Super Icons: Bachchan & Tendulkar, rightly consecrated

Super icons are not made – they are crafted. They are moulded together piece by piece with qualities that are manna from the unknown forces. These men are tested from time to time and they always persevere gallantly. They are not intimidated about being dethroned, they brandish their craft instead, their only effective weapon. They tear to shreds cynicism and brouhaha with finesse. They speak less and observe more, a trait that is fast unbecoming of the popular and corroborated in isolation by super icons. Their craft remains their two edged sword. These super icons stand out amongst a galaxy of stars, one is the everlasting light, and the other is a perfect ten.

Amitabh, the ever-lasting light has been burning brightly for the last sixty-eight years. The light continues to conflagrate any conundrum that one may have about the actor and his craft. I was not born when Sholay, Zanjeer and Deewar were made, the time when he had revolutionized into the “Angry young man”. The first movie I saw of Amitabh Bachchan’s was Don, many years after its release. It was at that time I first grasped the ideology of “God”. With inadequate comprehensive abilities of the plot, I witnessed the resurrection of Vijay on the VHS player. Only God could come back alive I thought. At several junctures of his horological career that now spans over four decades, the Actor has continually resurrected himself. From silver screen to small screen to his ambassadorship roles to the endorsements he undertakes, his dedication tapestries finely over his various roles.

Recently, Amitabh Bachchan was rated as the number one television host, with the TRPs for KBC opening at 6.2 as compared to Shah Rukh Khan’s, Zor Ka Jhatka at 2.6. There are not many who have emerged stronger than he has in the last forty years and more so in an industry where one can be at the zenith and return to base camp in forty winks. Yes, he has had his share of slumps professionally and has had a fair share of tribulations on the health front too, but he has always come back like a Goliath. Many so called luminaries in Bachchan’s profession have burned out like a dwindling star into the nadir of their own kismet, but Bachchan in contrast has scaled the heights. The master mountaineer has a strong foothold in his vocation. It would be interesting to plot the career graphs of the Khans over four decades. Would they come close? Bachchan’s dedication is exemplary on and off screen too. He has been blogging for 1,037 days non-stop. How many Actors can match that? Bachchan protects his privacy ferociously and maintains relationships defiantly and we find fault with this. Why do we desperately seek travesties in these super icons? Does their status simply invite us to?

A famous banner read, “Sin as much as you wish when Tendulkar plays, for the Gods are busy watching him too”. Mathew Hayden too had commented during Australia’s tour of India in 1998 “I have seen God. He bats at no. 4 in India in Tests.” I religiously followed Sachin from the time I was in school. I was a devout follower of Diego Maradona and during my ritualistic thesis of Sportsworld and Sporstar magazines; I had stumbled upon an article that indicated Tendulkar adored Maradona. There could not have been a better reason for me to begin my veneration for this super icon. I would sneak into class a small squeaky radio, wrap it under my blazer and put my head over it during jaded sessions and listen to the soft husky voice of Gavaskar whisper into my ears “That’s a six from Tendulkar!” These words would instigate a passion which could never be unleashed in a class full of students and an extremely boring teacher, but those priceless moments have been relived many times over the years.

Yes, even Tendulkar has had his share of slumps and he has extraordinarily uplifted himself and cover driven every critic into oblivion. This is a firm trait only becoming of the perfectionist. I have watched Tendulkar at the MCG during the Boxing Day test matches; a hush descended when he walked in, the Aussie crowd sipped their beer without a murmur while the Indians went down on their knees. God blessed us with his willow, he then looked up to the heavens and brandished his weapon to the thundering firmament. Does any other cricketer deserve this veneration?

All of us have that one defining moment firmly captured in our hearts, the moment when we first deified the super icon. In India, cricket and cinema are religion, super icons are immortalized and their canonization is inevitable, it happens a long time before they hang up their gloves and step away from the spot light.


125 Responses to “Super Icons: Bachchan & Tendulkar, rightly consecrated”

  1. Hey…Guys…
    Sorry…! won’t be able to stay on in here longer tonight…
    C Ya first thing in the morning …will try if I couls make it later…
    TC… Reader….Hope you are perfectly alright…by now…!

    Sharmila….this is going to be interesting…lets see who comes up with what…! Let the fight begin…! Hahahaha…. 🙂

  2. Ooops…! Typo…read it “could”…not couls…lol what word is that…!? duh…

  3. Sharmila,

    There is nothing I could say about Mr. AB that I have not said already. You know why I love him and I know why you love him.

    I remember your report of what happened when you met him. I so understand! We got to spend a long time with him, and still, when I look at the videos, I must laugh about myself. My expression is somewhere in the middle between a calf staring at the moon and a devotee in a church!

  4. Sharmila,

    Idolizing legends is not uncommon in Europe and Asia. Amitabh Bachchan the performing artist, morphs reality into ideal aesthetics.

    Sachin, our Bharat Ratna in waiting, is both real and ideal! You have exhausted all superlatives in English in your post.


    The ‘Angry Young Man’ Vijay was an anti-establishment reality that he turned into a celluloid legend through his performances.


    The fact that one agrees or disagrees with an artist’s philosophy is irrelevant to an esthetic appraisal of his work qua art. One does not have to agree with an artist (nor even to enjoy him) in order to evaluate his work.

    In essence, an objective evaluation requires that one identify the artist’s theme, the abstract meaning of his work (exclusively by identifying the evidence contained in the work and allowing no other, outside considerations), then evaluate the means by which he conveys it — i.e., taking his theme as criterion, evaluate the purely esthetic elements of the work, the technical mastery (or lack of it) with which he projects (or fails to project) his view of life.

    Since art is a philosophical composite, it is not a contradiction to say: “This is a great work of art, but I don’t like it,” provided one defines the exact meaning of that statement: the first part refers to a purely esthetic appraisal, the second to a deeper philosophical level which includes more than esthetic values.

    Ayn Rand in the Romantic Manifesto


    I think it’s unfair to compare clones to the prototype. Unfair to the clones I mean.

    Some of the khans and those like Sanjay Dutt have only modelled themselves on the screen persona that worked for Amitabh Bachchan.

    Rishtey mein Amitabh Bachchan sabke baap lagte hain!

    Amitabh Bachchan set the benchmarks for escapist cinema that some of the Khans are spending their lifetimes in imitation.


    Sachin has broken batting records that the legends of Cricket had set before him. He has now established frontiers that are almost impossible to outclass.


    If you take humility as a considered response to deserved honor, I feel Sachin’s humility underlines an obvious pride for playing for the nation and dedicating his achievements to the country and his fans.

    Somehow, for no apparent, pragmatic reason, AB’s humility often sounds apologetic and dismissive. I feel AB does not place his roles and achievements very high on the value chain. It appears as though he accepts the honors for his acting prowess out of mere courtsey.


    An interesting point to note:

    Long before we saw Sachin’s meteoric rise, Sunny Gavaskar had predicted the glory that Sachin would bring to Indian Cricket. Other so-called experts fell in line much later.

    Sunny recognized Sachin’s potential in the very first outing. One genius found another like a synchronous resonance!


    • Reader,

      I see nothing surprising in your last paragraph. Sometimes the line separating genius from excellence is subtle in spite of being definitive.

      Who else would recognize someone on the other side of that line as well as a genius?

      • I was surprised because I did not recognize Sachin as a potential legend in his early days. He seemed like just another hard hitter. Sunny’s rhetoric back then sounded like media hype.

        I waitied for Sachin to prove himself till I acknowledged his genius.


        “There are many like me” is not a consolation.

      • Reader,

        Trust me – there ain’t many like you.

        And that is not a consolation either.

    • Reader…
      I am not into cricket…it’s not my thing at all…It seems mre like a waste of time to me than a sport…but…
      when half the world is involved into that game/sport…one has to attach some value to the same…
      So if Sachin is the guy who achieved what he achieved one has to consider him The Best in his own way…
      One can’t ignore him or his achievements as an individual who utilised the opportunities he possible way and give out his best…with all his heart into it..
      Same applies to AB when we talk about acting…
      He is like an old wine…and I love to preserve my bottles of old wine and look at it very often..
      we take all liberty to judge the actor and his capability of acting as viewers though we might not be knowing abc of that particular field…which is quite unfair to an actor and his skills…but hey..! that’s how it is…lol…life is quite unfair to all of us…hahaha
      The thing most amaze me and I admire the most is his consistency…the strength to fight back vigerously…and never embrace a defeat without battling…he has everything…every quality..”A Man” should possess…or should I say “A Human”…!

  5. Renate,

    What is the metaphysical opposite of the word ‘apathetic’?

    I mean, my opinion about AB seems ‘apathetic’ if compared to that of a typical super-fan of a super-icon.

    • Reader,

      For 50% of the fans (or more, as the case may be), namely us females, you are comparing apples with oranges. 🙂

      As to the male fans, in this regard you have the benefit of a less clouded brain (only in this example, mind you!), so you tell me where the apathy comes from.

  6. Renate,

    Dividing AB’s admirers into male and female would triviliaze his talent. It’s like Pritish Nandy equating the fun of a sport like cricket with the patriotism of a soldier.

    It may be a hot sell on TOI or even in the comments section of AB’s blog but I prefer Sharmila’s theme on this page: ‘Thinking the Indian Way’.

    Regarding apathy, I said my opinion sounds apathetic comparatively. I didn’t say I consider it apathetic.

    I think my take is reasonably accurate: “AB is a great actor but I don’t endorse the themes of his movies.”

  7. Reader….
    “AB is a great actor but I don’t endorse the themes of his movies”
    You need to elaborate that…

  8. Reader…
    Why do you find gender based division of fans so trivial..!? Its a given that he is more popular among females…
    I read one incident recently on AB’s blog is the proof of it… 🙂
    Girls in his time tried to look for guys in real life as their life partners…were either his look alike or one with his most popular character’s name… 🙂
    That way he outsmarted and outclassed entire generation of boys/men of his time… 🙂
    Which is not a small achievement in its own…
    He replaced Rajesh Khanna and Dharamendra in no time…lol

    • Thank you, MonaLisa!

      Now I don’t need to say anything, just sit back and wait for Reader’s answer 🙂

    • Only this one thing for Reader:

      The female “admiration” does not trivialize his talent at all. It only adds a dimension to everything else he is.

      • Renate…
        It’s a given that a woman can work a wonder in a man’s life…and Reader can’t deny that though he sounds very gender biased many times…
        On other hand why should that be made one gender thing..!? Does it not the same apply to women too..!?

      • MonaLisa, Renate,

        This is how George Bush and his OilCos make money. It’s called Futures Trading.

        A woman ‘can’ do something in the future for her man is exactly why share markets spike and crash.

    • MonaLisa, Renate,

      Marrying someone whose name happens to be that of of AB’s character in some movie or falling in love with a look-alike are perfect examples of trivializing AB’s acting skills. I’d still say even that is excusable if it didn’t sound so much like trivialising the institution of the marriage of a matured woman.

      I don’t think AB replaced anyone in the film industry. There was no angry-young-man on the screen till AB hit the gold mine with Zanjeer and later with the charactter of Anthony Gonzalves in AAA. Journalistic historians in the film industry always dramatize events, which I presume is perfectly in line with the industry’s occupation of dressing up one moment in reality with 90 minutes of fiction.

      Lastly, AB did not out-smart anyone, even if he sometimes leaves his audience with that impression.

      Manmohan K. Desai had made super-hit films with other actors long before AB came into his camp.

      Attributing AB’s success to luck, deviousness or gender preference takes away the real credits of his success which is that his acting was appreciated by the cinema watching public.

      AB is not a natural actor like Balraj Sahni, Naseeruddin Shah or the Kapoors. He works hard and it shows in his performance – specially the voice and dialogue delivery of the characters he plays.

      You know, the easiest way to kill the romance of a subject is to dissect it piece-meal!

      • Reader,

        Amen to the last sentence!

        All of what you say here may be very true, but you must still leave us girls the prerogative to go where you don’t tread – namely to develop a crush on him.

      • Renate,

        If all the men decided to behave like AB then girls would have to live on sweet nothings

      • Reader,

        I very much approve of Mr. AB’s behaviour.

        Every girl will have to decide for herself if she prefers AB’s sweet nothings or other guys’ sweet somethings….

      • Renate,

        That’s a contradiction in terms. How does one have a crush on nothingness, be it sweet or sour?

        Eventually one begins to crave for something real from that nothingness. In AB’s celebrity domain that may be a yellow colored response or an appointment to see him in person.

  9. Hi di…..So now people will start knowing you in Sri Lanka as well.I somehow got it in Sri Lanka Guardian.Have a look at it

  10. Sharmila…
    I am completely lost the way you compared the infants with A Man..! shouldn’t that be Man vs Man…instead..!? if any…!?

  11. Renate….
    C ya later…you have a great day…
    Great eve to Sharmila in macau..
    Good Night to Reader….and Good Morning…when & if he read his mornin..

  12. Good morning…good fellas… 🙂
    Now this is getting weird…none but me around more often…
    hmmm…where did you all disappear…!?
    Where is Reader…!? seems mad at me for some reason…. 😦

    • Good evening, MonaLisa,

      I’m sure Reader is in blissful dreamland… it’s 5:30 am and Friday is weekend in the ME… let’s give him a couple more hours…. better late than grouchy…. 🙂

    • Renate, MonaLisa,

      Here I am. Had a late night out shopping for household stuff. The markets here are open all night mostly as the people come out more at night.

      The fellow who designed the new curtains came after midnight for fixing them. I must say Chaplin did a better job of fixing glass in The Kid than this fellow with the curtains.

      The Hilti machine was rather heavy for his frail countenance. Poor chap would shake like a bean after switching it on. I think he was a bit short-sighted too. He could never hit the same spot on the wall twice eventually sheering all the plaster around the windows!

      The task was done anyway after two hours of battling the cement. The curtain now covers more opening in the wall than it was originally designed for.

      Why would I be mad at you, MonaLisa? The internet is a virtual world. It’s rightly called information technology. Information is all that moves in this space.

      • Hmmm, Reader,

        I have no idea what a Hilti machine is. But i have a vivid image in my mind of the frail shortsighted professional and the poetic engineer ruining a perfectly fine wall in a new house.

        Perhaps you’re more at home in the virtual world of information?

      • Curtains are a practical necessity when there are glass panelled windows in the walls.

        Changing clothes becomes a game of hide seek otherwise.

  13. Renate…good evening,
    How many more hrs left..!? 😦
    or it makes me grouchy….! Omg…! I feel like The Romeo waiting for his Juliet…! Damn…! Now I really sympathize with Romeo…in true sense…! Tch…tch…tch… 😦

    • Wow, MonaLisa, the ongoing male-female battle sure has left you in a strange place….

      You Romeo???
      Reader Juliet????

      Is this going to play out as a comedy, a tragedy or a drama???

      Waiting in eager anticipation…. 😛

    • MonaLisa, Renate,

      It was the bearded bloke Bill, The Bard, who decided who should wait in the drama of Romeo and Juliet.

      Whoa… where do you get these ideas?!!!

      I am not Juliet and I am not Romeo.

      • Reader…
        No cheating…one must play the role…the part offered…is the rule…you can’t back off…now…!
        Or you are grounded for a wk and no dinner tonight….now go to your room and get in bed… 🙂

  14. Renate..
    I don’t know…! All I know is…usually a guy has to wait for his girl to turn around on time…here it seems totally opposite…so now i know…how exactly a guy must be feeling ..and worse when being stood up after a long wait… 😦

  15. Renate…
    Reader is playing hard ball tonight…
    Guys are always like that… 😦

    Better I bid Good Night to you & me…now

  16. MonaLisa,

    Already? Leaving me all alone ? 😦

  17. MonaLisa, Renate,

    The timing is the problem. We share only a couple of hours in the morning and evening in each zone.

    Still that is better than nothing. In earlier days, Bhrigu told us told that Hell is the other side of the planet. It is cold and people eat each other.

    Now we know it is not true. People on the side don’t eat each other. 🙂

    • Ohh..okk…Great..! Reader…
      so now we are bad ppl of the other side…!? Ho..ho…ho..ho…In that case we shall eat you up…how do you like it…!? Roast,fried,steamed or raw…!? 🙂

  18. Renate, MonaLisa,

    Has MonaLisa gone already? Or just playing ‘hard ball’?

    Someone has to remind her that girls cannot play hardball. It’s just not Cricket.

  19. Reader,

    Looks like you missed her by just one minute. Does bring to mind one one of The Bard’s plots, does it not?

    • Renate,

      I have to make my own breakfast you know. I heat the milk in the rice cooker so it spills over everytime even after I switch off the power supply. So, I found a new way today. I keep the whole contraption in the stainless steel basin. It spills over and then I let it cool and move it back to the cooking counter. Isaac Newton could have learned something from me.

      Did you know why Nestle’s cornflakes are better than Kellogg’s? Aha.. ask me.. … because Nestle’s flakes nestle quietly in the milk and kelloggs flakes go cock-a-doodle-do….

  20. Reader,

    I was starting to analyze the various phenotypes of crushes on AB in a window above. That gave me a headache.

    Watching you make breakfast is way more fun.

    Only two comments.

    1. Bachelors…. 🙄

    2. If you ever get tired of cornflakes, remember these:

  21. oops, forgot the embed:

  22. Oh man!

  23. Hi guys…
    Good Morning…eve…
    Catch you guys in couple hrs. gotta rush to the Airport…
    Busy like hell till Sunday…! Uhhh…

  24. Good Morn All. its night here. so catch you guys in the morn. I am back from Macau. Great fun. Will tell you all more. Met the Greek God too.!

  25. MonaLisa, Renate, Sharmila,

    Last night’s idea of a platform that will improve on facebook, twitter and blog will shortly take shape. I have passed it on to some of the geeks I know.

    It will not require log-in registration, membership or any personal info sharing. It will not have a blog like post area. It will have a DM like facility of twitter but no limitations on length of comments, embedding or links. Moderation will be optional.

    These are the features I have asked for. I am sure they’ll add value.

    • You’re the Man!

      Looking forward to more unfettered fun.

      Did you propose my idea of horizontal spinoffs, like an evolutionary tree?

      • That’s a good idea. Lets have a comments tracker, either by number or by occurrence. This can develop a mindmap on the subject.

      • Yes, that would be good. I’m sure I am not the only one who occasionally lost the plot and had to resort to the RSS feed to find out what’s where.

  26. I MUST go to work now.

    See you later or Good Night, whichever comes first….

  27. Sorry for being late…guys..
    Seems you all are gone….
    Again I am like a lone spirit in the haunted mension…lol
    See ya when all alive…at usual…
    Good night ….you all on the other side of the fence…tc

  28. MonaLisa,

    You’d better let Reader out of bed now or it’s going to be the MonaLisa and Renate show all the way….

    Reader, listen up:

    • Renate,

      The link shows up here when only the address line is pasted or the entire embed code. Only copy paste from the address line on top starting http:.. not the bracket and youtube

      • But.. but.. before I always pasted the entire embed code and it worked.

        What am I doing differently now?

      • Renate,

        Not the entire embed code, you were missing the closing bracket ]… that left the code open… the poor thing doesn’t know whether to show it or not! 😦

  29. What is happening with the embeds? Am I making unfortunate choices where only the link is displayed or am I missing anything?

    I must experiment, bear with me…I’ll put on up that’s worked in the past….

    Yeah… woohoo… this one:

  30. Hmm.. link only!!

    Well, now you tell me what happened. Is it my computer that changed or this blog? A few days ago, this very same youtube thing after embedding showed as a video in the comment box, and now all I see is a link.

    Is that happening to you guys, too?

    If so, why?
    If not, why?

    Ahh.. the unsolved riddles of the Universe….

    • Renate…
      I don’t know…i didn’t try to post any video lately so…
      have no answer for that…

    • Renate,

      Paste only the link in the address line beginning with http//…

      Entire embed code is not required.

      But you need to click on the embed button to check if it is not disabled.

  31. Renate…
    Lately Reader has changed his time it seems..he always shows up when I am gone…seems he is avoiding me for some reason…! Ohh..well..! What can I say…!

    • MonaLisa,

      Hmmm… I don’t think so… do you really think he lurked around all morning (or evening, this time shift is driving me nuts sometiimes) and waited for you to leave in order to make his appearance?

      Nahhh.. no way…. you gave up too early…

      How about this… send him a real loud wake-up song like I did…

      • Lol…Renate…
        Isn’t one Rooster enough…!? Why do we have to give him a wake up call every morning…I provide no such service for free… 🙂
        Favor sometime is a separate issue…. 🙂
        Okk…as one time favor…let me find he video someone suggesting me right now…lol…I don’t know if it works or not…hehehe…might drive him mad to the point of crazy i guess…. i know he hates such things…! lol…don’t you remember that Romeo..Juliet ..thing…!? 🙂 🙂

      • Hahaha…. good luck… I’ll watch the fallout from a safe distance… 🙂

    • MonaLisa,

      My first comment appeard yesterday with your last one! You exited from the left wing of the stage and I entered from the right. This happens usually in Shakepeare’s plays!

  32. Lol…Renate…
    chk this out…Its melodious even if the language might not be understandable…This is his fav singer…now lets see how he reacts…to it..!?
    There is a possibility …he might pull all his hair out of anger or frustration…then we have to put up with Mr.Nandy style Reader… 🙂

    • Lol.. MonaLisa… that will not be a problem at all… there is no picture of him that we must look at.. so no prob if he is bald… or fat.. or old.. or ugly..

      Oops, I better get out of here now 👿

    • MonaLisa,

      Nice song. Nicer that you don’t understand the language! 😛

  33. Hmmm…so are you suggesting…I shall go too…!? Renate..!?

  34. No fair… why is Reader’s song the only one that embeds properly?

    • Renate,

      Copy paste the link from the address bar only. i.e http//etc…

      Or copy paste the entire embed code from one bracket to another

      If you paste an open code i..e [youtube http//… it doesn’t know what to do to!

    • But that’s what I do.. the whole code…

      OK, let me try another one again.

      I see no bracket, even though I copy-paste everything that shows up in the embed window!

    • See, it happened again!

      Reader, how about this: I’ll email you what I see in the embed window. In an email it should not be converted. And then please tell me where my mistake is.

  35. Renate, MonaLisa,

    This is MonaLisa playing hide and seek…

    • She got him in the end – so watch out.

      I felt sad for the proper Lady in blue who was pulled back into her chair every time she wanted to join the fray. In the end she did – what happened to her then?

    • It’s a dream sequence. And hope MonaLisa doesn’t understand that much of Hindi…

      The lady in the blue saree is the one who is dreaming in the song…

      • Where did MonaLisa go anyway?

        Yes, it is sad that we don’t understand what they are singing. If I learn another language it will be Hindi.

        Should’t be too hard, in every song I understand ‘dil’ and ‘zindagi’ already.

  36. Renate,

    Here I’ll show you:

    h t t p://w w c o m/watch?v=Zx9Azr53w0U&w=480&h=390

    I have put spaces so it does not recognize it as a link. This is in the address bar on the top. When copy pasted it shoes up here:

  37. Renate,

    Leaving for office in 10 minutes.. shall be back online .. if not, have a guuuuuuuuuuud Nnnaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiitttttttttttt… MonaLisa seems to have drifted with the wind…

  38. I’ll be online for a while longer. See ya…

  39. Hey, MonaLisa, what’s happening?

    This is the second time you disappear the very second that Reader appears. What’s up with that?

  40. Alright – I have all the space to myself and I won’t quit until it works – so here goes, I pasted the url according to Reader:

  41. Hip Hip Hooray – Three Cheers for Donovan – he aways does it for me!!!!

  42. I’m watching this tonight. AB’s most enigmatic role.

    I practice pronouncing the character’s name.

    • Mayn iss dosti dushmani se khafa hun…

      The character called Sudhir was one of AB’s most subtle performances.

      But one character makes a whole person. That rainbow has 7 colors and countless hues…

      Like this one:

      • Correction last para: One character in a film does notmake a whole person

      • Mayn iss dosti dushmani se khafa hun… means

        I am annoyed with this friendliness and enemity…

      • With German subtitles! Thank you, Reader, what a treat.

        And even more thanks for stopping short of a dubbed version! I still have not recovered from hearing SRK speak German once; coming across AB dubbed might scar me for life!

  43. This is the soul of the real Sudhir:

    Part 1

    • This was the atmosphere, the season and the times
      We had started right from here, our first step of love
      With our hearts astir, with nervous looks to bestir
      We had entered our humble plea for the divinity above
      That our yearning buds may revel, bloom to full fruition
      That our hearts and souls unravel,to their absolution
      Shadows in imagination are emerging in progression

      • Very poor translation… lost the soul somewhere in the words…

        I’d do a much better job! In fact I have… I did it once for someone and it’s probably lost now…

      • Sorry, best I could come up with!

        Try to unearth yours again, This is an important poem. You have no idea how handicapped I feel not to understand any of it.

      • I have not saved it anywhere.. I typed it on email and sent it out… may be I’ll try it again.. it might come out better this time…

      • Has the recipient not saved them??

        Asking back for translations is not quite like asking back for a gift of jewelry or such…..

      • I don’t know… let me try… I can do another with my eyes closed.. I mean.. I know we don’t need eyes to translate words.. but you get what I mean…

  44. The life of Sahir, my aesthetic ideal:

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