Anna Hazare – India’s only beacon

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The moment I got wind of the awe-inspiring endeavor by Anna Hazare in his movement against corruption, the first few thoughts that unraveled in my mind were the words which a colleague of mine had spoken a few months ago. When we were out for lunch at a Hotel, we had an interesting and invigorating discussion on the perils, pitfalls and popularity of Social Networking sites in general, and Facebook in particular. My colleague had raised a very pertinent point which was, if social networking sites had the power to harness the potential of the youth of the nation and channelize their talents into constructive ways, why doesn’t some-one start a rally against corruption on the sites?
The first step is under way and HOW!!! The whole nation is in its vice-like grip! Although it took a simple but monumental step by a 72 year old beacon of hope who never embraced any enviable technology to kick-start or rather “boot-up” his campaign, his humble deed has set the wheels of a revolution in motion!!! Every minute Twitter is flooded with calls for participation in the campaign and details of how to dignify this event further. Anupam Kher, Gul Panag, Pritish Nandy et al are exhorting the common populace to undertake this uncommon and extraordinary service and they are “tweeting” the details of their visit to Jantar Mantar, upon which the eyes of the world are unfailingly locked!!! In response to the clarion call, hundreds of young and aspiring men and women are not only pledging their unflinching support, but also taking a bee-line to Jantar Mantar.
Facebook abounds with anti-corruption slogans and politician taunts!!!I am besides myself with excitement!!! The Mantra is to root out corruption and the corrupt, weed out the hypocrites and the haughty!!
• It is time to unseat the immoral monarchs from their pedestal of sin and put paid to their hopes of holding an entire nation to ransom!!
• It is time for accountability;
• It is time for transparency and without a semblance of doubt;
• It is time for some answers!!
Although this historic movement may fizzle out by either coercion, coaxing or cajoling or a combination of the three (the probability of which happening is fortunately extraordinarily remote at this time), this landmark event is surely a beginning or rather, “the beginning”. This will send shivers down the “spineless” spines (the ultimate paradox) of the callous and the corrupt, the selfish and the sycophants! This is a window of opportunity for the brave to be the harbingers of change, an opportune outlet to chart the destiny of a nation and script a new dawn!! HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL!!!

It is time for India to shed the burden of our professional calling for a single day and head there with a view to participate, thereby demonstrating support, succor and solidarity.
I am hopeful and happy, exuberant and effervescent, confident and courageous!!!



4 Responses to “Anna Hazare – India’s only beacon”

  1. LOTTUS...., BHOPAL Says:

    Yes , We must support the cause. One more point need to be added in Lok Pal Bill i.e. confiscate complete wealth belong to the currupt person if proven guilty and bring back in the country.


  2. I think this bill will be passed. Congress has been battling a lot of scams in the past months and actually passing this bill will be like an image makeover. However after passing the bill, I am not sure how much it will be followed when cases start getting registered with the Lokayukta.

    Am surprised that people haven’t heard about Anna Hazare, after all his work to get the RTI act passed and his other social initiatives. This probably shows how much we criticize our politicians but do not know about our heroes. Bloggers need to write more about India’s heroes than writing about what’s going wrong in our country.

  3. Its the wisdom of senior members of parliament that prevailed to day to reach the Standing Committee who are entitled to include in the main personality of the presented Bill, the knowledgeable / scholastic people, the NGOs, the best principles of laws from other countries and so on. The Bill is finally shaped and recommended to Parliament for their voting to approval as per democratic / Republic laws. All the fetish debates inside and outside went unheard due to lack of anchoring of information on law making constitutes.

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