Anna Hazare – India’s only beacon…

Published on Times of India on 7th April 2010

Enough is enough. Enough has been written and debated upon about corruption in India. There was absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel for us, until now. Time has literally stood still on this patient nation that has allowed itself to be taken for the biggest ride of its sixty–three years of independent life by those in governance. Tolerance levels in India had been very high when it comes to corruption. Scams running to the tune of thousands of crores barely make us bat an eyelid anymore and yet within each one of us there is an utmost sense of sheer helplessness that has been taking a vicious form. We have been treading on a short fuse over the last few months as every scam got bigger, every fraudster got braver and every watchdog got blinder. A faint light has streamed through the darkest of thunderclouds that has hovered over us all. Sinister clouds that have been spitting acid rain on raw wounds are now ominously scurrying in panic.

Finally, after years of utter frustration, there is one man, a veteran Gandhian who has emerged and decided to stifle the menace of corruption, by tackling it head on and placing his own neck on the chopping block. The social worker, Anna Hazare has now entered his third day of “fast unto death” until our Government enacts a comprehensive anti corruption law and includes the civil society to draft the Citizen’s Ombudsman bill. For years, the common man has been twiddling his thumbs because he was meeting a brick wall whichever way he turned, Hazare is the beacon that we were desperately searching for. A beacon that shows us the light and we need to pay heed to this light lest we crash ourselves onto treacherous destiny and drown in our own sea of helplessness. Lets put aside the technicalities of the Government’s proposed Lokpal bill (which has been hitting the speed breaker from 1969 in it’s various forms ), instead, let’s be extremely clear on one thing, Anna Hazare is a paragon that imbibes the same thoughts, hopes and aspirations as you and I. What can be wrong in supporting one who wishes to fight corruption? What other reason or excuse does one seek? The amendment Hazare proposes to the draft Lokpal bill is logical and one wishes that it were imbibed in order to create more accountability. India desperately needs Anna Hazare’s cause to succeed in order to bring about correction. His cause must meet with success if we wish to see any semblance of change in the near future.

Anna Hazare has made India notice him. Albeit, just noticing him is not enough, backing him and his cause is critical. His movement needs reinforcement in full scale. What irks me more is the unwillingness of the many who are famous to come out in full and support this seventy one year old veteran. Some pretend he does not even exist and have covered their eyes with blinkers. Kudos to those who have vociferously spoken in support of Hazare’s noble cause. In a slow trickle, the nameless and the faceless are now grouping together on social networking sites to garner support for Hazare’s cause. Many more are fasting or joining Hazare at Jantar Mantar and pledging their support. Hazare has triggered a revolution (and one wishes it remains a peaceful one) so to create reforms that India critically requires at this juncture, lest our two decades of growth would be rendered useless in the short run.

This is an exciting moment for India, a time when one smells the sweet jasmine that lingers in the heavy air. The media must continue its coverage of Hazare’s cause at the pace at which it currently is before distractions like the IPL set in. Our memories are short lived; we move from one distraction to another and tend to lose focus on pressing and important issues. I don’t feel guilty that I am celebrating India’s world cup win or trying to be dismissive about it, but if I remain obscure to Hazare’s cause then I have every reason to be ashamed of my actions. Anna Hazare is the “Gandhi” this generation imperatively needs. To watch a seventy one year old social activist who is already well past the best years of his life, sacrifice whatever is left of his mortality for the sake of this country is nothing short of awe inspiring. Finally there is a man who is making the Government sit up and pay attention to. I wish for Hazare’s cause to succeed because, right now he is our only hope.


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  1. Sharmila,

    Most of this topic were covered live on previous pages of our blog.

    Let me list out what I learnt in the whole episode:

    1. I was impressed by the awareness of the young children from high schools and junior college. They were able to articulate and express themselves fluently on the TV cameras. At their age, I had no clue what’s happening in the world around me!

    2. Majority of the tourists who visited ground zero were eating dosas on the make-shift kiosk. Many of them had come directly from their offices to express their support for the campaign. To me, this is not an expression of solidarity. It is just an “Aye” for the motion, not a movement.

    3. The Congress Party has traditionally used Mahatma Gandhi’s pictures alongside those of Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi on the posters and banners during election campaigns. It’s going to be ironical if they do that again in the next elections. A Gandhian just bullied them into surrendering their privileged power to make laws!

    • But Reader, this time round, I notice a hint of respect for the man. Correct? And also, you have now concluded that the hunger strike did yield some initial results. Everywhere people get together be it Jantar Mantar or malls or historic sites, there are bound to be food stalls. We are a hungry nation.

      • Shubha M Says:

        Sharmila, Reader,

        Crowds did gather everywhere I agree, but most among them in other cities were of the likes of corrupt politicians like Chautala and publicity seeking wannabes like Arundhati and some page 3 regulars 😦

        Anna Hazare is known to most Maharashtrians as an activist who undertakes fasts at the drop of a hat, but this time around the response that he evoked was because of the issue he raised! He himself was surprised at the response that he had succeeded in generating! I am no Anna basher but haven’t been a big fan of his either. God save me for saying this! I, like all most of us, am for rooting out corruption from our country and will support anyone who comes forward to do something in this regard. A key factor to attain a corruption-less political system, according to me, is “electoral reforms”.


      • Nobody was an Anna fan before this event, but after this, he has many, me included. And, agree crowds in India gather everywhere. You can fall off your cycle and there will be a crowd! 🙂

      • Shubha,

        Right you are.

        I believe corruption cannot be cured by legislation. It needs grass-root reforms. In India it is easier to reform the uneducated masses and difficult to change the mindsets of the literate!

    • ALIVEalways Says:

      “The corrupt is a criminal to the nation, but the one who does not retaliate is a criminal too”
      Let us hope that the nation which so supported the lead of Gandhian Anna Hazare, does not fall off the wagon for their selfish interests. The citizens share even bigger responsibilities. This is just a start and the road is much longer, goal too far away, still achievable.

      Read more on why I think corruption is more than just Government

  2. Anand Khare Says:

    The dosa wala joint at Jantar Mantar is a happening place round the year. It has witnessed several such movements. The place is very famous among all the Delhites. It has also done great public service to the nation by making untiring efforts on satiating appetite of crowds on demonstrations/strikes/hunger strikes etc.

    During non-parliamentary days, it draws huge crowds of office goers and students. During night, the customers are late workers and families living in central Delhi. Most of them Govt servants or billionaires. You can see a mix of Marutis/Santros and BMWs/Mercedes/Bentleys. The great divide of Indian society enjoying and eating together everything including the manglore massala. Hindi me, waha sab mil kar ‘khate’ hain.

    The guy running the joint is a mallu from central Kerala. I have grown eating Idlies-Dosas at his joint as it is very fast,tasty,economic and hygienic (Delhi standards). The owner is amazing. He starts work at 9 AM and stops only at 10 PM. He is assisted by not less than 10 persons doing various tasks. They work as a great team. You go there and request for idly-wada/masal dosa. He would ask you to pay the charges. You get your order the moment you pay. It is faster than any Mc donald. No computers No fuss. Only tasty food. Great people.

    I recommend him a Bharat Ratna along with Anna Hazare for the great service he has been doing to the nation.

    Oh, something on Anna Hazare too,

    raat jitni bhi sangeen hogi
    subah utni hi rangeen hogi

    gham na kar dar hai paagal ghanera
    kiske roke ruka hai savera

    raat bhar ka hai mehmaan andhera
    kiske roke ruka hai savera



    • Wow, thanks Anand for sharing your insight into the famous Kerala stall at Jantar Mantar. Enjoyed reading this! But, I detect a scorn for the cause from your side.

  3. Sharmila,

    Anna Hazare has always been respected, no denying that. But those who know him as closely Maharstrians do will also admit that he is a political socialist, more an admirer of Bhagat Singh than Mahatma Gandhi. Anna Hazare’s Gandhism deviates when it comes to a sense of justice. That is where his Gandhism becomes a disguise. He uses Gandhi’s methods, not the motives. I know them because I have witnessed them.

    In his interview on a TV channel after the event at Jantar Mantar, Anna Hazare was forthright in his support for Bhagat Singh and corporal punishments. He called for all corrupt government officials to be hanged. That is not Gandhism.

    Gandhi supported the Brits in Bhagat Singh’s case. Gandhi pitied the followers of Bhagat Singh’s ideology. Bhagat Singh was a bolshevic leninist who tried to organise an armed subversive revolt. These days we call it terrorism. Read all about it including Bhagat Singh’s autobiography on this link:

    I have said this before. I’ll say it again.

    Corruption in India is as old as paganism and marriages. It does not affect the rich and poor in India. It is a malaise that infects our middle class. To give you an example of what I mean by middle class: If there were just one man and one woman left on the planet, and if the woman insisted on a marriage ritual, the poor or the rich man may please her out of respect and go through the necessary vows. A middle class man will ask, “Why, what for? There’s no one else here but the two of us.” In other words, even human respect is corrupted.

    The rich in India employ the services of professional lawyers who do their work. The poor seek the help of touts and local politcians. Both of them respect Mahatma Gandhi. They would contribute freely in effort and cash if Gandhi were amongst them today and attempting reforms in his style.

    Anna Hazare is not Gandhi. He has never been a reformer. He was always an activist. Both the rich, powerful and the poor, humiliated can read Anna Hazare’s activism. They never participated in Maharashtra and they did not do so in Jantar Mantar either. Anna Hazare always attracts the middle class because they indulge in esoteric values and grudge any rational sense of justice.

    Anna Hazare is a socialist. Swami Agnivesh, his partner at Jantar Mantar, is a Maoist baiter in West Bengal and Jharkhand. The two get on like siamese twins.

    What I gathered from the event was that people across the nation agree about the issue of corruption. But also that they are looking for reforms not bargains.

    A proper reform will be supported by every citizen regardless of economic stature, caste, language or other differences. A call for another investigating agency in the list is not a national movement.

    The facebook and twitter revolutions in Libya, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria etc are stlll in progress because they were not changing a law or appointing a draft committee. They are fighting to overthrow regimes. Every citizen including the policeman is participating. The cause has to be genuinely felt by every heart and mind in the country. In India only Cricket comes anywhere to close to that feeling.

    So, did Anna Hazare succed or fail?

    I think he succeeded, even if we ignore that the networld and the media went ecstatic all on their own. Anna Hazare had nothing to do with that.

    His only aim was to break the arrogance of an elected government’s cabinet, and intervene in the law making process as a private citizen. He has done that successfully.

    However, this episode has not united the nation as some of us would like to believe. It is just not cricket.

    Venture capitalism, trade union socialism, armed Maoism as in most parts of Eastern India and Wyanad, democracy as in Delhi and some parts of Mahrashtra and Gujarat, all these cannot come together on one platform. These are not mere intellectual mumbo-jumbo. They are real social contracts among people.

    Mahatma Gandhi had found a way to unite the whole nation. He was intellectually supported by friends from across the world like Leo Tolstoy and Einstein. Nonetheless, he found a way that was entirely customised to India.

    It was a civil rights movement unlike any other that the British empire had ever encountered. He convinced everyone from the richest to the poorest that the empire was inhuman and evil. He gave them a mantra. Peaceful, non-violent, non-co-operation. It worked. The empire withdrew from Indonesia to the Middle East including Zanzibar in Africa.

    Anna Hazare created the illusion of a Gandhian spirit on the stage at Jantar Mantar. But illusions are for entertainment, not social reforms.

    • There was a leadership vacuum before this event. There is still a leadership vacuum after the event.

      The elections underway in Tamilnadu and Kerala are a living example. There are no neutral contestants in the fray.

      People’s real power is in the voting process. There is no demonstration of that yet. No sting operations from Tehelka, no PIL in the Supreme Court by Swamy, no protest from Cho Ramswami.

      I have strong reasons to believe that these certified intellectuals root for fascist regimes so they can encash their obsequious skills.

      • Re TamilNadu, was speaking to a friend who is from Thenkasi in TN, Rs 500 is the going price there for young adults to NOT cast the vote!

      • I sincerely hope one of these elections becomes an eye-opener for the franchise and triggers reforms!

  4. Even if people show their power in the voting process, it is a long way to changing entrenched ills.

    There seems to be a positive energy in India now which is shared by many.

    There was positive energy in the US which led to president Obama being elected. It did not prevent him and his democratically elected government from getting stuck in the same old mire.

    Gandhi was ‘lucky’ in a way. His success could be assessed and measured easily – an event – the withdrawal of the colonialists.

    Even that was not a panacea. The partition happened.

    But there is that positive energy now. I hope India will be able convert it into necessary reforms.

    • Renate,

      The partition did not happen. India was a map of 360 small kingdoms that the British mapped into one country. India became ‘Union’ of states after independence. Pakistan, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, Burma stayed out of the union.

      The oldest map is the one drawn by Asoka, the Great which shows nations under Buddhist monastries from Afghanistan to Japan including China. But they were still conglomerates of small kingdoms unlike a single country that was recognized after independence.

      • Thanks, Reader.

        Similar to happenings elsewhere. In Germany not the British but our own power-hungry Kaiser redrew the maps.

  5. Anand Khare Says:

    Anna Hazare’s movement is a success in the sense that it has demanded formation of a committee on the issue. He got it. Our governments have always been best at it, the formation of committees.


  6. The question is, will the committee be able to do effective work or is allowing it to be formed just a delaying tactic?

    Is the government waiting for the momentum to fizzle out and then it’s back to ‘business as usual’?

  7. On a lighter note:

    If Anna Hazare is a beacon, then Mahatma Gandhi was a lighthouse! Anna Hazare bears a torch, while Gandhi guided the ship to the coast.


  8. Beware of fire – it can spread.


  9. Sharmila,

    On another note:

    Is it true that we are able to get Visa on arrival at Hong Kong airport?

  10. Sharmila Says:

    Yes, this is correct. Two weeks on arrival. When do you get to HK????

    • Heard that from a friend from Kalimpong in Darjeeling. He travels up and and down buying 1st copies of Adidas and Nike and selling them in India, Nepal and China.

      I am glad there are no visa formalities. I am not planning to come yet unless you or Jackie Chan gives me an official invite.

  11. The lipsynch is all wrong in the above.

    This one is right:

    • I have watched this movie just once, when I was pretty young, and to date, despite not watching it more than once, can recollect almost every scene in it, This I believe is the hallmark of a fine director. Same is the case with Nayagan in Tamil, albeit, I have watched it many times.

      • I witnessed the shooting of the film in Fergusson College Pune. It was the scene where Gandhi makes his first public address in South Africa after all Indians are ordered to sirrender their passports.

        This is the scene. It was shot in the amphitheater of the college over 3 days.

  12. Oops… that frame is going out of the margins. Here is the full screen.

    • Oh wow! How lovely to be part of history in making Reader! Fabulous.. do share more of what you saw

      • I did not recognize Ben Kingsley. I knew Bhanu Athayya the costume designer who also got an oscar for the same, Amrish Puri, Mohan Agashe and others. During the filming it is impossible to tell what is being recorded. General mayhem! 🙂

    • Ben Kingsley beat Dustin Hoffman, Paul Newman and the lenegdary Peter O’Toole in the race to this award.

    • Aishwarya Says:

      What a great actor and a wonderful movie!

    • If just acting like Gandhi can get an oscar, the real Gandhi must have been something special!

    • Aishwarya Says:

      Truly special…

      For vision, for courage and for peace…Tagore’s ‘Mahatma’ will always be the first name we remember…

      • Aish,

        BTW, the role of Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi was played by Alyque Padamsee husband of Pearl Padmasee, the effervescent mother in Baton Baton mein.

      • Aishwarya Says:


        I loved Pearl Padamsee in ‘Baaton Baaton Mein’ as the caring fussing mom…forever arranging fruit bowls and feeding everyone…and singing while her son plays the violin… much to his irritation…:)

        The music and humor in the movie is awesome… Subtle and unforgettable…

  13. Last October in Bangalore I bought Gandhi’s “My Experiments with Truth”. The DVD of Attenborough’s film was inside the book.

    • My first reading of Gandhi’s “An Autobiography or The story of my experiments with truth” was rather perforced. I appeared for a written exam on the book at his ashram in Wardha, a remote town in the east of Maharashtra. There is a medical college at Wardha where the entrance exam includes a paper on Gandhian thoughts. I scored well in the subject but poorly in the main subjects botany and zoology.

  14. Anand Khare Says:

    Corruption is a world wide phenomenon. Ombudsman would curb the corruption as much as it was curbed by CVC or CEC. Jokers everywhere. My doubt is who will control the Lokpal’s corruption?

    Ek hee ullu kafee tha barbad gulistan karane ko, har shakh pe ullu baitha hai anjam-e-gulistan kya hoga?

  15. Anand Khare Says:

    Anna’s next movement may be to appoint an authority to control corruption done and promoted by big corporates and MNCs. I find them more corrupt than our politicians and bureaucrats They are the root of the corruption. If things are done according to their wish they appreciate the system and rulers. Any deviation which hurt their interests and they declare everyone corrupt. Our naive media and public believe most if it. But in the end ‘ satya mev jayate’..

  16. An interesting article. What do you think, Sharmila, Reader, Anand?

  17. Away Day:

    I am off early to lead an investigation into a fatal accident on one of our project sites. Hope to be back by evening.

    My boss says investigation should report the sequence of events from the beginning. I said, “Ok, boss”

    So, I have decided to begin at the beginning.

    • Aishwarya Says:

      Lol, R…When you say ‘the beginning’, you really mean it!

      Hilarious clip.


    • ha ha.. good fun to be living in caves it appears..

    • Shubha M Says:

      Lol 🙂 Really funny!! 🙂

    • Please update us..what happened..??

      • One of our employees was run over by a private water tanker and died on the spot. The tanker driver is now in police custody.

        I am doing an internal investigation report for the company’s legal cell. It’s required for the compensation commitee to arrive at a suitable figure. There are established laws for that.

        This person’s family may get anywhere between 1.5 to 1.8 millions rupees by the end of this month.

        The system is very efficient and transparent.

      • This would not have been the case in Saudi. Had the driver killed a Saudi, he would be imprisoned for life.

  18. Aishwarya Says:

    Reader, Sharmila and EF,

    The Creator’s Testimony is available on Amazon…with a Kindle edition too!



  19. LOTTUS...,BHOPAL Says:

    Dear Sharmila,

    I saw today’s news paper , suddenly journalist from all fractions started pouring antagonistic column about Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement to pass Lok Pal Bill in parliament.

    Politician started talking about enquiring funding done for the cause. Probably they know the truth/ want to hide their fund flow for elections.
    One of prominent leader want to prove that all politicians aren’t not corrupt may be right but why to defend against the bill. If someone is honest need not to worry.

    Some journalist making a point that middle class routinely discussion against corruption and that’s why they are with Anna.

    You rightly said clouds spitting acid rains on raw wounds are in panic.



    • Yes, that is right Lottus. Suddenly there seems to be a very pessimistic tone but I am not surprised by the turn of events. One has to remember that the Lokpal bill is extremely against any form of corruption in governance, there will be enough and more efforts now to ensure that it does not get passed come monsoon session.!

  20. SMS from the office. Will be online in before you have read this…..

    Someone asked me what I mean by reforms… this is what…

    Following are glimpses of Japan during the recent catastrophe:

    1. CALM

    Not a single visual of chest-beating or wild grief.

    2. DIGNITY

    Disciplined queues for water and groceries.

    3. ABILITY

    The incredible architects and engineers. Buildings swayed but didn’t fall.

    4. GRACE

    People bought only what they needed for the present, so everybody could get something.

    5. ORDER

    No looting in shops. No harding. No honking on the roads.


    Fifty workers stayed back to pump sea water in the N-reactors. How will they ever be repaid?

    7. Sensitivity

    Restaurants cut prices. Unguarded ATMs were left alone.

    8. Training

    The old and the children, everyone knew exactly what to do.

    9. MEDIA

    They showed magnificent restraint in the bulletins. No panic reporting.


    When the power went off in a store, people put things back on the shelves and left quietly.

    The culture of the citizens is the character of a nation.

    Corruption disfigures that character.

    • Corruption affects the unwritten rules as much as the written ones.

      Behaving in such responsible manner rests on the calm confidence that one’s neighbor will do the same.

      • I forwarded a chain sms received on the office net. Only the last two lines are mine.

        Speaking for myself, I would like to believe that my behavior, at least that part of it which indicates my code of ethics, does not depend on my neighbor.

        I can’t say for sure though. I rarely notice my own behavior unless the event is well in the past and I have nothing else to do.

      • Yes, this mail has been around for a while. The world took note of the Japanese’s calm very quickly.

        Nobody is born with a code of ethics. Where did yours come from?

        Neighbor I meant in the biblical sense, including the family where a child is raised.

      • My code of ethics is what is left after I reject that of the people I notice.

        In my case, it is more like a sculpture. I have spent all the time in chipping away what is not required to express my vision.

      • Where did the raw material for the sculpture originate?

      • I had my own parents for that. I didn’t go to the neighbors.

      • “It takes a village to raise a child.”

        Indian families are villages in themselves.

        Still, in order for a nation to adhere to values in the way the Japanese do, these villages can not be islands unto themselves.

      • You are a temptress. And a good provocative one too. 🙂

        Let me do a concept check on your words.

        Indian families are “villages”.

        A nation has to “Adhere” to values.

        Villages cannot be “Islands”

        Well, in my case, our family was an island. I did not expect my mother to be my neighbor’s wife. I never thought that that was an option for my mother or her ethics. If that is a “village” culture, as opposed to an advanced liberalized “city” life, so be it.

        If your instinct makes you feel that a nation ‘adheres’ to values, you need to work really hard on getting over the impact of the two world wars in europe. The days of authoritarian rules are long over.

        A nation does not ‘adhere’ to values anymore. The culture of its citizens is the character of the nation. For thousands of years this has been the exclusive domain of religion. I am glad that that status quo is now changing rather rapidly after philosophy was rightly taken over by science where it belongs.

        You say, “Villages” cannot be islands, for them to have a uniform of code of conduct. Check your premises. Every continent on the planet has been a cultural island for all these years till the communication era broke the barriers.

        If your only aim is to deny the history of civilisations other than those you recognize then surely it is justified to say that “villages’ cannot be islands, they should be forced into inclusivity and to live with contradictions.

      • Reader,

        A temptress has no prayer where you are concerned. She’ll be shown her mirror image and recoil in horror. 🙂


        Can I give you an example:

        A Japanese family moves to a new country with rampant corruption. In an emergency they will react like your SMS described above.

        What will happen after thirty years of living there and raising their children in that society?

        How will they and their children act in an emergency now?

      • Reader,

        I guess it is time to clear up some of the ‘misunderstandings’ yet again. As usual, they come from our different usage of words.

        “It takes a village” is taken from Hilary Clinton, who said that raising children includes outside influences, not only the family. So I was using ‘village’ not in the usual sense, and when I said that Indian families are villages, I simply meant to say that children there are exposed to a larger environment than for example American children in nuclear families.

        No, I did not expect your Mother to be shared with the neighbor.

        “Adhering to values” – that’s what the Japanese did when they did not take advantage of the disorder for personal gain. What’s wrong with that?

        What was I trying to say? We were talking about how to go about reforming a culture. I am saying that in order to accomplish that for a billion people at the same time, they will have to work together, within the family and also within lager groups. That includes teaching the children.

        Am I making sense?

        I am sure you will let me know… 🙂

      • The space and time on the net is not enough to cover the entire subject.

        The world has seen many different reforms in the past. Each revolution has been credited to a figure-head who triggered the process. Krishna, Mahavir, Buddha, Confuscious, Gandhi in the East; Moses (of the 15 commandments), Roman Caesers, Omar Mukhtar, Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx, Lenin, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and others in the West.

        Lets discuss them later when we have the opportunity on this blog.

      • OK. Peace! Too many “reforms” or “revolutions” for one blog entry… you were saying both in the same breath…. which one is it… ?

        Time for a song then?

        Why don’t you find one for the occasion?


      • A revolution is caused by reforms. In India we need reforms, not a revolution.

      • Then let’s hope you can proceed to the reforms and stop before the revolution.

  21. Thank you Aish,

    Please note that the book is more expensive in the UK than in the US. I have no clue why that is so.

    Sharmila, Renate, Shubha, Anand, MonaLisa (where is)

    I have sent the press release only today. Still waiting for my copies! 😦

    • Aishwarya Says:

      A pleasure, R…

      I did note the price difference, but I am not particularly concerned… The author is my buddy, you see, and I get an autographed copy…

      😉 🙂

      • Sure you do! As soon as I get to see those copies! 😦

        I am sorry. It was my mistake. I delayed the press release and synopsis out of my own laziness! That should have gone two weeks ago when I was in Ooty!

    • Anand Khare Says:


      Where is the press release? Is it available on net? Pls give link.

      Thanks and Regards,


      • Anand,

        Yes I’ll send the links as soon as they are published. The press agent chooses the media. One of them I know for sure is the New York Times Sunday Book Review.

  22. I know, I know. You’ll say Moses had 10 commandments.

    But Mel Brooks, hollywood’s authority on the histroy of the world, believed differently. 🙂

    • There I was… asking for a song… and here it is already….

      I did not even complain about the extra commandments.

      Yesterday i tried to find the scene from “Silent Movie” where Marcel Marceau speaks the movie’s only word, but I did not succeed 😦

    • I wonder which commandments those were?

      I’m sure you have some interesting thoughts on that. Mind sharing them?

  23. Renate,

    There are many versions of the Old Testament. I like Spike Milligan’s take.

    Here is an extract:

    Ch. VI

    28. The Lord said unto Moses, “Tell the children of Israel they will cross Jordan.”

    And Moses said, “Why not? They have crossed everybody else.”

    Then said the Lord, “They shall kill all the inhabitants, destroy all their pictures, their molten images and pluck down all their high places.”

    Moses was wrath. “You’ve only just done over the Amorites, now this!”

    The Lord warneth, “Unless thou killest them all, those that remain will be pricks in your eyes and thorn in your sides.”

    Moses didn’t want a prick in his eye so he telleth the Israelites to attack. It was a full-frontal attack; you could see everything. And untill all the enemy were killed, many Israelites had a prick in their eyes.

    29. And so the children of Israel came into the land of Jordan and the Lord said to Moses, “This land is for the people at reasonable rents. Now every man that killeth any person unawares may flee thither.”

    “Where is thither?” said Moses

    “Broadmoor” said the Lord


    I can’t find the commandments yet. But it must be somewhere in there…

  24. Spike Milligan of the officially world’s funniest joke? I don’t know about the criteria here…..

    Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn’t seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other guy whips out his phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps, “My friend is dead! What can I do?”. The operator says “Calm down. I can help. First, let’s make sure he’s dead.” There is a silence, then a shot is heard. Back on the phone, the guy says “OK, now what?”

  25. Yes, the same.

    He was born in Ahmednagar, a town 60 kms from Pune in Maharashtra around 1918. He was a humorist and a playwright. He died in february 2002. He had studied in Roman Catholic schools. He was awarded the CBE and a knighthood by the head of the protestant church, the Queen of England.

  26. I think I like the second place more. Have you not posted that somewhere in the past? I hope nobody minds a repeat.

    Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson go on a camping trip, and after finishing their dinner they retire for the night, and go to sleep. Some hours later, Holmes wakes up and nudges his faithful friend. “Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see.” “I see millions and millions of stars, Holmes” exclaims Watson. “And what do you deduce from that?” Watson ponders for a minute. “Well, astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, I observe that Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce that the time is approximately a quarter past three. Meteorologically, I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. Theologically, I can see that God is all powerful, and that we are a small and insignificant part of the universe. What does it tell you, Holmes?” “Watson, you idiot!” he exclaims, “Somebody’s stolen our tent!”

  27. Now, before someone brands me as anti-semitic, let me enlighten folks on some things.

    Many people use the words “Jew” and “Zionist” to mean the same thing.

    That is not right. All Zionists are jews but all jews are not zionists.

    For example, the owner of starbucks coffee chain, Howard Schultz, is a known zionist. His US$300 m contributes to Israels aggressions in Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine and Syria. A zionist is an activist.

    A Jew is a person who submits to the beliefs of Judaism and certain orthodox systems from the Tanakh (The Hebrew Bible).

    I have made it simpler for myself to distinguish a Jew from a Zionist. For me, a Jew is a merchant, like the Indian Jains and Marwari, who maintains a clear distinction between a woman and an opportunity. He never screws an opportunity. A zionist can’t tell the difference.

  28. Sharmila , Reader, Aishwarya, Anand and all EF!

    New year wishes to all of you! Hope the Tamils here celebrated the “Varsha Paruppu” and relished the “Mangai Pachadi” 🙂

    Love to all!


    • Aishwarya Says:

      Thanks Shubha! Wish you the same… Hope you had a great time!

    • Happy new year to you too Shubha. Varsha in Marathi is rain. Varsh is an year. So while Maharashtra awaits the monsoon, Tamilians celebrate a new year and hopefully a new, younger chief minister!

      Correct me if I am wrong, pachadi is a kind of salad. It was so green and seemed to have everything green except paper and plastic.

      • Shubha M Says:


        Pachadi is close to “Koshimbir” or a “raita”! The mango pachadi that I referred to here is close to ‘Goad Loncha” that we Maharashtrians make with mango and jaggery as its basic ingredients and it is not green in colour 🙂

        Since in Tamil you lay a lot of stress on the last syllable of the word I wrote it as ‘Varsha’. Rains in Marathi would probably have to be written as varshaa?? Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the Marathi word for rain- “Paus”? I am poor at Phonetics 😦

      • Shubha – Are you a tamilian??

      • Shubha,

        “Paus” is assal Puneri! I thiunk Varshaa would be Sanskrit. It becomes Barkha in Punjabi. English is not a phonetic language, so I guess we are all in the same boat.

        Pachadi was also a Kannada word. I love the Goad Loncha… mangoes slices in jaguary… jhakaas! 🙂

      • Favorite koshimbir is the kaakadi one in summer!

        Forgive my spelllings too. Jaggery, not jaguary! 🙂

      • Shubha M Says:


        I am a TamBram by birth, born and brought up and settled in MP, married to a Deshastha Brahmin 🙂 Can speak both Marathi and Tamil fluently of course!

      • Shubha M Says:


        Haha that surely tickled the Kulkarni palate 🙂

        Varshaa is both Sanskrit and Hindi. Paus of course gives me the feel of the rain somehow!!

      • Shubha,

        Regarding the book.

        Presently it is only released in the US, UK and the Middle East. The distributors in India are yet to shortlisted.

        Please enter your address on the “Contact Us” tab page of the book site which is:

        I’ll make sure a complimentary copy reaches you free of cost from the marketing department in London.

        It will take a couple of weeks. Der hai per durust hai!

      • Anand,

        Your address is received by them. I am told that the dispatch will begin by next week.

      • Sharmila,

        I still don’t know your address!

      • Sending it to you. Which is easier, Indian one or local one?

      • Reader,

        Thanks a lot 🙂 Really happy!!

      • Sharmila,

        Both are equally easy. DHL delivers as quickly in India as in HK.

      • Done, thanks, sent you the address. Kindly confirm.

      • I do.


        PS: Now what sort of confirmation is that!!!


  29. I am shocked and saddened by the death of 8 year old daughter of KS Chitra, national award winner and playback singer. She drowned in a pool in Jebel Ali.

    • Aishwarya Says:

      Tragic news…

      More than a talented singer, Chitra is a beautiful person; simple and goodhearted. Wish this had not happened to her…

    • Shubha M Says:

      Very tragic indeed! I have, of late, noticed that simple and straightforward, honest people invariably suffer such terrible losses! Very unfair!

    • That is terrible. Where did you hear that?

      The death of a child kills a parent in so many ways!

  30. This has been in the news yesterday and today..

  31. Abhaya Sharma Says:

    Hazare.. I know I have struggled trying to state close to what you said literally.. I woudl deviate emphasizing the main point or crux of the mattter rather than doing wordly translation.. I hope that is fine with you.. and I sincerely wish that yo gdo get to read it beofre praising.. tm praise bahut karati ho.. achchha lagata hai par admi bhatak bhi sakata hai..

    बहुत हुआ, अब बस भी करो । भारत के संदर्भ में भृष्टाचार पर पहले भी बहुत कुछ लिखा जा चुका है और अत्यधिक चर्चा भी इस विषय पर कईयों बार हो चुकी है । आज से पहले हमें दूर तक भी प्रकाश की कोई भी किरण कहीं भी दिखाई नही दे रही थी । ऎसा लगता है कि समय जैसे कहीं रूक सा गया हो, आज़ादी के पिछ्ले 63 सालों से हम यही देखते आ रहे है कि किस तरह सरकार के नुमाइंदों ने अपनी मनमानी से इस सहनशील राष्ट्र को अपना टट्टू बनाकर हम लोगों को लट्टू बनाया है और मज़ा लूटा है । भारत भर के हम लोगों में भृष्टाचार के खिलाफ इतनी गजब की सहनशक्ति पता नही कहां से, कब और कैसे पैदा हो गई । हजारों करोड़ों के घोटाले हमारी आंखों के सामने आ रहे है और हम है कि पलक झपकने को भी तैयार नही है, उस पर तुर्रा यह कि हम इन्हे झेलने के सिवा और कर ही क्या सकते है । भई वाह, क्या बात है । इस सबका नतीजा यह हुआ है कि पिछले कुछ महीनों में हर घोटाला बड़े से और बड़ा होता जा रहा है, धोखाधड़ी करने वालों के हौसले नई बुलंदिया छू रहे है और सरकार या निगरानी करने वाले अब तक अपनी आंखें मूंदें बैठे थे अब लगभग अंधे ही हो गये है । इतने दिनों बाद जाकर इन अंधेरे घने काले बादलों में कहीं रोशनी की एक छोटी सी झलक अब जा के दिखाई पड़ी है । बेईमानी, धोखाधड़ी जालसाजी वाले ये काले बादल जो अब तक हमारे हरे जख्मों पर अपनी कपट कुटिल वर्षा कर रहे थे अब कुछ कुछ तितर-बितर होते नज़र आ रहे है ।

    आखिरकार, इतने सालों के महान त्रस्त झेलने के पश्चात कहीं जाकर कोई एक मसीहा हमें दिखाई दिया है, एक अनुभवी गांधीवादी सामने आया है, जिसने यह तय कर लिया है कि कैसे भी हो भृष्टाचार को जड़ से उखाड़ फेंकने के लिये जो भी कदम उठाने है जरूर उठाये जायेंगें पीछे हटना का प्रश्न ही नही है फिर चाहे इसके लिये कसाई के सामने अपनी गर्दन को ही बलि की वेदी पर क्यों न रखना पड़े । सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता अण्णा हज़ारे ने सत्याग्रह के मार्ग पर अग्रसर हो तब तक आमरण अनशन पर रहने का वादा किया था जब तक सरकार उनकी भृष्टाचार विरोधी लोकपाल बिल नही लाती है साथ ही उसकी संविदा तैयार करने में सिविल सोसाईटी की सहायता लेने को तैयाड़ नही होती । कितने ही सालों से आम आदमी इंसाफ के लिये जहां भी जाता पत्थरों से सिर फोड़ता असहाय असमर्थ होकर मन मसोस कर रह जाता था । अण्णा हज़ारे साहब वही प्रकाश स्तंभ है जिसकी हमें वर्षों से तलाश थी । अगर हम उनके मार्ग पर चलने का दुस्साहस कर सकें तब वह एक ऎसे आकाशदीप हैं जो हमें प्रकाश की ओर ले जा सकते है । अन्यथा हमारी नैया तो पहले से ही डांवाडोल है बेबसी और लाचारी के सागर में डूब जाने के सिवाय अन्य कोई चारा हमारे पास नही बचने वाला । सरकार द्वारा प्रस्तावित लोकपाल बिल की तकनीकी बारीकियों में न पड़ते हुये ( जो सन 1969 से आज तक अपने भिन्न प्रारुपों में सिर्फ रुकावटों से ही घिरा रहा है), हमें इस बात के लिये अपने आपको तैयार कर लेना चाहिये कि अण्णा हज़ारे ही वह मसीहा हो सकते है जिनके विचार, आशायें या आदर्श हमारे अपने मनोभावों से मेल खाते है । भृष्टाचार विरोधी व्यक्ति को सहयोग देने में किसी प्रकार की कोताही क्यों हो ?ऎसा न करने का क्या कारण या बहाना हो सकता है ? अण्णा हज़ारे द्वारा प्रस्तावित संशोधन लोकपाल बिल को अधिक उपयोगी एवं अधिक उत्तरदायी ही बनायेंगे । भारत में सुधार की दृष्टि से इस समय अण्णा हज़ारे जैसे व्यक्ति की हमें सख्त आवश्यकता है । किसी भी सूरत में उनकी जीत में ही हमारी जीत सुनिश्चित दिखती है भविष्य में आशा कि किरण नज़र आ सकती है ।

    Love and regards


  32. Abhayaji! WOW.. Thank you ! I am most most touched with this albeit I must admit that my hindi is nowhere, I mean nowhere close to yours. So, this is PERFECT in every sense or rather in my sense. I am sure people like Reader may have a better sense. But, in my eyes this is GREAT. THANK YOU!!!

  33. Every one knows to fight for Justice but initiation is impartant. Hazar a face that people recognise and found such a brave inititater is behind us to encourage towards betterment of India as well as other country who are suffering by in-justice. Anna become a modle after winning of Jan lokpal. Hearty Congratulations from me , my family and friends.
    Thanks & Best Regards…

  34. headlines feed…

    […]Anna Hazare – India’s only beacon… « Sharmila says…[…]…

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