My new blog…

Here is the link to my new blog on Times of India. This one is on Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar. Could I please ask you to leave your comments on the TOI site just for this particular one as your rich knowledge on both the Masters would be quite profound and I would love to see it shared with a wider group.


88 Responses to “My new blog…”

  1. Sharmila,

    Just for this one as you say.

  2. Sharmila, Renate, (MoonaLisa – wake up), Aishwarya – evade – kidhara??

    No place like home. The TOI space is so cramped I had to come back here for a breath of fresh air. BTW, I am using my proper name on the TOI page.

    Reader will remain on this page.

  3. Comment posted!

  4. Sharmila,

    Noticed on the platform at TOI that all the ‘Most Read’ and ‘Most Commented’ blogs are on politics. Even those that carry titles on sports or religion deal entirely with the politics of the subjects.

    Does that qualify for a general observation that we are obssessed with politics?

    May be or may be not. I note that there are just 100-150 unique commenters all together.

  5. “We hate what we do not understand.” I’m not sure what that phrase means, but it’s bloody stupid!


  6. 🙂 Reader….

  7. Request furnished……I tried every bit to keep my childish thoughts away and write sensibly there at least.But still made a mistake,now not only the nation but the whole world is more likely to read what you opine about.Mashaallah

    Keep on writing so that I can learn ten new words at least,from every new post :P.Best of luck di……..

  8. Sharmila,

    It’s okay if you cannot comment long on the strings on the TOI. I suppose that’s part of being the author of the post.

    But you can do that on your own blog page. I like this space because it has a lot of breathing space, unlike teh TOI comment section, Twitter and Facebook. I was never good at precis writing!

    In fact, we can run unlimited discussions in this space including putting videos and meandering through every possible subject on earth!

    Here we discuss everything under the Sun, above the Sun, behind the Sun and inside the Sun!!!!


    PS: Hope Renate and MonaLisa agree with me.

    • Lol….Reader…
      Since when did you care about agreemnts and disagreements…. 🙂

      I couldn’t agree more on this matter however…
      Being the part of the parcel… you bet….I have felt and enjoyed every moment …every bit of under the sun, over the sun,above the sun,behind the sun & inside the sun….and survived so far…. 🙂

      • We should get Karunanidhi to the blog, The original creator of the sun network to box with Reader.

      • MonaLisa,

        Blame it all on the Sun. The Sun is the cause of this complicated arrangement.

      • Haha, Reader, I see you have taken home something from our past discussions…. 🙂

      • Sharmila,

        Karuna is busy right now. He is caught between the Son and the Sun!

        The trouble shooter M. K. Alagiri is busy buying MDMK amd AIADMK leaders. S. Muthuswamy, M. Chinnaswamy, M. Kannappan, Gingee Ramachandran are being showered with goodies.

        The Sun is not going to shine till the assembly polls are over. The Son will bury himself with the dead for some time.

      • Renate,

        I am learning. I don’t want to lose anyone if I can do something about it.

      • Lol…Reader…
        Why blame anyone…!? It is what it is…blaming anyone gonna change anything…for better…!? If it does…then we are on…! On for the blame game…lol 🙂

      • Reader,

        I was only alluding to the discussion about the sun being the source of everything. You seem to have given my sentence a more complex meaning.

        it’s alright, let’s not get sidetracked.. haha.. but that’s all we do.. 🙂

        Carry on….

  9. Yep! This is a disco blog! 🙂

  10. lol.. ha ha Renate..

  11. Renate,

    Food and Hunting.

    I don’t hunt for food. My ancestors were temple priests and keepers of land and lineage records for people. We got food by preaching community living, paying money, terrorizing people or causing divides and wars. My genes have a history of political finesse! 🙂

    • Could have fooled me there, Reader.

      The hunting instinct is alive and well in you, I’m sure, just sublimated into… ❓

      • Hmmm…now I am eagerly waiting for Reader’s honest response on that…Renate 🙂

      • Into… ❓

        Hmmm…. I don’t know… I am not a hunter.. I am like an elephant in a deep jungle… not territorial like a cat… but quite protective about the ecosystem…

      • Aah..I thought so…Reader…
        Not very honest response…! Some time you become Lion the other time An elephant…! Now I am totally and completely confused… 🙂

      • MonaLisa,

        Renate has this knack of putting me in spots…

        I am sure I am not a hunter… 🙂

    • 🙂 Reader….You sound like Bush’s bro… 🙂

      • You betcha.. my long lost brother…

      • Reader…
        Some time ago you told me you are A Lion….Now you are calling yourself an ecofriendly Elephant… Now what shall I understand…!? A Lion..or An Elephant…!?
        Don’t blame Renate…We all are hunters…
        Everyone has hunger…nonsatiable… for something…atleast one thing…in life…It always comes in front time to time in different guise….

      • MonaLisa,

        Our senses are like mirrors of what we feel. Our expressions confess our beliefs.

        Sometimes, this rotuine is by-passed by circumstances – we confess what we feel instead of saying what we want!

      • Reader,

        The confession is filtered by the writer and perhaps not quite grasped by the recipient sometimes.

        A fertile ground for misunderstandings – and even more fertile ground for our little meanderings here.

        Fun, na?

      • Renate,

        Yes. The IT nerds are yet to design a suitable platform for this sort of open forum.

      • You mean to get us back onto the straight and narrow after we spent hours going around in circles?

        The IT guy who can keep up with us is still wet behind his ears

      • Reader…
        How many reallyknow …what they want…!? Still the feeling of wanting …prevails very strongly till we die…may that be love,lust,knowledge…or to fulfil the basic needs…
        The structure we live in is so complex..that one forgets …even if he/she knows what exactly one wants out of life….so the hunt always goes on for good or bad…meaningful or meaningless….causes…who knows…!?

      • MonaLisa,

        Everyone knows… the only problem is they don’t know it for themselves.. most people seem to know what the other person wants…

        The success is when I know what I feel and what I want.

  12. Hmmm…now what do I miss in here..!?

    What is it about losing and not losing anyone..!? Reader…

    • MonaLisa,

      Nothing in paricular. Let go.

      I am feeling much better now after seeing my Indian doctor in the morning.

      “How are you doctor?”

      “I am fine” she said.

      I settled comfortably in the patient’s chair feeling rather assured.

      “What’s the matter?” she asked.

      I am too clever to answer such a question in a clinic.

      “You tell me” I said, “You are the doctor.”

      She gave me a strange look, not sure if I was her type of patient.

      She plugged her ears with the stethoscope and began to probe different parts of my person.

      “Is that for the mobile phone?” I asked


      “This ear chord”

      “No,” she smiled, “This is a new stethoscope.”

      She placed the end on my stomach. I shook my head and pointed to my heart.

      “What?” she asked.

      “The heart is here” I said

      “I know” she said, “Let me do my job”

      “Okay” I said. What a doctor, I thought, she probably thinks my heart is floating between my shoulders and the waist.

      “Tell me if this pains” she said and pressed on the liver and intestines.

      “Ofcourse, it pains” I said, “You are doing push-ups on my stomach!”

      “What did you eat last night?”

      “Food” I said

      “Good” she said rather too patiently for a doctor and wrote out a prescription.

      A very petite nurse came in.

      “Get me cold water” said my doctor

      “A tea for me with milk and sugar” I said heartily

      Both stared at my beaming smile.

      After an hour of casual discussion about the general conditions in ME and the weather in India I left feeling all hip-hop.

      See, most of illnesses disappear once I visit the clinic!

      • 🙂 Reader…
        Make it a routine to pay a vist to your Dr. every now and then and you would never be sick…
        Women can cause and create wonders in one’s life…! Thunder too…if necessary…

      • MonaLisa,

        That’s a good idea. Someone told me once, we must go to the doctor so that they can survive. And don’t take the medicines they prescribe so that we can survive. It’s a mutual understanding. Live and let live.

      • Hahahaha….Reader…
        Now You are taking a toll on that Dr….poor lady… 🙂

      • MonaLisa,

        Not at all. She is good. I don’t usually go for check ups. I have most of the common meds in my cabinet.

        I have been coughing rather hard last few days. I thought my lungs are wearing out. Thats all.

        She assured me they are in good shape and intact. She let me go with the usual amoxycillins. She knows I don’t like referrals and scans.

    • The Catholics have a long line for aspirants to sainthood.

      Du Hindus, too?

      Your Doctor deserves a prime spot in that line for her patience and endurance.

      • Renate,

        My doctor is a good lady. I have noticed that ever since I’ve begun to visit her clinic she is aging rather fast.

        Doctoring must be a tough business.

      • Renate,

        There is no Vatican in Hinduism. Saints are not made to order. Saint is not a title awarded by anyone. It’s an automatic, respectful address.

        The Sanskrit word for Saint is Sant.

        Sant is Sa+unt

        Sa is good, associated, bonded. Unt is the end, ultimate, finale. Sant is one who is associated with ultimate truth.

  13. MonaLisa, Renate,

    Right-ho! No blame. The Sun is a good fellow.

  14. Mox sounds like your ample unavoidable food item in your diet…too bad… practically you are surviving on anti-biotics…Well..! What can I say…!? I am not your Dr… 🙂

  15. Okk…You…Guys…time for me to go…
    Reader… have a Good Night…
    Renate,Sharmila….enjoy your day…eve..whatever..

    • We are in three different time zones at 60 deg… Hong Kong, ME/Asia and the US…

      All the greetings apply all the time.. Good Morning, Evening and Night!

      Guuuuuuudddddd Nnnnnnnaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt MonaLisa.

      Reminder for Renate and Sharmila

      If I am not wrong MonaLisa likes her name spelled out… She objected to ML once…

      • Thanks Reader, noted 🙂

        MonaLisa, have a great day!

        So Reader, where were we? It’s so easy to lose the plot here….

  16. Correction: plans-on-paper

  17. Bye ML, see ya later 🙂

  18. Renate,

    How many plans on paper have worked?

    I have lived for too long to keep a count.

    It works when I do for others. It doesn’t always work for personal interests. That’s the change I need to steer.

    • Reader,

      Why is it harder for oneself???

      Because the others we nudge on and then they go on their way.

      We, however, will always be around to reap the harvest of taking our own advice.

      • Renate,

        Why should reaping the harvest cause the plan to fail?

      • It doesn’t of course. Plan comes first, failure second.

        Then hopefully some learning.

      • Renate,

        That’s a new one on me.

        I normally do a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and a Recovery plan for doing something.

        I have never planned for a failure. Why would you expect me to do that?

      • I don’t plan for failure. It happens to me sometimes.

        I’m still a learner in that department.

        Time running short, d’ya think?

  19. Time is either right or wrong. And yes, as you say, sometimes it’s not enough.

    I must wish you a good day. It’s my time to give the pillow a work-out.

    Good Morning, Good evening and Good night.


    Taking away a good idea today. There needs to be a fringeless platform that can allow open forums on unlimited space, without the bundled algorithms of Facebook and Twitter.

    • If I had to design this open space, I’d make it less vertical, with some horizontal options for side branches, like an evolutionary tree.

      But knowing the crazy bunch of us, we’d make a mess out of that, too.


      Time is neither right nor wrong. Time is a scale, someone smart once said 😛

  20. We’re getting too morose down here. Shall we move to the new page?

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