Ordinary Indians, extraordinary thinking…

Published on Times of India on 7th February 2011 http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tiger-trail/entry/ordinary-indians-extraordinary-thinking

India as I know it today is a country that is home to 1.2 billion people, the seventh largest country (geographically) which is the eleventh largest economy in terms of nominal GDP and stands at no. 87 on the corruption perception index. Corruption wise we are doing way better than Somalia and Chad but not nearly as well as Samoa or even closer home, Bhutan. Statistics don’t mean much to the layman, what matters is the quality of life that you and I lead on a day to day basis and above all the quality of life that the country is able to provide to the few hundreds of millions who live below the poverty line. Despite the per capita income now standing at a paltry Rs 46,492 there is still some cause for cheer. India is extremely affluent in terms of ordinary people she has birthed, who have set out to achieve stupendous results. For every thousand Indians, there may be one corrupt neta or one corrupt government babu but there are likely to be nine hundred and ninety nine Indians with well meaning intentions and who do not wish to see this country be popular for corruption and scams alone. These men and women are ordinary Indians with extraordinary thinking and striving to empower India.


A group of ex-IITians have come together to impart education to 450 school children in the remote village of Chamanapura in Bihar by starting a world-class facility. The methods involved in teaching are mainly via video conferencing, with the teachers spread out in different parts of India and some even as far as the United States. There is no electricity available as yet in this school and computers are run on generators. These IITians have metamorphosed the lives of 450 young Indians who are now computer savvy and are additionally the recipients of the best of knowledge in subjects ranging from Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry from the most erudite lot in the country.


Then there is one amongst the CNN heroes of 2010, Narayan Krishnan. Krishnan was a chef with a five star hotel and he was set to take up a lucrative job in Switzerland. He had made a trip to the temple town of Madurai in 2002 and was appalled to see a very old man eating his own human waste. A CNN report quoted Krishnan “I saw a very old man eating his own human waste for food. It really hurt me so much. I was literally shocked for a second. After that, I started feeding that man and decided this is what I should do the rest of my lifetime. That spark and that inspiration is a driving force still inside me as a flame, to serve all the mentally ill destitutes and people who cannot take care of themselves,” Completely agonized by the image, Krishnan quit his job and decided to stay back in India and pave his own path of destiny. Krishnan went on to start his non-profit Akshaya Trust in 2003. In the last few years, Krishnan has served 1.2 million meals to India’s homeless, some mentally challenged, some abandoned by families, some even mentally and physically abused.


On a lot smaller scale, Ahambhumika, a non-profit organization started in Bhopal by ordinary Indians. The organization’s core objective is to educate rural women and young girls who work as stone crushers and in brick kilns.  The “grain school” is a unique program that educates rural women in basic literacy. As an additional incentive, the organization provides grains and pulses to their families on a monthly basis. The children of these stone crushers are malnourished and invariably the families are shrouded in debts. The grain school is a wonderful initiative that empowers some twenty odd rural women to live respectfully by providing them with the required social conditioning as a first step to lead a civil life.www.ahambhumika.org


There are countless more in this society who do their bit quietly and stay demure about their achievements. These ordinary men and women are the real heroes of India, not the shirt-shedding, chest busting silver screen ones we whistle at. They give, they empower, and they enrich the lives of others with no ulterior motives. They are not after your vote, they do not make false promises and neither do they seek any financial leverage. They do what they believe they do best; to change the lives of others profoundly. In a society that births corruption and scams on a daily basis, there is also a new hero amongst us birthed daily. We constantly speak and preach about what the other should do, we rarely seek to bring about the change ourselves. Let the change begin in us now.




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  1. Ahambhumika approached me after this article was out on the Times of India. They were happy that this served in creating awareness of their Grain School, their Grain School at this stage needs financial support.

  2. Sharmila,

    Way to go. You are stepping into the shoes of some honorable campaigners like Mallika Sarabhai.

    I guess you would have already got 100s of comments and kudos on iTimes. There will be nothing new to add.

    Well done. Keep it up.

  3. Sharmila,

    A wonderful way to bring this to people’s attention and perhaps bring in support for those endeavors.

    Don’t laugh, but I have fallen in love with India in the short time I was able to spend there. I am increasingly seriously considering moving there and making myself useful in some way. Which is yet to be determined.

  4. Good to know…some ppl are doing a good job…
    As I heard there are many NGOs working in India…
    Wonder what exactly are they doing …if not being very helpful to others..
    Every Industrialist and celebrity has their charitable trusts too…what exactly are they doing or are those trusts formed only for Tax purpose..!?
    If they all work in right direction…then in my opinion…no one at least sleep hungry in the country…
    No mother has to sell her baby for few morsels of food..
    No one sleeps on the sidewalk shivering in the cold,wintery nights…
    There would be no young girls sold in Red Light areas..for few notes of currency by their own family members..
    There woun’t be any child labor in the country…
    There shall be no uneducated living soul in the country…
    Hmm..what did I forget…!? Add if and when you remember…

  5. Sharmila,

    Well written Sharmila. Keep it up.

    One gets so depressed after hearing news after news about scams, abuse on women and children etc etc day in day out.

    Your article on these extraordinary thinking people made me cheerful. 🙂

  6. Ab on his blog speaks about the Indian woman favorably. Here is my response

    This is the same country where feminine divinity is exalted and worshipped and yet day after day it is the same country where the beasts don’t spare even three year old girls and rape them. You should speak about the stark side that exists here too and the wonderful way we treat Indian women. This is a place where double standards and hypocrisy are birthed more out of convenience. Yes, to the educated and the sane, women must be accorded the love and respect. Unfortunately, not the case with the majority, even if they are educated. A sixteen year old girl was raped for four months by her friends, a three year old girl raped by the watchman of her school, nude photos of a JNU student are circulating on the internet, a twelve year old girl shackled and chained for years as a maid with no pay and morsels for food, a twenty two year old bride burnt to death, a thirty three year old working women raped by her driver, a sixteen year old molested by Rathore and then kills herself, another thirteen year old butchered to death and the CBI still clueless and accuse her parents instead… endless.

    This is the society we live in today. These men who commit such atrocities must be going home to their Mothers, wives and sisters and praying to the same Ma that you and I worship.

    The day I can get into a crowded public bus in Delhi or Chennai and not have my dignity jeered at, thats when I would imagine we are beginning to evolve.Till then we women live amongst beasts in India.

    • Sharmila,

      Women in India have always been a topic of concern. You can hear a woman flower vendor talking how her husband sits at home does nothing. Maids who work in houses share similar stories. And all of us have heard innumerable stories of how women run their houses with little money they earn from their hard work.

      In rural India the family and society at large consider women as second class citizens. Though we respect and preach them in the name of Durga, Saraswati, Parvati and Kali, men and women also abuse her in the form of Child-marriage, Female infanticide, Sati, Sexual harassment and many more.

  7. Sharmila,

    That’s a tough one to answer.

    I think the really bad atrocities that one’s mind can’t even come close to digest, like the rape of a three year old, can happen in any society, the guys who do that are just sick and need to be looked up for good!

    But praising the female as a Goddess and then locking real women into a role of subservience to males is definitely something that needs to be worked on.

    I can’t speak for India, since I am a Westerner. What I can see is that India is adopting much from the West in the name of progress. I feel with every voice that speaks against this with concern and fear of losing much that makes India and its traditions special.

    The West has good and bad sides, just like India does. Women’s equality, or near-equality has made good progress here and I can only hope that India will be very discriminating in choosing what Western influences she allows to take hold.

  8. Sharmila…
    Till the attitude of men towards women won’t change…nothing is goig to change…
    As long as A woman is just A Sex Toy for men..and society supports it…law doesn’t provide any protection…its going to be worse…
    No wonder Muslim women have cover themselves from head to toe…
    The most pathetic thing is…they forgot the difference between a grown up and a child…they spare no one…!??
    I absolutely disagree on that…that its an influence of west…
    lol…that attitude needs be changed too…jeeeessss…if anything…blame it on west…! Well…in that case ppl over their are no brainless…! why adopt which is not good or right…!? Now where does one’s ethic and values go..for such matters…!? Down the drain…!?

  9. Renate, Sharmila, MonaLisa,

    My mother might have had an opinion on some of the things you have said. But she is dead. And, if only for this reason, I am glad she is not alive.

    Interesting to read comments of three different genres on the same subject of men paying attention to women.

    Renate is like ‘been there, done that’ and she has solid reasons to say what she says on this subject, after 3 decades of rasing kids and preserving family values.

    Sharmila is yet to speak for herself on any subject. She is busy commenting on the distractions of the world in general.

    MonaLisa is as mysterious as Da Vinci’s portrait! Never can tell from her comment if she is smiling crying annoyed or amused!

    Well, ladies, this your subject. I’ll stay away from it.

    I guess for a man, it should be blasphemous to feel anything for any woman other his own mother.

    In my opinion, honor is an appreciation of a virtue. Let a woman decide for herself what is a virtue.

    I’d prefer to ignore their philosophical pretensions until it is gender based.

    • Corrections:

      1. Renate has solid reasons because she has preserved family values through 3 decades as a mother.

      2. Last sentence: I choose to ignore a woman’s philosophical pretensions so long as they are gender based.

      • Reader…
        It appears gender based or gender biased…when we are on the other side of the fence..yet representing the same…
        Crime is a crime and would not hesitate to say that …Men are the winners in the society because A woman is a woman’s worst enemy…or it wouldn’t have been a men’s world…but would have been otherwise..
        No philosophy can be gender based…it applies and should apply to all in general or its not a philosophy…must be something else…
        Yet if you call it a woman’s pretense…so be it..

      • MonaLisa,

        I am a better student than I am a coach. I expect you to be brutally honest about your beliefs. If you hold back I’ll miss an opportunity to learn.

        The most important thought which apparantly only one person noted, and who is unfortunately not commenting on this page, was “Honor is an appreciation of a virtue. Women should decide for herself what is a virtue.”

        That in my opinion is the crux of the issue. It is philosophical in content and context. But it is not gender based in its outcome, if you notice.

      • Reader…
        My response was a reaction to the post of Sharmila…not AB’s post.
        I can not be philosophycal when some brutality is thrust upon either a human or an animal…almost every living being for that matter.. as I am not a cold blooded or a stone hearted humanbeing…I am not designed or cultivated yet to be so calm and cold not to react to it certain way…probably the most expected way…
        The sentences you put in inverted comas are not overlooked…however didn’t mentioned as i wasn’t reactiong or responding to AB’s post… Good that you found someone of your caliber on the blog…
        I wouldn’t go there…to pride and honor…when an innocent child , a teenage girl or a woman is violated sexually…and abused brutally…
        Pride and honor are age,race,class, creed & gender based… and i do not like to define such…there is no such set of rules or definitions one can find…unless one can find a common rule applicable to all humans equally…
        You might be a Good student…but I am neither a good student nor a coach…I am just a regular, normal person…trying to remain human (maintaining) with all my sanctity and dignity…

      • MonaLisa,

        I believe rape is a physical crime like any other. It deserves lawful punishment. It has nothing to do with a woman’s pride or honor.

        If virginity is a virtue and also a presumed qualification for honor then mothers would be neither virtuous nor honorable because mothers are not virgins.

        Rape is a physical violence against a person and it was undetectable till the forensics were given their place in crime investigation.

        I am not a specialist at the psychology of a criminal but I’d not make a case for feminism out rape. Criminals of this nature come in both genders. The manifestation of the crime may be different.

    • I speak for myself all the time. I am surprised you think otherwise ..

      • Reader…..
        Omg..Reader…! hahahaha….now you really make me laugh…Omg…! my tummy hurts… 🙂
        Seems like you live in separate compartments…your mind and body has no link …no connection whatsoever with eachother…!
        You do not relate it with pride…but honor and respect is definitely involved into it…gender apart…as a human…
        It certainly affect ones psyche…physical dents heal more easily than mental & emotional one…
        Virginity is an over rated expection related to particular gender from the other…lolol….omg…! now you brought mothers into it…!hahahahahahahhahahhhhhhhhhhaaaa……nice try…! you can’t get on my nerves this way…anymore…! 🙂 🙂

      • MonaLisa,

        I replied to you in the context of the scenario that Sharmila presented and where you said in response that you cannot be philosophical when some brutality is thrust upon a human or an animal.

        I’ll say it again in the exact philosophical words that I should have in first place.

        Femininity cannot be institutionalised by associating of pride and honor with rape.

        Gender discrimination is more ancient than institutional pluralism.

        It’s nothing personal as far as I am concerned. I am not in the business of trading feminism.

    • Lol…Reader…
      Now you make me laugh…! Seriously…! Comparing me with the painting…! It sounds mysterious to me when someone calls me mysterious…hahaha…
      All humans are somewhat complex…and need a decoder to understand those hidden codes…hopefully all find one of their own… and so I do mine…! If not in this life…may be next…I can wait..coz I am not going anywhere…! 🙂

      • MonaLisa,

        I said it for a laugh.

        In fact, come to think of it, Da Vinci’s portrait is easier to understand.

        You club so many thoughts into one single paragraph/ comment…

      • 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Here you go again……Reader…
        hahahaha…now you giving me splitting laughter…again…omg..!
        Painting is easier to understand….my comments are not…hahahaha…
        You are not implying…I am crazy…are you…!? 🙂

      • MonaLisa,

        I don’t know whats abnormal about that. Any painting or artwork is easier to understand than a human being.

        And why not? Even if I said that lightly, don’t you think it is right? The portrait is just a still life.

  10. Reader,

    My oldest is 18, not 30.

    If you say that my situation is relevant to what I am saying, then it is my inescapable fate have my philosophical pretensions ignored by you. Because I will always stay a woman and therefore have ‘only’ a woman’s experience as a basis.

    I claim that my brain works as well or better than the average man’s. Is that not enough?

    • Renate,

      I did not say your situation is ‘relevant’ to what you are saying. I said you have seen enough life to give a balanced judgement/ opinion. That was a compliment.

      A philosophical pretension is one where a deliverate bias is twisted out of a generic fact. Philosophy does not distinguish between genders.

      For example a concept is a concept, a virtue is a virtue, a value is a value regardless of gender. Philoosphy only defines them. Their manifestations and application differ according to the causal perceptions which are driven by the conditions of living.

      I am glad you will stay a woman. I don’t want any more surprises.

      But I feel you are wrong about ‘only’ a woman’s experience. You carry with you the experience of a lot of people who live in the same world as you do. Those people may be men, women, children in form of family, friends and associates. Gender is meaningless to philosophical judgements.

      I did not use the words ‘philosophical pretension’ for your comment. I said it as a general observation for all women who pose like this on women’s issues.

    • Renate,

      Your oldest is going on 48… 🙂 😛

  11. Correction:

    My oldest is 17, not 18. Someone called me at 4:50 this morning and my brain is only kicking in slowly.

    Still claiming, however, that it is as good as a man’s

    • Renate,

      If you were as good as a man.. you would be a man!

      Tough luck this time.

      Pray for yourself that there is such a thing as re-birth…


      • Reader,

        I was trying hard to think of a comeback to this. But there rally isn’t one, is there?


        Instead I will ask Karma for an extra favour:

        For me to be reborn as a man and you as a woman. We’ll continue the dance from there.

        After that, we’ll both have attained perfection, will be revered as saints and write the final book on living happily ever after.

        Are you in?


      • Renate,

        I want my mukti and moksha this time. I am done with all that is called created.

        No re-births for me please.

        I want to go back to the original state whatever it is.


        Imagine there is such a state. And imagine we can think in the same dimensions as we do now!

        Wow.. I would start a blog only to comment on God’s creations…. This is good, this is bad, this is terrible… etc.

        Or still better, I’ll talk to Him directly:


        “Yes, Son?”

        “This is no good”


        “Battle of the sexes on Earth.”

        God would shakes His head and says “No can undo nothing”

        “I know, ” I say, “One more thing…”

        “Yes, Son?”

        “You need to tone up your English. ‘No can undo nothing’ is too many negatives. Visit OSM.com”

        Exit God shaking His divine head silently…

  12. And here is Jasmine J’s reaction to my comment

    Sharmila and Vipin Sharma: Such inequalities are not exclusive to India, nor is the rape/abuse of women only perpetrated there. One only has to pick up the newspaper here to read about similar incidents. I can cite case after case as well. Heinous acts are committed against women in many societies. What about countries where women are stoned to death for adultery (actual or suspected)? Where women are paid less than men for the same job (as in the USA)? I don’t disagree with what you are saying, but why single India out and point these things out simply because Amitji has praised women, especially the mother?
    Best wishes,
    Jasmine J

    • And here is Reddy – dear vipin sharma and sharmila
      you both have raised very interesting and relevent issues yesterday for debate. this is a blog for Bachchanji’s EF . so we are all family and in any given family all the issues are open for discussion ..NOT arguement. discussion generates light whereas arguement generates heat. so , all opinions on this platform are open for discussion ..not just for Bachchanji alone and i am positive he does encourage us to do so. as the head of the family final judgement is his ofcourse.
      as jasmine said, this problem is not contained to India , it is very widespread. when these atrocities are taking place in this well developed country what could we say about ours. i dont think any body here is condoning these horrible issues ..but showing that this is very rampant everywhere. incidentally somebody wrote a book FOR paedophils and Amazon put it for sale on the internet. can you believe it ? it is that bad over here.
      as you said they are beasts. period ! animals have neither intelleigence nor conscience…they act only on instinct. what else could we expect from these beasts .. it is our duty ..parents , police and law ..to protect and safeguard our babies, girls and our children..in this western world even boys are not safe for that matter. when we know that there are animals ready to pounce on our vulnerable babies and girls , we have to be extra extra vigilant to protect them.
      police force has to become powerful and punishment has to become very severe..upto the point of Bobbit.. (a frustrated and disgusted woman named Bobbitt in USA had chopped off her abusive husband’s genitals out of pure desperation and since then this kind of punishment is called by that name..informally ofcourse)
      so, we all stand responsible for these crimes. it is their animal nature to behave so . it is our responsibility to tame these animals and protect our girls . major responsibility rests with parents and family . women have to learn to stand up to fight for their dignity . an abusive man feels powerful in his own small world and relishes it .it is the society’s duty and responsibility to eradicate such beasts.
      i am a woman and feel very frustrated when babies and girls are left prey for these animals knowing that these beasts are ready to devour them .
      let us all dicuss this issue with a feeling of family dinner time and with a spirit of bonhomie.

  13. And here is mine – Jasmine J – I believe I have a right to voice any opinion related to India or not, on this public platform, so long as I do so respectfully and without getting personal.All my comments here are primarily addressed to Mr Bachchan and this is not my first day of debating here with him.Let Mr Bachchan tell me what I should or should not be writing about.I am sure he would let me know if he is upset with what I have said. Thank you.

    • And here is me –

      Dear AB,

      Last night on Nat Geo, a pride of Lions are sunbathing in the African Savannah , a small group of wildebeests graze close by, wary of the pride. Mr Lion rolls on his back playing with some bees, his wife, children and harem look at him. Its snack time and he is rolling on his back they think. The wife takes charge, sneaks behind the tall grass and attacks one straying wildebeest. The rest help her in pulling the feast home. Mr Lion looks on, his tummy is growling. He gets up and walks to the group. The dames growl and spurn him off, including little cubs who look at Daddy with utmost irritation. Mr Lion is offended. He charges after an ambling Zebra and finishes him off for lunch, not sparing a morsel for his pride and allows the remains to be finished by visiting hyenas instead. Even in the animal kingdom there is a law of equality at the expense of another. And yes, everybody as an ego.


      PS: Reddy – I note you are trying to explain to me the difference between an argument and a healthy debate. Time is precious. Thank you for it.

  14. Sometimes I walk on a thin fuse too in case people thought otherwise.

    • Sharmila,

      You’ve got my empathy there…. 🙂

    • Sharmila,

      Now you have done a second time in two days.

      When you out up Pritish Nandy’s post I was critical about some of his personal failings when you put up Shobha De’s post. Pritish Nandy suddenly seemd like a holy spirit in comparison to Shobha De’s natter.

      Now you have done the same thing. You put your comment to AB first and then put up a muck raiser’s comment.

      Now your comment to AB seems like divine grace.

      You are very clever!!!! 🙂

    • Sharmila,

      AB’s fan following has it’s fair share of scum as on any other celebrity blog.

      But I don’t think that affects the literary quality of his own writings. As per the wordpress stats or Whois data, his posts are read by over 1000,000 unique visitors every day. Which is cool.

      But the real literary who’s who of India and overseas prefer to stay away from commenting on the blog page. I remember a Bishop or Cardinal someone wishing him once on the blog.

      The scum bags in his comment section threw up some much muck that he was never heard of again. There were also some renowned army colonels and brigadiars who came and disappeared.

      • I agree. Gets on my nerves to see the constant ” you are wrong, I am only right” bullshit. There is never any sense of decency or decorum to let those who wish to communicate with him just communicate without shredding their point of view to bits. I try never to interfere with one’s comments there and when people dont respect that and instead wait to shred mine, thats when I invariably take a stand. Every point of view is important and if there is some rationale in an argument presented, so be it and I have the longest of debates, marathon ones with Satyam and we know every well how these debates are conducted. But where there is no damn rationale, thats when it gets on my nerves. Look at this crap now. Who the heck is this person allowing me to be her guest on AB’s blog!

        Vipin Sharma #272 yesterday: Thank you for engaging in debate with me and clarifying your point of view. And thank you for not snubbing me arrogantly or biting my head off because I committed the sin of addressing you! It is not that I had found your comment objectionable — not at all. It was simply that I wondered. You have done a good job of presenting the argument. If you read my comment, I had said that I agree with what you had said yesterday. That scene in Jessica was such a scathing satire on the hypocrisy of the elite class. Your point is well taken. You are a thorough gentleman, and my best wishes to you too, always. And I am fed up of the white stuff too, just want it to be gone and for spring to arrive!
        Margaret Ann #260: Thank you for your valuable input. You have made some very pertinent points, although I hope I have understood what you meant!
        Sharmila: It is precisely because this is a public platform and a family, as Amitji emphasizes over and over, that most of us here respond to each other’s comments, sometimes agreeing, sometimes not, sometimes challenging, sometimes asking for clarification. We take it in the spirit of a healthy debate, an exchange of views, and Amitji has encouraged this. But if you want to communicate only with Mr. Bachchan, be my guest. I am very happy.
        And you are very welcome.
        Reddy #83: Thanks for your comment, and for distinguishing between a discussion and an argument. Your have given us a lot to think about, and you have written very well. Remember Jodi Foster and the onlookers in The Accused? What you wrote reminded me of that film. I agree with what you have said. Welcome to this family. Good to have you.

      • Sharmila,

        One way is to stay calm and unaffected like Satyam or Rochelle or Angel. All three are ideal for AB’s blogs.

        Or do what I do. Use the private email ID, mobile numbers and landline numbers. Send an sms if there is something worth saying privately to him.

        The email’s are opened by Rosy or the surd. Usually the reply takes months to come if at all. SMS is quick and instant except on special occassions like birthdays and anniversarys.

        If you don’t have them already let me know. I’ll send the whole lot to you by mail.

      • Thank you. Yes I agree. I have it. Thanks. But, I am staying on his blog unless he asks me not to. I wont give a few the pleasure of having me driven me away. Never will this happen. I am there on the blog for AB and not for any Tom, Dick or Harry.

      • Sharmila,

        Not accepted. Poor Tom, Dick and Harry were not there on the crime scene…

        This is story of Ma Baker JJ and her litter on AB’s blog.

        Tom, Dick and Harry are innocent school boys as compared to this ivy creeper covering the wall of AB’s edifice.


  15. Vipin Sharma’s comment –

    Dear Jasmine J:
    Your point is well distinguished, appreciated and agreed upon that the girl abuse is not only restricted to India but is a syndrome wide spread over the world.
    Being an Indian, by centering the discussion to Indian context, I wonder why it would be objectionable. We need to start from somewhere and simply can not keep our eyes shut especially when it comes down to our beloved Hindustan.
    What encouraged me to appreciate Sharmila’s comment was this:
    “This is the society we live in today. These men who commit such atrocities must be going home to their Mothers, wives and sisters and praying to the same Ma that you and I worship.”
    More or less, this is what is happening on grass root level in India. These beasts are committing such monstrous crimes by abusing women openly and then most of the time going back to her shelter for forgiveness, be it Maa Vaishano Devi or Maa Saraswati or the deity of their belief. Don’t they realize what they did was against the same tribe. Something like this was recently demonstrated in ” No one killed Jessica” in which the abuser and his family got away from court for murdering a girl and then went to Maa Vaishano Devi’s shelter for forgiveness.
    Western countries do witness such abuse but up to far lesser extent & btw do not fall under these dubious standards. Woman’s dignity is not jeered down openly in public transits the way it is done on daily basis in India. By saying so & any means, their crime does not fall any shorter then those committing in India but they do not demonstrate any dichotomy, lower standards and such shame.
    I hope we need to trust and leave it to our deities like Maa Durga or Maa Kaali for punishing such beasts for committing these heinous crimes.
    Another school of thought: All those women should also be held responsible for crossing all sorts of boundaries by shredding their clothing publicly in the name of glamour, passion, and show business and somehow facilitate triggering the undernourished animal instinct in less cultured/civilized man (irrespective of their country of origin) for demonstrating such heinous behavior.
    As Sharmila mentioned, Amit ji is the best judge……

  16. Sharmila,

    I do feel that you are yet speak for yourself. Allow me to explain what I feel. I hope you’ll not hold it against me for saying it.

    If you have noticed AB’s and Pritish Nandy’s blog posts, two of your personal favorites, they observe the world as it appears to them but they express the part that affects their own beliefs in a positive or negative way. They have settled with their beliefs after a great deal of struggle, suffering and resilience.

    AB was humilitated time and again by worthless people in his industry; he went bankrupt; he was abused in public by the high and mighty; he took a long sabatical and left the country for over 2 years to live in Europe.

    He came back with greater resolve. He knew what he knew; he brushed aside his detractors and recovered his losses.

    Today, if he speaks of anything that he observes he puts all his life’s experience behind it, both good and bad.

    Ditto with Pritish Nandy, albeit on a smaller scale and narrower canvas.

    You have a very long way to go – at least another 30 to 40 years.

    Philosophy does not have a gender bias. A crime is a crime, whether done by a man, a woman or any other creature. The nature of the crime may differ, not the philosophy.

    But there is a catch here. Philosophy must be owned by the writer of the article. Owned through serious deliberation, verified and established. The establishing part is the most difficult in personal life.

    The identity of the writer is not in the subject, example or topic chosen. It is in the personal metaphysical evaluation of the subject by the writer.

    AB does it in simple but controlled words that only someone very close to him can recognise and grab it’s import.

    Pritish Nandy lets it go somewhere in between the text where it is often skipped by the casual readers.

    In your posts, the warm feelings are there, the strong emotions are there, but the cold hard-hearted metaphysical evaluation is missing. I am sure that will come in due course of time, but till then you must take my words positively. You know I’ll always wish the best for you.

    I do not claim that I am any better than you are.

    I still put conditional riders like “In my opinion” or “I feel” whenever I am afraid that I may be imposing a thought on the readers.

    Good writers like AB or Pritish Nandy have reached a point where they do not need to say that. Their expressions automatically achieve that result.

  17. Sharmila,

    I am flying out at 0700 tomorrow morning. Will connect in transit.

  18. Sharmila,

    These are the principles on which ## and her type of congenital suckers operate:

    It’s called Collectivism

    Collectivism means the subjugation of the individual to a group—whether to a race, class or state does not matter. Collectivism holds that man must be chained to collective action and collective thought for the sake of what is called “the common good.”

    Collectivism holds that, in human affairs, the collective—society, the community, the nation, the proletariat, the race, etc.—is the unit of reality and the standard of value. On this view, the individual has reality only as part of the group, and value only insofar as he serves it.

    Collectivism holds that the individual has no rights, that his life and work belong to the group . . . and that the group may sacrifice him at its own whim to its own interests. The only way to implement a doctrine of that kind is by means of brute force—and statism has always been the political corollary of collectivism.

    My advice: Stay completely clear

    • Sharmila,

      You are simbly too kind… 🙂

    • Reader,

      I know that advice is meant for Sharmila, may I say something, too?

      From my own experience, and other’s perhaps as well – staying away when buckets of filth are poured on your head in the name of righteousness is not always easy. As Sharmila says above, the thin fuse is triggered once in a while.

      After all, the patience of a saint is the patience of a saint. Not mine.

      • Renate,

        Honestly, I have never found a solution to this.

        It is not just an isolated case of one sick US based Indian retard on a celebrity blog.

        I see that sort of collectivism in many other public places too. It’s like a pack of salivating hyenas attacking from all sides.

        What should a self-righteous person do?

        They bread like pigs under the shelter of an incubating, equanimous warmth. In this case it’s AB’s blog.

      • There is no darn solution to this. The focus needs to be on the Lion, not on those silly hyenas.

      • Correction: Last line They breed not bread…

        If not for the presence of some genuine individuals, the comment section of AB’s blog would stink like a global pigsty.

    • Reader…
      Now when you have brought the issue up on the blog..allow me to ask couple questions…
      1. Isn’t Maa Baker…AB’s favorite pet..!?
      2. Isn’t that AB wants…the way selfappointed morale police work on in his blog’s post response section..!?
      3. How do you know so much inner things related to AB..? Do you work for him..?
      4. Does he really care who stays or go..!? Or Does he really care
      only for those who posts favorable posts..nad go head over heels..!?

      • I dont think AB really cares about who stays and who does not nor does he force people to be on it. He is way beyond a blog. In my opinion, the blog addresses two primary things. One is to get his opinion out especially to the media and two to connect to his fans. Somewhere during this the EF was formed, which binds well as a force, sometimes fractured, sometimes not. Reader’s definition of collectivism does work here. Some of AB’s hard core admirers and his favorites dont come to the blog everyday and Maa Baker is not AB’s favorite pet. Amongst all his commentators, i think he respects Satyam the most and rightly so. If Satyam decided to leave the blog, thats when AB would ask him not to. With the rest, its an on off thing.

      • Sharmila…
        How would anyone know what AB himself feels about this whole thing..?
        If Maa Baker is not his favorite pet then why would he personally defend her and shows his support to her openly on the blog…if you remember…
        He never showed his care & support to others in that matter…
        I understand everybody has a different agenda and purpose behind having their own blog…I didn’t question about that… but as you mentioned that he really doesn’t care who stays and who doesn’t is really disappointing…
        It is disappointing as if the way Reader described…the collectvism and thats how some try to gang up on others and rule the blog then…is it not a shame..if nothing is done about it…!?
        I wish Reader respond to my previous posts…

      • Thats true only AB would know best. it makes sense to appease the village idiot. The day AB commented, there were a few hundred mourning and groaning complaints prior. My take. Regarding collectivism, I give two hoots about that. I am there to interact with AB and no ploy to crack it will work.

      • And note he had never wished MB ever for her birthday etc to date. It was just this once he wrote in MB’s defense.

      • MonaLisa,

        I am late as I was in transit. Said so yesterday, na? Early flight.

        1. Ma Baker is not AB’s favorite nor in my opinion is anyone else who comments on the blog.

        2. AB has not designed the blog as a mouthpiece to flag his social presence. It’s a bill board for his occupations for all practical purposes – which is valid and justified.

        However, AB himself is inclined towards aesthetics of a certain kind that is not part of his filmy image and he presents it well on his blog in his own style.

        As far as MB is concerned, I am reminded of a quote from the Kama Sutra: The wives of a king are vulnerable and most easily seduced.

        MB behaves like an unlicensed housekeeper of AB’s blog.

        I doubt if AB would appreciate such a display on a public platform.

        3. Whatever I know about AB is known to half of Mumbai city. No one comments on his blog.

        4. AB moderates the comments himself except when he is asleep. I feel, comments that appreciate him or his work go through without focus on quality and quantity. However, adverse comments are scrutinized for etiquette, politeness, and general intuitive behaviors – most of them will fail in one of the criteria.

  19. I guess inevitably this will happen once in a while:


    • Renate,

      I didn’t understand this one. It seems like a wave releasing from the surface. What is it? Is there a link where this is annunciated?

      • Reader….
        Thanks for responding to the query….
        Your response tells it all…especial point 4…quite disappointing however…
        About King’s vulnerable wives….and unlicenced housekeeper…
        my take is…
        The way AB shut others up and made Maa Baker’s presence and her words inevitablly important…if he wishes he could have shut her up too… if he finds her intrusion unnecessary….
        Not doing so…what kind of message does he convey to others..!?
        Anyway…its not my place to speak…unless it affects me directly or indirectly….at one time…it did…now it’s water under the bridge…and I am over it…

      • MonaLisa,

        So are you implying that MB is AB’s virtual consort on the blog? That would be the worst slander for AB since the Rekha episode. Abhijit Muzumdar and his Tabloid gang could ruin AB if they found any rationale in it.

      • Lol…Reader….
        Don’t blame me…! You said it..! I just quated you..in my post… 🙂

      • Lol…Reader….
        Don’t blame me…! I am not implying anything…You said it..! I just quoted you..in my post… Read your previous post… 🙂

      • MonaLisa,

        Hey.. I did not say that…

        These are my words:

        MB behaves like an unlicensed housekeeper of AB’s blog.

        I doubt if AB would appreciate such a display on a public platform.

        I am not choosing between AB and a muck raker.

        Careful what you say about what I feel.

  20. It’s a small explosion, like the ones I have on AB’s blog once in a blue moon.

    You’ll find it here (looks familiar?) under “STEREO Captures Huge Eruptive Prominence.”


  21. Renate,

    This is the best I have found so far on the net. Following is a discussiom paper on the subject. My comments are in italics.

    Why do the planets rotate? What force cause them to rotate?

    There is no force that causes the planets to rotate. Most of the rotation comes about from the conservation of angular momentum. Angular momentum is given by L=m*w*r2 where m is the mass, w is the angular velocity in radians per second, and r is the radius of the circular motion. Due to conservation of angular momentum, if the radius of the orbit decreases, then its angular velocity must increase (as the mass is constant).

    All planetary and stellar systems are born from the collapse of dense interstellar clouds. (I think this is an assumption) The clouds may originally be very large (even thousands of light years across). Consider a portion of the cloud the collapses from a size of a light year or so to the size of the solar system. That is a huge change in the size of the system. So, the very slight rotation that the cloud has in the beginning is increased dramatically when the collapse takes place. In fact, this is one of the barriers in star formation: there is excess angular momentum and there has to be a way of losing angular momentum before you can form a star.

    Anyway, the bottom line is that stars like the Sun spin from the original angular momentum that was there in the solar nebula from which it formed. Not only that, all orbital motion of the planets (including the spin) is due to this orginal angular momentum.

    You are saying that original angular momentum of the cloud causes orbital motions and rotations of the planets(mostly). But in the case of orbital motions we have gravitational force that gives us some restrictions of movement(Kepler laws,for example).

    What I am saying is that there will be no planets if there was no initial angular momentum in the primordial solar nebula. If a nebula with absolutely no rotation collapses, then there will only be a central non-rotating star and there will not be any planets. Planets form out of a protostellar disk, which itself forms only because of the initial angular momentum of the cloud. The dynamics of a rotating body is of course controlled by forces like gravity. Kepler’s laws are a direct consequence of gravity.

    Are there some laws also in the case of rotations?

    The only thing that has to be kept in mind in rotation is that it results in a centrifugal acceleration that points radially from the center of motion. Hence, there has to be some force that conteracts this acceleration; otherwise the body will fly away (in case of orbital motion) or will disintegrate (in case of spinning). In the case of orbital motion, the counteracting force is gravity; gravity causes the body to continually fall towards the center, and this exactly conteracts the force resulting from the centripetal acceleration. In the case of a spinning object, it is the self-adhesion of the body itself that keeps it together. This results in a limit for how fast an object can rotate and still keep itself together. If it rotates too fast, the outward acceleration felt by the elements in the body may be more than the force that keeps them bonded together, and if this happens, the body breaks up. Other than this, there is no real law concerning rotations. (Note that rotational motion involves conservation of angular momentum just like linear motion conserves linear momentum).


    Not too good. But enough to keep going. I think I will start again from the beginning. The verification of the general theory of relativity – the coreolis force. That should give me an idea. Here is a link, if you are with me on this:


  22. Shall mull over it while you sleep.

    Good Night?

    • Guuuuuuuuuddddddd Nnnnnnaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt

      I am reading the Coriolis story and Einsteins brilliant notion of a straight line movement of the planets instead of circular motion around the sun. He says earth goes straight and comes back, not circular.

      All circular motion is percieved because of our own limitated capacity of 3 Dimensional vision. He created another template called a Space-Time fabric.

      Curious ideas they were. But not impossible.

  23. Why don’t we get dizzy then when the earth turns around?

    Goooddddd Nniiiiiiigggghhhhhhhtttttt!!!!!!!!!

  24. Forget all the write-up…

    Watch the graphics in the second part of this link on the right of the page. Explains everything:


    • Reader,

      Lots of engineer stuff, makes my head spin….

      I remember the “Letter to Nature”: Nature 196, 1080 – 1081 (15 December 1962) about the vortices in draining bathtubs.

      Also, did you know that my lowly fruit flies make use of the Coriolis effect? Their halteres (balancer organs on the thorax, right behind each wing) oscillate and are used as vibrational gyroscopes during flight.

      So much for the down-to-earth applications. I know you are way up among the stars somewhere – tell me more.

      • Renate,

        The coriolis effect is a step towards understanding the nature of material behavior in gravitational fields.

        What is not clear yet is the basis of the assumption that nebulae that collapse to form the Sun and the solar systems give the initial spin that lasts forever.

        The entire premise is apparently an assumption worked from the big bang theory, which in itself is an assumption. Hope to find some more stuff on this.

        What I want to know is that if angular momentum is conserved by any rotating matter, gaseous planets like Jupiter, Venus etc should have become tiny balls by now? What happens to the shrinking mass?

        I am not very intuitive on this subject. Need books.

  25. Sharmila,

    I am in complete awe of all those people who do their bit for society without seeking any publicity whatsoever. I think many of us try and do our bit too by taking care of all those who work for us and are in need, but I know this is just not enough. It is satisfying to note that there are many in our country who are working with so much of devotion towards the upliftment of the poor.

    I have been closely interacting with women of rural India for the past 28 years. They just seem to be have accepted the state that they are in and the kind of lives that they lead, completely dominated and ruled by the men around them. I know many young girls in their 30s who are working in order to support their aging parents and are not even thinking of themselves. It is a convenient situation for their families too. How does one help these young enterprising women?


    • Shubha – yes, there are many young women who fend for the families. But, the fact they can support a family means they are also strong enough to fend for themselves and take decisions themselves too. Don’t you agree?

      • Sharmila,

        Yes of course, undoubtedly. I simply wish they had a choice to make and were not exploited by their families who play the emotional card all the time. They are strong women, all of them, but unfortunately they are an exploited lot.


    • Yes, true.Emotional blackmail is the worst. Worse than physical torture I would imagine. I hope they summon the courage to break free.

  26. Reader,

    Venus’s heart is hard as a rock.

  27. Reader,

    No, you have both the sun and the moon right now. All I have is a cold and I wake up coughing.

    Couldn’t resist the cue, could you? One more: She is not gaseous. That is reserved for her friends like Jupiter and Neptune.

    Good Night again.

  28. Reader,

    Then it was Good Night for me and middle of the day for you.

    Now it’s the other way round, so

    Goooodddddddd Nnnaaaaaiiiiiittttttt!!!!!!

  29. MonaLisa, Reader,

    MB is done! Time for a new topic.

    • In the beginning there was nothing whatsoever… 🙂

      Nice compositions, Renate.

      • Careful, Reader, with encouraging me…..

      • How do you know there was a beginning?

        What was before it?

      • Because Genesis says so. That Mr. God played around alone with His own divine ideas for six days beginning with “Let There be Light.”

        I can’t call it brilliant because ‘brilliant’ is a property of light. So, before the creation of light (or Sun) nothing could be brilliant, technically speaking. What do you think?

  30. Reader….
    “As far as MB is concerned, I am reminded of a quote from the Kama Sutra: The wives of a king are vulnerable and most easily seduced.

    MB behaves like an unlicensed housekeeper of AB’s blog.

    I doubt if AB would appreciate such a display on a public platform.”
    This is what you said….and I quoted that & replied in the same context…I am not into mud slinging business…

    About the other posts above….you are right…! Human alive is more comples than a still life/portrait..

    No one is trading anything here…not in trading business…feminism or anything…

    • MonaLisa,

      Here we go. You mix a rather vicious cocktail. Read my lines slowly because I write them slowly.

      My statement that MB reminds me of a king’s horny wife is what she reminds ‘me’ of.

      It is surely not my presumption about why AB may or may not support her on his blog, as you seemed to have gathered. I do not even consider that.

      AB’s social stature cannot be matched with the MB’s contamination of the comment section of his blog.


      Regarding trading of feminism…

      Hope you see the difference between feminism and femininity.

      I said, trading ‘feminism’ not femininity. The two are entirely different.

      In an institutionalised civilisation, the new emerging society takes precedence over the one that fades out.

      The people’s behaviours are expected to comply with the emerging values to protect the institutions.

      Feminism, in our case and in my opinion, is a spanner in that wheel.

      • Reader…
        I take it all back ….if that makes you happy ….I didn’t initiated the topic and I didn’t mean anything bad to/for anybody…and i really am tired of ppl splitting hair in every small matter…
        Besides AB is wiser than you and me…he wouldn’t misunderstand for sure…
        And Btw I didn’t call his blog’s comment section a pig sty…you did…You gave all those examples…so chill…!
        Hopefully the discussion in that matter ends here…and I am really over it…over those ppl…
        you are right…the word shoul be femininity…it was a silly mistake… now I am over it too…as you said before…that our comments are not going to make no difference to anyone or anything…so its alright too…my mistake didn’t harm anyone anyway….might be an eyesore for you….sorry about that…hope it didn’t affect your vision anyway…!

      • Didn’t initiate….not …didn’t initiated…

      • MonaLisa,

        Happy St. Valentine’s day…

        You give up more easily than I do… Okay… Lets put that on the burner.

        No, MonaLisa, it doesn’t make me happy or sad. I’d blame you only if I was wrong… I always blame someone when I make a mistake… 😛

        I do not believe that my comment make any difference to anyone. They are merely opinion, not a treatise.

        I enjoy sharing our learnings in this ambience because it leaves us with something to think about.

        For me, it is not a bill board or a banner for any campaigns.

        My visions are affected in good ways, but it is not because of the comments we share. It is because of my commitment to improve my perceptions.

        I am trying to be a better person, not smarter.

    • Wish I could play music like that…

      One day.. some day.. I will…

      • I’ll be in the audience, roses in one hand and eggs in the other….

      • Renate,

        I assure you the eggs will be more useful. I know there is something very deeply satisfying when you hear the splash on the target’s face. But I won’t make it easy for you. I’ll practice my steps while you work on your throwing arm.


  31. Last one, promise!

  32. Reader,

    Mr. God is a fiction. Does it bother you to know that you will never know? I mean, how it all really works?

    • Renate,

      It doesn’t bother me, Renate. I consider life as an irreducible primary – a given absolute fact. So, I don’t have to feel grateful or yearn to go back into the zygote stage to feel alive.

      Even if I never know the truth I’ll enjoy the research as I am doing now. The truth might just turn out to be an accident!

      Who knows…

      • Reader,

        Yes, that’s the attitude to have. Works for me 99% of the time, and then there are those small explosions as shown somewhere in the comments above this.

        Without them life would be less eventful and that is a good thing in my opinion.

  33. Reader,

    You have become a master of strategic comment posting!!!!

  34. Congratulations.

    Enjoy while it lasts 😛

  35. Comment son TOI Facebook page :

    Rather Noor Ist
    February 8 at 8:45pm · Like

    Ankit Agrawal Wao
    February 8 at 8:46pm · Like

    Rather Noor Wow!
    February 8 at 8:46pm · Like

    Richa Dumka corruption is in the blood.. u cant help it out.. it starts from home itself.. when a scool goin kid demands candy for doin homework or to go to school
    February 8 at 8:48pm · Like · 4 people

    Richa Dumka corruption is in the blood.. u cant help it out.. it starts from home itself.. when a scool goin kid demands candy for doin homework or to go to school
    February 8 at 8:48pm · Like · 4 people

    Kakoli Neog Not a big achievement for india..anyway v are at 87th position.
    February 8 at 8:50pm · Like · 2 people

    Punit Shinde though it is not a big achievement. We will take responsibility and change it…
    February 8 at 8:53pm · Like

    Sai Rama Raju Kalidindi Johar to so many UNNOTICED PERSONS.
    February 8 at 8:54pm · Like

    Anand Bhagwat Good for India…HOPE INDIA WILL SHINE MORE N MORE…Definately once a time come when India top in good think and stand last at worst things…grow India
    February 8 at 8:54pm · Like · 2 people

    Sameer Khan Our Nation is great but infortunately its turned into an Oligarchy with Dalits. Tribals and Minorities not a part of its Success
    February 8 at 8:55pm · Like · 2 people

    Piyush Bhageria What nonsense!

    Why and how do the stars come in the blog? Stop picking on them, because you want to glorify others!
    February 8 at 8:56pm · Like

    Kumar Gaurav Despite we r at 87th rank . . . . Only 1 of 1000 is a corrupted person . . . . We can remove that single person if we want to . . . .
    February 8 at 8:56pm · Like · 4 people

    Kumar Gaurav INDIA in progress . . . . . .
    February 8 at 8:58pm · Like · 1 person

    Anand Bhagwat Good for India…HOPE INDIA WILL SHINE MORE N MORE…Definately once a time come when India top in good think and stand last at worst things…grow India
    February 8 at 8:58pm · Like · 1 person

    Kumar Gaurav Shuruwat to karo . . . . . . . Badlega INDIA . . .
    February 8 at 9:02pm · Like · 2 people

    Deepanjana Ghosh Good article..
    February 8 at 9:03pm · Like

    Akshat Pandey Proud to Be INDIAN …..
    February 8 at 9:06pm · Like

    Akshat Pandey We are simply the best
    February 8 at 9:06pm · Like

    Mohit Singh Development 🙂
    February 8 at 9:08pm · Like

    Arvind Meena informing n motivating article…
    n I wud prefer being in the 999 people..
    February 8 at 9:09pm · Like

    Geetika Arya Budhraja so very true but when Advani ji said”INDIA SHINING” he was comdemned………
    February 8 at 9:11pm · Like · 2 people

    Ali Shabir i am not satisfied
    February 8 at 9:11pm · Like

    Dhiraj Sonawne its true……….
    February 8 at 9:13pm · Like · 1 person

    Anish Dharwadkar Indian Real Wealth lies in Swiss Banks…;-)
    February 8 at 9:13pm · Like · 2 people

    Ali Shabir anish thx to clear everything
    February 8 at 9:15pm · Like

    Aman Sharma ofcourse
    February 8 at 9:25pm · Like

    Pramod Dhabhai We constantly speak and preach about what the other should do, we rarely seek to bring about the change ourselves. Let the change begin in us now.

    See More
    February 8 at 9:26pm · Like

    Harish K Monga Crux of the blog should be discussed as to who is responsible for all this. We none else. Can we have patience to wait for things to bs done in it’s own course. If not then we corrupt our system. Time will definitely come when things will be as per the required system.
    February 8 at 9:27pm · Like · 1 person

    Reeta Samal Who told Indians are ordinary ?Of course extraordinary people .
    February 8 at 9:32pm · Like · 1 person

    Sunil Yadav indias population is 1.2 billion and out of this the total number of persons in government job including defense forces would be 50 million maximum side, if we calculate there are govt employees big bunch who are just providing services tho…
    See More
    February 8 at 9:33pm · Like · 1 person

    Saurabh Srivastava ‎@SIMRAN Simple living mst b change fr India grwth in comparison 2 other country..
    February 8 at 9:38pm · Like

    Rohan Krishna UK universities prefer more from Chennai city … reason being most of these students are from very good Family Educational background and very competitive in their own academics & also they complete their course without FAIL…. chennaites never dropout in their academics
    February 8 at 9:40pm · Like

    Anish Dharwadkar ‎@ Pramod…Systems are driven by Govts…Its not U & I that can make a difference…It needs Millions of People to bring change…& we have to be a part of that millions to bring change..It looks rosy When We say i can bring Change…It is easier said than done….Ofcourse I am not negative..i am Seeing A Revolution or change within 1 year…
    February 8 at 9:43pm · Like

    Chaman Deswal ‎@Rohan.Do u want to say that rest of non- chennaians are dump and duffers?
    February 8 at 9:44pm · Like · 1 person

    Narendra Choudhary I think we stands first in no of scams per session…afterall we hv such great leaders n ministers….a long list…2G, Noida, Sakuna, Adarsh…so on…There mst be no doubt…the credit goes to Cong. led UPA govt….
    February 8 at 9:46pm · Like · 1 person

    Narendra Choudhary ‎@ Rohan…as if chennai has all brilliantly minded persons….well..then why kerala has more literacy rate than TN…n why mumbai is financial capital…n why banglore is outsourcing hub…???
    February 8 at 9:54pm · Like · 1 person

    Amit Saxena the politicians are taking undue advantage of our peace loving and simple living citizens……. Sometimes I feel why don’t we take law into our hands and start punishing these corrupt politicians ……. And the punishment should be ‘Hang …
    See More
    February 8 at 9:58pm · Like

    Jyoti Singh Yaa simple in action complicated in thoughts…simple livyn high thnkyn..the reasn v r left behind..yet v r the wealth of nation..
    February 8 at 10:06pm · Like

    Shweta Agrawal it jus cn b hope b’cz our politions r hopeless….
    February 8 at 10:07pm · Like · 2 people

    Siddhant Redij gud1…
    February 8 at 10:12pm · Like

    Sanjeep Gupta ordinary man becomes xtra ordinary and xtra ordinary people becomes corrupt leaders. So its better to be an ordinary man and do xtra ordinary work.
    February 8 at 10:23pm · Like

    February 8 at 10:30pm · Like

    Narendra Choudhary ‎@shweta…politicians aren’t hopeless….they can mint money even when they are in jails….its called determination and hopefullness!!!
    February 8 at 10:30pm · Like

    Amit Rai Our is suffering frm corruption cancer medicin yet to be find.
    February 8 at 10:46pm · Like

    Koushik Kumar these people r great
    every person has some responsbility 2 severe poor people bt due this high rates ordinary people not think
    bt still there some people who r helping them hat’s off 2 those people bt what about rich people,in present situt…
    See More
    February 8 at 10:52pm · Like

    Sandeep Nigade I read this. Its an inspiring article! Please also read ‘THE WEEK’ dated 30th January 2011.
    February 8 at 11:45pm · Like

    Sandeep Nigade Reminds me of a famous quote ‘BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BE’!
    February 8 at 11:51pm · Like

    Ravi Gupta Best written.
    February 9 at 12:05am · Like

    Shyamal Kanti Ghosh Is that matter of pride. Don’t you feel it is a matter of national disgrace shame that the country is reeling under the spat of corruption and corruption in high offices and institutions ?
    February 9 at 12:12am · Like

    Dilip Ganatra Excellent writing ability moved ones soul………kep it up…..
    February 9 at 12:35am · Like

    Vidyut Kaji but how long????????..youngesters r getting impatience..day by day…OPPARTUNITIES R LOST IN SCAMS AND CORRUPTIONS,RESERVATIONS AND LAWLESSNESS..BAD GOVERNANCE..sm strengh will turn into -VE,if not channelaised properly…
    February 9 at 12:50am · Like

    Swapnil Gupta truly amazing…
    February 9 at 12:50am · Like

    Archie D’Souza We, the ordinary citizens of India, should realise this.
    February 9 at 11:51am · Like

    Tharu Gurnani These are false excuses. Corruption spread like Cancer.
    February 9 at 6:31pm · Like

    Vrushal Zatey awesome!!
    February 9 at 8:51pm · Like

  36. e-like.ro…

    […]Ordinary Indians, extraordinary thinking… « Sharmila says…[…]…

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