The Raj of Rajnikanth….

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  1. Sharmila,

    Tropical storm system heading toward Hong Kong (NW Pacific).

    Hope you are safe.

  2. Summer Alert:

    Beware of spontaneous fires.

    Do not leave aerosols in the car.

    Keep a watch on the temperature indicator on the car dashboard. If it moves past the half mark, move aside and park the car. Call the car-doctor. Do not start the engine till the mechanic gives the permission.

    Keep volatile liquids away from sources of ignition. For example, kerosene flash point is 40 deg C is ready to catch fire at room temperature. Hydrocarbon fuel fumes accumulate in basins, cabinets and closed rooms.

    Make sure elecrical supply is protected by an Residual Current Circuit Breaker, like a MCB. Note: Earth Leak Circuit Breakers (ELCB) do not prevent fires of two pin plugs. ELCB activates only when the earth is connected.

    Damaged insulations at the terminals (sockets) generate enough heat to start an electrical fire. Get the wiring checked (Megarred) by a good electrician for continuity and integrity of the insulation.

  3. Anand Khare Says:

    I think I got more chain mails on Rajnee saar than any other star. Thats a perfect proof of the popularity of him.

    Born in Maharashtra, brought up in Karnatana and now settled in Chennai, he is a true Indian citizen who is not limited by limits of states and languages.

    I have seen only his hindi movies but I know his iconic stature in kannada and tamil films.

    Rajnee is always in news therefore any post on him can’t be said to be untimely.

    Thanks Sharmilaji

  4. The Dons:

    First Among Equals:

  5. The Don


    • Helen looks rather jaded and old here.. Rajni looks much younger..

      • Oh no… see? How one person’s view differs from another.

        In all the three clips I was looking at the men’s attitudes. Never noticed what the females are doing.

        Both Amitabh and Rajni present the character of Don with controlled elegance. They have their fun but they are also busy with their lives.

        The duh-duh version of SRK is for the MTV generation. The can-do will-do type.

  6. The duh-duh don:

  7. Tribute to the style icon

  8. Rumba sumba action:

  9. This page is wonly for Rajni:

    • Rajni’s daughter Aishwarya married a Tamil Actor ( seen in this video ) Dhanush. Dhanush is now riding high, Rajni has indicated that his son in law is the next Rajni. Wish he never said that.

  10. How Rajni inspired hollywood

  11. Anand Khare Says:

  12. I loved the series of Rajni funny videos…

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