My new post on Times of India…

Link to my new post on Times of India ..


12 Responses to “My new post on Times of India…”

  1. Sharmila,

    I will not click on the link. I’ll wait for it to appear in this space.

    The title ‘Great Indian Road Show’ gives me a feeling that it is about the diverse political persuasions in India.

    While I wait for the post, let me prepare a list of the various socio-economic doctrines and schools that prevail in our country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to Assam.

    1. Utilitarian

    2. Economic Egalitarian

    3. Right Wing libertaran

    4. Right Wing Marxist

    5. Leftists

    6. Communal/Feudal

    7. Anarchist

    8. Communist

    9. Consequentialist

    10. Deontological

    11. Right Wing Socialist

    12. Conservative

    I’ll deliberate on the emerging trends in my comments if the post demands.

  2. Sharmila,

    I know your style and tone now. Once you get going, you’ll make Salman Rushdie look like a dopey.

    Release them one day as, “The Satanic Verses of Sharmila Ravinder”

    No where is mockery as honored as in a democracy… 🙂

  3. Count me out, Sharmila. I am not moving.

    Frankly, this has been a wonderful year for me on your blog. Plenty of variety, diverse yet convergent, in a sense. I have had fun exchanging songs with Aishwarya, verbal tussles with MonaLisa and the occassional aryan combats with Renate. 🙂

    Not the least, the opportunity to submit a few verses (50 to be exact) from the Rig Veda on the face page! I can never thank you enough for providing your space for them.

    Some wonderful moments have been the translations of the Urdu poetry of Sahir, Ghalib and Faiz.

    I commented on Pritish Nandy’s posts too though only because they appeared here on your page. You are a true die-hard fan of Pritish Nandy! 🙂

    Well, I guess everything has to move on. No regrets.

    Hope your journey with TOI provides you with more challenging milestones.

    I am no-where else on the net. My book site is not managed by me. There are some nerds working it out of Kochi, Chennai, BLR and London.

    So long and wish you all the best…

  4. Is this feedback for closing comments on my blog? If so, happily taking it. I wont close the comments. I just thought it would be interesting to have a wider interaction.

  5. Nicky Flouee Says:

    It is certainly interesting for me to read the blog. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

  6. that’s nice entry..!! BTW, can you tell me how to create a blog in Times of India. I have been trying to find the way to do it.. but not able to find one.

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