?

      Antibiotics are bad for the glucose but good for the adrenaline. You should be right here sharing ideas!!!

      Is it possible to sit up in the bed and type with a clinical thermometer? Try that… or perhaps… you could call for a nurse and dictate your entry…


      “Yes, Ma’am”

      “Take down”


      “Take notes.. I am dictating a comment for my blog..”

      “Oh.. ok.. shoot!”


      “Dictate Ma’am”

      “Yes… write.. dear Reader… ”

      “I am writing…”

      “I know”

      “You said reader”

      “Write that.. R.e.a.d.e.r and EF”


      “Down with flu and sore throat… get back soon… keep the page moving… namesake looks good in the songs… ‘a bit’ is ‘a jiffy’… same thingy…”


      “I mean same thing… now go on… post it on my blog… password is ‘Save-the-tiger-or-else!'”

      “Or else, what?”

      “Thats the password… now go on… before I hit you with this pillow…”

      Nurse returns after a while.

      “Did you post it?”

      “Yes, Ma’am”

      “What did you write?”

      “I wrote: Dear are here dear andy if… I flew down at her throat… got her back… she ain’t moving anymore… I think I killed her.. she’s just a namesake now… I bit her jiffy… or something… all my love… Sharmila”

      “Egad!!!! Did you post that?”

      “Yes, Ma’am!”

      “Holy Christ!!! Get me outa here… bring me the laptop! Now!!!!”

      Exit Nurse… chased by Sharmila with the pillow….


  29. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Reader…! You are awesome…!simply awesome…! 🙂

  30. Super Bowl Party ToNight….All are invited…ciao…

    • What is a super bowl? Sounds like a cauldron from the Asterix and Obelix comics… do they make magic potions in the bowl?

      • 🙂 Yep…Reader…!
        Do you wanna have a taste of that magic potion..!? Its delicious…makes one delirious sometimes…Its a football season…dear..
        Not much fun tonight though…! None my fav team… Packers are pounding Steelers…too bad…I am siding Steelers… 😦

        Whoa…! Touch down…steelers…! 🙂

      • Its called American Rugby,na? Football is soccer… I thought..

        American rugby is where they hold the ball in the hand and run as if the tail is on fire…

        Yes, its rugby… not football… A hand is not a foot, baba… look here.. this is a hand… and that is a foot…

        I liked the names of the teams though…

        Packers, Stealers…. I just had packers move my stuff… there were stealers among them…

        Are there any called.. shooters, comets, asteroids etc?

        What is a touch down? Sounds like a space shuttle landing…

        I like the American lingo… its the easiest in the world…

        Here is how to work it..

        Take a common noun… like say… table, floor, book, boot etc… convert that into a verb… it becomes tabled, booked, floored, booted… simple and easy… The stiff upper-lipped Englishman may frown at it but… but Indians love your style…

      • MonaLisa,

        If you are in the US watching bowlers… who is in Greece?

  31. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Yep…India has to love it…you know…! They are the most money minded ppl…they care less about such things when it comes to the economy…
    lol….ours may be substandard…but who decides the standard of living in this world…anyway..!?
    Omg…! Packers win…! The.. super bowl…! Hmm…

    • There is no such thing as sub-standard… English itself is an amalgamation of several languages…

      Indian English is a class of its own… watch Zee TV or some Indian channels…

      Technically even channels like NDTV and TimesNow which are patronized by the brits use Indian English…

      The other day I heard Burkha’s Butt saying something at the Davos Economic Forum about “Lesser” something…

      There is no word lesser in English.. the comparative of less is also less…
      Less..Less.. and Least… not less, lesser, least…

      So, its not about money… if there was any money in speaking proper English then the Jews would’ve introduced Hebrew in the US…

      • You should have heard Bush…for that matter…! He was so…very innovative…. 🙂
        Indian media must have imported the word “Lesser” from here…
        You need to update your medieval English now…hahaha…
        There are so many words…being added to the dictionary every year…
        Language is a means to express oneself…one’s thoughts and feelings… not pride..!
        If one learns and use ornamental way of fine..! But should not look down others in derogatory manner…
        Too many lingos in entire world…how many do we really know..!? Think about those who can’t speak yet get the job done without feeling hampered by their inadequacy… which infact is not an inadequacy in my opinion…one can always find the ways…if they wish to…and they are no losers by any means….regardless…

      • Bingo!

        Duh-duh Bush is my personal favorite.

        BTW, methinks language is primarily for thinking.

        Using it as a tool for expression is an option.

        People who are not good with languages often use a flow-chart of feelings or emotions to evaluate and act. It works very well too. No harm in that.

        If Indian media is importing words like ‘lesser’ from US then updates to the medieval vocabulary is due on both sides.

        I think Sharmila speaks mandarin. That would be fun to hear.

        “Reader!.. ya.. kna.. Mandarin.. fat.. chop suey…!”

        Or something like that…

      • Lol …Reader…
        A writer’s way or the poetic way isn’t the best way of thinking…That poor guy will write couple poems on that girl and about love..romance…etc…probably sing a song and run around the trees like Hindi Movie…mean while a guy with limited lingo knowledge…who thinks straight will ask her out and take her for movie and dinner…How about that..!? who will be a winner now..!? 🙂

      • Depends on the girl…

        If she is one of the dreamy types who thinks stars are God’s daisy chain… then she’ll fall for the poet… if she is smoking gun she’ll go for the dinner with the steward… if she is like George Bush she’ll marry rainman…

  32. hmmm…my post is vanished again…and I lost the trail of my thoughts…Jeeesssss….that sux… 😦

    • If you click twice or thrice on the post comment button.. it disappears…

      Place the cursor on the button… hold the mouse steady… breathe slowly… count one.. two… three.. and then press…

      • lol…Reader..
        Damn…! it showed an error…asking for correct email address…and ate my entire post..though i posted the right email address as usual…

      • It happens many a times if your email ID is on yahoo or gmail… those servers re-route to the nearest country of location like or or co.mars or do.jupiter.

        Then the wordpress server asks for a confirmation which times out sometimes.

        Use a local server email ID with a .com ID like or .net or .org. That avoids inter-server confirmations.

        The check is only to make sure that it is not an automatic pc generated data.

    • And do not close the window till the comment pops up in its place on the page…

      If the window is closed the transaction is cut short…

  33. I don’t know…who you talking about…in Greece…Reader

  34. See, Reader, I was right….

  35. Still in the same universe…..thanks for the Welcome.

  36. Sharmila,

    I’m so sorry to hear that you are down with the flu. Take care of yourself and hope to see you back at the helm soon.

  37. Gonna be off your hair now…You have a good one…ciao

    Btw…Love & Admiration are two different feelings & can’t be the same or one…

    Loved your ” thingy ” thing….lol 🙂

  38. All of you have been having way too much fun when I am not around. Going to post a new blog to get your focus back..!

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