Whats your prediction?

If you want to have a good run on the roads and get some respite from the traffic madness, anytime after noon is a good time to venture out. The roads empty in a short while as India huddles in its living rooms and wayside TV showroom shops  and over greasy pakodas and peanuts ( washed down with a few drinks too! )will watch those eleven men in blue with microscopic finesse. 90% of the viewers are the best arm-chair commentators in the world and who have never picked up a cricket bat in their lives ( me included ) but claim proficiency over every aspect of the game. There are a few who make the best analysts of the game and even if they don’t actively play cricket are yet capable of making the Manjrekars and Sidhus look like scampering Mongooses. And there are the content elderly few who just watch the game and go with the flow and slipping into near comatose like situations as the clock keeps ticking well past their bed time. On a day like today I miss Bangalore, the pub city with those giant screens erected in all the happening places, where friends and foes converge and merrily vent their frustrations against the common “enemy”.

The Television set will be seized by cricket fans and Ektaa Kapoor would have to twiddle her thumbs.Advertisement spots are fetching a whopping INR Rs 15 lakhs at this prime time slot ( 10 seconds of it ). And I cannot wait to hear Navjot Singh Sidhu rave and rant of his predictions for the day. Will he allow Harsha to even speak? Will he dismiss Tony with an air of comical arrogance? Will he match his pinkish purple turban to his tie and silk handkerchief as glaringly as ever before? And Ravi Shastri, will he be a bit more bearable than Manjrekar today? Will Gavaskar watch his blue-eyed boy get his 100th ton today and proudly declare ” And thats the 100th 100 for the Little Master!”. Will the Pakis speak better English today? Who is going to win the toss? What’s the bet on this ? Where are the bookies huddled ? ( Dubai ? ) What’s the turnover for the bookies ?( India are the odds on favorite to win the World Cup, let it stay this way, to all our advantage! ) Will the rain clouds over Mohali play havoc ? ( HELL NO!!! ) Will our batsmen bowl to save us from Nehra and Munaf ? Will Bhajji be of any use today ? is Ashwin our trump card? Will our tail bat to save us from the great Indian collapse? Are wickets going to fall like cycles in a cycle stand for India ? ( Sidhuism ). Are we going to whip the Paki’s, chop, fine, seal and deliver them back to where they belong ? ( In Osama country ! ) Are we going to win? Do we go the finals? Is Mumbai the stage where the legends Murali and Sachin perform their Swan dance? Is the World Cup 2011 India’s gift to Tendulkar?

We are at war today!!! The stadium as is already barricaded and taken over by the Indian army and somewhere lost in the sea of faces will be MMS along with Gilani. ( I must say, this Gilani is brave enough to venture to Mohali.. )Let the drums roll and to the sound of reverberating trumpets, let’s go kick the Paki’s where it hurts!!!

PS: A friend from Twitter just reminded me that one must not miss Ganguly’s expression when Sidhu starts braying! Classical moment indeed!


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    I don’t see any big contest in today’s match. We should win it one sided.

    The Mohali pitch is a backyard for Bhajji, Yuvi, Gambhir and Sehwag.

    Sachin, Zaheer, Suresh Raina and Dhoni are among the smartest and coolest cricketing brains on the field today.

    In comaprison, Pak players are like dopes in a dormitory.

    Unless Indian batsmen commit some sort of harakiri this match should be a walkover.

    However, I doubt we can beat Sri Lanka. The lankan bowling battery is formidable. Malinga in full form is unplayable. (Sachin should be held responsible for that. Malinga was just another struggler when Sachin selected him for the IPL Mumbai team in the second season. Nita Ambani trusted Sachin’s judgment. The rest is history. Malinga went on to replace Chaminda Vaaz to become the spearhead of the Lankan attack.)

    I think the Indian batting is going to be tested by Sri Lanka in the finals by Murali’s maya, Malinga’s twisters, Mathews’ illusive fingers and Dilshan’s agonizing accuracy.

    In Mohali, our stop-gap bowlers are going to have fun. Yuvi has never failed at Mohali. Its his home ground. He has grown up practicing on that pitch.

    I hope Dhoni picks Srisanth for this one. Srisanth is the right sort of brat to give the jitters to pakistan in a crunch situation. He can be frustrating in his own way.

    They are slower off-spinners but their fielding is bad. Dhoni has often dropped them because of poor athletic skills on the field.

    So, 9 out 11 players are top class international players. There is a vacancy for two in the tail.

    In my opinion, we don’t need 11 players to beat pakistan. 9 are more than enough.

    With Srilanka it’ll be a different story.

  2. My first “exclusive” blog here post TOI days ( no copy and paste from TOI ).. will keep these casual.. I think this way the connect is more frequent!

  3. Sumit Goyal Says:


  4. Sharmila,


    My predictions.

    If India wins the toss:

    Dhoni elects to bat first. India could score anywhere between 290-325.

    Pakistan will be all-out before the 45 over.

    If Pakistan wins the toss:

    Afridi will chose to field first. So, the rest of the story remains the same!

  5. Aishwarya Says:


    Great to see an exclusive post! What a brilliant day and topic!

    Let’s kick some serious b*** today! C’mon India!!! De Ghuma ke!


  6. Donno why but today I feel you have gone a bit more cynical against the neighbors.Or may be its due to the excitement that has been in the air from long.Its just a thought nothing much!!!!!

    Anyways,lemme tell you that yours are still better than some of those churlish comments that have come up in these 4 to 5 days.Some say “Kill and send them back by the seas”.That’s just pathetic.Where is this mere game of cricket being taken to?

    My best wishes for the team…..

    • Hi Salman.. yes, I am a bit more cynical today ..and yes cricket does this to every Indian I guess. But, I agree, silly to be dragging it to the kind of levels that you speak of. Hopefully, we are celebrating on this blog tomorrow!

  7. Forgot to mention the Rs 5000 crores worth of bets on the match. I do not know if the figure is genuine, I just heard it somewhere.

    • It could even be 50,000 crores Ninad!!

      • That’s right. Surely would be a obscene figure. Btw I just called my friend ….we have a bookie who lives in our colony….actually he is not a bookie, he is a tailor but everybody knows he is more of a jholar than a tailor. I can vouch for him when it comes to IPL ..he has top notch accuracy…but I seriously doubt if this match can be fixed. Newayz..it’s good news..he said India is winning.

      • Wow, move over Bhogle & Sidhu! We now have Tailors who predict matches accurately!! Absolutely love this Tailor today, he is tailor made for India!!

      • It will be difficult to fix the entire match, but a few players can be fixed, but most of the fixing happens on a one to one basis I think now days. And most dont mind indulging in things like bowling a wide in the 30th over, or misfielding in the 35th over, wearing your glasses in the 45th over! a bet is placed on all such things.

      • I think our jholu uncle was right 🙂 Sharmila, there are lot of such people in Mumbai who have such ordinary front-ends….but god only knows how much money they have.

  8. 1. Yes. Harsha is now trying to counter Siddhu and succeeding in it. So I guess he’ll get to speak
    something today 😛

    2. Siddhu always dismisses people with that comical arrogance. So why would you think he won’t
    do that today?? 🙂

    3. Siddhu is all about matching cloths and accessories and not about what matching his answer
    with what question he is asked. So yes.

    4. Ravi Shastri used to be a good commentator. He used to speak sensible. Don’t know what has
    happened to him. He is full with negativity these days and misses points most of the times. But
    I am sure he’ll make a good come back.

    5. I sure hope Gavaskar says “And that’s the 100th Ton for the Little Master!” today. Or at least in
    this World Cup 2011.

    6. Paki’s will always suffer in speaking English. Gone are the days of Wasim Akram and Imran Khan.

    7. Winning the toss is completely out of hand phenomenon. So it’s gonna be a 50/50 chance for either

    8. If you are asking about betting, I suppose they will earn crores of thousands of rupees in this
    single match. How much impact that thing will have on today’s match is a matter of debate. As this
    is the match between arch-rivals, and I don’t think either of the team will get involved into betting,
    as their pride and life is dependant on this match.

    9. I am sure bookies will be in every moholla of India/Pakistan and every street elsewhere 🙂 Why just Dubai?

    10. Rain clouds have subsided, that’s what the news is.. so let’s pray that Rain doesn’t play a
    spoil sport here.

    11. Batsmen have been bowling more consistently than bowlers for India (barring Zaheer, who’s
    in peak of his form and is delivering good performance every time). The scenario won’t be much
    different today. I hope bowlers bowl sensibly and well, if not, I expect our batsmen to ball well.

    12. Bhajji has been a big disappointment in this World Cup. No hopes from him even if this is his
    back yard ground. But I hope he tosses the ball and does some wonders.

    13. Ashwin is surely a trump card. He is bowling more sensibly than Bhajji and of course than Piyush Chawla

    14. I have said this since the beginning that it’s India vs Sri Lanka on Wankhede. 50% is done and
    now waiting for another 50% to happen today.

    15. I so want this world cup to be India’s gift to Sachin. That will be more apt.

    • What a fabulous set of answers from you Mr Kulkarni! Welcome to the Tiger Trail 🙂 Wonder why Bhajji is still there. What is Sree doing today? Warming the benches with his blue coolers?

      • Thank you Sharmila.
        Bhajji is sure an experienced player, most experienced spinner in the side today. but he is not bowling to his stature.
        With Sreesanth, I wouldn’t want him to play, for his disarrayed bowling effort.. but he sure is aggressive as hell, which may help in today’s game. But the extra runs he goes for he too big a gamble for India. So it’s gonna be 50/50 for him, from my side.

  9. Anand Khare Says:

    Thanks for this timely exclusive post.

    I am a fan of Siddhu. It is learnt that sufficient betting is on at color of turban and tie of Mr. Siddhu. It is difficult to predict the colour worn by Siddhu today. My prediction is some shade of blue. I prefer that he comes with a tricolour pag and tie.

    I wonder what Sachin said in marathi as told by Siddhu in this video. Check this out,

    • WOW! I loved this. The rare times when I find Siddhu entertaining and inspiring, Thanks for this! Reader, pray tell what ” butter butter etc is.. ? Would love to know.

      • Sharmila,

        It’s an abuse in a rather cryptic way.

        Tujhya aaycha gho…

        Can literally mean: Your mother’s ass

  10. Ninad. what did Tendulkar say in Marathi? I am very very impatient now!

  11. Let hard work, commitment, devotion prevail.
    Luck will favour the brave and bold.

  12. My first prediction is right so far.

    If India wins the toss Dhoni elects to bat first.


    • Nehra is number10 and Munaf is 11. As I said those two places are open in our team. But it won’t matter with this Pakistan team without Shoaib Akhtar.

      But Nehra and Munaf are self-defeating against Sri Lanka.

  14. Sehwag on rampage against Umar Gul… Umar is really gul… (gul means gone in Urdu..)

  15. Afridi in a reactive, defensive mode. Sehwag collars both his opening bowlers.

  16. Sachin is waking up.

    • Good Morning.

      Sachin should play for that century. The rest of the team can take Pakistan to the cleaners.

      The batting pitch is a batsman’s paradise.

  17. Pakistan bowlers on the doormat against Sehwag. Pitch is dying on the bounce. Tailor made for Sehwag. Trust the curators to do their jobs.

  18. OMG

    • Sehwag plays like that. Rattles the opposition.

      Watch the cool cucumbers after this. Sachin, Gambhir, Raina. All three are surgeons on the Operation table. No nerves.

  19. Damn! Seh-wag goes… wham, bam thank you mam…

  20. Remind me after this match that I played Hockey as a junior national. 🙂

    • Would have loved to see you on TV. 🙂

      Tell me, how much will the scoring go down when the power play is done?

      • ?? Why should the scoring go down after the powerplay? No reason at all.

      • Forgive my ignorance. I thought power play impairs the fielders by telling them where not to be. So naturally the scoring should go up if they have the freedom of position.

      • The ground is all of 15000 square meters area (70 meters diameter). 11 players cannot occupy the entire space.

      • Not diameter, 70 meters radius

      • So what’s the power play for?

      • Specially if the batsmen are regulars like Sachin etc.

      • Correction here, too: scoring should go down, of course….

      • During the balling power play, the batsmen get an opportunity to hit over the heads as the fielders are in the inner circle.

        During the batting powerplay, the bowlers get to stop the batsmen from going high.

        Good batsmen, like Sachin, play the ball between the fielders. The powerplay makes little difference.


  22. Phew… this is nerve wracking…

  23. OMG!

  24. Reader,

    You’ve become so quiet… not giving up on your team… are you….

  25. India….

  26. What a shame! WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!

    Not a single Indian batsman played to his full potential. Even Sachin survived 5 chances. 260 is a poorly score. They deserve to lose.

    That clown Ashish Nehra needs a cosmetic surgery. He smiles like an idiot even when he is hit for a four.

    Pakistan is doing nothing special. We are losing the plot all by ourselves. Did we really beat Bangladesh or was it a tie?

  27. Do you have the same commentators as me? They are squarely on Pakistan’s side – have been since the very beginning of the game!

    India will win!

  28. Note – I said that at the beginning of the second inning!

    Now they need 115 runs in 89 balls.. guess again… hasta la vista, Pakistan…


  29. Shame or no shame – they made it and that’s what counts.

    Now the real work begins….

  30. A very unimpressive win I feel. The batsmen couldn’t score against a weak Pakistani bowling attack without Shoaib. How are these chaps going to face Malinga, Murali, Angela Mathews and Dilshan?

    India’s show today was not the stuff of champions. They have to perform better at Mumbai. 260-275 is not score against Sri Lanka.

    Remember, Sri Lanka clobbered England with 200+ without losing a single wicket.

  31. I don’t have much hope for them against SL. I saw SL’s last two games.

    But then, India has more to it than they showed today. And the home turf advantage.

    You probably won’t take it kindly from a foreigner for whom six months ago “cricket” was a word in the dictionary – but I think it is possible, albeit unlikely.

    🙂 YES WE CAN 🙂

  32. Sharmila Says:

    Amazing!! Whoo!! But, batting needs to buck up, Nehra was most economical.. Turning point, 5 missed catches in favor of Sachin, Sehwags early blast and Tail end Raina that made the extra 30 odd runs diff between the two teams at the difference.

  33. WE WON !!! 🙂 Misbah increased my blood pressure too much in the final few overs.

    • Damn Misbah! He is right now the biggest villain in Pak.. would have been ours too..nearly!

      • I personally thoughth Misbah played well. Even on one of the previous one when he scooped one to Sreesanth in the deep.

        Misbah has the tenacity to hold his wicket while the rest of the pakistan team goes down at the other end ike Sidhu’s proverbial cycle stand.

        He eventually scored a 55 off 64 balls, which is pretty good considering that the next highest scorer at Mohali is Sachin at 85 who was supported by divine grace.

        Afridi, Yunus and the Akmal brothers did not read the soft pitch. They tries there heroic shots and lacked the sheer strength in their shoulders to get the ball to cross the long boundary lines aa Mohali.

        Sachin and Raina read the pitch correctly. Sixes at 75 meters were out of question. Rotating the strike and driving between the fielders was the only choice.

        As Dhoni said during the media interaction, the extra 20-30 odd runs were not a target. Keeping the wickets till the 50th over and a getting a par score was more sensible. He settled for 260 off 50 rather than gamble for 300 and be all out within 45. Good thinking there.

  34. Anand Khare Says:

    It is a pity, we can’t find champions in a country of one billion people. It is high time we should hand over the team management to professional bodies. BCCI should be scrapped. 🙂

    Congratulations to everybody on this undeserving win. Dhoni and party should perform in the next match even if they loss. We don’t like winning like losers.

    Good luck for an emphatic win in the finals.


    • Yes, it was not a game played like champions. We have to really lift our game up to meet Sri Lanka.. Malinga and Murali are capable of knocking us flat, and their openers, OMG what are they made of!! Sangakara is a good Captain as well. Will be an interesting contest between him and Dhoni and of course the two legends Murali and Sachin.

  35. They had to find parking for 50 private jets at the airport. Well there is my excuse for not going for the match …no parking 🙂

  36. Where is the rest of the gang today??

    • Sharmila,

      Right here.

      It takes me a whole day and night to recover from watching one of those matches.

      Physically, too…. they begin at 2am….

      Anyway, perhaps in the end it will turn out beneficial to have played so badly. At least Team India won’t be cocky and overconfident.

  37. Knock Knock.

    Who’s there ?


    Misbah who?

    Misbah 29 runs…so Pakistan lost.

  38. It has been a somewhat trying day. I spent most of it attending to pressing engagements.

    “Pressing” as in important business, not a massage or anything even remotely comforting.

    Middle level players in the market are like hub plates on a wheel. The real investors are buried in a cloud of benami entities. Benami means fake non-existent names.

    In each case the actual god-head is a government employee who has substantial powers.

    I had to figure out where each supply chain begins and ends. 90% of the process owners are hedge-hogs.

    Very disappointing. Just not cricket.

  39. Another thing:

    The Dust Jacket Hardcover of my book is still in production. I am told that it will take 3-4 weeks by the time it is ready for shipping.

    I was asked to do the press release synopsis today.

    So, please bear with me till I can get my copies.

  40. Not a very relaxing vacation you are having… 😦

    Please give us the link to the press release when it is out.

  41. Hi guys !

    i got here late ! The match is over ! But Yipeee ! We won ! Nothing more satisfying than defeating Pakistan, and the cherry on the cake was also the fact that we defeated Australia too in this series.

    So again Yipee Yay ! We won. But i completely agree with Reader regarding the fight against the Lankans. Anyways lets hope for the best !

    Enjoy the game on Saturday ! Lets hope for the best ! Sachin deserves this World Cup !

  42. Anand Khare Says:

    All of this gives some credence to the age-old cricketing adage that schoolmaster have barked at their pupils ever since the game began: “It is definitely a good idea not to miss six facile chances that a Venezuelan schoolgirl could have taken when a key opposition batsman is at the wicket.”- Andy Zaltzman

  43. Breaking News.

    India forfeits the cup to Sri Lanka.

    The BCCI has withdrawn the Indian team’s participation in tomorrows final. No reasons given so far.

    The World Cup is officially awarded to Sri Lanka without the match.

  44. Haha… you goy me!! I forgot about the date….

    Feel proud now?

  45. New Delhi: Had India lost the World Cup semi-final match to Pakistan at Mohali on Wednesday, the Indian government would have been under pressure to demand a repeal of the result.

    If Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had not stepped in to prevent a controversy that had the potential to snowball into an international crisis, India could have come close to invoking a rarely-cited section of the International Cricket Council (ICC) code of conduct to annul a Pakistani victory.

    According to highly placed sources at the Prime Minister’s Office, Singh, in an uncharacteristic display of firmness, set aside moves by the Indian cricket board to invoke a dusty law in the ICC rulebook that would have disqualified Pakistani players of disputed domicile.

    This exclusive comes in the backdrop of a highly anticipated World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium, even as the foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan met marking the resumption of official contacts, which India broke off after militants attacked Mumbai in late 2008.

    ICC’s Law 1.4 (11), that explicates the eligibility criteria for players, clearly states that to play Under-19 cricket or above at the international level, a player has to be a) a national or b) be born in a recognized country or c) is resident in the country for at least 90 days in each of the immediately preceding seven years.

    A sub-section of the law that enumerates a “disputed domicile” states that any player from a country/state not recognized by all Test-playing and associate members of the ICC can be disqualified at any time if they fail to submit a certificate of clearance issued by the world cricketing body 30 hours prior to a match to the host country.

    Several players of the current Pakistani World Cup squad were born in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) and have stated PoK as their domicile in documents submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs.

    However, due to a technical snag at the Pakistani Foreign Ministry the players reportedly could not submit their ICC clearance certificate to the MEA on time, a technicality the Indian side was ready to pursue had they lost to Pakistan in the semis.

    This basically means that had India lost to Pakistan in the semis it would be still eligible to play Sri Lanka in the final had it invoked Law 1.4(11) to get some of Pakistan’s top spinners and a middle-order batsman disqualified. The law further states that if four or more players are disqualified then the match result is null and void and the defeated team is automatically eligible for a walkover.

    Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politician and Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley, told IBNLive in an exclusive interview that he first came to know of the delayed certificates through a MEA leak.

    “After a hectic midnight meeting with the BJP top brass before the crucial semifinal match, I immediately brought it to the notice of Mr S M Krishna,” Jaitley said.

    India has not won the Cup in 28 years and emotions are riding high in a country hungry for a win that eluded them several times.

    Even as a billion people in India sat glued to their television sets as India took on Pakistan at Mohali, Krishna and Jaitley, along with senior leaders from both Congress and BJP, met ICC President Sharad Pawar Wednesday evening to discuss the possibilities of a repeal in the event that India lost the match.

    Sources at the MEA said an emergency cabinet meeting was called at around 5 pm, when the Indian innings seemed to be floundering after in-form Yuvraj Singh lost his wicket to a full toss and Pakistani spinners took control leaving India gasping at 194/5.

    “That’s when I told Mr Krishna, a win looks impossible,” Jaitley told IBNLive.com. Pawar, who Jaitley said was open to the idea of a match reversal asked to see the official papers of four Pakistani cricketers who we are told originated from PoK.

    MEA sources said the identity of the Pakistani players were not to be divulged for security reasons. But there are two spinners and a middle-order batman among the four, the sources said.

    A reversal would not only result in the Pakistani team being disqualified from the semifinal and India being given a secured final spot but had the potential to trigger off a major diplomatic row between the two nuclear-capable cross-border rivals.

    Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani watched the epic encounter at Mohali from the VVIP stand along with his wife at the invitation of the Indian Prime Minister.

    A cricket controversy would not only have resulted in a bitter feud between the two nations but sour diplomatic ties as well, which are gradually on the mend after the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks that claimed over 160 lives.

    Krishna, who reportedly contacted Singh to apprise him of the latest development, was asked by him not to go ahead with plans of a match reversal in case India lost to Pakistan to uphold the spirit of the game.

    Singh is said to have told Krishna that “India will always play fair, be in war or in cricket, and there will be no exception to that rule.” A united Opposition led by Jaitley said they were ready to dispute Singh’s decision to “play the game fair” had India lost to Pakistan, in Parliament’s monsoon session starting July 26.

    As it turned out, India won the match, making all of this a hypothetical possibility only. But it remains to be seen whether Singh’s refusal to take this drastic step will be continued in his management of India-Pakistan relations in the face of a belligerent Opposition.

    Said the editor of IBNLIve.com to all readers when publishing this report, “Considering the date of the day before the World Cup final, there is no reason to believe any of this.” He confirmed that this report was a figment of the imagination, in keeping with the spirit of the first of April.

  46. Sharmila,

    Its past 1000 in HK. Where are you?

    The Indian cricket team has a date with destiny in Mumbai. It’s the the final frontier of international cricket in India. The World Cup.

    “There is no law in the arena. Many are killed.” Ilderim in Ben Hur

    Today in the sprawling green galley of the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

    Prince Judah Ben Hur, Sachin Tendulkar, will fight the battle for history || 1 ||

    Muthaya Murali may spin his magic maya or Malinga shower yorkers

    But Dhoni’s men in blue, Raina and Viru are good movers and shakers || 2 ||

    Raavan’s army can throw a maya jaal, but Dhoni has his own Hanuman

    Mister swinging Sreesanth who can never understand the strategic plan || 3 ||

    At the end of this rainbow is a pot of gold in a cup of honor sworn

    New heros will be made while old ones honored once if this is won || 4 ||

  47. They have bestowed on him several tags, masterful
    The Joy of Jharkhand, is indeed nobody’s fool, a real dude
    MSD keeps wickets, in trying circumstances, even his cool
    His may lose the toss, but under him Team India cannot be subdued.

    The royal sobriquet of Najafgarh’s Nawab
    Is perched with insouciant ease on his bald plate
    Sehwag makes ruthless mincemeat, a kebab
    Of all, like Lee, Akhtar, Malinga or Shaun Tait.

    The Terminator is famous for his wily doosra
    Is a hard nut to crack, like a resolute almond
    The ultimate team man, is rumored to be a hit with a pretty Basra
    Bhajji, the irrepressible fellow will now also play with Andrew Symonds.

    Gauti has a constant hangdog, grumpy expression
    Which rarely changes, in any session
    His elbow possesses an awesome edge, ask Shane Watson
    By the way, he is also IPL’s most prized possession.

    Accused of a protruding paunch, he is an acrobatic fielder
    Personification of pucca Punjabi spirit, hale and very hearty
    Brilliant player, a genius, is also a lady-killer
    Page 1, Page 13, Page 3, Yuvraj is the life of a nocturnal party.

    Men in Blue repeat in a chorus: We want to do it for Sachin
    Joined by a billion hopeful, a huge multitude
    The modern Bradman, flashes his unassuming grin
    A pinnacle, beyond reach, defines a new altitude.

    He bats like Mad Max meets Iron Man
    And has perceptible penchant for hitting a six
    Occasionally peppered with a boundary, this mountainous Pathan
    Not so long ago, had Smith in a real fix.

    He sports the demeanor of an impetuous brat
    Of late, has scripted mysterious miracles with his willow
    Created pandemonium in opposition camps has Virat
    A pugnacious attitude, just what does he hide beneath his pillow?

    Nehra gave a Mr Hussain a Durban nightmare
    His gangly frame deceptive, treacherous
    Successor Andrew, no last straws to clutch , had better beware
    He has also hit match-winning strokes, not entirely atrocious.

    Master of Injuries, Merchant of Comebacks
    Lethal yorkers, reverse swing, finding a bat and pad gap
    Khan has an Oxford Street sounding nickname, Zaks
    Has many a bunny, including Graeme, for whom he is not a nice chap.

    Doubting Thomases were left awestruck
    As Piyush did a deadly construct
    His wily leg spin left the Oz quite amuck
    Warmed up? said Chawla, expect more of my misconduct.

    When he beats the fine edge, Munaf flashes wry grin, a pleased look
    Frequently found nursing broken limb, but is terribly miserly
    Not necessarily a gymnastic fielder from the text-book
    A gentlemanly sort, unlikely to inspire fine from a match-referee.

    He is the Indian team’s sophomore, a talented rookie
    Had us all charmed with his off-spinners in IPL, overawed
    Not many betted on him, not a single bookie
    But Ashwin might just have the last laugh, and win applause.

    Raina when in motion, provides the Indians great locomotion
    The dazzling defiant southpaw
    Has caused some serious damage to many an opposition
    Even when they have unleashed the red cherry on his jaw.

    Sanjay Jha

  48. Sharmila Says:

    Here I am!!!!!!!! What are the spin doctors saying??? Love the poem Renate.. Reader, analysis? Ninad, Anand where art thou?????

  49. Crossing all fingers and toes….

    Go India!

  50. Watching it on DD National. No Ads.

  51. What’s a DD National?

  52. Tharanga out and score so low – what a start! 🙂

  53. It’s the government owned Ministry of Information TV Channel. Showing the same match LIVE.

    Zak Zapaks Tharanga….

  54. Ashish Nehra on the sidelines looks so good with that plaster on his right hand.

  55. Just like I said – it looks like the previous scare has been good for India – the fielding has improved so….

  56. Luck and skill are on India’s side – wonder how long they can maintain…

    20% are done.


  57. Damn! Rolling thunder and lightening in the sky at my place. Electrical substation nearby is taking a beating. The earth rod must be steaming hot. Voltage is fluctuating like a virgin in the dark.

    One of the hazards of living at 8500 ft above mean sea level.

    Hope the power supply holds for the day.

  58. Not a good time for you to lose it….

    Still no phone? I’d update you by SMS.

    The run rate is going up 😯

  59. Billions of blistering blue barnacles! Thundering Typhoons!

    There has been a cloud burst right on over the dale. It’s raining in sheets.

    Power supply is holding but the static, overcast sky is blocking the satellite signals.

    Hope the transmission is restored by the time Sachin comes on the field with his mace.

  60. Bhajji is da man!! 🙂

  61. So far so good. Transmission back though stuttering. See that two wickets taken. 96 for 2. Run rate rather ominously poised at 4.something…

  62. Run rate is going up rather alarmingly.

    Time for another out…..

    Still, so far we are looking at a score below 250 total.

    India looks confident. if their batting is at par, they’ll be fine.

    What do you think of Sachin’s odds for his century?

  63. Sharmila Says:

    Lankans r looking dangerous but Nehra with the plaster looks better than Sree!!!

  64. Yuvi 🙂

  65. What’s the story with this Sree guy?

  66. Sharmila Says:

    Sree has taken over from Mother Teresa!!

  67. Reader,

    Have you lost your battle with Donar??


  68. As I predicted, Sangakarra and Mahela Jaywardhane (not the openers Dilshan and Tharanga) of Sri Lanka would be our nemesis. Mahela remained unbeaten with a century.

    We have a more balanced batting line-up, but 275 is good score. Our batsmen have an uphill task. If Sachin and Sehwag survive the first 10 overs it will be easy. If not, it’s a fight to finish!

  69. Well… what do you think now?????

  70. Aishwarya Says:

    😕 😥

  71. Famous Last Words:

    My God. What’s happened? ~ Diana (Spencer), Princess of Wales.

  72. “The opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”

    Dan Cook, 1978

    San Antonio Spurs vs. Washington Bullets

  73. Yuvi will save the match.


  74. Aishwarya Says:

    We won! We won!! We won!!! What a historic moment!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  75. INDIA: Number One Team in Test Cricket; T20 World Champions and NOW ODI World Cup Champions!!!!!

    Pinnacles of all Titles!!!!

    Dho Daala…

  76. Dhoni did the right thing. He is the one who can handle the pressure.

    Without him there would have been no win.

    Is there a “player of the game”? He should be it.

  77. YES!!!

    Man Of The Match!!!

    Dhoni rocks!!


  78. And Yuvi!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  79. Good Night to all of you.

    It’s been a pleasure.


  80. Sharmila Says:

    What a game!!! Ecstatic!! Dhoni has done the impossible. Thank you Dhoni, you are a Champion and thank you Gautama!!

  81. Sharmila Says:

    Dhoni is India’s greatest Captain ever!!

  82. [img src=”http://haruspical.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/burst-cloud.jpg” width=400]

  83. Umage inserts don’t work. Never mind.

  84. It’s coming down in sheets! Very impressive.

    I bet you got wet feet…

  85. I feel this might well be India’s happiest week since Independence. :-). Beat Australia, beat Pakistan, lift the world cup – that too on home soil, with Tendulkar in the team. Madness !!

  86. ” When Sachin Tendulkar travelled to Pakistan to face one of the finest bowling attacks ever assembled in cricket, Michael Schumacher was yet to race a F1 car, Lance Armstrong had never been to the Tour de France, Diego Maradona was still the captain of a world champion Argentina team, Pete Sampras had never won a Grand Slam.When Tendulkar embarked on a glorious Career taming Imran and company, Roger Federer was a name unheard of Lionel Messi was in his nappies, Usain Bolt was an unknown kid in the Jamaican backwaters. The Berlin Wall was still intact, USSR was one big, big country, Dr Manmohan Singh was yet to “open” the Nehruvian economy.It seems while Time was having his toll on every individual on the face of this planet, he excused one man. Time stands frozen in front of Sachin Tendulkar. We have had champions, we have had legends, but we have never had another Sachin Tendulkar and we never will.”

  87. Thank you for the young Aamir!

    He was a happy man yesterday. Good to see.

  88. He is good! Thank you, Reader.

  89. I am not crying, he is.

    I’m still afterglowing.

  90. Anand Khare Says:

    Although it is late, but this is a must-read.

    Makes for a full heart http://www.maati.tv/beta/to-afridi-with-love/


  91. Logging in from the lounge at the BLR Airport. Its 00:05 Hours. Checking in at 0300 Hrs. This is going to be one long night for me. I’ll be online till the battery in this lappy is completely discharged, which should be in an hour and a half if the Vaio manual is to be believed.

    I have purchased a massive omnibus of 962 pages titled: One Hundred Years of Socialism, The West European Left in the 20th century; revised, updated and released in Dec 2010. Author – Donald Sassoon. Well, so soon or not so soon, it should keep me awake till the flight is announced as soon.

    This book is all about the rise and landing of socialist movements in Europe. Also a bit of an obituary on the demise of communism in it’s original form.

    Personally, I liked this idea of socialism transforming from a brave uprising for a classless socialist democracy (to eradicate lassez faire capitalism) into a whimpering activism for merely reforming capitalist economies. I guess the author is going to make his point circumstantially as most historians do.

    Political histories are a lot like gossip columns. Full of selected incidents, and annunciations on events recorded by the media.

    The obviously missing files in such books are always those that defy history. China is a living example that has survived the onslaught of western economic models from Adam Smith to Greenspan and Amartya Sen.

    (I include Sen in the same set because I find most of his published writings, although apparantly voicing culturalism in one form or another, still bank on the accepted structures guided and supervised by investment agencies like the WB, IMF or the capitalist think-tanks in the UK and US.)

    I guess governance and social ideologies are like genetic changes shrunk on a smaller timeline. They evolve with the environment either by accident or in an experiment.

    I am not sure if it is right to call it a reform by design.

    Well, let me see how the author (Sassoon) of this book has dealt with the history of socialism in Europe from 1886 to 2010.

    Back soon…


    Oh, yes. I wish I could have stayed longer till you arrived from HK. Was hoping to catch up on your birthday in BLR if you had been able to make it. But that’s not to happen this year.

    No problem. Jab jab jo jo hona hai tab tab so so hota hai…

    (There is a new version of that hindi line these days after the vodafone zuzu became popular on TV ads… … jab jab zuzu hona hai tab tab susu hota hai…)

    • Reader,

      Please keep us updated on your omnibus as you progress.

      My school history classes in Germany never went past 1886 or thereabouts… i wonder why…

    • Oh… and have a good time up there in the friendly skies…. happy landing, too….


    • Reader – have a good flight back. I am staying put here, some changes to the travel plans. Will not be in BLR in April. May now looks more likely. But, we should plan this EF meet in India soon. Say, sometime for December?

    • Wow, Sharmila, December sounds good. I might be in India then!


  92. Aishwarya Says:


    Zuzu, sassoon, so soon, back soon…

    See ya soon… 🙂

    Wish you a safe and happy journey, R.



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