Cricketers, cheerleaders and promiscuousness.. The IPL

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  1. Aishwarya Says:

    “Philosophies of social systems are founded on the strength and scale of virtues of its citizenry.

    The virtues of a family, a nation, or a planet as a whole are a magnified image of the virtues of the individuals that it consists of.

    This is as much a blessing as a threat to the individual.

    One serious threat for the individual is where the freedom to use this capacity for living is at the mercy of the social system.

    In order to conduct the virtues that a person acquires, he needs philosophical convictions.

    The social system does it for him if he doesn’t decide them himself.”

    Source: The Creator’s Testimony, Chapter XXI.

    • Aishwarya,

      You have the aesthetic sensitivity of a poet and the devil’s own charm.


      Indeed, although I have no clue what Sharmila’s post is about, the reference to promiscuity sounds like a cinematic couch contest or the youthful escapades of young sportsmen.

      Do you agree or disagree with me about the philosophical premise?

      I can give quite a few examples where young achievers do not know what to do with their glory. They get bored and take to drugs and something else to get away from themselves.

      Martina Hinges took to Cocaine. Michael Jackson was on Drugs. Lindsey Lohan became a freak. Britney Spears shaved her head. Vinod Kambli married a bar girl and broke a leg. Beckham moved to LA. Sharmila has gone to Singapore. I am in the desert watching camels.

      Only those have their own philosophical premise are able discard their laurels and move on.

      I am hijacked by my knowing thus. Who am I, if I am not ‘Who’?


      • Correction: Last but one para:

        Only those who have their own philosophical premise are able discard their laurels and move on.

      • Aishwarya Says:


        A lethal combination…if I may say so myself…


        The post indeed cites examples of promiscuity in young achievers in the context of the IPL.

        The celebrity thingy…a la Elvis Presley, Tiger Woods, Drew Barrymore…is mysterious and sad.
        As Britney Spear sings,
        “She’s so Lucky, She’s a star
        But she cry cry cries in her lonely heart…
        Thinking, if there’s nothing missing in my life
        Then why do these tears come at night?”

        Consciousness can be trained for either protecting life or for self-destruction. A person’s sense of life has this choice.

      • Aishwarya Says:


      • Aishwarya,

        It is very curious how a person’s sense of life works. In some cases, success leads to greater achievements, in some it leads to utter boredom.

        So much depends on the purpose of the effort. Some are able to internalize joy. Some are able to skip the celebrations altogether. Some withdraw into passivity. Some share without ownership. Some give it away and start all over again.

      • Lethal…

      • Aishwarya Says:

        They begin concentrating on achievements and numbers, instead of the ‘yadnya’ itself…and then the burnout begins…in all its manifestations…

        The secret of Tendulkar’s success is probably that he is committed to the purpose. Only the world is crowing numbers.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Uh-huh… πŸ˜‰

  2. Aishwarya Says:


    Thank you…

    I love the book…the cover, the dedication, the format, the content, the font, the pictures, the personal note from the author…and the author!



    • Just one request.

      Don’t forget to tell me if you understand something.

      I am flummoxed by my own writing many times!

      • Aishwarya Says:

        I am flummoxed. Period. πŸ™‚

        But I am learning…thanks to you…

      • I like the idea of quoting from the book. You know, I have just realized after you did that it saves a lot of time beating around the proverbial bush.

      • True.

        We quote you when we don’t know what to say.

        You quote yourself in answer.

        Mysteries of the universe solved!


      • Aishwarya Says:


        I like it too. But then I rarely quote from all over the net. That’s just not my style. However, the contents of your book I am familiar with, many topics being what we have discussed… so much so that they give me goosebumps as I read them… I am enjoying quoting from them and hope to see some enlightening discussions as the others too receive their copies… πŸ™‚

        The book is incredible.

      • Anand’s copy has reached his town. I hope he has received it by now. Sharmila’s copy reached first. But she left went shopping at the flea market in Singapore. Shubha’s copy reached Bhopal yesterday. It should be delivered tomorrow.

        Theres no word from Smiles. Guess she didn’t like the book.

      • Hello. Whoever thought courier companies had problems with residential addresses.! .. πŸ™‚

  3. Correction:

    Last but one para

    On those who have their own philosophical premise are able to discard their laurels and move on.

  4. Reader,

    It’s perfect and will be a source for quotations for a long time to come.

    Curious is the snake on the last page. I know you hate snakes.

    So to leave us with that image must have a strong reason. Will you share it?

    • Renate,

      There are many many reasons for the snake on the last page.

      1. Every mythical context for wisdom is personified by a snake.

      2. In Yoga, the seven chakras in the human body form a snake. The tail is at the base of the tail-bone, it wraps up through the spinal cord and ends as a six-headed snake in the head. Paramedics use the symbol of two snakes twisting upward around the center.

      3. Allegorically, paradise was lost to the Tree of Knowledge due to a snake that tempted humans.

      4. In the Vedic mythology, Vishnu churns the ocean to create land using a snake. The poison is held by Shiva in his throat that turns him blue. The snake is ever wrapped around Shiva’s neck.

      In short, in a curious sort of way, wisodm is associated with the qualities of a snake!

      • In German mythology she is the child of evil (Loki) and is suppressed at the bottom of the ocean until the last days of this earth, when she is set free and joins the battle of good versus evil and is defeated by her arch-enemy Thor.

      • Muraliraja Says:

        Snake is also used as an analogy. The snake & rope analogy were the rope appears as a snake explaining our mind is the cause of joy & sorrow. I’m sure Reader knows the analogy in depth.

      • Murali,

        Did you give your details on the book site? I can have a copy sent to you free of cost.

        Please enter your address and a contact phone number in the “Contact Us” tab on the The website is:

        I’ll make sure you receive a complimentary copy.

      • Muraliraja Says:

        Thanks in advance for the book.
        I have sent my contact details in the link provided.
        Going by the response here, I guess it must a interesting read.

      • Muraliraja,

        Shall do. Hope you like it.


    • Promiscousnes is snake like too..

  5. Reader,

    How much is your philosophy influenced by the vedas?

    • Renate,

      Depends what you call a philosophy. The Vedic period is gone. It doesn’t exist anymore. So, it is quite irrelevant for a philosophy.

      In any case, philosophy is not an influence. It is an equation between a person and the reality in which he lives.

      There is a great deal of metaphysics and epistemic abilities involved in wording a person’s philosophy. Each person has a different one.

      As I have said somewhere, philosophy is for metaphysics and virtues what a person’s consciousness is for the mind and the body. All of them exist in the real world, if one is rational.

      • Exactly because every person’s philosophy is different, it is interesting to think about the roots of our own and consider the roots of the other’s when we intersect, as we do here.


      • Philosophy does not have roots. Philosophy is a relationship – an equation – between reality and a person.

        Metaphysics has roots. Metaphsyics is a view of life, an opinion. A person’s opinions decide what is good-bad, true-false, correct-wrong etc. That opinion has roots. A person may think the world is benevolent. Another may feel it is full of hatred. Yet another may search for logic. Or one might be neutral – like, “I don’t know, maybe”

  6. Muraliraja Says:

    Some interesting comments for this post on TOI site. As usual mature/healthy discussion here. Will wait for Reader’s view on this.

    • I have been called Shobha De for writing this.. oh well..

    • Let’s wait for the post to appear here. I get claustro-phobic on networked sites. Besides I don’t read TOI. I prefer the Indian Express, Pioneer and Hindu.

      If I know Sharmila’s preferences by now, she may be referring to Yuvi’s outings in the West Indian bar or Sreesanth in the aircraft or Shane Warne’s South African expedition, not unlike Imran Khan’s English parties in London or streakers at Lords during Tony Greg’s tenure.

      Considering IPL, it may also be about the after-match parties involving paid dancers, DJs and TOI’s page 3 reporters. But I doubt if Sharmila will comment on that. She writes from Hong Kong. She may not know who attends the IPL parties for the media.

      Another guess. If someone has called her Shobha De’s clone then whatever she may have written about promiscuity, she would not comment on the honor of the the women involved. All of them would be ‘bechari abla naari’ – poor helpless sex-workers.

      Caution: I am drawing a parallel to the catty Shobha De of the ’70s.

  7. I can contribute to all this book talk only if I get the book in the first place! Following up.

  8. I hope this post is not voyeuristic – about jerks taking perverse pleasure in watching a celebrity making out.

    Many movie celebrities do it on camera only when they are paid for it.

  9. A good number of cricket players have made it into the super league of celebrities.

    Indian Captain Ajit Wadekar was an IAS officer, Kirti Azad and Navjot Singh Siddhu won elections and became Members of the Parliament.

    In fact, Siddhu was convicted of homicide while he was a serving MP! He punched an old man to death in a fit of road rage. The people elected him again to the parliament in the next elections! For all his crazy siddhuisms he will carry that stigma of conviction with him.

    Mohammed Azharuddin is also elected to the parliament. The ex-captain of the Indian cricket team is known to be a devoted match-fixer.

    Ajay Jadeja, who was Azharuddin’s soul-mate, was unceremoniously booted by the BCCI, and he is now an ‘cricket expert’ on NDTV’s panel.

    Kiran More, wicket keeper in Azhar’s team, who kept more than the wickets, is now a member of the selection committee.

    K. Srikanth, devout follower of Shankarachrya of the Kanchi Peeth who was charged for misdemeanor, is the chairman of the selection commitee.

    You cannot be a cricket player, if you are normal!

    Either you should be a legend like Sachin or one of the rat pack.

  10. Call me naive, but what about MS Dhoni? He looks to me like another legend in the making.

  11. Dhoni gets on the pitch (?) and saves the day when he needs to.

    That is not enough? Then watch him in the future.

  12. It’s not fair to use this space when the owner of the blog is away. That would be like playing with the dashboard when the engines are on auto-pilot.

    I guess I’ll wait till Sharmila surfaces again.

  13. Election Results:

    Counting in progress.

    Trends in Kerala (Source CNN-IBN): The voters polarized between religion and Communist Socialism. UDF attracts Christian and Muslim voters in 34 and 26 constituencies respectively. Hindu votes favor LDF socialists. Corruption not an issue at all! What an irony!

    West Bengal: Mamta set to create history. I predicted this one in 2009 after she scuttled the Singur TATA deal!

    Assam: BJP Hindus have a head start, riding on the votes of migrant biharis.

    Tamil Nadu: Even stevens so far between DMK and ADMK. DMK’s investment is not paying dividends at the rates they would expect. Amma invested almost nothing compared to DMK.

  14. State of the States:

    Trending now:

    Kerala: LDF surges ahead in South Kerala with their strongholds in Tranvancore. Shashi Tharoor fails in making any impact. Achutanandan’s ploy works.

    West Bengal: Mamta launches ahead. Might win 2/3rds majority at this rate.

    Tamil Nadu: Results awaited from central and southern constituencies. EVen scores at the moment. Karuna and Amma in a neck to neck tango.

    Assam: Congress might emerge with the largest numbers. Local Assom Gano Parishad losing seats to Congress. BJP is retaining its original status quo.

  15. State of the states:

    Tamil Nadu: Rummy state of affairs. Stalin and Napolean’s candidates trailing.

    Assam: Congress gain a clear lead.

    Kerala: Majority of UDF votes are with Congress and the MUF – i.e. Christians and Muslims. Congress’ pesudo-secularism is getting exposed. Kasab’s spokesperson Digvijay Singh should get a promotion.

    West Bengal: Mamta sweeps the marxists.

  16. State of the states:

    West Bengal: Mamta changes the course of history in West Bengal. Major upheaval in the state. Will Mamta resign from the center and take over the state Chief Ministership?

    Tamil Nadu: Did voters atke DMK’s money and vote for the opposition? Or was the cash-for-vote scandal a decoy?

    Assam: Are the seven sisters moving away from China?

    Kerala: Hung assembly on the horizon. Seats divided equally at the moment.

  17. State of the states:

    West Bengal: “Poribortan” in Bengal. Revolution through the ballolt!

    Kerala: Divided we stand

    Tamil Nadu: Horse traders lose business.

    Assam: Chose India.

  18. State of the states:

    West Bengal: The Royal Bengal Tiger has just become female.

    Curious change in political dynamics across the nation. Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Delhi lead by women besides Sonio at the center, the Rashtrapati and the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

    Kerala: The “secular” UDF with Christian and Muslim vote banks are holding narrow leads.

    Assom: Triumph of democratic political engagements.

    Tamil Nadu: Textile market gains in the stock market. Demand for Sarees on the rise.

    Pondichery: Where is this… ewade pudi?

  19. Anand Khare Says:

    Finally fall of communists in Kerala and Trivandrum. Now they are left with only Tripura. Tripura is a district or state? Very sorry for Prakash and Brinda.
    I would suggest to Brinda to change her ‘bindi’ colour to green so Prakash gets going.

    Didi has yelled all her way to CM house. Who is going to be next Railway minister? I think somebody from congress now. So congress has a triple victory here. Railways,Bengal and Kerala.

    Buddha of Bengal has lost while ‘Buddha’ of Kerala has shown Amul baby that India’s Buddhas are no less.Buddha hoga tera baap:)

    Very bad days for Karunanidhi. jaya hai jaya hai jaya hai…

  20. State of the states:

    Tamil Nadu: Clear Majority for Jayalalitha. Hope she has learnt her lessons and will not celebrate marriages Shashikala’s offsprings on the scale she did during her last rule.

    West Bengal: The state has voted for a new era in the city of joy.

    Kerala: If only Achutanandan had triggered the ‘anti-Endosulfan’ campaign earlier he might have won a few more seats. He could have avoided the photo-finish. There was no point in going on a Comrade Hazare-type fast after the voting day. By then, even the central government and already written off endosulfan.

    Assam: AGP might align with militants in the hills. Hope the congress can achieve the same success with the Bodos and Nagas.

    Pondicherry: Why do we need elections in pondicherry?

    • She will focus on destroying the Karunanidhis. Stalin’s and Allagiri family along with those in the film industry who supported the DMK have to now run for cover.

      • Muraliraja Says:

        Sun TV/Pictures is too big to destroy now. And Maran’s skewedness is well known. It’s a tough target. Jaya may target DMK’s other “Business”. Red Giant & Cloud Nine movies will face the heat. DMK first family controls 30% of engineering colleges in TN (incl some of the big names) It is one of the biggest revenue generator. The land bank these colleges own itself is a big asset. Apart from this, cable business-SCV-where all kind of atrocious things happened. Few months before (before 2G scam came into public scrutiny) any land deal above 2cr was brought to big family’s attention & if they find the deal lucrative…rest is obvious. Jaya Amma will go behind all this & more. Next few months it is going to be (as many call it) WITCH HUNT!

      • That is right Murali, excluding Sun TV and Sun pictures and all Maran related ventures, she will exterminate the aspirations of Udaynidhi and Dayanidhi. Will be fun to watch this reversal of swings now.

  21. State of the states:

    Similarities and differences between the voting patterns in the four states:

    The people in West Bengal, Kerala and Tamilnadu voted for change.

    West Bengal voted for a change in the social order. From socialist communism to democratic socialism.

    Kerala has voted for a backward integration in politics. From socialist communism to communal, religious socialism.

    Tamil Nadu has voted for a change. From the frying pan into the fire.

    Pondicherry: Who is pondicherry?

  22. State of the states:

    How 2G destroyed DMK:

    A Raja’s scuffle with Headlines Today began a media campaign that was fed with information by the CPI (M) politburo in Calcutta. The India Today Network broke into the information blockade.

    Stalin, Maran and Napolean went on a self-deluding ego trip promising consumer goods to the voters on public platforms.

    A Raja and Kanimozhi will be on parole both in law and in their parties.

    Jayalalitha benefitted in every way. She could split the votes by distributing those goods and money selectively in the name of the DMK candidates and enrage the voters or simply show the people that they were treated like beggars. “Take the money from them and vote for me!” She won the elections without promising anything in return! Reminds me of Indira Gandhi’s return to power after the colossal fall of the Janata Party.

  23. State of the states:

    Real impact. Changing political equations at the national level:

    My guesses:

    Mamta’s TMC is already a member of the UPA. She will continue the alliance at the center for a hold on the state.

    Jayalalitha will play dumb charade with BJP and the Congress till she can assure herself another term after four years.

    Mayawati might join hands with BJP to beat the Congress’ and SP’s combined aggression in her territory. BJP can muster over 40% of the votes if it can share its hindu forward block with Mayawati’s scheduled class vote bank. The elections to the UP assembly are due early next year.

    NCP and CPI may re-draw the plans for a third front.

    Congress stands to lose the next parliamentary elections if UPA does not have enough regional support. With DMK gone, it has to look for another ally that can win 10-15 seats or win some on their own in UP, Bihar and MP. Chiranjivi in AP and Devegowda in Karnataka may chip in.

    Maoists in Wyanad, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh may contest the next parliamentary elections like they did in Nepal after the monarchy was abolished.

    Punjab and Haryana may continue to divide their support between BJP and Congress on the condition that their export licenses to Pakistan are not revoked.

    Rajasthan, presently a BJP supporter, may be split by the Congress by granting OBC status to hindu religious minorities and sops to the Khap Panchayat.

    In Maharshtra, Raj Thackerey’s rebels in MNS may win seats to the parliament if the Shiv Sena and BJP continue their failing alliance. NCP stands to gain if MNS makes a silent deal with them.

    BJP is likely to lose Madhya Pradesh unless they come to terms with Uma Bharati and re-invent its political ties with the RSS.

  24. What people in India vote for today – the politics of hate and polarization – and how far have we drifted from the days of Indira Gandhi.

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