Thank you…

April 9th,
Hong Kong

Thank you so much for your birthday greetings. It means the world. My only regret is that I have not had a chance to meet any of you. I look forward to meeting this amazing group of evolved, friendly, brilliant, humorous and above all good souls in the near future.

I am a year older, and not getting wiser. But, I continue to enjoy this journey of life. Writing has allowed me to primarily remain in touch with some great people, something I cherish very dearly. I must thank you for your patience in reading what I write.

And it has also been a day of victory for India. April 9th has started the “change”. Let’s hope that Hazare has woken up each one of us to act and react the way we ought to. Small changes do go a long way.

All my love….

Sending you all sunflowers.. you literally bring the sun into my life..



67 Responses to “Thank you…”

  1. Sharmila ji Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
    Waiting for more articles form you in this year. Take Care.

    Love & Regards
    Rupam from Assam

  2. Thank you Rupam! Means a lot.

  3. Hello Sharmila ji…
    Many Many happy returns of the day.. may god bless every wish of yours πŸ™‚
    I am also looking forward to meet you some day πŸ™‚

    Enjoy the life and have great year and life ahead πŸ™‚

  4. Dear Sharmila,

    Wish you a superb Birthday day and many more to come in the years…..
    You have a lovely mind and it is a pleasure to read your thoughts…so keep it coming…..Have fun in HK and try dimsum πŸ™‚

    Warm regards………….M

  5. I look forward to meeting you someday as well, Dear Sharmila!
    I hope this has been your best birthday ever! Thank you for the kind words as well as for those lovely Sunflowers!
    Love you…your EF Forever,

  6. Anand Khare Says:

    One of the best thanks note, I have ever seen. Directly ‘ dil se’.


  7. LOTTUS...,BHOPAL Says:

    Sharmila Ji,

    Wow , it’s your birthday….
    Many many happy returns of the day.



  8. Anand Khare Says:

    One of the best thanks note ever seen. Direct ‘ dil se’.


  9. Hi! Sharmila..

    I wish you a very, very happy Birthday dear. May your days be full of happiness, peace, love and all that your heart craves for and more..


  10. Amit Jain Says:

    Wishing You a Very Very Happy Birthday and a great, fulfilling life ahead!
    Appreciate your blogs and hope you continue to write the way you do! You rock!

    – Amit

  11. Happy Birthday Sharmila …have a great day.

  12. Shubha M Says:


    Wish you many happy returns of the day!! I have been a little irregular in responding of late due to sheer lack of time. I would love to meet you and everyone else here some day too πŸ™‚


    • Reader, nice song!

      I wonder who had the melody first…

      • It’s not much of a melody. Simple strokes. I could come up with that one in the shower!!!

      • Do it and you will be remembered for a hundred years.

        Isn’t it time for your shower just about now?

        Ready, Steady Go… record and share…. πŸ˜›

  13. Now this is what I’d call a melody. Perfect notes and lyrics for the mood on this page.

  14. Gorgeous Sunflowers, Sharmila. Your Birthday has put everyone into a songfully good mood.


  15. Here is my translation of the song, Rahe na rahe hum:

    Rahe na rahe hum mehaka karenge
    Banake kali, banake sabaa, baag-e-wafa mein

    … … … I may remain or I may not; I shall always be the fragrance
    … … … In the form of a bud, a flower, in this garden of allegience

    Mausam koi ho, iss chaman mein
    Rang banke rahenge hum khirana

    … … … May it be any season in this garden
    … … … I will always be present in its colors

    Chahat ki khusboo yun hi julphon
    Se udengi khiza ho ya baharaan

    … … … The aroma of desires, from unplaited hair
    … … … Shall disperse, be it a drought or a spring

    Yun hi jhoomate aur khilte rahenge,
    Banke kali, banke sabaa baag-e-wafa mein

    … … … Thus swaying and blossoming, I shall always remain here
    … … … In the form of a bud, a flower, in this garden of allegience

    Rahe na rahe hum mehaka karenge
    Banke kali, banke saba baag-e-wafa mein

    … … … I may remain or I may not, I shall always be the fragrance
    … … … In the form of a bud, a flower, in this garden of allegience

    Jab hum na honge, jab humaari
    Khaak per tum rukoge chalte chalte
    Ashkon se bheegi chandni me
    Ik sada si sunoge chalte chalte

    … … … When I pass away; when on my
    … … … Ashes, you pause here, as you pass by
    … … … In a moonlight wet with tears,
    … … … You will hear a voice, as you pass by

    Wahin pe kahin hum tumse milenge,
    Banke kali, banke sabaa baag-e-wafa mein

    … … … Somewhere there nearby I will meet you
    … … … In the form of a bud, a flower, in this garden of allegience

    Rahe na rahe hum mehaka karenge
    Banke kali, banke saba baag-e-wafa mein

    … … … I may remain or I may not, I shall always be the fragrance
    … … … In the form of a bud, a flower, in this garden of allegience


  16. Thank you Reader,

    I shall listen to it as soon as Sachin is out. Yes – I woke up to him batting again, a great beginning to a Sunday!


    • What a stupid thing did I say here? πŸ™„

      Sachin did NOT get out, he won the match!! πŸ™‚

      Now on to the song.

      Thank You Reader, it was very kind of you to translate the lyrics for me.

  17. An original can never be translated.

    Here is a phyiscal example:

    This is the original.

  18. This is the American Translation

  19. Signing off for the day on a rather personal and forlorne note. Good Night.

  20. Sharmila, Aishwarya, Renate, Shubha,

    I am sorry I left abruptly last night. I went out for a long walk along the beach. It’s only 5 minutes from the new house.

    You know, there are 21 different states of consciousness in each one of us plus one constant state, a total of 22 states according to the 1st Mandala of the Rig Veda.

    Music, with 7 distinct notes, 5 short or long breaths and 10 subtle notes within these 12 making 22 in all, have the ability to trigger all of them in various combinations. The whistle of a peacock is taken as the first note (Saa) for designing musical instruments.

    I love to run back and forth memory lane. I don’t miss or long for anyone or anything. I simply enjoy the memories as they are, like given facts.

    One good thing about reminiscing is that events comes back in random order. In my case, I have a tendency to connect a state to all those that made, reinforced or broke the values associated with that. These often involve people I have been associated with from the age of 3 to 40! Real people, not virtual as on a blog.

    So, it’s like a tramp’s game of solitare.

    For example, if I think of my romanticist nature, I begin somewhere at 7, jump to 25, back to 12, then to 30, back to 15, then 35, back to 21 etc.

    If in a sad mood, I have noticed that I usually think more about those whom I failed rather than those who failed me.

    If in a good mood, I create a word picture where everyone is remembered like a piece of fabric made from different threads.


    However, the net world or blogosphere has a limitation. It is entirely virtual.



    Thanks for “Rehte tthe kabhi”.

    Another one among those classics is “Unko yeh shikayat hai ki hum kuch nahin kehta” which reminds me of a comic incident at home.

    Every one in my family were good with music and songs. Once, dad was asking me something serious and I refused to reply. When dad got angry I sang loudly, “Unko yeh shikayat hai ke hum kuch nahin kehte!”

    Every one broke into a laugh and the subject was deferred.

    • Correction para 2 to Shubha, “Unko yeh… nahin kehatein”

    • Aishwarya Says:


      May be in the future there will be units of measurement of ‘virtual’ time, wherein, 1 real second = 10 to the power of ‘n’ virtual seconds, or something like that.

      No amount of virtual time spent together can equal a moment of being physically present in real with the person.

      Sad but true…

      I wonder what category spirits fall into? Real or virtual?


      Happy that you are in a good mood now.


      • Aishwarya Says:

        For me personally, when I feel a spiritual connect with a person, it transcends the real and virtual. Like music, the connect transcends barriers, reaching a plane or a zone far deeper than the physical and the obvious…

      • Aish,

        I think, in a virtual world like the blogosphere, nothing can transcend virtues.

        On a virtual platform nothing else is visible except virtues. There is no identity and no ownership.

        For instance, in that song “Lo aa gayi unki yaad, woh nahin aaye” there would be only the “yaad” of words written on the blog. Those memories are in the mind of the person who is remembering. There is no one for whom it can be said “Woh nahin aaye!”

        A virtual world is not an unreal world. It is only a world limited to virtues. Like a mirror.

        If you believe that a spirit is virtuous, not virtual, then it prevails over the real world.

        If you believe that a spirit only reflects the qualities of the body and the mind, then it is virtual and does not exist in the real world.

        I would like to believe that the spirit rules the real world, not the virtual. Though the blogosphere gives us a contrary impression.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        I believe a spirit is all pervading.

        There can be no reflection without an object. The virtual is an extension of the real person…as long as we are not receiving automated messages… πŸ™‚

        A connect can be as deep and fathomless as the feelings…

        ‘Cheharon se ho anjaane hum, dil toh dil ko pehchaane…’

    • Shubha M Says:

      Thanks for the lovely idea..To my husband I shall now sing “Humko yeh shikayat hai ke tum kuch nahee kehtey” πŸ™‚ Lol! I can see his reaction already!

      I do long for many things and I do miss many things and people! I have not yet attained that spiritual strength to overcome these!

      Though the blogosphere is virtual it does feel very real at times!


      • Shubha,

        Shubha means auspicious. With a name like that your husband would scarcely need to say anything!


      • Reader,

        Lol!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I must say I am getting very useful tips and ideas here! πŸ™‚

  21. This is a Madan Mohan classic:

    • Note:

      If you look into the structure many these top-of-the-top ghazals of Lata and Madanmohan are written by Raja Mehndi Ali Khan!

      1. Unko yeh shikayat hai

      2. Yun hasraton ke daag

      3. Jo humne daastan apni sunayi

      4. Agar mujhase mohabbat hai mujhae sab apne gamm de do

      5. Woh bhuli daastan lo phir yaad aa gayi

      6. Naina barse rimjhim, rimjhim

      Hundreds more… all super duper hits. Raja Mehdi Ali Khan’s songs had that here-but-not-here kind of feel.

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