The conspiracy theory around Osama and Obama..

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  1. Reader Says:

    “Conspiracy” is an interesting word.

    The nerds in the White House would call it a strategic plan.

    Osama Bin Laden was employed by the US as a private operator to motivate and organize the Taleban against the Russian forces who were then occupying Afghanistan. He succeeded in more ways than the CIA or Pentagon could have imagined. He drew the plans for a global Islamic Nation.

    Afghanistan turned into a medieval caliphate under the Taleban. His Islamic studies in Egypt were paying off. His admirers spread across North Africa, Yemen, Sudan, Europe, the US and the Phillipines. When they reached the shore of New York and blew up the twin towers, his pride reached a new high.

    He improved on his vision. He found that the feudal order of Kingdoms ruling over the masses did not befit equality in the eyes of God. Everyone is equal in the house of God. No one must bow in submission before anyone except God. Slavery is a crime against God. A new Frankeinstein metamorphosed.

    The roadmap he drew was not ending in freedom, democracy or lassez faire capitalism. It was going back to the stone age.

    Unlike the days of the empire, when Portugese, Spanish, French and English monarchies fought for supremacy in the name of God, Osama found a new force that had disguised itself in the name of freedom – the God-less Jews running the US by proxy. He called it pure evil.

    But that evil force was also his nemesis.

    They tempted him with a mirage called media after the 9/11 incident. Al Jazeera TV, based out of Qatar, was an ideal bait.

    Osama’s appearances on Al Jazeera had a knock-on effect on his campaign. It divided the opinions in the Muslim world, while the allied forces continued to protect the Oil Pipelines in the Hindu Kush Mountains and systematically destroy Iraq at the same time.

    Osama Bin Laden continued to do everything that the allied forces expected of him, albeit inadvertently, and firmly believing that he was on a righteous path.

    He will be recorded in history as one of the allies’ most enduring success stories, from concept to culmination.

  2. Speculations about Osama last moments:

    The US spokespersons continue to call it a firefight instead of a gunbattle. Wonder if it means that Osama was burned to death. Knowing his ideological impact on the extremist factions, burning could be deemed un-islamic.

    If the raid lasted for a mere 40 minutes, it’s quite possible that Osama shot himself before anyone reached him in the building. Knowing the American fear for suicidal encounters they might have gassed him to death without entering the place.

    If Osama has left behind any trail of writings about his dealings it is possible that anyone who is holding them might release them in future.

    Osama spent over a decade in those conditions after a good, princely childhood in the palaces of Saudi Arabia. The half cooked meat and bread, several marriages and children, medication etc could have accelerated aging in the dissipated wilderness of Afghanistan. He might have been ill and dying already.

    More probably – and I buy this one – Osama had not paid the rent for the house for the last two months. The owner called the US Marines.

  3. Aishwarya Says:

    I like Obama’s speech on winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

    “Good evening. Tonight, I can report to the American people and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden…”

    Oh sorry. Wrong speech.

  4. Ignore the mismatch in the lip-synch. Assume that the original is in Arabic.

  5. Reader Says:

    Questions, questions, questions. About Pakistan and more:

    The question now is not whether pakistan is a haven for terrorists or not. The question is also not whether the Army will dislodge the government and take over governance. This is not new to Pakistan.

    The question is, will Pakistan implode? Will Taleban occupy North Pakistan?

    Will the warlords in Karachi use their last stock of ammunition on their own state?

    Will there be an exodus across the Indian borders?

    Pakistan is a nuclear state. Will General Kayani trade nuclear arsenal with other rogue states, Iran or the ME to save his nation?

    Will Israel and India act?

    Will China act?

    Will Russia act?

    Will Italy and France act?

    Will William and Kate pose for the paparazzi before going on their honeymoon?

    Will Dawood flee to India? Is Dawood already in India?

    Will Iran occupy Baluchistan or Waziristan?

    Will the US vacate Afghanistan? Will Russia offer military support to Afghanistan? Will the Russian army replace US forces in Afghanistan? If so, what was the purpose of the 15 years of destruction?

  6. Reader Says:

    I expect the violence will start after the 3 days of mourning period or this Friday after the noon prayers. The Taleban may attack with vengeance. Osama was their spiritual leader, financer, guest and a frontline jehadi.

  7. Renate Says:

    News item from UCLA:

    Could Osama bin Laden have been found faster if the CIA had followed the advice of ecosystem geographers from the University of California, Los Angeles? Probably not, but the predictions of UCLA geographer Thomas Gillespie, who, along with colleague John Agnew and a class of undergraduates, authored a 2009 paper predicting the terrorist’s whereabouts, were none too shabby. According to a probabilistic model they created, there was an 88.9% chance that bin Laden was hiding out in a city less than 300 km from his last known location in Tora Bora: a region that included Abbottabad, Pakistan, where he was killed last night.

    The bin Laden tracking idea began as a project in an undergraduate class on remote sensing that Gillespie, whose expertise is using remote sensing data from satellites to study ecosystems, taught in 2009. Based on information from satellites and other remote sensing systems, and reports on his movements since his last known location, the students created a probabilistic model of where he was likely to be. Their prediction of a town was based on a geographical theory called “island biogeography”: basically, that a species on a large island is much less likely to go extinct following a catastrophic event than a species on a small one.

    “The theory was basically that if you’re going to try and survive, you’re going to a region with a low extinction rate: a large town,” Gillespie says. “We hypothesized he wouldn’t be in a small town where people could report on him.”
    “It’s not my thing to do this type of [terrorism] stuff,” he says. “But the same theories we use to study endangered birds can be used to do this.”

    In the end, they zeroed in on a Pakistani border town called Parachinar which has, among other things, access to medical care. Then they predicted the exact building he would be in by making assumptions as to the characteristics of the building itself, such as high enough ceilings to accommodate bin Laden’s 6’4” frame, a fence, privacy, and electricity.
    The undergraduates did such a nice job on the project, Gillespie says, that he wrote the results up as a paper and submitted it to a small journal, MIT International Review. The next day, he was shocked to find his inbox full of requests for interviews from everyone from USA Today to Sean Hannity. (He declined the latter.)

    The paper’s precise predictions were treated with some skepticism by other researchers, who said the authors were overconfident in predicting the terrorist’s hidey hole down to specific buildings. Gillespie says that one of its weaknesses was a lack of hard data on bin Laden’s location, last known in 2001. As to intelligence agencies’ taking interest in his work, “I didn’t hear from them, didn’t expect to. But they obviously did a pretty good job,” he says.

    Gillespie says he was surprised to hear bin Laden ended up being only 268 km away from his last known location, but not surprised that he was in a town. “Caves are cold, and you can’t see people walking up to them,” he says. Still, the late Al Qaeda leader made a bad choice of real estate, in Gillespie’s opinion. “An inconspicuous house would have suited him better.”

    Finding bin Laden’s deputies—the terrorist mastermind is said to be only one of 40 “high-value” targets the Pentagon seeks—is not on Gillespie’s to-do list. “Right now, I’m working on the dry forests of Hawaii where 45% of the trees are on the endangered species list,” says Gillespie. “I’m far more interested in getting trees off the endangered species list.”

  8. Just heard on the news that Osama was unarmed. Why was he killed then ? Even if he was armed I think he should have been captured alive. I guess the Navy Seals are not as brave as our own Tukaram Omble. But then again Omble didn’t even have a gun.

    I am happy Osama was found in Pakistan’s military backyard than anything else. Don’t care if he is dead or alive.

  9. The story about the courier and intelligence of CIA spies sounds too fictitious. There must be 10s of thousands of such couriers in Pakistan given the number of fugitives hiding out in different cities. CIA’s bushmen cannot have so many people to track each one of them.

    I believe the ship of ‘information’ always leaks from the top, unlike a ship at sea that leaks from the bottom.

    If that house was specially designed and occupied by Osama in 2005, the construction must have begun at least 2 years earlier in 2003. There can be one man who was surely aware of it then apart from those who are in power today. General Pervez Musharraf.

    I suspect that because: Musharraf was the first pakistani voice to denounce American use of Pakistani airspace for this assault and calling it a breach of Pakistan’s sovereignty.

    Pakistani politicians usually say ‘no’ when they mean ‘yes’.

    • Don’t disagree with you opinion, but just to clarify – they got the possible name of the courier from some of the top al qaeda operatives holed up in guantanamo. The US was certain that obama would be using only one or two trusted couriers and that if they get names of these one or two that they can trace osama.

      Don’t know how true or false is that, but it sounds possible.

      • Reader Says:

        The whole plot of a Guantanamo confession leading to an urdu speaking Pakistani functioning as a courier for an Arabic speaking Osama seems like too much of Agatha Christie. It is aimed at eliminating the role of the ISI and Pak Army officials.

        The house-that-jack-built in abbotabad is military property. It must be registered with the local garrison for maintenance, water supply and electricity.

        I feel, they did not betray him till he was worth the money. Either the Pak army was holding him at ransom for the US aid or the US was waiting for his aura to fade lest he becomes a anti-american legend for the muslim world. Or may be both.

      • It does not make sense to have not captured a Mastermind alive. I still reckon the US did not want him babble in court.

      • I don’t buy your theory. If ISI had to give him up, they wouldn’t have selected his hiding place in Abottabad. They wouldn’t want to show he is so close to the capital and that too in a military town. The Americans found him fair and square…the ISI had no choice left even if they knew that the Americans know where he is. And if the ISI did want to give him up, they would have killed him themselves and taken the credit rather than being embarassed and humiliated as they are now.

  10. Anand Khare Says:

    umr-e-daraaz maang ke laaye the chaar din
    do aarzuu meN kaT gaye, do intezaar meN

    kitnaa hai badnasiib zafar dafan ke liye
    do gaz zamiin bhii na milii kuu-e-yaar meN

    Bahadur Shah Zafar- Nothing changed in all these 150 years

    • Tum ne jis khoon ko maqtal mein dabaanaa chaaha
      Aaj vo kuchaa-o-bazaar mein aa nikla hai

      Kahin shola kahin naarah kahin patthar ban ke

      Khoon chalta hai to rukta nahin sangeeno se
      Sar jo uthtaa hai to dabtaa nahin aaeeno se

      Zulm ki baat hi kya, zulm ki auqaat hi kya
      Zulm bas zulm hai, aagaaz se anjaam talak

      Sahir Ludhianvi

    • Abb to ghabraa ke kehate hayn ke mar jaayenge
      Marr ke bhi chayn na paayaa to kidhar jaayenge?

      Tumm ne theharaayi agar gayr ke ghar jaane ki
      Toh iraadey yahaan, kuchh aur thehar jaayenge!

      Hum nahin vo jo karen khuun kaa daavaa tujh par
      Balqi puuchhegaa khudaa bhi toh mukar jaayenge!

      ‘Zauq’ jo madarase ke bigade hue hayn mullaah
      Unko maikhaane mein le aao, sanwar jaayenge!

      Ibrahim Zauq

      • Anand Khare Says:

        ragon me dourrte phirne k hum nahi qayell
        jo aankh hi se na tapka to phir lahoo kia he

        -Mirza Ghalib

  11. Reader Says:

    I am glad that political leaderships in democratic countries are now relying more on economists for policy decisions than religious heads.

    This is all the more significant when those democracies are among the world’s most advanced and powerful nations. We are at least assured that the world is not going to move backwards towards the stone age.

    However, one of the causal branches in failure mode is the epistemic value-chain. It has not invented any new streams of thought.

    A famous adage says, “When at war prepare for peace; when at peace prepare for war.”

    Western economists practice the same line of thought (Ofcourse with synonyms of their own field of expertise). When floating in a bubble, prepare for a recession; When sinking in a recession, blow another bubble.

    In the days of kings, farmers and artisans, whenever a king ran short of supplies, he would attack and loot other prosperous states in the region. A few exceptions to that rule were Genghiz Khan, Alexander, Hitler etc who tried to occupy more territory than they needed for what George W Bush calls “sustainable development.”

    India had a slightly different structure then. There was an Emperor (Samrat, Shahenshah) who extracted tolls from smaller regional kings. He saved them expense on the defence industry by providing one centralized force.

    The Romans in Europe did better. They de-centralized their armed forces.

    The carnage and ethnic cleansing caused by recessions in those days is avoided in today’s democratic era because the political leadership (Kings) take advise from wealth managers, who are devious but not despotic.

    Around 2002, the US, Europe and UK were sensing a recession as the IT bubble reached the lower end of the food chain in Asia. The first signs of incompatible models became visible when Japan plunged into one crisis after another.

    The productivity that gives value to western currencies is in remote places where the use of natural resources is not affected by western economic models.

    And history has taught the West only one or two ways to capture those resources from resident natives – by waging wars or destablizing their economies.

    Paper value of money may look intangible but it can pull a trigger thousands of miles away on the other side of the planet.

    No one ever said life is fair. And no one ever said zionists are warriors.

  12. Reader Says:

    Meanwhile Maddy has been sent by the court to the prison for 14 days.

    I am sure he will find the facilities there better than what he gave the CWG players in Delhi.

  13. And this conspiracy theory is the king of them all – Osama and Obama are one and the same!

    • Children should be protected from such propaganda.

      My parents taught me discrimination long before they introduced me to religion.

      • I believe the word ‘discrimination’ has taken a leave of absence for a week or two….

    • Aishwarya Says:

      Ah-oh…no wonder Obama chickened out and decided not to release the photos…they killed the hen keeper. What a ‘coop’!

    • Loved the last part about the hang signal…going by that all the black rappers must be also part of the Illuminati lol.

  14. In some way I think the peers are letting the younger generation down.

    Young ambitious boys have the energy and perseverence to work for long term sustainable goals. Many of them skip social interactions purely out of ennui, both in the real world and the virtual internet.

    The internet social networks, specially those of middle-aged and older folks, are places where matured adults behave like imbeciles just for a change from real life.

  15. Reader Says:

    The US declared Osama bin Laden an enemy of their state for his anti-zionist ideology. Barrack Obama ordered the killing of a foreign national in a foreign country. Barrack Obama did whatever he did in the name of the citizens of America. It was successfully carried out and celebrated by the entire United Sates of America. Every American is now a shareholder in its outcome.

    Can Barrack Obama and his mafia be tried in the International Court for murder?

    Is the zionist ideology accepted by the Arabs? Is it okay for any other zealot to do exactly what the white house has done?

    Who is safe in a zionist world order?

    • Very well said. US has time and again invaded another state , they need no permission, only the US can do this and their ideologies keep changing suiting their whim.

  16. Aishwarya Says:

    The allies are feeding a cobra. Now they don’t know which nation it will strike next. Good thing we come from a land of snake charmers. Better keep the flute/’been’ ready…

  17. Reader Says:

    Anxiously waiting for my consignment. Hope it reaches in time.

  18. Renate Says:

    I put this on AB’s blog in response to a discussion and I think it fits here, too – many discussions being about a similar topic these days.


    Werner Heisenberg said in 1958:

    We cannot close our eyes to the fact that the great majority of the people can scarcely have any well-founded judgment concerning the correctness of certain important general ideas or doctrines. Therefore, the word “belief” can for this majority not mean “perceiving the truth of something” but can only be understood as “taking this as the basis for life.” One can easily understand that this second kind of belief is much firmer, is much more fixed than the first one, that it can persist even against immediate contradicting experience and can therefore not be shaken by added scientific knowledge.The history of the past two decades has shown by many examples that this second kind of belief can sometimes be upheld to a point where it seems completely absurd and that it then only ends with the death of the observer. Science and history can teach us that this kind of belief may become a great danger for those who share it. But such knowledge is of no avail, since one cannot see how it could be avoided, and therefore such belief has always belonged to the great forces in human history. From the scientific traditions of the nineteenth century one would of course be inclined to hope that all belief should be based on a rational analysis of every argument, on careful deliberation; and that this other kind of belief, in which some real or apparent truth is simply taken as the basis for life, should not exist. It is true that cautious deliberation based on purely rational arguments can save us from many errors and dangers, since it allows readjustment to new situations, and this may be a necessary condition for life. But remembering our experience in modern physics it is easy to see that there must always be a fundamental complementarity between deliberation and decision. In the practical decisions of life it will scarcely ever be possible to go through all the arguments in favor of or against one possible decision, and one will therefore always have to act on insufficient evidence. The decision finally takes place by pushing away all the arguments – both those that have been understood and others that might come up through further deliberation – and by cutting off all further pondering. The decision may be the result of deliberation, but it is at the same time complementary to deliberation; it excludes deliberation. Even the most important decisions in life must always contain this inevitable element of irrationality. The decision itself is necessary, since there must be something to rely upon, some principle to guide our actions. Without such a firm stand our own actions would lose all force. Therefore, it cannot be avoided that some real or apparent truth form the basis of life; and this fact should be acknowledged with regard to those groups of people whose basis is different from our own.

  19. Renate, thanks for sharing.. Interesting argument..conspiracies seen to be a way of life. Even if the one who originated a theory dies, many more germinate their theories elsewhere.

  20. Renita Says:

    Sharmila,It was a nice read..

  21. Reader Says:

    Sharmila, Dr. Aishwarya, Dr. Renate, Anand, Dr. Shubha, Smiles,

    Copies despatched by Aramex Couriers. Expected to reach your addresses by Wednesday 11, May ’11.

  22. Sharmila,

    Please check your emails at

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    • Aishwarya Says:


      I hope we have a book launch for the next. Would love to attend and receive a signed copy personally from the author…

      72 comments without a post above! Hope we have a fresh post soon…

      72 reminds me… Please send me a parcel weighing 72 kg…just throw in the author…would like to celebrate this beautiful moment… 🙂

      Thank you for being you, R. You make me proud and happy…

      God bless.

      • Reader Says:

        I don’t have a family of my own. But I have over 1000s of real people who will do anything for me.

        The world, in general, is made of good people.

      • Most touching.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        You speak like a saint…

      • I am searching for a more contemporary word for saint. Saint sounds a bit religious or like a ceremonial tag.

        There are others like me in my generation. In india probably we are not many in number.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        If the world was indeed made of good people in general, there would not have been many saints na?

  24. Reader Says:


    Call: +852 (35) 567210 to collect your book.

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